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  1. I hereby declare that entei is the best of the legendary beasts and I shall hear no objections

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    2. Monochrome_Complex


      He's got an epic stauche, that's for sure. He's the apex dad mon.

    3. seki108


      An Entei who wants to protect it's identity from Nintendo lawyers appeared in the Touhou fangame 'Touhou Mother' as a boss' summon, so there's that.  I don't have anything better to add.




    4. Christopher Robin
  2. Just Discovered this one. how did he even manage that?

  3. Christopher Robin

    Heracross in the Safari Zone?

    very rare encounter in I believe the first area of the safari zone. just go southwest as much as you can, thats the grass I found my heracross in. keep in mind that the "rare" safari zone mons are indeed very rare, at an appearance rate of like 1%.
  4. Christopher Robin

    Favourite Starter In Each Gen?

    gen I isnt a contest- venusaur easily has charizard and blastoise beat, even though I like all of them. gen II is pretty close between meganium and typhlosion, with feraligatr miles behind both of them. meganium wins out tho. gen III isnt a contest either- swampert easily takes it home from blaziken and sceptile. gen IV is tougher, as both torterra and infernape are among my favorite starters. torterras still the cooler one though. gen V is tough because I dont like any of them. emboar is just lame, samurott would win if samurott had actually looked like oshawott and dewott, so serperior takes it? I guess? gen VI is again super cool starters but chesnaught is miles ahead. gen VII is one of those cases where I again dont like the starters, but incineroar barely wins over primarina. decidueye is straight-up the worst starter in pokemon existence though.
  5. shoutouts to this one for being the one thing that kept me going for my final exam this period



  6. honestly 2019 started with a really good meme







  7. Christopher Robin

    Appreciate a Dragon Day

    time to do this topic justice.
  8. You're a Green Unit