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  1. more like inactivity feed ayy lmao

    1. Zumi


      thank u for ur contribution

  2. say it with me


    dont get into speed dueling during your exam period

    1. Wolfox


      Did you crash your hover board? 

    2. Chimpnology


      theres a lot of things that are crashing here

      thankfully the hover board isnt one of them

  3. so a few days ago youtube recommended me a video which said that aliens were good again. needless to say that was enough for me to pick duel links up again yesterday and aim to complete the first stage of the world championships.


    it didnt go nearly as well as i hoped.


    but then my new saviors came along.






    bless buster bricker and his comrade red-eyes.

    1. seki108


      Congrats.  Wish I had the drive to play more, especially after sinking so many gems into a functioning Six Sam deck......(and then still using Nephytis.....however you spell it).  Outside of going for the daily gems, I've barely played since the start, though I've managed to get to 17.  Unless I really get an urge in the next few hours, I'll probably stay there.



      I'll always be surprised to see Neos and Red Eyes as splashable engines/deck thinners (though more Neos) but that's the beauty of introducing legacy support closer to the archetype's initial era.  

    2. Chimpnology


      yeah me too. i pumped so much in six sams and now theyre just ok. fuck em.


      red-eyes is much less of a splashable engine than neos tbh. red-eyes pairs well with warriors, so it worked with buster blader (prob works with black luster soldier?). both buster blader the dragon destroyer and red-eyes slash dragon can be summoned by fusing red-eyes black dragon and buster blader, so thats nice too.

  4. honestly if gamefreak actually ever stole blatantly from reborn/rejuv, you guys ought to be happy- they looked at the games extensively and decided not to shut them down.
  5. when youre playing tri master, aka the fangame notorious for stealing assets from every fangame under the sun and probably a few that arent too, and you reach the johto ice gym


    and the layout is literally full moons ice gym




    that OTHER fangame notorious for stealing assets from other fangames, most notably reborn and rejuv, though albeit less blatantly




    this is amazing

  6. how deep does the "terrible hacks/fangames" rabbit hole even go


    every time i think ive hit rock bottom i just get thrown even deeper


    im genuinely surprised i havent entered the fucking earths core yet

    1. Candy


      you never hit rock bottom in Wonderland, but you'll never stop wondering when you'll hit rock bottom :3

  7. i hereby retract my statement of "full moon is the worst fangame ive played". while its pretty atrocious, i just got out of playing half of mega adventure.


    i have never seen this many crimes against god concentrated in one small game.exe file.

    1. ZEL


      you are a very special kind of masochist and it's fascinating to watch

    2. Candy


      no that's not possible ✝️

    3. Chimpnology


      thank you ama i am glad that i at least manage to create fascination

  8. well i guess phoenix rising is dead then.


    rest in rip, we never got to see anything of their potential.

    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. Zarc


      Wait what ? It's dead ? Cmon , all of this hype for a dead game at the end.

    3. Chimpnology
    4. Zarc


      Ame or Jan need to take the lead of the project

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