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  1. Happy Birthday 😄, i hope that you will have a great day 🙂🍰

    1. Grimahim


      Sorry, I didn't notice this until now! Thank you very much!

    2. LykosHand


      No problem 🙂 and you're welcome 😄

  2. Small update since it's been a couple of months.


    1] I'm still playing through episode 18. I've put it on a bit of a hiatus because of my other let's plays, but fret not, it's not dead. I'm hoping to have it finished by the end of the year. 

    2] I'm beginning a Pokémon Let's Go: Eevee let's play. It may begin the day the game launches, or the day after, I can't guarantee anything yet. What I can guarantee is that I'm getting the game day 1 and plan to play it from start to finish, including any post-game stuff. 

    3] I'll be doing Smash Bros. Ultimate content. I want to stream it, but I don't know if I'll be able to yet. If not, I intend to create videos instead. Regardless of format, I plan to do things such as Classic Mode runs, World of Light, the new modes, friend matches, Elite Battles, etc.


    That's all for now. A link to my YouTube channel SHOULD be on my profile if you want to check out any of my videos. Thanks for reading!

  3. I don't know why I didn't think to mention this, but with episode 18's recent release I started my let's play back up! Got quite a few videos up now, gotten a fair way into episode 18 already. Be sure to check out my channel if you're interested in watching the LP! (I'm playing it blind!)

  4. Happy Birthday :D, i hope that you will have a fun day ^^

    1. Grimahim


      I didn't see this until now, thank you!

    2. LykosHand


      No problem :D and you're welcome ;)

  5. So. All of the Pokémon Reborn videos I recorded for my let's play have now been uploaded. I got a new headset. Episode 17 just came out. The stage is almost set for me to continue my let's play and play through Episode 17 totally blind. I should upload the next video in about 2 weeks time. If you guys like watching Pokémon Reborn let's plays, now would be a good time to check out my channel! I appreciate any tips on event Pokémon and side quests you can give me, pre-episode 17 of course since I don't want to be spoiled on that.

  6. Editing footage I recorded for my Reborn LP and just watched going through Chrysolia Spring. I forgot how annoying that place is to navigate. I like the idea of using strength rocks to create geysers but having to use surf like 300 times to go everywhere in the place is a frustration that I never want to experience again. Volcanion or Heatran will probably nest there when legendaries are added too so I doubt that's the last time I'll have to go in there. I don't care how but I'd really appreciate it if that place was made less annoying to get through.

  7. I'm not sure why I didn't write this sooner. I started a Pokémon Reborn let's play late last year, but due to unforeseen circumstances I had to put the let's play on hold. Last week, I finally started uploading the let's play again. If anyone is interested in checking out a Reborn let's play before the public release of episode 17 drops then you might want to consider checking mine out! The link to my YouTube channel is on my profile for anybody that's interested!

  8. Finally updated my profile. Still pretty length but it has WAY less than it did before. There's still a bunch of stuff I don't really need on it, but eh. People can know my interests and certain things about them I favour now if they want to. 

  9. I really need to fix my signature at some point. The team in my signature is from a previous save file I don't use anymore. 


    I've got to clean up my profile too. It will never not be text heavy but I could definitely do to condense it. Half of the stuff on there I don't even need there. 

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    2. Grimahim


      That handsome devil is partly what my name was inspired by, so that's probably why. xD

    3. Wolfox


      assuming the other part comes from the Fell Dragon Grima?

    4. Grimahim
  10. Today I learned that role-playing Fire Emblem characters while playing Cards Against Humanity is actually surprisingly fun.
  11. Also, just in case anyone happens to be interested in my channel, I dun goofed. I accidentally tripped on the wire for my headset while it was plugged in to my computer and I somehow broke the headphone port on it. Now, no headset I use will work on it, even if it's only plugged in via a USB extension and not the headphone port itself. Because of this, I'm unable to record any videos at the moment, and if I can't get my old laptop to work (and I don't expect it to at all) then I can't edit any videos either. As a result of this there's a chance I may not be able to upload any more Reborn content after 5 days from now, and even if I can somehow get my laptop to work, I'm not going to be able to record Episode 17+ until I can get it fixed, assuming that episode somehow drops before then.


    In short, my Reborn let's play is likely going to be put on hold and if a new release comes out anytime soon I can't record it for a while, because I'm dumb and hurt my PC and I also need money to get the Switch. Apologies to any of you who have actually been enjoying my content.


