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  1. Nemesis was quiet, mulling over the information for a moment. Seamless bark, only one vital point to hit. Difficult to deal with, to say the least. "Don't suppose there's any toxins that work on them?" If they were some sort of plant-monster, then there had to be a way to poison them, right? "Failing that, I suppose I'll have to see what sort of other tools you have for dealing with them. I don't exactly look forward to ruining my blade trying to hack through one."
  2. "He left," Justine said simply. She sighed, looking down for a moment. "He didn't tell me where or why, just that he couldn't stay. I tried to convince him, but he thought that his being here would only bring us harm in the end."
  3. "Oh, okay. Well, thanks, Foxface! I should follow him so he doesn't get in trouble." Lucine gestured at the direction Nader had departed, waved a goodbye to the odd little fox creature with a smile, then trotted off after him. It may have been hard to follow him with how she loitered. . . but Nader didn't exactly move about quietly. Of course, she was interrupted again by the ominous message, which was fairly effective at squashing her cheer and returning her to her state of anxiousness. I'm safe, but what barrier? Why do they need to. . .? Her train of thought was interrupted as she thumped into Nader's back with a small squeak.
  4. "Umm. . . sure." Gwyn didn't want to be mean, but also wasn't particularly comfortable around Cursed. "I bet there are some cool bugs and stuff that live in there. And, um, tea is nice, though I usually drink it to find kinda that Gaheris would like."
  5. "You know, 'bat out of hell' isn't the worst way to describe Lady Flandre. . . at her worst, anyway. She's really not so bad." She sighed again at the requests for information. "Let's just start from the top, I guess. I don't really have anything else to do for a few hours. Since you're Outsiders, you wouldn't know, but this is the Scarlet Devil Mansion. Remilia Scarlet, the Young Descendant of Tepes, is the lady of the house, and has been for a few centuries. Flandre is her younger sister, and she isn't allowed to leave the house. She's nice enough, but she doesn't quite understand certain things." "Like what happens when she 'plays with' a human," Sakuya interrupts. "Sakuya, you know these people are strangers, right? They don't need to know everything about the place, especially not Flan's. . . you know, quirks." "Leaving bloody smears instead of humans isn't a 'quirk,' and they need to know if I'm not going to be around to help contain her." "And whose fault is that?" Meiling asked accusatorily. "You're the one who went nuts again and attacked Remilia." "I barely remember anything after finding that artifact. Which I correctly guessed was dangerous, but tried to remove at your insistence that it wasn't going to be so bad." Meiling looked down guiltily at this. Sakuya took the opportunity to turn her attention to the party. "Normally I wouldn't ask a group including strange humans to even come into the mansion, much less talk to my employer, but I don't seem to have much recourse elsewise. Since you're already dealing with this incident, you're the best equipped to explain what exactly happened." "You're telling me that you expect me to let a huge group of heavily armed strangers into the mansion?" "Yes." "Give me a break. . ." She wearily put her hand to her head for a moment, before turning towards the building. "Fine. It'd get boring around here without you anyway," she said quietly. Meiling waved at the group. "Come on, then, I guess you get an impromptu tour. Just don't break anything, and please don't wander off."
  6. "Have you met people?" she asked Jack sarcastically. "If it doesn't hurt, that means its fine. Obviously." She rolled her eyes at the memory of some of her prior coworkers before moving her way over to Zoe, trying to pass over the pyromania for the moment. Scarlet didn't exactly have a lot of room to criticize. "Well, I can't say this is going to help a lot with the pain, but it'll make the tooth marks go away." The merc placed a hand over Zoe's wounds, ordering her nanobots to repair the woman instead of her. She dismissed the small warning message displayed in the corner of her eye - they didn't like being told to do that when she wasn't in perfect condition - and shook her hand slightly as if that would somehow affect how the machines behaved.
  7. Mitsurugi had been largely silent on the journey there, lost in thought. Lexiel's words were enough to finally shake the woman out of her own head, at which point she frowned. "Were you not just trying to lecture me on how I treat the people of this land?" She gave the angel a reproachful look. "An inn is a livelihood, destroying it is near tantamount to destroying the owners."
