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  1. Oh I told you Nicki was Mafia! ...wait.
  2. I don't think this can be misinterpreted in any way... but hey, that's just me, it seems.
  3. If I am not mistaken, everybody has cast their vote, which means that the 2 remaining maf have voted (excluding me/Nicki as the third maf). Also, I've said it many times already but I'll say it again: I doubt the cult ever existed. The only argument against this is Lykos' info, which talked about being converted. Unless there's a recruiter in the mafia (and therefore now there'd be 4 remaining scums maybe?), I do really think that Lykos' role message must have contained generic information that wasn't applicable to this game. I'm positive Amber was the unique Third Party, and therefore he was not a cult leader (unless he hadn't recruited anybody). I'll go to sleep soon and probably I'll wake up after phase change, so all I can do is advise you to make a wise decision. I can't add anything else to my case.
  4. Honestly I'm really weary of you suddenly wanting to kill Nicki. But of course, I can do nothing but agree on this.
  5. Anyway, there won't be any tie unless somebody voting Nicki takes their vote back...
  6. Well you can make a mistake, I just noticed
  7. I do not, tbh And do I make an effort? Of course I do. I won't die without fighting, especially when I know you're maf, and letting the town lynch me would waste them another day. If you do want to make a tie, supposing the cult does not exist, you'll have to kill the two remaining scums without making any mistake. End of D3: 6 townies + 2 mafia. End of N3: 5 townies + 2 mafia. End of D4 (if maf lynched): 5 townies + 1 mafia (if town lynched) : 4 townies + 2 mafia End of N4: (if maf lynched D4): 4 townies + 1 mafia (if town lynched D4): 3 townies + 2 mafia (LYLO)
  8. This is the second or third time you insist in my knowledge about donkey kong... I can assure I haven't played a single game. Ever.
  9. This is exacly why there are people voting you. Your claim as cop has been way too convenient. I knew it seemed familiar, and now it struck me. Remember Jace's riddle mafia? At the end, Knightly claimed cop and made us town lynch a fellow townie. But who had the idea? Oh surprise-- you. And you admitted it at the end of the game. I guess you thought this time nobody would remember that? You seem to omit the fact that the Psychic also points at you, and that the Cop are yourself. I'll address your points: 1.1, I already answered Bok on why I think the maf giving up on their stab in N0 is unlikely. If I were maf, I wouldn't have wasted an opportunity to kill (or stab) in N0. 1.2. I agree in the fact that the presence of the maf kill and a stabber nullifies the doctor's capacity to prevent night kills. But, as I already said, a town roleblocker could balance this. 1.3. I don't think the stabber is either town or third party. If they're town, it means that they randomly stabbed somebody (me) in N0, which is clearly detrimental for the town. If they were the third party (that is, Amber), it would mean that he stabbed himself in N1, which seems equally unlikely. 2. You did miss it. I claimed Swanky Kong even before revealing what my role did. 3. The OP specifies that the town is the Kong family, I think it's crystal clear.
  10. And lose a chance to stab a town? That would be wasting a night, imo. I genuinely had forgotten. Tbh I thought I had changed my vote to Eric right after Astra roleclaimed, but then I checked it and I saw I hadn't. Indeed, I do have a gun right now. I hadn't said so because (1) I thought my defence wouldn't benefit from it since if I were mafia, I could indeed kill an extra townie next night, as Nicki said (what a coincidence) and (2) mafia would try to kill me at night. Apparently, in this game guns can only be shot at night (Cass can confirm). I'd already have shot Nicki by now to prove she's mafia if I could use the gun during the day... --- To be honest, I don't know what else to say to convince the three of you that are still voting me (Newt, Cass and Bok) to reconsider your choice. Yes, my roleclaim is unprovable right now, but it's the only thing I can offer, apart from justification on my previous actions. There are still 3 people left to cast a vote (Belle, Lía and Astra), so I'd advise you to choose wisely. Right now the votes are: Nicki: Alaris, Dive, Bean Alaris: Nicki, Newt, Cass, Bok Not voted: Belle, Lía, Astra So I'd get lynched, and you'd use tomorrow's lynch on Nicki, so your hands would be tied for another day.