  12. I'm a little late in writing this, but that Switch Presentation was bloody amazing. Breath of the wild looks like a beautiful game, Mario Odyssey is stunning and looks like it's going to be giving old times fans plenty of nostalgia, Arms is dope... but for me, Fire Emblem Warriors takes the cake. My first time seeing Fire Emblem was with Marth and Roy in Smash Bros. Melee, but at the time I just didn't know them and didn't think to get to know them since I was still a child blissfully unaware of the internet. But when Smash Bros. Brawl came around, I played Ike for a bit and started to think about what type of game Fire Emblem could actually be. I always imagined it would be a sort of action game where you'd play as one of the FE characters in the Smash games and slice down enemies in a hack and slash sort of game, so when I finally decided to look at Path of Radiance gameplay and try the Awakening demo, the strategy genre caught me completely off guard. I was somewhat disappointed as I wasn't too fond of strategy games and it was completely different from what I hoped and expected. Of course, now, I love the franchise anyway and appreciate the strategy gameplay, but when I first played Hyrule Warriors and realised that the gameplay in that was a staple for the Dynasty Warriors series, I came to realise that a Warriors style game is exactly what I'd envisioned it to be, and the more I thought about it, the more I wanted it. When I then heard that Koei Tecmo made plenty of Warriors crossovers and were constantly approaching developers about them, I became hopeful, and I saw in one online article that they'd even approached Intelligent Systems (the developer of Fire Emblem). At the time, they didn't get a response, but just knowing that they'd considered FE Warriors and it was a genuine possibility made me ecstatic. Now, after a year or so since then, at a time when everyone suddenly out of the blue decided they thought it was coming, it shows up. Koei Tecmo, Omega Force, Team Ninja, the 3 same teams that worked on Hyrule Warriors, and then... 5 gemstones. Chrom's Falchion, Yato, Raijinto, Siegfried, Marth's Falchion. Fire Emblem Warriors. Chrom pulling his sword. It was the happiest minute of my entire life. I cannot express how excited I am for that game, it's THE one game I've been wanting for most of my life. The one game I've dreamed of from the very beginning. My ideal game. It's a reality, and we're going to get a god damn Direct about it in just three days. I'm pumped. I loved the presentation and I love that the best news I could have ever possibly heard is actually happening.  AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH---


  13. Happy birthday 🎂

  14. https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLmisyfliypuehATp_6F0VM0xZjyo9S1kT



    I don't know if anybody saw my previous post (or if anybody will see this one for that matter), but I've made some headway into my Pokémon Reborn let's play and there is plenty more to come. If you feel like watching a let's play of Pokémon Reborn from a smaller channel then I'm your guy!

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    2. Grimahim


      Alright cool, that'll be interesting to see! May even give spoilers on future events in the game but it'd definitely be interesting to compare the 'real' characters to the game ones and look at the influences and inspirations the game drew from them. That reminds me - I recently noticed that neither Adrienn nor xyr gym was originally in the game, did Adrienn exist back on the PO server or is xe a recent character? (My b if either of the pronouns are incorrect, I'm still trying to adjust to those. >.<)


      Don't get me wrong, I love the idea of a league like this. I really enjoyed playing in the Reborn League when that happened. I just get really prideful when it comes to competitive Pokémon so it can be frustrating to lose at times, and I don't feel I'm ready for that yet since I've been out of touch with competitive Pokémon. The main reason I played the Reborn League was because of it's ties to the game, but it's not the only reason I did it. The idea of being able to earn badges against actual people is a fascinating concept. I'm sure I'll get to it eventually if it's still on by the time I do it, I'm just kinda disappointed that it doesn't have the connections to the game that the original Reborn League did. You know, now that I think about it, why didn't they just try to restart the Reborn League again? (Probably a super ignorant question but that's my inner fanboy talking.)

    3. WujiKyurem


      Adrienn (as well as Arc) were the babies of Reborn League history, because they both came onto the scene in the last season of the league. Fairy types didn't yet exist when Ame started on Reborn the game in 2012. As for restarting the league, it was said that they'd have to raise it from the ground up, which makes me think that even some of the tenured leaders like Amaria, Titania, Luna, and Shade would've had to deal with complications upon returning. This post explains it all. ;(


    4. Grimahim


      Ah, I see. Well it is unfortunate that they had to close it down, but one can hope it will return one day soon. Maybe when Amethyst finishes working on the game she could try to re-organise it? I doubt that a lot, but I really hope so. 

  15. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uzZw9HYiQ5A&ab_channel=Grimahim


    I've finally started my let's play of Pokémon Reborn! I am going to EV train when possible, and I am going to try and finish the entire game (or what's finished of it, I'll be doing each episode when they release.)


    If anybody is interested in watching it, then feel free to click the link! If you have any tips on how to get useful items or things I might have missed, as well as any information on how to get some event only Pokémon, I'd appreciate the feedback! (Just avoid spoilers please, it's been so long since I last played that I've forgotten a bunch of things, and I've only completed up to episode 11 anyway!)

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