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  1. +10 offenses, +30 speed. It was one of the first we made so itd super tame compared to the rest. That may change.
  2. That's based on level 100, effect of EVs on stats increases as you tend towards that level, earlier on they have less effects on your stats.
  3. Quick note, you evolved your Swinub too early, it could've gotten Earthquake at 37 vs the 46+ for Pilo and Mamoswine. Furthermore through some breeding with the Dunsparce available underneath the Grand Stairway, you could've already gotten a Mamoswine actually.
  4. My main file is on intense and it is by no means ev trained lol. Heck; Most of my Pokemon are along the lines of this. All you need is a good strategy and the ability to problem solve and you'll make it through. On a more relevant note; we've stopped taking suggestions for Crests for now. Thank you all for enterring!
  5. nice. honchkrow and roserade pre shade/kiki. double nice. oh i guess alolatales earlier too if ice stone is added in. but mainly honchkrow and roserade tbh.
  6. Last time I checked their leads and most of their mons(Radomus and Serra) had like 0 or 10 ivs which at this point makes a substantial difference of roughly 20 to 30 points in their stats. Their aces have 31s but most of their team is very much so weaker and slower than they were before. For example my Hydreigon was outspeeding their Alolatales, turning that thing from a hardcounter to literal flash cannon fodder, my Garchomp was outspeeding their Alakazam, preventing Psychic Terrain from ever activating. Stuff like this makes it substantially easier.
  7. Houndoom. 2.25x boosted Heat Waves + Greninja to pick off stuff from the side is all it needed to destroy everything. On the rare occasions it was allowed to ALSO Nasty Plot, it would one shot everything on it's own, resists be damned. It was also extremely nice for setting up Malamar's Trick Room for free when Fake Out wasn't viable or letting Tyranitar get a Dragon Dance up, and Tyranitar has more than enough raw power to brutalise things with +1 or even +2 Rock Slides, given it has the bulk to go for another one.
  8. Yeah, it's what makes Greninja IMHO the best Starter in Reborn. Mat Block is brutally overpowered if used right, letting you set up for free because 99% of the game will not be outspeeding Greninja lol.
  9. Mat Block Greninja let Mega Houndoom set up for free. It just destroyed everything. I had Tyranitar and Hydreigon in the back too so there was 0 chance of losing. Leavanny abasically got free fell stingers off of Absol which let it just OHKO Garchomp and Empoleon with Leaf Blade as well as outspeeding them.
  10. I kinda just had Arcanine in the lead(I lead Mega Pidgeot+Arcanine vs Shelly and Cain to deny them Sticky Webs) which effortlessly beat Weavile, then Honchkrow got a crit on Arcanine with Sucker Punch. Mega Pidgeot came in and played around Sucker Punches by setting up 5 Work Ups in a row and just. One shot the rest of Luna's team. Never lost to her. I got unlucky against Radomus/Serra because I got double frozen turn 1 on my first attempt but on the second one, Lilligant got a Quiver Dance up and put everything on their side to sleep while Garchomp and Mega Pidgeot just set up Dragon Dance(special one I won in the Summer Party) and Work Up respectively before plowing through their team. That's 3 Ice/Fairy Weak Pokemon destroying a fight which has Blizzard and Dazzling Gleam out the ass. Never saw Radomus' Mega Gardevoir even move, it got one shot by Garchomp the turn it came on the field. Shelly was quite literally the only part I truly struggled on because of how her sticky webs setting up her Volcarona and Leavanny to destroy me big time, Cain was an utter pushover that I could ignore so it only took me about 3~ attempts and Luna was a 6-1 Pidgeot sweep. Meanwhile Mono Dark just 12-0'd, 6-0'd and 12-0'd it again first try lol.
  11. You didn't get healed after Luna at all before and Radomus and Serra's IVs got dropped into the dirt. Honestly it was fine then personally speaking(and i had like 3 ice and 2 bug weaknesses lol, my matchup was terrible) and it's a bit on the too easy side for what it's meant to be now in my opinion. Radomus and Serra are a joke of a fight. For some advice, you can practically ignore Radomus' Clefable if you've got thunder wave immunities and wipe out Serra. His Clefable has pathetic damage and is only annoying through thunder wave. Wipe out Serra and then make your way through Radomus in the same fashion. Stuff with Flash Cannon absolutely body this.
  12. Yeah Cain decided 0 attack invest mimikyu was a good idea. It's not.
  13. So earlier today, Jan asked people for some ideas for Crests over on Reborn's Discord server and it was suggested that we also take it up here on the Dev Blog! So here we are. Let's get some basics out of the way for those of you who are not aware. What is a Crest? This is a crest. It's an species specific item much like Pikachu's infamous Light Ball or the Soul Dew of the Lati@s that gives them some boosts, often in the form of stats or something else. In Dusknoir's case here, it's base attack stat becomes 120, and it now gains an additional ability in Technician, powering up it's Shadow Punch and Shadow Sneak considerably! Others however can have different effects; Like these for example, acting as a buffer against weaknesses! There's no true end to what they can do. That being said these are primarily designed for weaker Pokemon, the only restriction is that no Pseudo-Legendary may get one. ------------------------------- What I ask from you people is to each ideas for a crest. We will then select the one we like the most and include it into the game! Better get cracking and creative if you want yours in then!
  14. I personally restricted myself from Excadrill since I know from personal experience that it just tears the entire game apart. I do set the Mystery Egg usually though as it is particularly essential for some monos(See Dragon needing Axew to beat Corey.) It was definitely on the easier side but I had done mono Dragon before hand and that mono's early game is hair pullingly hard(Payoff when you curbstomp the rest of the game is so worth it though.) For most of the run I ran a hazard stack core of Forretress/Steelix to allow for Agility Empoleon to get clean sweeps going. Fern/Shade were somewhat tough but personally my hardest fights were definitely Solaris 3 or Titania(though the latter was mostly because i was at level 60s lmfao.) Solaris' team genuinely brutalised most of what I had trained up and took countless attempts. Charlotte/Terra/Amaria all got beaten first attempt. In fact Amaria was actually the easiest fight I had all game.
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