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  1. I have no plans to add TR's. TM's will stay the same. The entire game (SWSH) was built around raids and getting TR's by spamming raids with friends or what have you. Since Rejuv is not built around raids, the system of TR's and the shortening of movesets for certain Pokemon should not, and will not apply here. Adding old tms to new Pokemon is a brand new conversation, though. One that I am not too sure on myself.
  2. Never worry about grinding or picking up new team members ever again :]. P.S. You guys are free to talk here now. Go nuts.
  3. Jan, I decided not to play Pokemon Rejuvenation in my new laptop until V13 of this game is released because of Gen 8 starters (including with Hidden Ability) so I have to wait longer to start again in V13 so I could choose a new Fire starter named Scorbunny. So, I'm sorry but it is my decision.

  4. Ya Boi

    Hey man, I don't have any questions or anything of substance to add to this board, but I just wanna say that your work has really been amazing for as long as I can remember :3

    You seem like a really kind, hard working soul and I really hope you get better soon, I'm sure whatever medical issues you have at the moment will only make you stronger 🙂

    So anyway yeah, hope you have a great day man 🙂

  5. OMG, I must warn you for Gen 8 Pokemons. There's more pokemon than that. And I saw Galarian Darmanitan, too. If Darmanitan's crests works on Darmanitan, is it possible to use on Galarian Darmanitan too when v13 is released?

    1. Jan


      You're lucky I didn't see this until now. I wanted to be spoiler free and this would've spoile dme. Please be more considerate. Anyway, yes Galarian Darm will be available in v13.

    2. RoyChaos


      I hope I did help you for that.

  6. I'm dumb. Are the PBS files for Rejuvenation V12 publicly available somewhere? I thought they were in the About Me section on your profile.


    Hope you're doing well. Keep getting better. 💪

    1. Jan


      They should be on the V12 thread, iirc. First post.

  7. Excerpt from Patreon:
  8. Jan, you're going to concetrate creating old contest and new contest, and then Gen 8 Pokemons for the last. Am I right? If I'm right, then I hope that will be interesting for V13 of Pokemon Rejuvenation after the release date.

  9. Hi Jan, idk where else to turn. my game froze on Valor mountain and i dont know what to do. Are there any solutions?

    1. Jan


      Could you PM me your save file? I'll take a look.

    2. Vashtsm


      Sorry for the late reply, had some family issues. But it says you cant receive messages

    3. Jan


      Sorry, it should work now.

  10. Hey, so it's been a while and I realize there hasn't been many updates on what's going on, so I'm writing this up to shed some light. A sort of mini Q&A. Why is development slower than usual? - TL:DR, I've been in a pretty poor spot health-wise, which has resulted in me barely working on the game. Motivation and energy are very low right now so it's hard to do more than one or two events a day. I'm trying to do as much as I can, but I ask that you be patient with me during this cycle. I'll get back into the groove of things sooner or later. Why is this thread locked? - I don't necessarily like this thread being locked, but based off previous threads eventually turning into nothing but off-topic conversations, posts that say nothing but "x% hype!!", and the occasional impatient user asking why such and such isn't out yet, I've decided that this is the best course of action, at least for now. It also makes archiving and viewing posts much easier. Even if development is slow, don't you have something to show? - So, you're right, I do have things to show, and I will admit, a downside to this thread being locked is that I don't have a reason to check it unless significant progress has been made, and as such a lot of the juicier updates are posted on my Patreon. I've neglected this thread quite a bit, and that's why I'm writing up this post right now. I have to make more of a conscious effort to update the public whenever I can. Soooooo, from now on, one week after a post has been made on Patreon, I will then update everyone on here. I have exciting things to share with you, but I don't want to just text dump after doing this mini Q&A... So I'll leave you with this.
  11. Jan, what’s gonna happen before challenging Pokemon League, is every antagonists are after the protagonist because he has become threat to them due to being stronger or because they realized that he’s the interceptor? Are Team Xen going to kidnap him instead of Melia for sacrifice or is Angie going to kidnap him to brainwash him in order to kill the ones he loved with?

    1. Zumi


      you're literally asking for spoilers here my dude LOL

      i don't think you'll get an answer for that question so you'll just have to wait and see!

    2. RoyChaos


      I said that because I can't wait for next chapter of Pokemon Rejuvenation. It looks more interesting and I'm excited for that.

  12. So stupid question probably but I was reading some stuff with the romance thing and all but something that caught my eye was someone saying playing the game 3 different times to get different endings when the game is finished and now am i wondering is there going to be different endings or, is this something you dont know yet or a hush hush thing?

    1. Jan


      There are different endings, yeah.

    2. Dragonslayer7500


      Im geussing ones a good/best ending ones nuetral and ones bad?

  13. Fyuu

    Hey! I noticed how complex the story of Rejuvenation is and i wanted to ask how do you plan the story?

  14. Fyuu

    Hey! I noticed how complex the story of Rejuvenation is and i wanted to ask how do you plan the story?

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