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  1. Kyubey did a good impression of a cat that didn't want to be set down, but allowed himself to be lowered to the ground nonetheless, padding back over to Haruka without the girl so much as glancing in his direction. "Yeah," she repeated. What else was there to say? "Um. . . Good luck." There was that, she supposed. "I guess I probably won't be able to talk to you again." After all, like the girl had said, they should avoid each other if they weren't planning on fighting. It didn't sound like she was up for a whole lot more chit-chat in the future. With one last glance at the odd pair, she started to shuffle back up the hill with the tree on it. Not much else to do but enjoy the view, such as it was, and wait, really.
  2. Spook, with the initial threat having proven (by his own correct prediction, he might add) to not be present at all, took a moment to let his hearing recover. He supposed he would have screeched, too, if he was her, but it was still loud. Anything he might've asked after that became a groan as she asked the actor if we was, well, and action. "Ugh, please don't encourage him. . ."
  3. "Isn't it just like one of those interactive museum things? There might not actually be anyone there." She didn't exactly share Nader's paranoia, either, though it seemed like this story didn't have a happy ending. It was hard for it to be happy, since it kinda already involved someone dying of sickness before they could see their home one last time. "Let's just try to be nice if we do meet anyone?" She glanced back at Nader, as if Lucine would be able to determine something about the man's thoughts from his mask. "It worked last time I ran into a monster."
  4. Well, that would be why they called him the Iron Titan. Not that it was going to slow Nemesis down. "The floor," he said simply, but loud enough to be heard by the rest of the group. He leaned out and fired one bullet into the floor of Tohl for emphasis, then darted down the hall and away from Tohl, weaving until he could reach the next cabin, where he repeated the process. He was trying to weaken the floor of the train so that the great bulk of the man would do the work for him. Sure, it probably wouldn't be great for the train, but it would be worse for Tohl.
  5. "I would avoid pushing yours, friend." She narrowly avoided rolling her eyes. The man had the audacity to threaten her for a quip like that and then act as if she was in the wrong? "It tends to be in short supply for people who assault strangers."
  6. "No, neither of them is Godot. I think. I hope." Kusuke shook his head, still feeling a bit disoriented. "And no, they're the worst kind of people. But that doesn't matter to the current situation." Though a place like this felt like it could be a trap. He wasn't sure how one would set up this kind of temporal flux, but if anyone could figure out, it would be the One. . . He started to shuffle in Satomi's direction. "Uh, no, that wasn't the idea. I apparently skipped backward several hours, which means something about the flow of time here is wrong. Very wrong. That or it's interfering with my Drive directly, but I'd prefer not to think about that possibility." He gestured at the two men. "These two might be caught in some kind of. . . eddy current. A time loop, sort of. But I don't know what would cause that outside of something actively resetting them."
  7. Justine reluctantly moves toward Crimson, humming a tune under her breath to maintain rhythm. "You've got an interesting way of making new friends, that's for sure." D-12 Dance for the angry red man
  8. Heidrun nodded, then started to move towards the exit regardless of whether anyone followed. "Alright, then, well, we should be going now!" She tried, and largely failed, to make it look like she was actually in a hurry to get the task done and wasn't simply fleeing a stressful situation piled on top of another stressful situation. It was probably illegal, but someone else could figure that out - and if it wasn't, what choice did they have?
  9. Hiroki couldn't help a startled squeak as the one who'd removed his own head earlier abruptly fell from a hole in the ceiling. If that had happened just a few moments earlier. . . She found herself skittering forward into the hallway beyond a bit faster than she'd strictly intended, distancing herself from both her embarrassment and the flash of fear.
  10. Thunderlord didn't respond to the first comment. The safety was already on, of course; it had gone on as soon as she knew they were near civilians. As for vaporization, it would be rather difficult to do with a gun that fired mundane bullets, regardless of their unusual quantity and velocity, but perhaps it was best that her exact strengths remained an unknown factor. "A man calling himself Strange requested my help in a letter and sent me here." She thought back to his instructions. "He informed me that I should be looking for a knight, a witch, and a clown. . ." The way she trailed off and glanced at the crowd said everything else that was needed about the feasibility of her task. There was a great many people in the area that might fit that description, though she could at least try to look for a group of people who all matched it. "Evidently there is a dangerous sorcerer in the area."
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