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  1. Because Jelly might not be the leader. Remember? Newt claimed spy to appear less threatening. This case might just be the opposite, Jelly might've claimed leader to save Drago's ass. But we can't know that. So I'd go for both.
  2. This could be a ruse to buy time. I'd lynch Jelly and somebody else.
  3. Did you add this after I posted? Because I swear I hadn't read this when I wrote it xD
  4. We can tie votes again. Just remember mine is double.
  5. It's useless to hide it anyway. I am.
  6. Thanks! So the cultists are between Bean, Jelly, Alistair, Amethyst, Candy, Caimie and Lykos. 3/7... too many for a random lynch. Let's try [Eliminate] Jelly
  7. Could anybody post a tl;dr on who claimed each role and which roles remain? ^^U
  8. Umm sorry guys I have been quite busy (and I'll be busier from tomorrow on U_U) and I'm a bit out of the loop. Why do you want us to claim?
  9. So that's... newt - 8 amber - 9 Which, with the mayor around, might be either newt - 9 amber - 9 or newt - 8 amber - 10 So now we're trusting on 'luck' to get newt killed...
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