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  1. Well Caz is at least visiting the site rather frequently now, but has giving no word or any news on updates.
  2. Game sounds like it is going to be great, can't wait to play it and i wish you luck on the development
  3. Looks great, cant wait to use this guy
  4. So right now i only have 2 realiable pokemon. Drapion to set up toxic spikes twice and inceneroar since on this field all his fire type attacks do super effective damage and his intimidate guarentees him at least one attack against mega aerodactyl. My other members are a-ninetails, espeon, floatzel and absol who are all decent but the bulkiness of his team doesn't allow them to do much. Even absol with night slash who is adamant nature, fully ev trained in attack, super luck plus razor claw doesn't even do half hp damage. Any suggestion? Should i just load my team with fire, poison and flying types?
  5. Awesome!! Great to see new games coming out, good luck in development
  6. Sorry, havent been there since it was updated, only knew of the charmander, pikachus room. But is there a place to reset evs or is the ev reduction berries still in the game
  7. So for angie i had success 2 ways, first i started out giving my lycanroc a seed (a believe its synthetic, not positive) and opened with him and espeon, rockslide and psychic took out a good like 3 if her mons, then i had bred electric terrain onto my raichu so i used that which set up my inceneroars flare blitz which demolished the rest of her team
  8. The speed room only offers pokemon with +1 or +2 speed anyone know of a good wild area for speed with some +3 to quicken the training a bit
  9. So i downloaded it and tried to start a new game but it just keeps freezing with a small whit square in the top left corner of the screen. Any suggestions?
  10. I had growlithe, crocanaw and phanphy, i dont know if it switched since v12, i had a lot of trouble with this also and i wasn't wating revives on a virtual gym so i kind of just gorgot about it. If it switched to onix that would make it easier
  11. My team is floatzel, incineroar, espeon, sylveon, absol and yanmega and in storage i have lycanroc, raichu, salazzle krookodile, zoroark, chandelure, heracross, lickylicky and cacturn all at level 80 and i can't really come close to beating other one. I have absolutley no idea how his cacturn can outspeed any of my pokemon with a basespeed of 55 and i can get him down to 2 pokemon but greninja literally has a move and the speed to pretty much one shot me before i can do anything. I might be able to do it if i had revives but i don't and i get how noveas pokemon outspeed me but what the heck am i supposed to do, cant change the field cause i can't move first. Any suggestions for either of these 2 Edit: So this is getting extremly annoying, not even my +speed nature electrode can outspeed his grenina and flygon?? So basically only used him for thunder wave set up except for explosion on flygon, or at least that was the plan. New plan is to level up my drapion to max level and set up toxic spikes twice, but any suggestions would be greatly appreciated, idk if theres like a secret pokemon that makes this fight simple or what because this is getting very very frustating that no matter what gets thrown out there, its probably not going to work.
  12. I love my timid Salazzle with corrosion and toxic/venoshock combo. Works well on leaders/big battles toughest pokemon.
  13. Is this game even still being worked on
  14. I can not wait for future episodes of this game. This first episode was great and can tell it'll eventually be up there with the elites. I always wanted to see either mega zoroark or mega arcanine and i think those 2 pokemon would be able to create some really awesome megas those are my suggestions
  15. If you take the time to raise the noibat, noi ern is a very good pokemon to have for later gyms like the flying, grass and bug gym. I purified my shadow cacnea and cacturn has been in and out of rotation depending on the situation for me, same thing with my lycanroc.
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