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  1. Speaking as a more casual pokemaner, I can say this concept sounds like a ton of fun. Although I more agree with turning the resistance part into a setup instead of a natural new part of the pokemon. Making it have to be a setup would mean a pokemon like Dragonite with its ability to mitigate dmg at full health along with cutting ice and fairy attacks in half and possibly in a strong wind zone where some attacks already deal less would be prevented from being a god for a full battle if it had some form of recovery. I'm sure within the 800+ mons in the game there would be a few that would end up turning a fun new mechanic into an absolute chore to deal with. (even unintentionally) Then you'd have to account for how much longer a fight would go on if every single mon had essentially double the defense. A twenty minute match is tough and fun and has turns and twists. A forty minute match is a little less tolerable. The HP/SP should imo be more offense than defense since the original idea was to help with coverage. The defense idea sounds like it could end up being more trouble for the less casual player and more sleepless nights for the hardcore one. TLDR; offense changes yes. defensive ones nah.
  2. So I know that everyone here is counting down the milliseconds until Reborn is finished. I'm happy about it too and if you had of asked me a year or two ago about this moment coming up I'd be the conductor of the hype train. Now though... I'm starting to realize this journey is ending. I've been around since about V9 and so I've seen the massive changes and growth within the game and community and when the game is complete a lot will change. I only say this due to the fact another game I've been playing kinda completed a while back (maplestory, dunno why you give an mmo a final boss but w/e) and it left me feeling happy and sad from the first moments of downloading the game to the final chapter and closing the book. Obviously once I beat reborn it wont delete itself from my computer and lock me from playing again but I can't help but feel a little bittersweet about such a long adventure that I watched for such a long time coming to an end. Am I just getting old? Am I too in my feelings? Am I high right now? Do I ever get nervous? Am I single? I don't know. Curious how everyone is looking at towards the end and how long you've been watching the story unfold.
  3. @CrossImpactSo I'd like to start with I personally like the harder mode more than standard because it does get challenging albeit in my opinion sometimes too much so. Second saying there is no logic to an opinionated statement defeats the purpose of a conversation. I'm not here to win an argument just here to talk about thoughts on a particular aspect of the game. If you don't like or agree with it fine, expand upon that as you have but denouncing it entirely because I feel a certain way makes this talk considerably less enjoyable. Lastly I have stated that I understand the limits and as someone who has never designed a game I am far from in a position to call the design bad and have not only apologized but retracted the statement. I also have literally no control how I feel over victory or defeat. If I felt pushed a certain way I feel satisfied if I don't then I wont. @Mionee Not gonna lie watched a few of the vids and felt real life mad that I couldn't beat what a team of low tier unevolved mons could sweep. That said being easy for someone with a vast understanding doesn't exactly make something easy or fair. If I play basketball against a team of kids with number advantage and a coach, wouldn't change the fact that my age and experience flat out remove any factor of skill they might have. And Lebron James coming in and washing me wouldn't change the original scenario. Cool vids though and I can say (as I have) the game obviously isn't unbeatable even with low level or underpowered moves. In fact both reborn and Rejuv taught me the benefits of UU/PU mons and why they shouldn't be excluded. To cap, sometimes the game requires you to just git gud but to say there are no AI flaws, I feel doesn't help anyone. It isn't constructive to creators that feel or need to improve upon them and doesn't allow for the discussion among players that the same creators probably listen to in order to improve.
  4. I ranted a lot I guess and maybe there were too harsh of criticisms but my problem with intense isn't that its hard its that sometimes its just unfair. A hard fighting game isn't one with a damage sponge npc or frame perfect movements (since no training can emulate either of those) a hard fighting game would be one were using certain moves put you in a bad spot that the computer is trained to recognize. A hard shooting game isn't one where the enemy has one shot weapons and there is no cover anywhere, its one where enemy placement isn't easy to funnel and forces you to be smart with ammo. A hard rpg shouldn't be highly leveled opponents outside a reachable range with items that make them unbeatable in certain scenarios, it should be one where proper preparation and clever use of what you have can change the tide of battle. There are times in rejuv where I don't feel the latter. With its higher level enemies and items that make certain scenarios more that difficult. I've been able to beat each challenge so far but not because of preparation every time but in spite of just janking AI. Basically I don't feel rewarded for all of my victories. Some of them yeah because I went back and trained a few new mons and checked serebii to see what mons could do/learn what. Like both Keta fights. Those battles were hard and I lost quite a few times but each loss I could blame myself for making mistakes and not the computer for being too high for that time. And certain story beats like the madelis fight and valerie fight you are locked in certain areas. (I didn't know about the side-save states where I can go back, would of helped to be able to reach my box and thats on me). Again I like rejuv and on the normal mode the fights were generally ranging fair-easy but on intense mode just dialing up power doesn't make it better. I saw someone mention something about how its not fair the AI only has the one chance to beat you.... its an AI... I don't think it cares or gets salty about the loss. Also to the person who says you should be able to dial down the difficulty. I don't like that idea so much either. If playing on normal or easy I can understand an instant difficulty change but intense is meant to be the unforgiving mode so if you play it then you should be locked into it. Lastly I can only complain so much since developing a perfect AI to combat literally every type of player is probably.....definitely impossible so while I have difficulty due to my playstyle of keeping my starter and second mon on every team regardless of type disadvantage, other people don't have that problem. (Still using Roselia since shiny stone isn't available until gym 6 and he's gonna help win) I know people work hard at making it and my hope isn't to antagonize so I apologize and take back my bad statement. But I do hope that while my execution could have been better that my message about "true" difficulty helps in some way for any type of development. I want a truly hard game sometimes and I want to be pushed but I don't want to win because of luck, I want to win because I genuinely earned the win.
