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  1. Does anyone know if there is a way to switch pokemone cause you need surf to get to his battle or am i stuck having floatzel on my team
  2. i think this game seems great, i am totally supporting you making it a full game, but with the trial for the starter pokemon is the ones at the end randomized? i think it has great potential and hopefully you keep working on it, it offers a very unique, fresh and welcoming twist to an already growing community of pokemon fangames
  3. I used my own eruption typhlosion, i also used walrein to change the field to a mountain field with blizzard which set up my lycanrocs attacks for extra damage and since lycanroc outsped a good majority of their pokemon he took a decent number out. Once zettas typhlosions health is down eruption isnt very good (this is where lycanroc was very useful). I also had salazzle with corrosion that placed toxic on a lot of them.
  4. The main thing i look for in fangames is the story, a few (reborn, rejuvenation, desolation) have gone above and beyond to really create relatable characters and a plot to keep you engaged and this game seems to have the potential to be up there with them so you defintley have my intrest. I may wait for another episode or 2 to come out but i just wanted to let you know to keep working cause it looks great. 2 questions though: What would you say the difficulty rating of this game would be and are you planning a progress thread?
  5. Do you thik this is a good team for that battle: Incineroar, Espeon, Floatzel, Typhlosion, Lycanroc and Salazzle? I have typhlosion for its flash fire ability and to use eruption, does anyone know if zettas typhlosion has flash fire? Salazzle is there for a toxic/venoshock combo floatzle/lycanroc i plan on using for a aqua jet/accelrock on typhlosion to soften his eruption a little bit and inceniroar and espeon have been stars for me throughout the whole game so far. this battle has destroyed me multiple times, mainly because of typhlosions speed and eruption (hence my own flash fire typhlosion), and this is a whole new look for my team practically just built for this battle but if you guys dont think its good i also have raichu, crobat, magneton, cacturn, drapion, krookodile and togekiss in my PC that are max level. Any suggestions would be appreciated, thank you.
  6. Anyone know where i can get them. Im at valor mountain. I would ideally like 2 so i can get my typhlosion flash fire and salazzle corrosion
  7. Anyone know where i can get absol and is it possible to get before the fight with zetta and geara at valor mountain, its part of my strategy for that awfully annoying typhlosion i cant beat
  8. So my current team is hypno, zebstrika, typhlosion, arcanine, honchkrow and toxicorak. I can barely get past 3 pokemon before he wipes me out. I dont understand how his hawlucha can outspeed my zebstrika, who has a +speed nature, when it is paralyzed. Can anyone offer some suggestions. Some pokemon i have in the pc are: Steelix at least has sturdy and can get one attack Bisharp who would be absolutley pointless here Misdrevious Ampharos Mamoswine Palosand Drapion Noctowl Clawitzer And bewear Any help would be appreciated. Thanks
  9. I believe that the move bounce turns it into a sky field. You could try using that. I tried a bunch of different mons but i settled with my team consisting of in inceneroar, raichu, espeon, krookodile, salazzle and crobat. Krookodile and salazzle were both completley IV trained and yes i believe a little luck was involved but melias zoroark got rid of krookodile and marowak easily then i had raichu get rid of gyrados and espeon for gengar. From there i used dig to get rid of the field and used salazzle to toxic everything thay could be. But i agree with you this fight and the angie fight were very frustrating. Especially because if zetta gets typhlosion out with the volcanixlc field it literally outspeeds and one shots practically everything. So you could try bounce and see if that helps at all
  10. so am i wasting my time ev training my level 30 zoroark right now or will it balance out by the time its level 100
  11. So unless i dont actuslly understand EV training like i thought i did but by my understanding you're supposed to gain 1 point for every 4 EV points. But i just did like 12 battles in the speed roon and my zoroark only got 2 points in speed. Can someone explain this for me please
  12. Lycanroc was my best friend with accelrock. Still expect to use some potions and revives here
  13. So my original plan was to take out all of gearas team first because minior is useless offensivley in the shieldsup form but melia goes of attacking it after we get past krokodile and marowak, so once she takes out minior that typhlosion wreaks my whole team. I was hoping to transform the field but I have no pokemon with dig and i only have ponyta that will learn bounce but ponyta is like level 15. The pokemon I have that are at or close to level 55 are crobat, incenoroar, floatzel, espeon, raichu, drapion, cacturn, A-muk, yanmega, togekiss, talonflame, salazzle, lycanroc, krookodile and banette,. Anyone have any suggestions? Would it be worth it to level poynta up to know bounce to transfrom it into a sky field?
  14. I gave my raichu a elemental seed to set up electric terrain. That cant be removed and then i had espeon take care of crabrwler, lycanroc took care of most of them with rock slide and then magnetons discharge coupled with the electric terrain took out walrein in 2 shots. Still had to use a few hyper potions and revives though
  15. wheres the door with the ampharos? Ive been wandering for a long time trying to find it. Thank you
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