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  1. Happy Birthday 😄, i hope that you will have a great day 🙂🍰

  2. Foamy

    Choice Scarf

    I recommend Alolan Muk for the Thief method, as it has the best defensive stats and typing so its chances of fainting are much lower.
  3. Foamy

    Hidden Message in the Void

    I haven't seen it mentioned yet, but I decided to backtrack as far as I could in the void after Luna appeared, and I encountered a few letters between the "hee hee hee~" voice and the image of Serra split in half. Is this already common knowledge, or...?
  4. Foamy

    This is what happens in...Pokemon Reborn

    It's so true though, Chikorita is terrible (Does it count if I picked Torchic with Blaze instead of Speed Boost)
  5. Let's be real here, the game is not designed for you to be playing it in increments across a timespan of 5+ years, so this is more of an issue with development times than anything else. All of the previous episodes have been unfinished betas. The final product is meant to be played all at once. I absolutely loved Xenosaga. But I understand that not everyone will enjoy it, which is why I think those people shouldn't play it. It would be less than pointless for someone who hates cutscenes and dialogue to play Xenosaga and then upload a video of him/herself complaining about how Xenosaga is a garbage game whenever it has a bunch of dialogue. Because all of the overly impressionable viewers would naively decide "hey, this person's right, Xenosaga is a garbage game!!" He made it quite clear that he doesn't care about the game anymore? That the only reason he's trying to finish it is because his viewers want him to? Unless you think his 40-minute "I don't care about any of this, I just wanna stop playing" spiel was all emotional and spur-of-the-moment without any truth behind it? My team was all around Level 75 and I didn't have too much trouble with it? Granted, my experience might have been an outlier and the gauntlet may indeed be in need of a nerf.
  6. Foamy

    [Episode 18 Spoiler] Puzzle Help

    Thanks! I just managed to solve it after a lot of head scratching and watching your video guide. (Thank you for that, by the way!) I might've gotten lucky, because the last column was already in the proper order when I solved the second to last column.
  7. Foamy

    [Episode 18 Spoiler] Puzzle Help

    Has the solution changed at all now that the numbers have been rearranged in the public release, or do we still follow the same layout? I've always been awful at these kinds of puzzles, despite trying to do them for so many years.
  8. The thing with the huge amount of dialogue is that the cutscene in the Glass Workstation was a culmination of many foreshadowed events throughout the entire game; it's going to be expository and there's no getting around that. As we approach the end of the game, we're going to get a lot of these long revelation-type cutscenes as the story cashes in on all of the buildup and foreshadowing that it's been leading to. Could all of this info have been better spaced out throughout the episode instead of in one gigantic dialogue? Possibly. For instance, the backstory of Radomus and the keys could have been saved until everyone was back in Calcenon. But even as is, I think it's perfectly tolerable.
  9. Given that you've gone so far with the sexual humor as to make butt plug jokes, I'd say that's the pot calling the kettle black
  10. Which of his criticisms were truly valid? I only heard him complain about things that were out of development's control (episode release times) or things that stemmed from his own personal shortcomings (literally everything else).
  11. I got super pissed about Shofu's ramblings as well. Most of my complaints have been addressed by other people in this thread already, but here's what I'll add that I don't think was talked about here yet. I honestly think that he should just end his playthrough if he isn't enjoying the game. Shofu said that he's committed to seeing his Reborn playthrough to the end for "you guys," i.e. his viewers, but he won't even be bothered to read most of the dialogue or even go slow enough through cutscenes to allow viewers to read the dialogue for themselves. So if he's going to skip all of the important plot points, insult the characters, shout about something being tedious or challenging or unreasonable just because he isn't invested in it, then why even upload these videos at all? No one's going to enjoy a secondhand experience of Reborn if it's framed with this kind of toxicity. It's simply not his game. He's said that he doesn't care enough to remember anything that's happened, to go back and watch his previous videos to refresh his memory, to do sidequests for good items and Pokémon, so he shouldn't even continue playing. There's no point in putting out a video if he's not going to put effort into good quality, except for ad revenue. That's why I can't take him seriously as a content creator, because he's just so stupid and unprofessional. And with his kind of mindset, I don't think anyone else should take him seriously, either. But what's really stupid is that he goes through with it anyway. He posts a 40-minute video of himself just complaining nonstop about every single thing he encounters in the game, and of course many of his viewers like to make final conclusions about something based on the first thing they see or experience about it (in this case, a salty butthurt Youtuber who refuses to invest time in the game). This is going to cause them to spread false info and misinformed opinions, which will damage the game's reputation. So you end up getting comments like: "Wow I'm surprised you haven't just dumped this shrapnel coated horseshit of a game" "This game is fucking trash" "Amethyst is such an airhead, that's why the plot is such a mess" "How do they expect us to remember all these edgy ass characters when each update takes like a year to come out"
  12. Foamy

    A wild fanart appeared!

    JASMI MY LOVE MY SUNSHINE Your art always makes me so happy <333
  13. Foamy

    Mystery Egg - Gastly

    As far as I know, the Pokémon inside the mystery egg is determined when you choose your starter, so in your case it'll always be a Vulpix. You'd have to basically reset the entire game to try to get a different Pokémon from the egg. And yes, there's a trading feature in this game, but I've never used it so I don't know when it becomes available to the player. It can be accessed via the Pokégear.
  14. Foamy

    Balm Mushroom for Spyce sidequest

    I doubt it's an oversight, you don't need Leftovers to beat the game. More like Leftovers are a long-term reward for diligently holding onto a valuable item during a point where money is scarce.
  15. Foamy

    A wild fanart appeared!

    Yessssss my darling Jasmi makes her triumphant return~~ <333