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  1. Vhein

    Hello, this might have been asked numerous times before so i'm sorry, but here is the eternal question :


    Can i use your PBS and graphic file if i do have my own project ?


    (please say yes...)


    Thanks !

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    2. swampert expert

      swampert expert

      jan pls reply fast im crying

      so much hard work for this


    3. Vhein


      Make a post in the troubleshooting section, you'll have better luck finding help there imo, no need to spam the feed.

    4. swampert expert
  2. What happens to Keta's Pokemon after you leave Caratos Mountain?

    1. Jan


      They were collected by Madelis and stored away somewhere.

    2. GriffinO1


      Well we ever get the chance to interact with them again?

  3. Do you have any other reborn game, but with 8 gen pokemons.

    1. Commander


      Gen 8 doesn't exist. I don't know what you're asking

    2. smeargletail


      I think they are asking jan if there is another reborn/rejuv kinda game but with the gen 8 pokemon included 

  4. I loaded up your file and the cutscene happened automatically. Perhaps patching didn't happen correctly? Either way, there will be a patch sometime this week. I said the other day that it would be up the next day, but I'm preparing for a trip soon and that's been stressing me out.
  5. It's already been fixed in .1, unless you're experiencing some other issue I'm not thinking about?
  6. PBS Files are finally up! There WILL be a patch 2 sometime tomorrow, but it will be small and mostly focus on fixing the Black/White flute issue. This closes out V12 finally. Onto V13.
  7. I started playing rejuvenation and when my pokemon reaches level 20 it simply stops and no longer levels
    because the counter is locked at 998 and doesn't come out of it
    what to do????

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    2. Jan


      How many badges do you have?

    3. didajpa


      Do you have any idea when will v13 release ????


    4. didajpa


      você já tem ideia de quando vai sair a versão v13????


  8. You have to go to the Police Station now. The quest will continue from there :]
  9. hello i would like to know how to change the avatar on the game i like to use cynthia i don't know how to do i sprite but how do i do it? thank you

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    2. Lady_Sylvanas



      sin they were beautiful as coaches

    3. Jan


      They can technically still work if you REALLY want to use them, but they'll look out of place. You just have to align the graphics correctly and save over one of the player character's sprites.

    4. Lady_Sylvanas



      please let me do it then I am not able

  10. Nah it's fine, they didn't mean it like this. The issue is that I redid Absol's front sprite and didn't do the backsprite so it's inconsistent. Everything is a-ok!
  11. Repatching should fix this issue. Sorry about that.
  12. repatch the game (not the full download) or get the micro fix on the main thread.
  13. It seems like it didn't update correctly. Sorry about that guys. Should work now. Edit: Ah, I see the problem. The graphic didnt update in the patch file. But it's still patch 1 so it should work fine. Will have the separate patch files up in a moment.
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