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  1. currently playing ritual beasts and to a lesser extent yosenju in duel links. got a few others as well (including buster blader which i reached kog with this month), and currently building to make a magnet deck. ritual beasts are extremely fun but slow playing. they seem to do pretty well in turbo dueling atm- my longest win streak ive got with them was 22 in there, but ive fairly consistently managed win streaks of 10-15 games in a row as well.
  2. its too dangerous to continue at night, so you have to wait until it becomes day or change your pcs clock to progress i honestly wish i was kidding
  3. i highly doubt gamefreak doesnt know about the existence of reborn or rejuv. they develop pokemon games, it stands to reason that at least some people on the team must be fans and look up non-official stuff from time to time too. the raids are blatantly taken from pokemon go, not even nearly based on pulses. if anything pulses resembled the totems from gen VII more than these raids. ive said it before, but honestly, if gamefreak ever blatantly steals things from reborn or rejuv, you should be happy, because theyve looked at the games, they played the games, and they decided not to shut them down.
  4. i am the gaurdian of nature.

  5. so shrek 5 wasnt held in area 51 after all interesting

    1. doombotmecha



  7. pokemon conquest 2 WHEN gamefreak

  8. q: how is this thread still going
  9. oshawott and treecko currently crash the game in the starter room, as their receive event has them misspelled as "oshawatt" and "treeko", respectively.
  10. when the graveyard is set up just right

    1. doombotmecha


      Reanimator decks are awesome. There's nothing more satisfying than dumping tons of expensive beatsticks into the graveyard and then out onto the field.

    2. Ojama Yellow

      Ojama Yellow

      skull king is kind of special in that aspect as its a big beatstick (with the correct setup) but actually isnt expensive at all to summon. just takes a while to get going but speed duels has given a skill that benefits the skull servants to the point where they might actually be meta contenders which is awesome.

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