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  1. I believe that the move bounce turns it into a sky field. You could try using that. I tried a bunch of different mons but i settled with my team consisting of in inceneroar, raichu, espeon, krookodile, salazzle and crobat. Krookodile and salazzle were both completley IV trained and yes i believe a little luck was involved but melias zoroark got rid of krookodile and marowak easily then i had raichu get rid of gyrados and espeon for gengar. From there i used dig to get rid of the field and used salazzle to toxic everything thay could be. But i agree with you this fight and the angie fight were very frustrating. Especially because if zetta gets typhlosion out with the volcanixlc field it literally outspeeds and one shots practically everything. So you could try bounce and see if that helps at all
  2. so am i wasting my time ev training my level 30 zoroark right now or will it balance out by the time its level 100
  3. So unless i dont actuslly understand EV training like i thought i did but by my understanding you're supposed to gain 1 point for every 4 EV points. But i just did like 12 battles in the speed roon and my zoroark only got 2 points in speed. Can someone explain this for me please
  4. Lycanroc was my best friend with accelrock. Still expect to use some potions and revives here
  5. So my original plan was to take out all of gearas team first because minior is useless offensivley in the shieldsup form but melia goes of attacking it after we get past krokodile and marowak, so once she takes out minior that typhlosion wreaks my whole team. I was hoping to transform the field but I have no pokemon with dig and i only have ponyta that will learn bounce but ponyta is like level 15. The pokemon I have that are at or close to level 55 are crobat, incenoroar, floatzel, espeon, raichu, drapion, cacturn, A-muk, yanmega, togekiss, talonflame, salazzle, lycanroc, krookodile and banette,. Anyone have any suggestions? Would it be worth it to level poynta up to know bounce to transfrom it into a sky field?
  6. I gave my raichu a elemental seed to set up electric terrain. That cant be removed and then i had espeon take care of crabrwler, lycanroc took care of most of them with rock slide and then magnetons discharge coupled with the electric terrain took out walrein in 2 shots. Still had to use a few hyper potions and revives though
  7. wheres the door with the ampharos? Ive been wandering for a long time trying to find it. Thank you
  8. Anyone know where i can find or buy some. I need one or two for angie.
  9. Im actually still trying to beat her in hardcore, does anyone know where i can get one or two of these seeds because im pretty positive i will win if i can put one on my heracross and magneton. Is it the tellutic seed i need?
  10. I know lol, some of these things are ridiculous. My first playthrough i did on normal and even with the spped boost from the hail theres no way pokemon like crabominal and beartic should be able to outspeed my crobat and espeon who both have positive speed nature. Theres always one gym leader in each of these games that gives me headaches to no end to beat and that is angie for rejuvenation
  11. Pokemon dark rising is a hard one, theres also snakewood which is an intresting twist on the games. i know one creator is working on his third one. His two complete ones are called pokemon victory fire and resolute. His third one that he is working on is called mega power. I dont remeber difficulty so much but i know he is really good with the story. One of the best hacks is pokemon glazed difficulty isnt up there with reborn and rejuv but its difficult enough and the story is fantastic
  12. The only other one that i know of that is far enough along to make it worth it, at this point is full moon. Im with you that those three rise way above and beyond the rest but theres some very talented rom hackers out there also. I would check out pokecommunitys romhack page
  13. Yea togedemaru works for electric terrain oryou can catch a magnemite in the safari zone if you did all of kakori help quests. You cant get magnezone yet but mirror shot should be useful and then you have that shadow mankey that if you caught knows cross chop and i also had sucess with bulky dark types like muk and inceneroar since they get a 1.2x boost in power
  14. Anyone know if this is still be worked on because it sounds like a very promising game but havent heard anything in a while about it
  15. So raichu is relatively fast and outspeeds her pokemon and if you can make use of its thunderbolt and electric terrain it can do some really high damage to her team, especially that ace, walrein, of hers
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