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  1. Then my friend let me ask you, why it wasn't like that in previous generations, why it does not happen when someone uses Mentronome while Encored, and why Transform never has had and never will have this problem? This is a glitch, through and through. End of story
  2. Nah, it does not, it cannot. Any other "call other move" attack in any other generation to date that executes multi-turn moves has made it work perfectly, regardless of item equipped. It's silly to think GF would intentionally do such a specific and dumb thing.
  3. That has to be the most stupid glitch in recent years. Why GF never even bothers to patch them? Seriously.
  4. Ditto administers some karma: https://replay.pokemonshowdown.com/gen7battlespotsingles-755990722 My best hard reads since a long time https://replay.pokemonshowdown.com/gen7battlespotsingles-755985409
  5. Forum Name: SJMisteryPreferred Character: (which character would you want the most.) : Corrin (F), Hoshidan NobleLeast preferred Character: RinkahFavorite Fire Emblem Character/Characters: Too many to list.Your Favorite Fire Emblem Class/Classes: Any class with healing staves. Especially Hoshidan Noble, Butler/Maid or Bride.
  6. If we should get rid of one staller, it should be the combination of Eviolite+Chansey. Mega Sableye can be taken down by indirect status like Scald's burns or Sludge Bomb's poison. But Chansey can undo in 1-2 turns all damage caused to the team, and can consistenly make any special attacker unusable. Chansey is even more centralizing than Aegislash, if you think about it. But I recommend to simply pack your own cleric and a strong wallbreaker that can consistently threaten Sableye, Skamory AND Chansey. EDIT: and why you MUST only have to have generation 6 or 7 pokemon? why are things like Defog Empoleon disallowed?
  7. VERY interesting. I would love to help in every possible way. I miss having our own tiers a lot. But if you ask me, the Metagrossite is totally overrated, it does not deserve a ban at all. And... would a forum vote about wether allowing Pheromosa, Greninja, Tapu Lele, Genesect, Landorus (both forms) and Aegislash or leaving them banned be outside the question? I personally have serious doubts on them being banned. In a perfect scenario, I would split Ubers for those dudes, for Shadow Tag and Arena Trap, and for anything else we end up having to boot out of Reborn OU, in particular, U-turn that is in my opinion the main reason Pheromosa and Landorus are so annoying and the main reason Shadow Tag and Arena Trap are so potent in this generation. But as long as we get a metagame gets decent, I totally won't complain.
  8. Welcome, goodbye, and I hope some of the new auths are into competitive. That section has gone downhill lately.
  9. Well, I was mostly thinking on Slowbro on Trick Room but I guess nobody likes him... There is also always using Ice attacks, which by the way I am surprised they don't affect this field considering the cold is lethal against flowers.
  10. Except the ones that have access to Fire attacks...
  11. On Sardenya, a pizza composed of hamburguer, fried potatoes and ketchup, and another made of pepper. Trust me, both were DISGUSTING.
  12. A Dratini could be possible? I don't request anything in particular, I just love using the tiny, adorable dragon. Please... EDIT: tough if it gets to be shiny with HA to mirror my signature Dragonite, better yet.
  13. Eh, I was the one who swept. HE had been taunting me before the fight, and still went all cocky on multiple turns.
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