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  1. Youmu continued to aim her sword at the group, especially after IP pointed a gun at her, but she calmed herself enough to reply after another tense moment or three. "Well, I had just finished cooking for Yuyuko and I was getting out to tend the plants, of course, and as I bent over there was this weird magical. . . rock, or something. It wasn't there when I was in the garden earlier today, so I went to pick it up, but Yuyuko suddenly showed up and said something about wanting to see it, so I let her. And then a little while after that, she said something about being hungry, which isn't really that unusual, but it was all off, and then she- she-" Youmu cleared her throat, clearly distressed. "She attacked me, and I had to run away. I don't know if her ability would work on me, but she seemed like she really wanted to kill me, and I. . . You have to help me get her back to normal!"
  2. Scarlet coughed - yep, there was definitely a bruised lung in there somewhere. Wouldn't slow her down for long, but hopefully they could avoid more engagements for the moment. "Fucking hell. . ." She glanced at the ribbons of her teammates on the ground around her. Fortunately, one of them was probably still savable via conventional medicine. Scarlet moved to Harold, quickly verifying that he had a pulse and breath, then gave him a shot of nanites with an order to get him moving. Then, the ex-pirate gingerly leaned down and dragged the various bits of Jack littering the area and gave them a second shot of nanites to kickstart the process that he already seemed to have going earlier. "I'm not getting paid nearly enough for this bullshit." Her temmates mostly reassembled, she moved over to the broken-in-half android. Retrieving her own rifle, she put another pair of shots into her forehead for good measure before glancing back at the Dove. "We can't move until these two are capable of doing so. And it doesn't sound like you've got a safehouse." She leaned over to pick up the grotesquely-shaped blade, still splattered with blood. "Damned thing is so poorly balanced it was probably some kind of anti-theft mechanism. . ." she muttered, starting to move towards the alleyway the Dove had already entered.
  3. Scarlet staggered to her feet, probably unexpectedly given this merc's attitude. "You really wanna play this game?" She spat out blood - maybe she bit her tongue, maybe it was lung damage. "With the Inferno?" Stall for time, wait for more damaged muscles to come online. "I don't think you understand who you're dealing with." She threw her rifle onto the ground, brandishing her left hand threateningly and shooting a gout of flame from the device there. Which gave the right a moment to retrieve her railgun and start the charging process. An electrical whine sounded as she swung the weapon forward while moving backward to evade the inevitable rush. The characteristic pop-BOOM of an electromagnetic weapon firing a supersonic round tore through the air, straight at Executioner. Fire Railgun at Executioner, dealing 20 damage and ignoring damage reduction. Scarlet takes 5 recoil damage.
  4. As the party (presumably) moved past the unconscious man - who apparently really had just passed out, as he didn't even have any traces of magic on him for those sensitive to such things - they encountered a few more frightened humans that looked equally afraid of the group, shrinking back into the woods. Or behind buildings, as the village rather abruptly came into view, with archaic houses and huts of a simple construction dominating the architecture. The source of the chaos was quickly apparent, as a white-haired girl in green clothing (that seemed to have the odd dirt stain on it, much like Isobel might accrue after a hard day's work) with some sort of equally white blob following her about was waving a sword around, pointing it at passerby and demanding something mostly incoherent and nonspecific. When the inevitable shriek and/or rapid leap into terrified unconsciousness occurred, she whirled to face her next victim. Which seemed to be Masako. "YOU!" With the shout, the ghost(?) girl darted at Masako at blurring speed, going for. . . a fall to her knees. "Please, you have to help me!" she begged. "Tengu run the newspapers, you have to know something about what's going on with my mistress, right?" She noted UB-65 out of the corner of her eye, and abruptly swapped to her. "Or you! You've been to the Netherworld recently, right?" she asked, with a glance at what seemed to everyone else to be at empty air. "Have you seen anyone weird around? With some kind of... weird artifacts or something? Yuyuko is acting all strange, I can't figure out what's wrong with her. I mean, sometimes she messes around but she- she actually attacked me, and I don't know. . ." She popped back up onto her feet, still clearly distraught and trying to compose herself, before her expression abruptly shifted, and she pointed her sword at the submarine instead. "Unless it was you! I haven't seen you there before, so it had to have been you! You appear right after she goes all crazy!" She took up a proper fighting stance. "If you tell me how to fix her, I won't have to cut it out of you, so fess up!"
