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  1. Even if it makes no sense, that's what the rules say. If Newt shoots someone right now and hits and townie, the rules dictate mafia wins, unless I'm missing something. [Eliminate] Falirion [Reveal] Rogue (The latter vote is just a placeholder.)
  2. The rules say mafia wins if half or more of the survivors are mafia. They don't say it matters if all those mafia members can vote.
  3. I can confirm Newt's skill with a gun. He had no trouble using one to murder Nicki. =p
  4. Originally, Bok and Lykos voted on Drago. Then, after it looked like I would be cleared, Falirion, Newt, Drago, Nano, and Seal bandwagoned onto the Drago vote relatively quickly. Obviously Newt and Drago weren't mafia, but I feel like that swift change of votes is rather suspect and I'm therefore suspicious of the others involved. By the way, what makes you guys vote for Amber? My tentative votes are [Eliminate] Bok [Reveal] Warlock
  5. Okay... so I guess there were only 4 real mafia members? Because if there were 5 real ones, 50% of the remaining survivors would be members of mafia and the game would be over.
  6. Well, since things are so close, I'll change my vote. [Unvote] Eviora [Eliminate] Falirion Worst case scenario I get murdered anyway, right?
  7. Well, I guess it can't hurt. I'm the rogue. Yes, I voted to reveal myself, hoping that being revealed might make me more useful if the game even lasted long enough. On N1 I tried to steal from Lia. On N2, from Bazaro. Neither had anything.
  8. Oh. So now everyone wants to lynch me. Well, okay. If you guys voting on me are mafia, I guess this is the last bandwagon. You know I'm not one of you. If you kill me, that's one enemy down, and you can kill another at night. Assuming you can stop Newt from killing one of you somehow, that's game over. Well played. If those who are voting for me are town, then my only real reply is to look down on you. I could reveal my role, but it won't indicate my alignment, and it hasn't done me much good so far. So there's no point. You have no reason to believe me when I say I'm town, but a lynch on me is effectively a lynch on the whole town. If that's the course of action you wish to pursue, I won't hold you back. [Unvote] Bazaro [Eliminate] Eviora I've just been overcome with apathy lately, y'know? It's its own type of despair. So if you want to lynch me, I don't mind. I haven't been able to contribute much this game anyway.
  9. Well, all this failure has filled me with despair, so I guess I'll just put my trust in the Newt who randomly murdered another townie. [Eliminate] Bazaro [Reveal] Rogue
  10. Sorry I haven't been participating that much. I've been really preoccupied lately. So, simply to avoid breaking any rules... [Eliminate] Eviora That said, that's only a placeholder vote. I plan to change it later, assuming I don't forget. xD
  11. ...Clearly, I'm not on the top of my game today. xD Yes, that makes sense. Still, it was a reckless move, and I can't say I'm 90% convinced you're town.
  12. What did Amine do to earn that pressure? I'm more concerned about you, frankly. You just shot someone who was obviously town. What about that was obvious? It's simple. If she were mafia, she would know whether or not you're mafia and there'd be no incentive for her to give you a gun unless you were both mafia. But if you were both mafia, you'd have known that, too and wouldn't have shot her. I'd like to hear what you were thinking.
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