  8. "HYDRA! GET DOWN!" Thunderlord shouted at the top of her lungs as she immediately opens up, sending a wave of roaring machine gun fire towards the thing's single glowing "eye," the only weak point on the Hydra chassis. She had no idea how such a thing got here, only that its presence represented not only a danger to those in the vicinity, but to the entire planet. Once it was destroyed - potentially at great cost, due to its volatile and heavily armored nature - she would need to sweep every nook and cranny of this entire city, searching for ominous mechanical cults. . . She almost felt panic beginning to set in as she peppered the thing with fire.
  9. Hiroki followed Gozer across, unwilling to dismiss her outer layer of armor until she crossed the trap nonetheless. "I feel like that was supposed to be harder. . ." she mused quietly, before looking back at Gozer. "That was, um, a good job, though."
  10. "O-oh, right, I, umm, forgot." Gwyn took a deep breath. "That's. . . okay, though? You're not mean or anything. . ." The half-fae seemed to more be trying to convince themselves than reassure Blodeuyn.
  11. Now that I'm back at my computer, let me reply to your points as politely as possible. Firstly, I am a regular user of bay12. My username is still KingMurdoc, because I haven't gotten it changed by Toady yet. I am familiar with who you are, and your history on the forum. There are many forum games that allow people to join late. My own is an example. This game is not one. FEF formats make it hard to run rolling signups. If they are recruiting they will be marked as such. If someone says it is not open, you accept that answer and move on. Let me lay out the problems with your approach to the character sheet problem, so that you may correct it. Fire Emblem on Forums sheets are not complex affairs. Nor are they an "arbitrary initiation ritual." As a D&D 3.5 veteran, you are fully equipped to set some growth percentages and choose a class. They are easy. You didn't ask for help, you asked someone to make a sheet for you, a sheet that objectively does not require very much effort out of the player. A portrait, on the other hand, is harder to do. Not everyone has experience with pixel art or the appropriate editing programs (though neither is hard to do with some effort and time.) Hence the expectation that one will provide their own sheet, but also that one may need help finding a portrait. Your attitude towards that portrait, while not a large problem by itself, contributes to the impression that you do not respect the format enough to learn it and follow it at least slightly. As for me "telling you how your autism works," I did so because I am autistic myself. I have been educating myself about autism for over a decade. I have autistic relatives. I have autistic friends. I know what autism does and does not affect. Autism can make one prone to sensory overloads, and interfere with the reading of subtle social cues that neurotypical individuals do not have an issue with, and it is theorized that this has to do with differences in the formation of mirror neurons as well as hypermasculinization in prenatal development. Autism does not directly affect your ability to read a handbook, parse rules, and create a character sheet based on those rules, unless you have an associated mental disability. As you have proven yourself to be fully capable of running a forum game, I must assume that you do not have another issue that affects your reading comprehension or ability to write. Which, in turn, means that it is not an explanation or excuse for a refusal to process a fairly simple (on the player side) ruleset and produce a sheet. Do not assume that my refusal to accept your explanation comes from a place of ignorance or bigotry, because it comes from precisely the opposite. Now that I have said my piece, I would ask you to politely keep further conversation on this matter to private messages, out of respect for the hosts of this game. I will freely admit that this should have gone to that area before this post.
  12. I was around for your last attempt. If you were as invested as you claim, you would have investigated whether the game was actually open and found that it's full on players. You were disrespectful towards the other players and expected them to bear the burden of your character for them. These games are not short term investments and it is concerning to a GM that you aren't willing to take basic steps like making your own character or obtaining a portrait that's actually in the same style as the rest. Furthermore, you also haven't joined either of the FEF discords, which are the best places to get information and help in all these regards and more. If I have misjudged you, I welcome you to prove me wrong. I am glad to see people who put time and care into their characters joining the community. Unfortunately, your behavior has not indicated that this is the case thus far, so I am acting accordingly. As a final note, there's no sort of schedule for these games. With limited GMs and the intensive, long term effort needed to host one, they don't crop up very often.
  13. Gwyn tilted their head as they handed the books back to their rightful owner. "Huh? What do you mean? Fae go wherever they please."
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