  5. Mitsurugi pondered the gate for a moment. She could request entry on the grounds of being one of the Yaoyoruzu no Kami, but that might fall embarrassingly flat if the residents of this place were otherwise occupied. Instead, she took a graceful flying leap up towards the top of the barrier, landing atop it to more easily assess the situation.
  6. The peaceful trip through the woods was (somewhat predictably at this point) interrupted, this time by a rather spooked-looking man running down the path towards them. Or, judging by the looks he was casting backward, running away from the village for some reason. He began to yell something about a "ghost girl acting all crazy" and something involving a sword (presumably belonging to said ghost girl.) He then seemingly took in the party, with their myriad unfamiliar looks, froze, mouthed what was probably a prayer, then keeled over unconscious with no apparent damage.
  7. "Oh, Arthur. . ." Intentionally or not, he was saying precisely the sorts of things she would have told someone else, had she been in his position. And they sounded. . . more than just encouraging, which didn't help her inner conflict. "You're right, one does need courage and drive to make the world a better place. But. . . I can't help but feel like I've been lying to myself. Acting like I belong doing something like this, like I've been contributing to the group. It feels as if I should never have left the stage, if the sum of my additions to the cause have been squabbling and cutting open an ally because of my own foolhardiness." She sighed again, her pace slowing to a stop now that they were a fair distance into the woods. "And now others suffer for my mistakes, while I walk free and unburdened by anything but my own conscience." She turned to the mage. "And how could you trust me? I could be acting right now, feigning guilt just to assuage your doubts."
  8. Hiroki simply eyes the wall suspiciously and summons her armor once more, preparing for the proverbial and literal rocks to fall as she slowly floats back towards the exit.
  9. "Actually, it's not just rural. Lady Yukari built the barrier a really really really long time ago, to keep all the weird stuff Outside." The emphasis was audible as Chen finally elected to chime in once again. "Lady Yukari also said not to say that, because she's um. . . I mean, right, she said to just say that Gensokyo has been cut off from Outside for a really long time, without mentioning that she was the one who did it that long ago.." A slight pause. "Gensokyo was cut off from Outside a really really really long time ago." The bakeneko seemed proud of following her instructions.
  10. Thunderlord fires her namesake weapon with a Flickshot across the Deadites after Harry heals her, dealing 4d10+DEX (7) damage.
  11. Hiroki gazed up at Watcher, or what remained of him, as he faded. She was sure she would have had questions for him, and would ponder what they might have been later, but for now, she simply flopped onto her back, gazing up at the roof. The roof of. . . her plane. Was this her plane, now? Her eyes slowly slid to Cardinal. The False God of Nil, who had seemingly sacrificed herself to give Hiroki a fighting chance after the girl had been sent to crush her by both the gods and the man she'd just struck down in her defense, still alive to do the striking. Ultimately, the one Hiroki owed all this to, in a strange and indirect fashion. Hiroki's body ached and she still had so much to do. Cardinal, the rest of the gods, Watcher's cryptic warning, and the place she currently laid, all of it needed to be dealt with. But for now. . . She'd accomplished what nobody else could. Finally, she had silenced that voice within. She almost chuckled; this was beyond even her impressive ability to doubt herself. No matter what else came after, she'd done it. Others had helped, pointed her in the right direction, but she'd reached this point through her own devices, her own tactics, instincts, and sheer will to continue fighting. For the first time in a very long time, Hiroki took a calm breath.
