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  1. Welcome back!


    From one memer to another XD

  2. I love you, you beautiful man. And I love desolation just as much. Take your time with it, make it as exquisite of an experience as you can.

  3. I feel like that this is a very stupid question but I want to play Pokemon desolation and I cant find a way to download it to play it? How blind am I right now? 

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. Gentleman Jaggi

      Gentleman Jaggi

      Do you have a zip file extractor? 7zip or winrar or the like

      If you already have one try changing the file type to .zip

    3. TurtleBear


      got it thank you  for your help

    4. ShadeStrider


      The Silence has been broken!


      Cazuhira Miller has Spoken!

  4. KingMP

    Hi Caz, 


    Thank u for this wonderful game u're working on !! 

    I had a freaking good moment playing on it !! 


    I hope that u're doing well in your life !! 

    Thank u very much for letting us believe that this game will be completed one day ❤️ 


    Because to be honest, i'm planning to play this game again again and again.. Freaking dope..  


    A masterpiece !! Congrats !! And good luck for the future of this amazing game !! 

  5. I hope we get news on desolation v5! Im so excited to see what happens next




    No but honestly I'm so happy to have logged onto this again and see something NEW. Desolation has been in the back of my head for a while now, and seeing progress like this makes me so happy. Take your time, Caz, but that being said, I can't wait for the next version!

  7. So, our god has graced us with his presence once again?


    By posting that screenshot, you essentially dropped the global suicide rate to 0%. As well as solved world hunger.

  8. Welcome back! :]

    1. Caz


      Thanks man!

  9. Vome

    Hey Guys, Is there any update regarding Pokemon desolation V5?? or do we have it's discord server to join?

    1. Abyssreaper99


      Caz doesn't really visit this website anymore. Plus Desolation hasn't had any updates for a long while now. There's a very slim chance that development will continue.

  10. You are alive and well, it seems. I am so happy right now.


    Now make Amelia x Lilith canon. 




    Or not. It's your game. I just want to see how you build off of that massive twist at the end of Version 4.


    Also, Please don't Axe Scizor. I love him. 


    Seriously, Someone like you visiting these Forums once is enough to get everyone excited. Even if the news is... less than favorable.



  11. So? Games take time! So what that you couldnt get out on a deadline, but take your time, rush a game wont give good quality, Quality over Quantity as the saying goes, just dont rush or pressure yourself, that will lead to stress, be calm and collective, show us what your made of and take your time.

  12. Desolation isn't dead. However, that doesn't necessarily mean I have good news either. I made the developers mistake of promising a deadline that was impossible for me to meet and for that, I'm incredibly sorry. I made this post to confirm a few things: 1) The fans here are truly incredible. The knowledge that my fan game hasn't died yet is truly humbling. I owe it to everyone here to give the best possible experience for the next Episode. 2) Yes, I said, "next Episode" which means Desolation isn't dead - it's coming (slowly). 3) University is rough - med school doesn't really give you any free time here, that is where my lack of time comes from. I'm still working on the game. I will make further updates when things are coming up, otherwise, I won't really be on this forum too often. Thanks again for the continued support. This fanbase is incredible - the attitude from the fans here really inspires me to keep going with this project
  13. it is unfortunate that you weren't able to release the next update to desolation in febuary but I trust you to come through and finish eventually I understand its hard being a game developer at times when theres other stuff going on

  14. Let's hope that at one of the endings involves the Black Foxes disbanding, and Lilith and Amelia running off into the hills, and having a beautiful wedding. Cause I ship them. That's the third couple I ship in fictional history. Why do I do it? I disapprove of shipping. And Fanart. And Romantic Fanfiction.


    Desolation can be considered Art. If it went on longer, It would be the best Pokemon fan game in existence. I absolutely cannot wait for Version 5.

    1. ShadeStrider


      And that is the Kilian Experience.

  15. I can barely keep from being excited!!!!!(Been offline a couple months and I come back(Just officially joined)and get a release date)

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