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  1. Any life goals you'd like to hit in the next few years? Any cool aspirations you've got?
  2. ay bambino, what's'a'matta wit yo local sports fans? Bostononians are whiners and I worry what they'll do to you
  3. Hey guys, Arkhi here! I know it's a bit dated to use the forums now that Discord is what's hip and happening, but you can't beat the original Reborn. I wanted to make this thread to give a farewell to the community and those who have been with me during my time here. I'm posting my goodbye because, with my undergraduate education ending in June, the next stage of my life will involve finding a job and joining the workforce, which will subtract from my free time. But before I turn the page, I wanted to express my appreciation towards the Reborn community. I joined Reborn on December 31st, 2013 and, up until about a year and a half ago, I kept pretty active on the forums at first and on Discord later. Early on, I met some fantastic people including @Jericho, @Tacos, @Maelstrom & @Godot, @Vinny, @Flux, @King Murdoc, @Cowtao, @Felix~, and Telos, who has been the greatest friend I could never ask for. Each of them played some part I find important to my upbringing from my teenage to adult years and I want to extend my appreciation to each of you guys. Thank you all very much for contributing to my growth as a person. A large bulk of my early time here was spent greeting others, posting some pretty awful status updates, playing AoTTG, and socializing with my acquaintances and early friends. It's amazing how fast time flies, but I still think back to these days now and then. I remember being pretty meek in interactions with the auth at the time since they looked real high up the chain of importance. Early interactions with them weren't so scary once I took the chance to talk to them, as is true with most conversation you'll make with members in this community. I think I can safely guess a good chunk of my posts at this point were links to music since I was way too in love with a good pair of earbuds and whatever "best new song" I thought I found that week, shoutout to SotD. I'm sure I also made sure not to skim out on expressing my appreciation for other luxuries like scarves or the artwork of AtokNiiro (hell yeah I still dig him). A first shoutout to the modern-day Tea Party for being a great group of individuals, always hanging out on Showdown and ready to give you a live commentary of what's up on any given day, and a second shoutout to the Flower Garden from Skype for taking me under their wings when I still felt much too new. At this time, the history of Reborn was of interest to me, so I would often try to get into the hair of older members and listen in on what stories they had to share. They wouldn't always spill, but my interactions with them started relationships I still touch back on. In November of 2015, I joined up (heh) with the auth crew and that changed absolutely a little bit, I guess. Around this time, I got closer to @Ikaru, @DJ Mewdeon ft Dan Punk, @Rosesong, @Ironbound, @Ruby Red, and @Sardines. As a mod, I was in/felt that I was in a position where I thought I needed to be as neat a role model as possible (I just wanted less warnings to give tbh). In a way, that feeling hasn't really left and that nudging feeling to act my best is still a driving force for me today. Moderating was a good experience for me, I felt that being watched by critical eyes was a good opportunity to improve (there's that word again), but most people were usually chill enough that I may as well have just been an upgraded Member+ (or an Ace). Interacting with all sorts of people including troublemakers, conflict-makers, or people who accidentally double-posted and still hold a grudge to this day was a nice look into how other people carry themselves. Listening to what people would have to say in response to heated conversations in Showdown or Discord were experiences that I still keep in mind now. This period of time was when I really started to want to get to know people on a fundamental level; around this time, I wanted little more than to listen to others for long periods of time and hear what they have to say so that I may improve as a mod, and later, as an individual. It was around June of 2017 that I stepped down from my Global Mod position in preparation for transferring from a community college to a university. After then, my activity had slowly decreased and has since, though Reborn certainly still has a piece in my heart for giving me so much over the years. Shoutout to @Amethyst for bringing this whole community together, I respect the time, effort, thoughtfulness, patience, and care you contribute to make this all happen. Putting so many experiences into such a short post feels like an act of neglection. You would have to relive my time here to understand how it happened, then you would have to be me to understand how it's changed me. All things considered, I consider my time at Reborn to be a positive one and I hope those I grew up with here may view it with similar fondness. I believe the most important concept I learned from Reborn is Value; I would say I entered Reborn without great interest in others, but I am leaving with a better understanding of what values others hold close and what is valuable to me individually. To all of you whose names I did not mention but were impactful to me, I apologize you are not publicly commended, but I thank you too. Whether our interactions were enjoyable, heated, or terminal, I believe I've learned from them and I will do my best to use this understanding in a positive way. So long, take care, and thanks for the memories. Best regards, Arkhidon Edit: oh, oops, uh so I'm not working because I entered grad school??? what a twist. anyway, I'm still around despite making a big deal of leaving, sorry!
  4. @Jericho How did you get away with nominating me for everything? I don't even apply to some of those, amigo. You're absolutely wild. Memer of the Year: @Jelly Archbishop of Banterbury: @G'doots @Maelstrom Biggest Grumpy of the Year: @Jericho :] The Terra Pierce Award: @Felix~ Most Likely to Take Over the World: @G'doots Most Likely to Have a Cameo in Detective Pikachu: Roo
  5. 👋 Take care, amigo.

  6. Congratulations to you three, keep up the great work.
  7. damn, I wish Marcello was a more efficient programmer :///
  8. Happy birthday you big smelly nerd

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      I will defeat you, but also thanks.

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      ~~its like a month late but~~ happy birthday hope you had a good day

  9. Happy Birthday Arkhi 😄, i hope that you will have a great day 🙂🍰

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      Happy birthday ! 

  10. Dude, I love it when someone drops some sick beats to my auditory lobes of the 11th level. Sounds hype!
  11. This is a step in the right direction. I think there's enough opinions in this thread that one more might not be unnecessary, so I'll leave it at that.
  12. Y'all haven't seen the crazy cool stuff Ruby has made in addition to this, her chibi art style is super clean.
  13. It's Yanny

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      idek what this is about

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      It's both. just at different frequencies

  14. Everything looks more glossy than before, this is really nice.
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