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  1. King Murdoc

    [IC] TotM:DC "Terraria: A fresh start"

    Kusuke Recalls Satomi, then uses all of his remaining actions, plus his banked actions, to attack Flora with his Timeslicer
  2. King Murdoc

    [OOC] Trespassers of the Multiverse: Lost Footage

    "I'm warning you, it's not a very good story."
  3. King Murdoc

    Trespassers V2: Tales of the Masks [IC]

    "We really, um, shouldn't split up. None of, um, us know anything about the island." She took a deep breath, then continued. "We'll be able to fight past the Makuta's monsters, um, faster if we stay together, and the, um, extra time won't matter if someone gets lost or killed trying, um, to get the stone. We just need to pick a stone and go for that one. Probably one that, um, we can actually get to, first."
  4. King Murdoc

    [IC] TotM:DC "Terraria: A fresh start"

    Kusuke Recalls himself, banks another turn, then attacks one Rope Marionette.
  5. King Murdoc

    FEF: The Lost Lands [IC Thread]

    K23, guard Elizabeth and also hatchet the swordsman
  6. King Murdoc

    [IC] TotM:DC "Terraria: A fresh start"

    Kusuke stores all three of his actions for this turn.
  7. King Murdoc

    FE on the Forums: Scarlet Crown [IC]

    "Naomi, I'm still gonna kick your ass for that later. Damn suicidal kids. . ." She moved up and snapped off a shot at one of their foes. AA20, shoot Myrm
  8. King Murdoc

    [Trespassers V2 Subplot] Okami: Stains upon the Canvas

    "I recall someone mocking the 'petty theatrics' of the darkness that came upon uttering the name of a dark god, yet cautioning me to take care with the mechanics of an unfamiliar world." Mitsurugi took a look around, assessing their foes. Lesser demons, not much to be afraid of, though it seemed that the gashudakuro they were seeking may have found them instead. Troubling, but not unexpected. Perhaps Lexiel's oafishness was playing to their advantage in this case. The goddess took one calm step forward, then suddenly leapt through the air, darting forth at the yellow beast and striking it in succession with both blades. Mitsurugi attacks with her daisho, dealing 5d6+DEX (14)+SYN (14), 20% more damage to spirits. 15% ailment resistance chance.
  9. King Murdoc

    Fire Emblem On Forums: Mortal Transgressions (IC)

    "Yeah. 'The mighty heroes, after disposing of the wicked peddler of drugs and sin, went on to free the innocent souls wrongly imprisoned.'" Justine put on a voice as if she were narrating a play, before swapping back to a more normal conversational one. "Kane believes it should be mostly innocents, and, well, I've already trusted him to bring me around the land with a group of heavily armed complete strangers - not that they're strangers any more - so it would be silly to start doubting now."
  10. King Murdoc

    [IC] TotM:DC "Terraria: A fresh start"

    One of the Kusukes vanished as the other strode forward. "Really, really not liking this place," he mumbled, glancing between the dark building ahead, the warped "plants" nearby, and Satomi, keeping an eye on the latter's well-being. He still firmly believed that she should have stayed behind, especially when something as prone to messing with one's head as this was on the table. There was also the matter of what was going to happen once they were done; Arminius had a lot to answer for.
  11. King Murdoc

    [IC] TotM:DC "Terraria: A fresh start"

    Kusuke decides to split timelines, having his future self come back, teleport over to the winch, and throw the lever, while the first one attempts to trip and disarm the guard.
  12. King Murdoc

    [IC] TotM:DC "Terraria: A fresh start"

    "Are you sure that's a good idea?" The iron structure looked far too heavy for them to lift, though if it was mostly illusory, it might not have quite so much substance. . . which also meant he could manage it on his own. "I'm gonna check something else out first, you, uh, have fun with that." Kusuke walks back along the path that seems to lead away from the castle, to see if there's another portal. Failing that, he'll teleport past the portcullis and look for some sort of gatehouse and associated lifting mechanism.
  13. King Murdoc

    FEF: The Lost Lands [IC Thread]

    "Don't worry, my friends, I will be your shield!" Alwine's armor thundered against the hard stone floors as she moved upward, shield and axe both raised and ready for combat - until she reached position, and pitched her hatchet at the enemy. "Hrrraaah!" H23 hatchet healer
  14. King Murdoc

    [IC] ANKL. Part 2

    Arturia felt her irritation spike at the stranger's tone - which was probably a good thing, as it helped hide the increase in anxiety she felt at the questioning. She was involved in this, whatever it really was, which ratcheted her potential threat level even higher. She hadn't heard of the government running around employing magical teenagers, but that didn't necessarily mean it wasn't happening. "It put me in the hospital for weeks, if that counts. I was out in the woods trying to make sure she" - she nodded her head towards Lilith, who Arturia was starting to lay out across one of the beds "-was okay. I ended up worse off than she was, as far as I know." The silver haired girl took a deep breath before continuing; she hadn't meant to do it at all, but she did her best to pass it off as continued annoyance at the situation. Besides, it was reasonable to look a little anxious, right? There was a stranger in her room threatening her and her friend. "And no, I haven't encountered any blasphemers, not that. . ." I believe in blasphemy at all . . . "a place like this would have that many." Maybe that was her excuse: a nonbeliever being nervous when confronted by a church official had plenty of reason to be nervous. Probably not the safest ploy, but maybe she'd be dismissed as something minor and left while she chased the bigger fish. "And I already told you. She's not feeling well, so I brought her back here to rest up. This isn't abnormal for her, so I figured it wasn't worth bothering anyone important for. Apparently someone important thought it was worth bothering me for, though."