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  1. Ali is TP, you are a conf town. Among Anti, Bean, Astra and I there are two mafs and two townies. Anti basically claimed a few days ago so he is maf. I believe Bean to be town, therefore the last maf is Astra.
  2. Mmmkay I guess I have no other option but to comply, since for some reason ppl don't want to lynch a confirmed mafia. [Unvote] Anti-loser [Eliminate] Yahy Also Nicki you said you have figured out the mafs, can you send me a message explaining why you think each of them is maf?
  3. Ok sorry for some reason I'm not getting discord notifications
  4. Also about yahy: yeah yeah okay but WHY ARE WE NOT KILLING THE ONE THAT HAS FUCKING CONFESSED?!
  5. In a LyLo scenario he should disclose any bit of info he may have, imo. Not just place a seemingly random vote, or at least one that is not supported by any argument...
  6. And Ali... either he just wants to watch the world burn or he has been culted. I visited him last night so he should have info on sb.
  7. Anyway Anti lied about his being Nick's angel and for that reason alone he should be today's lynch (this, plus the teeny tiny detail that he confessed. Like twice).
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