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  1. 5hift

    What changed to speed up development?

    Glad to hear things are working out for you. Keep up the good work.
  2. 5hift

    A brand new MEATventure awaits!

    I am very shook right now.
  3. Albert Camus- "Should I kill myself or have a cup of coffee?"


    Me- *Proceeds to drink literal gallons of coffee*

  4. 5hift

    Today I Learned

    There are actually some ant species that form alliances with other colonies. These combined colonies become these mega-colonies that can span over a billion individuals including at least a million queens. So you essentially have the UN of ant colonies containing a metric shit-ton of ants just roaming around in some forest out there.
  5. Me and friends get together every night to play Terraria together. I've only ever played it solo in the past but playing with friends is definitely a lot more fun. Other than that, I'm afraid I've fallen into the Fortnite pit and now find myself playing that game when I should be doing work. Game is really goddamn tough but I'd be lying if I didn't think it was fun as hell.
  6. ... I accidentally put my written response answer on the question sheet and not the answer sheet.


    RIP Exam grade...

    1. Caimie


      Can relate rip :(

    2. 5hift


      Annnd I've been given an email warning me I'm in danger of failing the course...


      Time to go full tryhard mode.

  7. 5hift

    Verdant Tales: Symphonic Horizon

    Please take care of yourself IRL. I love what you're doing with this game but if you ever feel something else is a major priority, then by all means put more effort into that.
  8. Guys help! My leg is caught in a Fortnite and I can't get out!

    1. Hukuna the Undying

      Hukuna the Undying

      Welp, it was nice knowin' ya! Nothing can be done for that l'm afraid.~

  9. 5hift

    Funny video thread!

    The wonders of nature.
  10. Recently I have found immense fascination in reading SCP files.


    There is truly something terrifying about how their authors manage to convey that sense of helplessness through their work.

    1. GenEric


      scp-173’s pic looks like its humping the wall

    2. seki108


      SCP-2000's entry will always be one of my favorites

  11. After 4 months, Ubisoft finally releases more graphic rendering options in Rainbow 6 Siege allowing me to finally play the game smoothly.


    4 months...

  12. 5hift

    E18 Cat' Stats

    So it begins.