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  1. I have never felt this personally betrayed by the press holy fucking shit

    1. LeoYT


      please there is no level they will go to in order to get some rage bait

    2. Christopher Robin

      Christopher Robin

      I want to believe what gets published, because theyre the most reliable source of news I will probably get anywhere. unfortunately, most reliable apparently does not equal entirely reliable, as ive realized the past two days.


      thats not to say I dont understand why it happens. ive taken journalism two years in college, which told me enough about why this kind of shit exists. you need to write an article about this thing, and its gotta be ready in two hours, and you better make sure its ready then or fucking else. theres a blatant lack of quality because the writers and creators oftentimes dont even get the time to fact check whatever theyre writing or copying. after going through the coverage from yesterday, I noticed that the journalists did read their sources, but not nearly thoroughly enough, resulting in errors.


      its something that I hate to see happen, and I know that its only going to deteriorate at this rate.


      (note that this rant only applies to whatever news sources ive checked the past few days. im very aware that some news stations only really care about bias and feeding controversy, but I refuse to call that journalism. so what I just wrote does not in the slightest apply to those.)

  2. tleast we had a few weeks without broken feeds

    1. seki108


      It was nice while it lasted....

  3. went a pewson, swawwow hew cwothes, human wights


    and wememwer no bibs is evew fwee fwom the woving embwace of mawcewwo

  4. Christopher Robin

    Dev Blog | V12 Status Thread

    its a name rater issue- you can give a pokemon you caught in the wild a nickname of twelve characters at most, but pokemon that you bring to the name rater can only renamed with max ten characters. im assuming this is leftovers from pre-gen VI name rater, where the maximum character limit was 10.
  5. Seems the spirit of high quality video games rips has returned







    1. Christopher Robin

      Christopher Robin


  6. Christopher Robin

    How to play rejuv like a pro


    1. seki108


      My name's not Shane, kid   *gunshot*

    2. Christopher Robin

      Christopher Robin

      very often I am amazed at your meme knowledge

    3. seki108


      This thing I know solely from Joel's stream of it.   


      Some of the other stuff is just from being somewhat active on Know Your Meme on and off since 2012......though I've barely gone there the past year or two, so newer ones will go over my head. 

  8. Christopher Robin

    You've activated my trap card...

    once upon a time, describing someone as a "trap" was considered derogatory language on reborn. then, not so long after, it apparently ceased being that for reasons unknown. kind of felt like a gray area the past few years so I for one welcome the decisive answer.



  10. I hereby declare that entei is the best of the legendary beasts and I shall hear no objections

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    2. Monochrome_Complex


      He's got an epic stauche, that's for sure. He's the apex dad mon.

    3. seki108


      An Entei who wants to protect it's identity from Nintendo lawyers appeared in the Touhou fangame 'Touhou Mother' as a boss' summon, so there's that.  I don't have anything better to add.




    4. Christopher Robin