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    Games: Pokemon(Any from main, to fan made, to spin offs), Minecraft, Borderlands 2 and TPS, WoW, Halo, Some Cod games (I really like Zombies) Hearthstone, Destiny, Skyrim(not sure about the other 4, haven't played them), SSB, ye old nintendo classics (Sonic, Mario, LoZ, Kirby, Star Fox, Spyro, Crash, Bandicoot, etc),

    Fantasy: LotR & The Hobbit, Lore from any game, Percy Jackson series, Kane Chronicles series, Harry Potter, Religion (Like Angels and Demons and Monsters and Stuff), Yu-gi-oh,

    Learning: Science, Math, physics, chemistry, biology, code (like java), space (Like stars, and aliens, and outer space), Philosophy.

    Clothing: Comfy stuff (No collars, no long sleeves, no tuxes or suits or tight fancy shoes, or ties, all that stuff is like blech)

    Internet Stuffs: Rooster Teeth & Achievement hunter, Ray Narvaez Jr., Sandra and Woo & Gaia, VG Cats, TheRussianBadger, Azzie & ChaBoy, Bravest Warriors

    Weather: Anything That is not snow. Hell, i'd enjoy a good hurricane or earthquake.

    Music: I am not over particular about my music, but I like it to at least be fast-ish. I enjoy most rock, electric, and a good bit of dub step. I absolutely hate country because almost all the country I hear is slow or pointless. Mainly, I like my music to evoke emotions, and give feeling, not rant on about beer or tractors.

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  1. Guess who's baaaaaack 

  2. AHHHHH WAYNOLT tyvm you're awesome dude. Now if only there were a way to teach Kyurem Ice Punch or Icicle Crash
  3. Hey Waynolt, is there any way to add Ultra Necrozma to the mod pack? I think the code for ultra necrozma is in place, just we don't have access to the items. If you could somehow add the merging items and the z-stones for necrozma that would be amazing. But no pressure. I understand you updated this solely for a convenience standpoint and not from a dev standpoint, so your current contribution is already fantastic.
  4. The fucking bagon event literally had me rofling. 

  5. damn, i'm like never on here and i've gotten over 42 thousand profile visits. I hope nobodies been looking for me....

  6. Greetings Modders I doubt many of you know who i am, but i will preface my statement with this: i play reborn on a mac, and i have been running episode 17 with the followers mod, sandbox mod, AND modular mod pack together, in a wineskin, and it has been running smoothly (with the occasional crash, but i assume that simply to be a timeout, as it is never consistent.) my few questions are 1. Is there an episode 18 version of this being worked on? as it is the basis of how my mods are packed together. The follower mod is the main, and then i install the modular mod pack and the sandbox map files into the appropriate follower file locations. (If i come up with any more questions i will edit this post.)
  7. Greetings Modders (if this needs to be spoiler shielded or something please let me know, it's been a while since i've been on the forum.) I have 2 questions about this mod. But to preface this, in episode 17, i have gotten this sandbox mod, the follower pokemon mod, AND the modular mod pack to work together all on a single save file. and i am on a mac, so i packaged all of this into a wineskin and it still runs smoothly (with the occasional crash, but thats to be expected). 1. What is the main source of the mod file in this mod? is it an edited main data? iirc i thought it was just a few new map files that allowed for access to this new area? 2. When might the episode 18 version be coming out? b/c i have made significant progress on my "modded" file, so far that going back to my untouched "pure" file would be days of work undone, so i wish to start episode 18 with all my mods in place, as i don't think my triple modded file of reborn would run in just a vanilla game.
  8. Happy Birthday 😄, i hope that you will have a great day 🙂🍰

  9. Is rock climb even going to be like....a massive component of the game or will it just end up being like a QoL improvement to scale massive mountains for shortcuts. 

    1. DreamblitzX


      I think there's like 1 progression gate, a couple shortcuts and a handful of nice goodies gated behind it in existing areas

  10. WTF is this blue moon lemonade bs that costs more than all of the money I have farmed/haxed. 

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Chickens


      He means the lemonade sold in the desert for  1Million (i think?)

    3. seki108


      .........first I've heard of that, though I didn't do that whole 'finding water' sidequest  or really too much desert eploring in general.  oops.

    4. Marcello
  11. Is there any chance someone could help me or point me in the right direction to set up reborn on my Mac? or update to episode 17?

    1. seki108


      The best I can do is point out a MAC user who got Reborn working (with some problems still).  There are occasional threads about it, since most seem to emulate it through Wine.  @Candy, any advice?

    2. Candy


      Well, I did what was written on the guide below. Basically you need Wine, which then allows you to click on the Game.exe and run it as you would in a Windows OS.

      Warning is that you will def experience some lag, which can be annoying in the beginning when you're not used to it. However, keeping your savefile small (by for example, not having a shitton of pokemon in your boxes) can help minimize this effect or at least that's what I've felt.

  12. Question, is there a discord for reborn? I don't have enough time to just lurk around the forums. 

  13. I wish I had a bro-friend as bro-ey as prince Sidon

  14. How am i supposed to play pokemon reborn with all this lag and script hanging? and without my drink? 

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