  11. So you're saying that one of these two situations is the most probable scenario (assuming I'm mafia): Situation 1: the stabber exists N0: Both the mafia kill and the stabber's action failed. And then I fake-claimed being stabbed to... gain town credibility? N1: Both the mafia kill and the stabber's action were successful. The factional kill was used on Nano and Amber was stabbed. The healing role never visited me, or visited me but their action failed. N2: The mafia kill failed again, and the stabber was already dead (Eric). The healing role ignored Amber, who died from his wounds. Situation 2: the stabber never existed N0: The mafia kill failed, and I fake-claimed being stabbed. Firstly, this implies me claiming something that would have never been able to be proven by town. N1: The mafia kill was successful, and Amber fake-claimed being stabbed. Secondly, this implies Amber was my accomplice and that anyway, town wouldn't be able to prove the presence of a stabber. The healing role never visited me, or visited me but their action failed. N2: The mafia kill was used on Amber to maintain my (?) credibility, instead of using it on a confirmed townie like you or an item giver like Astra. This would indeed imply that Amber was a member, but not the leader, of a cult. Which pretty much contradicts Seal's wording of the situation, both in the OP and in today's post. Okay then, problems with these cases? Situation 1 implies that the maf kill failed twice and the stab failed once. Especially on N0, this would mean that, among town, there are a roleblocker and a doctor, and they targeted the two specific scums that were carrying out those actions. Too much for a happy coincidence. Situation 2 implies that, first, both me and Amber were working together, and expected that after two fake-claims, the town would buy the idea of there being a stabber around. And then, just to make it more credible, the maf just killed Amber at the same night he was converted? Because he claimed being stabbed in D2, so, if he did so because he was working with the maf, he must have been converted during N2, the very same night in which he was "killed". I don't think any of those situations is remotely possible. My suggestion is this: Situation 3: the stabber exists and I'm not mafia N0: The maf kill failed, and I was stabbed. N1: The maf kill was successful, Amber was stabbed and I was healed. (D2: The stabber, Eric, died). N2: The maf kill failed again and Amber died from the bleeding. There might be some variables I'm not accounting for because I ignore them, but, to me, this is the most logical succession of events. I pressed you for a very simple reason: I was worried that if you happened to get culted, there would be a cult member with a gun. When you told me it was a NA I really didn't care anymore since you'd lose it when culted. And it had been already made clear that Astra was giving items, so it really wouldn't have made a difference if he was only giving guns or other stuff. Alright, you may have a banana, but Lykos himself said that he had given bananas to me, Nicki and Newt. I never received a banana, but okay, I could be lying. But Nicki said she hadn't received a banana either. And so did Newt. Were they both lying too? Or was Lykos lying? I have no idea, but you'll agree with me that, in that situation, Lykos' comment wasn't half suspicious. I think I did the right thing by accusing him; it was the only logical conclusion to me at that time. Is there a maf role that intercepts the bananas? Or Lykos lied from the very beginning? I ignore that, but you can't just argue against the fact that nothing quite added up at that time.
  12. Yeah but that would be going against us town. I mean if all the mafia got killed by N3, props to the town/cult! The host shouldn't be able to interfere with that. Sorry, I had forgotten about this. I do not find it odd at all. It's what Swanky Kong does. And I haven't been counterclaimed, btw. I know you haven't been either, but your role is not even a Kong...
  13. So you're saying that Seal "rigged" the game and restored the original (mafia) roles of the cult members? I find it unlikely for a host to do that. And if Seal didn't decide it based on how the events unfolded, this means that once the cult leader died and the roles were restored, townies would most probably know who were mafia and who weren't. And imo this is heavily unbalanced. EDIT: ninja'd I'll be looking forward to it!