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  1. the fact that just about wherever i went in reborn, everyone used to talk about that cool guy ark and how fun it was when he was around, should say enough about the influence and impact youve had on this community tbh. good luck and go gettem :]
  2. @Nosada the type quiz has been retired for years now. around november 2016 there was a big site update in which pretty much everything got overhauled, and the type quiz got lost in that void.
  3. as unfortunate as it may be, if your goal is to make your fanfic appealing to all readers, its nigh impossible. every reader has their own preferences of story or storytelling, so its impossible to appease all your potential readers. but dont worry too much about getting as many people as possible to read your story. while its fun (honestly understandably so) to hear that others read and enjoy your story, dont be too disappointed if your story doesnt get as much fans as you had hoped or expected. remember that everything you write is a path to becoming a better writer, which will eventually attract more readers as well. first off, something that may sound obvious, but try to be as original as possible. for example, the backstory of "I found a hurt pokemon and nursed it back to health so it now likes me and its my starter". cool thing and all, but like half the fanfics out there use it as a starter. as great as a writer you may be, most people arent overly fond of reading something that theyve read ten times before. so try to avoid or take your own spin on the common clichés. secondly, make your story appealing to actually read. constantly having long sentences of three lines or more, grammar or spelling mistakes commonly appearing in your story and bad paragraph formatting are big red sirens to most readers. proofread everything you write (preferably have someone else proofread it as well) before publishing. it sounds basic, but its amazing how many amateur-writers dont pay attention to this. lastly, try to make a story that you made or that you are very close to. while its fun that your friend has given you a story you can use, its possible that youre not as close to the characters as your friend, the original writer, was. this may lead to more superficial and subsequently less interesting writing about the characters. this is just a nitpick on my part, though. if you feel like youre able to write it as well as your friend would, then do what you want to do. most importantly, write something you have fun writing! if you sacrifice your free time creating something that youre not actually a fan of yourself, its only a matter of time before you drop it into obscurity. thats all I can tell you, though. im only a beginning writer myself, so all my advice is rather basic. good luck!
  4. bibs why is this ur pfp and username again.............. what happened.......................

    1. Chimpnology


      its for reactions like these, obviously.

    2. Zumi


      of course. of course. why else would you

  5. as far as im aware, it depends if youre looking for a multiplayer or singleplayer experience. as zarc mentioned, ygopro does best when it comes to multiplayer. if youre looking for some single player, tag force special (psp) and legacy of the duelist (xbox one) are probably the latest installments, from 2014 and 2015 respectively. I cant speak for legacy of the duelist since I havent played it, but tag force special contains all cards up to october 2014, I believe? as well as a good portion of anime cards. the downside is that its only been released in japan, so youre gonna want a translated version which thankfully isnt too hard to find. alternatively theres duel links with a mix of single- and multiplayer. it doesnt contain nearly all cards in the game, not by a longshot (especially given xyz, pendulum and link summoning dont exist there yet), and the mechanics work quite differently, but it does have some more recent cards not included in tag force special or legacy of the duelist.
  6. alomomolA

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Yahen


      Big mistake thinking only girafarig was cursed

    3. Chimpnology


      girafarig is cool.


      alomomola needs to be genocided.

      no mercy.

      only blood and tears.

    4. Vinnie


      Eevee and Ho-oh though!

  7. went a pewson, swawwow hew cwothes, human wights


    and wememwer no bibs is evew fwee fwom the woving embwace of mawcewwo

  8. its a name rater issue- you can give a pokemon you caught in the wild a nickname of twelve characters at most, but pokemon that you bring to the name rater can only renamed with max ten characters. im assuming this is leftovers from pre-gen VI name rater, where the maximum character limit was 10.
  9. Seems the spirit of high quality video games rips has returned







    1. Chimpnology



  10. once upon a time, describing someone as a "trap" was considered derogatory language on reborn. then, not so long after, it apparently ceased being that for reasons unknown. kind of felt like a gray area the past few years so I for one welcome the decisive answer.
  11. Just Discovered this one. how did he even manage that?

  12. very rare encounter in I believe the first area of the safari zone. just go southwest as much as you can, thats the grass I found my heracross in. keep in mind that the "rare" safari zone mons are indeed very rare, at an appearance rate of like 1%.
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