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  1. This run done by Paperblade might be relevant to your interests.
  2. Well done! I hope you end up recording all the void fights, had a lot of fun building with gimmicks I didn't get to pull off in the usual battles.
  3. I usually just use whatever I feel like using, Arcanine and Mr. Mime tend to be a big part of it on most -other- files since they're obtained at good points, provide good utility that never fades and are just Pokemon I really like. I don't like having more thna 12-18~ish though. That's roughly about enough to cover every type I need and having too big a rotation ends up feeling like I'm just counter-picking every fight instead of making a good strat with what I have, something I'm not really fond of doing. I usually end up going for a lot of Fire and Dark spam though, with a good few Flying types in there too. Current main squad looks as such, with the latter 3 pending training up in the future if I ever feel like using more.
  4. Air Balloons are sold on 4th floor iirc, which you can get to via the Apophyll sticker.
  5. I'd just like to mention that I've been watching this playthrough quite actively over the past couple months. Huge fan of Dark types myself(Quite literally my favourite type) so seeing someone mono my mod with one is really neat! Keep it up, you're nearing the grand finale. oh and as for Krookodile. When I did my own Dark mono, I had to eventually stop myself from allowing that thing in doubles. With Murkrow+Sableye setting the dual wind and gravity as well as Umbreon's Helping Hand, it was basically an insta win on any doubles. Bit boring. If I allowed Grassy Terrain to function though, you'd have access to the cheesiest Mega Houndoom strat around tbh.
  6. He has moxie mightyena. As long as he keeps it alive, I don't see him struggling with anything other than Corey's Crobat and Shelly lol.
  7. excuse you. i am most definitely not smel. tired of this slander
  8. how'd you stumble on reborn the game? any sports you enjoy? biggest letdown in recent years? contrastingly, what's been the biggest positive surprise? who's the bigger nerd, you or marcello?
  9. are you on 12.1 and beyond? In base version 12 there was an unburden bug causing some speeds to be messed up. This is fixed in 12.1
  10. Nah. Everything after Shelly up to Samson and Charlotte is a CAKEWALK in terms of actual objective difficulty IMO(even if I personally don't struggle with Shelly.) I'd actually take a stretch to say that Shelly is arguably the most potent doubles boss in the game, with every single one after her not coming ANYWHERE close to as safe, secure and well synergised as she is tbh. If he drops this nuzlocke, it'll either be because he choked vs Corey's Crobat or because Shelly got to him.
  11. Electric terrain was removed in e18 following the spam of it in the pentalocks.
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