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  1. So regarding this I m really tired of my life and everything and i cant keep up updating it so I'm cancelling tge game sorry about that
  2. Also bean was lynchrd the other two killed
  3. III. The Piercer: Three times in the game, during the day, the Piercer may try and guess (via DM) the name of the player that will vote them next. If they guess it right, they will kill that player on the spot (or as soon as the GM checks the thread). The attacker will remain hidden. This role cannot perform the factional kill unless they’re the last scum alive. This action does not count as a visit.
  4. Uh yeah you didnt tie wait i will post it soon
  5. Day 5 Bean has died. Town anti has died. Town sopheria has died. Mafia You have 48h maybe more
  6. ~ Night 4 ~ The sun has set. Night 4 begins. You have now 24 hours to send me your night actions. Caimie has been modkilled for receiving her last waning (not posting twice). She was Town. Bean has bee given a warning for posting before the thread has been locked. Sopheria has been given a warning for not voting. I have added warnings in the player list. Yellow is one warning. List of players: 01. Dragoknight 02. Jelly 03. Anti-loser 04. Chickens (Bean) 05. cicada (Nicki) 06. Nano4 (Town, lynched Night 2) 07. Alistair (Town, killed Night 3) 08. Walpurgis (Lía) 09. NickCrash (Town, lynched Night 3) 10. Caimie (Town, modkilled Day 4) 11. LykosHand 12. Astra125 13. Sopheria 14. Newt - 1st Mayor 15. Bazaro 16. Mr. Knightly 17. Candy 18. CrimsonDragon21 (Kiet) (Mafia, killed Night 3) 19. Bok Choi
  7. Review: If the day ended now, Bean would be lynched again. If the day ended now, no info would be disclosed. But remember, the day will not end today. This day will be endless until further notice.
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