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  1. not Azery

    Starting Reborn for the second time...

    Disagree hard with this. Charizard is frankly one of the strongest starters you can get if you provide it with Sunny Day(which honestly is very easy to do between Ninetales or Meowstic-M). Ridiculous damage output and good coverage, as well as being great at EVERY stage of the game makes it amazing, speaking from my many experiences using it.
  2. not Azery

    Can't reteach Bulk Up to Blaziken

    No, it's an error on Reborn's part. Blaziken learns Bulk Up at the same level as Combusken, it just wasn't added properly.
  3. Yeah, I didn't use Hex cuz Shadow Ball was more consistent, but with it, Gengar is suddenly a superpower glass cannon with immense supportive capabilities, able to remove several Pokemon in nearly any scenario.
  4. Gengar is lacking in coverage until late in the game but that gives you ample room to make use of it's ridiculous variety in terms of supportive moves. Curse, Hypnosis, Reflect Type, Destiny Bond, Perish Song all made frequent appearances throughout the playthrough. I'd say the most consistent set was Destiny Bond/Shadow Ball/Venoshock/Curse. I highly suggest breeding Toxic Spikes on Cofagrigus, as it gives Gengar a relatively consistent and VERY powerful Poison type stab move to snipe enemies with.
  5. You missed out on Gastly in the Mystery Egg, I highly suggest getting it. Gengar is one of the 3 best Ghost types in the mono from my own experience, up there with Cofagrigus and Alolan Marowak.
  6. Should update title given it goes up to Terra now. Some notes; - Ice is neutral on Fire in gen 1 so that was it's best move. - iirc Nidoking is spatk invest so the special stat is it's higher spatk stat. That might have been affecting calculations if you did not account for it. - While risky, wouldn't giving Prometheus focus energy to ensure crits have been more beneficial? You outspeed everything and crit right through the +1 defense on Quagsire meaning you wouldn't have had to risk dying as much. Set up opportunities are scarce here though, so it's understandable. Adrienn has a rough lead but the rest of their team is very underwhelming. Last playthrough k swept through with Solar Power Charizard and Honchkrow almost effortlessly while the spdef boost from misty terrain was still going.
  7. not Azery

    Bonnie: Reborn's True Savior!

    For Dedenne to outspeed his crobat, it would need 31 ivs and over 200 evs in speed, whixhcis not only unrealistic but requires quite a bit of ev training/reloading for good ivs.
  8. not Azery

    Post-E18 Team

    Get a Life Orb for Greninja and Dragonium-Z for Garchomp. Aside from that movesets are more important as everything else seems fine at a glance.
  9. not Azery

    Rejuv hard mode...

    Yes I acknowledged that xp. But we all have our different experiences I suppose.
  10. not Azery

    Rejuv hard mode...

    Hi, I help with Rejuvenation in general and notably for this case, buffed up intense mode in the past two versions. As people've said, it's not for everyone. It's for those who think themselves good enough, or those who want to test themselves on a repeat playthrough. Furthermore some statements in the OP really make me doubt you know what you're talking about or how essentials(the rmxp based engine the game runs on) as a system works; EVs aren't ever set until Crawli~Angie outside of Valarie's ace Primarina. Furthermore Essentials automatically gives evs in each stat if they aren't set by the following formula; [Level x 1.5 up until 85 evs]. Furthermore I'd really like to see the "banned moves/item combos" you're talking about since I really don't get that? As for the AI seeing items, that's a function in Reborn too and that's set to emulate the competitive scene where players can quickly guess what items or sets the opponents have. Take that up with them in that regard. I don't quite understand how that Madelis fight was giving you trouble when we very much so held back to prevent progress. Either way there's a healing station and PC right outside of that place with some wild pokemon you can catch and grind on. I also found your comment about ev training funny because I test and beat everything on intense without ev training at all. There weren't any real other points brought up that were worth mentioning, that hadn't already been expressly taken apart by other people so I'll move onto something else. I kinda don't agree with saying it's that much easier than Reborn? In a sense since you're used to the style of the game one could adequately prepare before hand but it's mostly designed to go along the same type of curve. Quite interested in hearing more in this regard.
  11. not Azery

    Parks and Recreation quest

    Sidequest continues on next ep yeah.
  12. not Azery

    Theories about Lin's Team.

    Alola-Ninetales is out of the question as the new world field heavily nerfs it. I see her mostly using stolen pokemon from other characters.
  13. She's far from that honestly, if anything she's the mid-late game's wake up call. Hugely brutal offense that initially seems to have no weak spots because you tend to just instantly get disintegrated. I think hardest probably goes out to Titania or Terra, but that's just my experiences. I imagine that this run would be the one where Amaria poses the hugest threat purely due to team selection though. I don't see him beating the doubles fight.
  14. not Azery

    Pokemon Memeborn: Public Version

    New update, 1.12 is out with a good few bug fixes! get it from the front page.