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  1. The only true love is the friendship you form with your battered, abused, triumphant pokemon. I love those sonsabitches.
  2. Felix~

    You've activated my trap card...

    More and more i'm finding its just not worth clinging to a phrase or word i'd casually use because the word itself actually has some alternate meaning somewhere else on the web of the internet that just doesn't fly. To the people who are probably tutting about the choice in backchannels or thinking about writing up a long-winded post about why you should be allowed to use the one word with that context, maybe ask yourself how much it really matters when put up against people being able to feel ok about the community they're in. This from the guy who raised a stank years ago about being able to make gratuitous dick jokes in lobby a few years ago.
  3. i missed my 5 year thinger by a day. Again.


    I don't exist here.

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      owo well happy belated anniversary anyway 😛

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      belated happy anni

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      Belated happy anni senior felix

  4. Felix~

    Pokemon Reborn Pentaop is Here

    Looks like they're gonna get a second wind of sorts for enjoying the game. Their teams are steadily getting some power, there's a host of new characters they seemed to react to positively and the available power is only gonna expand as they go. Hopefully this'll whittle away complaints about boss fight difficulty now they're prepping better for it. Good god, a few of these fights are gonna ream em tho.
  5. oh, @Pocky for the carmen sandiego one
  6. mentions are broke as all fuck for me and Idek the forum names of like 90% of the community anymore so
  7. Felix~

    Pokemon Reborn Pentaop is Here

    I'd really like them to define what they think of as difficulty in pokemon. Apparently it's not high levels given their talks on Dark rising, it's not hax given all the complaints about serra's gym and now in this episode it's not encounters that force you to try different strategies and think about what you're doing.
  8. Felix~

    Story vs Character

    It's all up in the air. You can have stories with a small handful of characters with very little exposure to the audience, see your typical ghost story isolated in X spooky place, that doesn't even have much happen. Instead it focuses on atmosphere. Or you can have slice of life that's just... not much happening. Just a cast of likable people doing things in their daily lives. I personally value a sense of progression within stories. You can throw as many characters as you like at me and I might get attached, depends on the individual character, whereas I'm almost guaranteed to dislike a slow pace where nothing really happens or something of note does happen but it's a small thing that didn't warrant x amount of time being spent on it. This in turn reflects whenever I write, I tend not to linger on a scene. Sometimes that fucks me over, something to catch in the editing process.
  9. Felix~

    Whispers of the Arcana: Tangled in Webs Unseen [lC]

    Garret... stared. He stared at the small animated board and considered just what it had told him about it's identity. Then he asked himself a few questions. Was he lying? Did it matter if he was lying? What did Fortune want? Why tell Garret now? What did being a creator of the world entail? Especially if there was a community of at least ten of these beings. Questions began stacking up and in his mind Garret could almost see the weight of those questions stacking up against what he knew of the world itself. Magic and the strangeness assosciated with it was silly, it was entertaining, fun, unknowable to him and intriguing because of it. Garret's world was a small corner with a myriad of moving parts set against the dull grey and brown of the city buildings. So when faced with Fortune, claiming to have made the world he lived in, there was a lot of dissonance going on. Until another question popped into his head. What did this mean for Garret? This question brought a clarity of focus that pushed the uncertain questions he may have worried away on to the back of his mind and Garret found himself speaking with a clear voice. "Well, I'm certainly glad I brought you home now. So, you are a creator... one of many? Where are your fellows? And why are you here in this world?"
  10. I'm not posting anymore, my only form of communication will now be the status bar thank you for lsitening to this  pointless service announcement

  11. 8000 posts im closing the forum account down wE'RE DONE FOLKS PACK IT UP love this place, slightly homo to whomever it concerns.
  12. Felix~

    Pokemon Reborn Pentaop is Here

    In a locke that's inherently really dangerous, you spend more time trying to keep your mons who can kill the bugs alive and in turn that opens up an opportunity to do that sweep. Fair enough for the type similarities.
  13. Felix~

    Pokemon Reborn Pentaop is Here

    In all fairness, with the Gym change Bennett does suddenly come out of left field. It used to be there was some forewarning, you weren't immediately suckered into a fight, you had to initiate by talking to him. It's also entirely fair to complain when the game made it seem very clear that it would be ice types you have to contend with and switching that out with Bennett effectively punishes them paying attention and trying prepare effectively. It's not like the impossible to predict meteor teams, you know in most meteor situations you will have something to contend with but you're not quite sure what it'll be and so you don't necessarily build a team one way or another, unlike Serra's gym where you're outright misled.
  14. Felix~

    Pokemon Reborn Pentaop is Here

    They're slowly just relaxing on the locke rules, new game, guess the episode count where they drop locke rules. I say 50.
  15. Felix~

    Pokemon Reborn Pentaop is Here

    Was kinda weird they didn't acknowledge the official loss at the end of the episode but w/e. Now there's no point in calling out where they'll finally get dunked on. I hope they do switch to a normal game, mainly because they, particularly Twit, seem to be suffering for the rules more than enjoying the victories. The locke rules are massively undermined considering it doesn't matter if they lose, they just keep going with the death rules in place and a new team to grind. Also at the end of the episode when Nappy called the fight easy and everyone else was like "mmmmmmmno", that was a meme and a half.