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  1. So, okay I'm glad I finally got that out of my system. Thanks to anyone who took the time to read this! I can't wait for the final episode and I will be on the edge of my seat until it is out. This is one of my favorite games ever and I just want the Devs to know the only reason I would make a rant like this is because I am a huge fan of all their hard work. I can only write rants like this because you all give me so much to dig into and think about!
  2. Zane0144

    Rank the worst puzzle this game has

    Amaria's gym is easily the worst puzzle. Even if it is a metaphor it definitely hit home making me feel completely lost and frustrated.
  3. Zane0144

    Spot the difference

    I've always wondered this too lol
  4. I got emotional regeneration. which seems pretty good all things considered. I guess I cant get PTSD at least or suffer from heartbreak for too long.
  5. So much disrespect in this game. Meanwhile in Reborn we getting all this respect the past few episodes.
  6. Zane0144

    Pokemon Reborn Pentaop is Here

    With how good Nappy has been doing I think they are set. They past the Shelly threshold as well. With Nappy tracking down all the encounters and everyone having a nice diverse team I doubt that even Charlotte or Titania can sweep every one of them. And as long as one survives the Locke continiues.
  7. Zane0144

    Pokemon Reborn Pentaop is Here

    @Commander these are some great ideas! I do love the mini bosses in reborn. I also love the idea of giving more trainers the seeds to abuse. Thanks for the insight!
  8. Zane0144

    Pokemon Reborn Pentaop is Here

    I love the field effects as much as the next guy but I have to admit they need some tweaking. The start with the factory field is a great way to show off effects. Giving the player a guide is also a great idea. But then I start hitting some concerns. The field guide is great, but it is still just a guide. You can't really do anything too elaborate to prepare without experiencing the effect first hand and practicing on it. Shelly and Amaria both have well established fields in the game that by the time you get there you know what you are facing. Radomus, Aya and Luna use the gym itself or the area around the gym to prep you for what's to come. Luna can even have her field changed to other more familiar fields to give you an advantage. There is a ton of good game design here and it helps immerse the player and provide a challenge. But the first three gyms somehow fall short of this. In each gym you are faced with a leader with an entirely new field you have no experience playing in. The player has to learn on the spot and it is asking a little much. Knowing pin missile does more in Desert doesn't mean much until you actually see how well florina uses it and how it can wreck her team. This is repeated later on with Adrien where you are thrown into the fairy tale field and proceed to get wrecked without a steel type. This game needs a field training area or something. A way to practice with these fields. Even if it's only available once you get their entry in the field effect guide. I've mentioned before in the trainers school there are battle arenas set up already which you be perfect to foreshadow some later gyms. But they are just the generic standard arena with no field effect.
  9. Zane0144

    pokemon you hate for personal reasons

    Burmy and wormadam. Because my favorite type is bug and this thing has zero redeeming qualities and I hate it for bringing shame to the type. Mothim is okay
  10. I cannot approve enough
  11. Melia is way to annoying right now. Calling team Xen pathetic when her and all her "friends" got decimated by them a few episodes ago. I bet Spacea and Tiempa, whoever they are, must have told her the she's the chosen one and she is destined to save the world or some nonsense. I think she is in denial at this point because ever since she came back things have only gotten worse and worse. You lost Nim and your mom already. Who's next? Also, I can't bring myself to hate Valerie and Adam for trusting her. For all they know she is some mysterious person who managed to infiltrate Blacksteeple and she always acts confident. They never saw her at the beginning of the game bumbling around so they have no clue she is as completely clueless as they are.
  12. In this battle you had to work with 4 new members to your team. It seems like it would have been an enormous sweep otherwise
  13. Zane0144

    Do you have a signature Pokemon ?

    I like to mix it up whenever I start a new game and avoid using the same mons if i can. But some exceptions to this rule are my favorite mons. Scolipede, Gardevior, and Flygon.
  14. Zane0144

    We Will Be Arriving At Our Destination Shortly

    Episode 18 has begun!!!