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  1. If you want to use Charizard, you have 2 options currently; Wait for Zardite X and go for a powerful Dragon Dance sweeper or my preferred option, Solar Power Sun. It requires a Sun Setter like a Prankster Meowstic or Drought Ninetales but honestly believe me when S say Solar Power Charizard with Sun up obliterates almost anything in it's path. It was the ace of my playthrough, culminating in it's complete sweep of Amaria. My set was Air Slash/Solar Beam/Heat Wave/Flamethrower or Sunny Day.
  2. Welc- https://tenor.com/view/palpatine-treason-star-wars-emperor-gif-8547403 Seriously though, you seem cool! Welcome and I hope you have a nice stay.
  3. Heat Wave specifically is bugged in that interaction. AoE moves in general have very buggy field destroying interactions.
  4. If i remember correctly, Shelly/Cain took me 3 go's because of some really bad crit luck with their Volcarona but outside of that, I kinda swept through it. They're considerably lower level, have lower IVs for some of Shelly/Cain/Radomus/Serra's mons and none of them have a field they particularly benefit from. Honestly I had more of a rough go at Fiore.
  5. Might be time to head back to Agate Circus and trying to grind off of Indra then? Reborn's grinding options are frankly awful and these are the only solutions
  6. I know all about lopsided mono teams. My Steel mono was perpetually underleveled bar my Empoleon, but honestly it made it more of a fun challenge to me. You'll probably wanna grind on a few grand hall trainers so you're at least level 60+ all around though.
  7. purely based on how much I like em. Belrose family is 10/10 tbh. Alacantra too.
  8. Out of the mono's I've done, I've enjoyed Dark or Ghost the most. Dark is versatile, very powerful and interesting in particular.
  9. - Actual - Max Revives are never actually sold in any of the Pokemon Games and I doubt they will be here either.
  10. Literally just give flygon Dragon dance and rock slide and you 6-0 her. Fake Out typh turn 1 and it's an easy win.
  11. ..no? I was responding to the lines about him going about killing everyone left and right with his Garchomp when the first time he attempts to do so he's doing so against an enemy who has repeatedly interferred with his goals and ignored his warnings and the second time is in the middle of a direct attempt to stop the operation's keystone; Camerupt. I am not trying to justify the actions of a terrorist, I'm merely stating a fact. On the another note. Solaris is my second favourite character in the game nonetheless, part of it being him using Pokemon I am incredibly fond of(My favourite is after all, Garchomp.) but another part being that I think he's a pretty well developed character. He's still quite evidently a terribly misguided person despite the positive outtakes e16-18 have given him, in the form of El's diary, Taka's commentary in the desert, Simon and Eclipse's comments about him being previously peaceful in his methods and still being quite empathetic now, and finally the showdown at Agate. On the more nuanced end of the villain-ensemble along with ZEL and Taka, which is HUGELY preferred over someone as boring as Lin.
  12. Late but Radomus stole all of the keys from Meteor in the beginning and kept Amethyst for himself and his Wife. Also Solaris only really started going after people after they interferred too many times, dude gives you a pretty big warning to back off twice before he goes after you.
  13. Probably because shes the most stacked fight until MUCH later into the game. Never really bad much trouble with her but her team packs a lot of things bosses before her did not with little to no build up to that point.
  14. Titania/Terra are really the only ones that really come to mind difficulty wise. Most of the rest are honestly not very tough from my experience. Titania however has basically always posed some form of challenge for me and I like that. She's on my top 3 favourite fights in the game, coming in at number 2, right below the Agate Solaris fight but above the Glass Gauntlet. Terra is up there because my E17 run got brutally hardwalled by her Quagsire+Garchomp and it took me forever to beat it tbh. Most of the rest are B-C tier in line with the rest of my statement. Amaria/Luna are imo tied for the easiest boss in the game(Amaria in particular got utterly 6-0'd by Excadrill with no effort at all), Radomus included if Trick Room doesn't go up(and with his terrible team, that isnt hard to do.) We don't talk about mirror field.
  15. +10 offenses, +30 speed. It was one of the first we made so itd super tame compared to the rest. That may change.
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