  5. tbh Rejuv always had kind of a balance issue with gyms especially being so pro-leader that you usually need to swap out mons in order to progress. Where as reborn was a matter of using what you had better and just git gud. I think Reborn is overall more difficult on its standard mode. But yeah I don't reccomend intense mode to anyone unless you feel like devoting time to filling up boxes with ev trained mons that have to go against post-cap trainers and bosses
  6. Playing this game again and I decided on the hardest difficulty. I can honestly say versus the Hardcore reborn mod that this game is more difficult but not in a way where you question your mistakes and know it was great design. This hard mode is straight up broken. With EV trained mons as early as gym 3 and banned moves/item combos on some mons making the fights less about strategy and more about how to cheese them out. No where has it been as bad with this broken AI than my fight with Valerie. I put pasho berry on my solrock and quilfish uses swords dance. I take it off and it goes straight to waterfall. EVERY TIME! This means the AI actually looks at my held items before it makes decisions. This would be okay if the opposite were true. Other times with the game's design mean you can't go back and ev train new mons. Like how I was stuck in a loop against Madelis at Blacksteeple because when you faint and go back to your room the game forces you back into a fight you clearly aren't prepared for. This hard mode is just bad. Every enemy mon has super high level items before gym 6? I half expect the elite four to just have 6 dual type arceus with a field that makes the player confuse their team before battle. At least with Hardcore Reborn I lost battles and said "okay if I had only-" here I say "welp... I guess that's fair now" p.s I do really like the game (this is my umpteenth playthrough) just can someone please balance this mode
  7. Yeah gonna have to agree with @RedAlert, I like Flareon a lot but its movepool is terrible and it doesn't really bring anything to the team along with terrible physical defense. Also decided to check serebii (keep that bookmarked if you want to check moves/what not) Flareon being the genius that it is learns fucking RAINY DAY...why...why does a pure fire type learn rainy day. Gamefreak doesn't know how to pokeman sometimes. Choose Talonflame or if you want to dominate just go with Charizard since it was is and will always be amazing.
  8. Thank you again. I think water types barring gym 2 are too easy but yeah she was a tad op. Lmao Johnny Bravo too awesome for the game
  9. So you're probably gonna hate me but this water mono run is... not the most fun. I'd like to do a bug mono instead since pain and misery are funner. I just need two cool mons. I shoulda stuck with my original plan. I apologize and appreciate the help. Johnny Bravo Buzzwole Cutiefly Game.rxdata
  10. Thank you. Another borderline impossible battle taken care of. You're a saint.
  11. Hey. The game locked me into a spot I can't move out of. Victoria goes to pick her mon and I phase right through Cain and the game just freezes on every startup. Not sure what to do here.
  12. Thanks! That's the hardest battle in the game. You're the best!
  13. Hey, if a company wants to focus on profits then I understand. My problem is the "Go" series kinda sucks. Like its terrible and isnt even pokemon. Its a dumb mobile game meant to draw in thumb presses. The real problems with lets go isn't its toss off of challenge and the fact that its like the 4th time doing the same game. Its that Gamefreak doesn't seem to care. The switch was seen by a few nintendo developers as a failed from the jump system. Hell even Sakurai and other creators thought it wouldn't last. So no one focused on a mainstay for it. That begs the question of why when they saw its potential did they not put more effort into their games. Seriously its like everyone forgot that the only reason they have big names is because of the fans they spent two decades appeasing. I feel like I'll end up playing Reborn and Rejuv until the heat death before genuinely wanting to play a mainstay pokemon again. P.S HOW HARD IS IT TO ADD IN A HARD MODE?! NINTENDO DO YOU EVEN VIDEO GAME?! One day we will get a game where there is no hm slaves. A good story. Actual difficulty. Online. and it wont be called Reborn... (jk itll be reborn)
  14. Gonna do a water run in the meantime until the next and final version comes out. Can anyone grant my wish?! Horsea- dont care stats/iv w/dragon scale Tapu Fini-same Tentacool-same Game.rxdata
  15. I'm gonna start the convo with the notion that everyone here has played at least one of the fan games where the QoL changes have been added. I decided not to play the let's go games because ease makes the game boring. I saw that let's go eevee was baby frolic easy since it was basically the super eevee from insurgance on crack. So i'd like to talk about it honestly. As someone who has played reborn on both normal and hard modes is Let's go enjoyable to anyone who likes challenge. I have long since tossed aside the idea that beauty makes a game good. I hate DB super due to its lack of actual good content because it isn't as good as the original in many ways. It also brings me to my hardest point that newer doesn't always look better. I'm using Super as a point of reference. Super has a nice shiny coat of paint however it is pretty ugly with its action and still frames in comparison. (Seriously check out Vegeta vs Buu ot 17 vs piccolo for beautiful fights) I can play rom hacks and fan made games because there is so much effort put into the world vs just high def art. Am I a crazy old man that can't adapt to the new stuff or is anyone on the same page as me. Closer. In all likelihood I'll be Reborn for the 13847397th time before I beat a new main series game due to the level of love put into the game. I don't think just because the game is for kids it needs to be easy. Likewise just because its for kids shows need to be simple or dumb. My hands down favorite show of all time is Gravity Falls. I put that show above GoT, Breaking Bad, Godfather, the Netflix Marvel shows, etc. I love that show because it decided to be a good show first, then a kids show. I wish Gamefreak followed the mantra. Anyway... I digest. comment your thoughts and we can do the thang.....
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