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  1. darkwaters33

    narcissa help

    Update: garbador with toxic wrecked dusclops and spiritomb
  2. darkwaters33

    narcissa help

    my team right now is floatezel, incenoroar, zebstrika, espeon and lycanrock. the 6th spot take your pick, ive rotated in pikachu, migthyena, quagsire. in my pc i have spritzee ( who i would use but speed is absoulutley terrible), ponyta, grimer-a, fletchinder. i thought that spending the money for flash would help but apparently thats basically useless seing that her signature move turns it right back into a haunted field, i have no problem getting to spiritomb and dusclops but those two ruin my whole team. lycanrock does a nice job making spirittomb flinch with rock slide but because of the pressure i dont have enough PP. same thing with darkest lariet it does pretty decent damage even with the haunted field in play but still not enough PP. I was thinking sprtizee because it learns moonblast very early but its speed is so slow i think it would be useless. Any tips would be greatly appreciated.
  3. darkwaters33

    Marionette gym battle

    Is there a decent way to level up also, cause right now the best ive found is basically just let marionette beat me with a pokemon holding the exp share
  4. darkwaters33

    Marionette gym battle

    So my team is espeon, torracat, lycanroc, quagsire, and then ive been rotating mons in and out. I think im going to use rare candies and reverse candies to evolve herdier into stoutland and then im training blitzle into zebstrika. Some of my pc pokemon are Pikachu Spritzee Cacnea Shuppett Ponyta Any tips on a strategy, cause i can only get past like 3 of her pokemon. I start off with quagsire to use rock smash a few times on ambipom. I find it ridiculous that her chatot outpseeds my espeon and lycanroc who both have much higher base speed stats then it. I would like to save esepeon for beware but ive been having to use it early on. So is a team of espeon, lycanroc, torracat, quagsire, stoutland and zebstrika good enough? Any help welcome
  5. darkwaters33

    water pokemon

    So im at sampson at the circuis and realized i have not used a single water pokemon yet up to this point. Now its not totally neccessary seeing ive got this far without one but i feel like one would be helpful. So can anyone tell me where to find a good one right now. I was thinking maybe cloyster, but open to all ideas.
  6. darkwaters33

    Radomus Help

    so the key to beating radomus for me was to prevent him from usng trick room. The two pokemon he has that uses it i believe are his reniculus and slowking so i started out with mamoswine and honchkrow and used a combo of earthquake and night slash to take reniculus out amd i had zebstrika use wild charge and mamoswine use earthquake again to take out slowking. ( yes i know earthquake was going to make zebstrika faint but it was for the greater good of the battle). And make sure to take malamar out first when it comes out because its ability allows its superpwer ability to raise its attacks. and as for gardevoir, one iron tail from steelix knocked her out. so for the pokemon you have i would suggest to train zebstrika, mawile, drapion and camerupt up a little more at least to 58 and use drapion and camerupt for reniculus and camperupt and zebstrika for slowking to prevent trick room. as well as use mawiles iron head for gardevoir. the rest shouldnt really give you a problem
  7. darkwaters33

    PC in Iolia Valley

    is there a pc in the valley that i can use to swith pokemon with?
  8. darkwaters33

    Eevee recommendations and friendship

    Toxic isnt available in game anywhere is it
  9. So i was thinking either espeon, jolteon or umbreon. I like jolteon a lot and could really use the help because my team cant really take on water types yet, but its move pool isnt the greatest for electric moves (if thunderbolt and rain daince are tms in the game i would probably choose jolteon no question) and i also have pichu i could evolve into raichu. Espeon i obviosuly has the best special attack, but im pass the fighting and poision gyms. So what is everyone elses opinion on what i should do with eevee and whats the best way to increase friendship
  10. darkwaters33

    Steelix ability help

    What ability do you think is best for steelix? Sturdy is nice becuase it guarantees 1 hit but steelixs defense is so high and has a lot of type coverages that I feel like sheer force for the extra damage might be better but whats everyone elses opinion?
  11. darkwaters33

    Specter Keta

    Thank you, ill probably use a dedenne and meditite combo
  12. darkwaters33

    Specter Keta

    His lapras, and gallade. I can get his donpahn out of the way because its the first one he uses but i start of with goldeen who is basically useless. Its water pulse attack does like a quarter of his health in damage so something better would be helpful also
  13. darkwaters33

    Specter Keta

    Any suggestions on how to beat him? His team is a little ridiculous in my opinion with a gallade, donphan, ninetales and laparas. Is there a pokemon available that does really well against his team? The ninetales actually isnt a problem because of my lycanroc. I have spritzee for his gallade, however with the holy field im not even sure spritzee would work with the attack power on gallade. So any help wold be greatly appreciated. Thank you
  14. darkwaters33

    Metal coat

    Is it still in Tanzan Mountain? I cant find it anywhere
  15. darkwaters33

    Railnet Help

    Haha this is actually my first playthrough since she changed it to that then, been playing other fanmade games. Thank you!! I wouldve been searching forever for a way in.