  12. Hiroki dropped to the ground, disoriented and starting to tire, mentally and physically. She kept forcing herself to only focus on Watcher, what she needed to deal with right now, not processing the mindblowing whirlwind of events happening around her. She was a god now, or at least that's what it seemed like, and she didn't know what exactly that meant for her other than that she was continuing her fight. She dropped to the ground and braced instinctively as it rushed up to meet her, feeling both the heat of battle and the icy claw of fear clutched about the sudden yawning emptiness that had appeared within her as Watcher threatened to take her power yet again. Once again, she applied what she had learned in the arena: always be prepared to adapt to your opponent, but don't stop using a tactic that's still working. Watcher was a fully grown adult and Hiroki was a slight teenager who looked even younger than she was, but that didn't stop her rushing towards Watcher again as she hit the ground, stumbling slightly but coming back up into a swing aimed at the man's gut. All the while, she reached out and searched within, looking for newfound power and trying to seize back the old. Watcher may have been able to manipulate her energy, but it was her energy. She forced herself to try to grasp her power through the void Watcher had created within, simultaneously as she fumbled about looking for any newfound wells of strength; it would have been totally beyond Hiroki's ability to focus at all if her mech wasn't already such an intrinsic part of her, with trying to call it being an act that was nearly instinctual.
  13. Hiroki would have blinked if she had the physical capacity to do so. She'd expected... something. A flash of pain, getting thrown down by Watcher before he finished her off, maybe even a brief feeling of success after her attack actually connected. This, though? Death was one thing, but eternal nothing. . . Perhaps this was what Cardinal had been doomed to, why she was trying so hard to do whatever it was she needed to claw her way back into reality. Death, then, would have been a positive outcome. The slowly welling feeling of panic drained away as she heard the voice in her head. Becoming a god? It was odd. Her ostensible goal in joining the tournament was this, but she'd never meant it with her heart. The tournament simply meant a way to fight, to assert her existence, to force someone to acknowledge her. A way to prove to herself that there was a point to her life, something she did other than existing as a vaguely pretty face. She didn't know what she would do. Hiroki hadn't thought about it; if she was honest, she had been avoiding it. She didn't think she would do a very good job, all things considered, given that her main model for such a thing was Blink, and what everyone thought of her. But, her fight wasn't selfish any more. She'd taken on responsibility for the fate of Tempest as a whole already; it would be a crime to desert that now. Yes. I have to be.
  14. So this was what Watcher's rage looked like. She'd done what he said, seemingly trusted and even looked up to him, and he didn't even hesitate to fry her once she stood in his way. He had been the real threat all along, hadn't he? The False God hadn't seemed to be much more than scared and desperate; it was hard to hold even the attempt on her life just a few moments ago against her. Somewhere in the back of her mind, Hiroki dully noted that Cardinal had in fact been defeated because of her actions. That victory didn't taste particularly good, though. Hiroki was going to die here, with nobody to witness her passing save the one responsible. But, at the very least, she would die fighting something the gods themselves didn't dare to oppose, and there was at least someone that would remember her. She stood up, and charged. The remaining thrusters on her mech lifted her just over the edge of the hole Watcher had left behind. Her armor glowed with barely contained energy as what little reserves the mech had left activated, reinforcing her armor so she could close for one last attack. I have to. After everything, I won't do it, I won't give up. Not now. Plasma wreathed the Hellfire Knight as it made one last advance, dropping through the floor and careening towards Watcher; it vented from the myriad gaps and cracks left in her armor, spewed around Hiroki's now-bare left arm. Much as Cardinal had just done, Hiroki put her entire soul into the attack to the best of her ability, swinging her fist towards Watcher. That belied the true purpose of the attack; as soon as she hit, the mech exploded outwards, creating a final, brilliant star of defiance against Watcher and his machinations.
  15. Joy. She'd seen her fair share of viscera, but that didn't exactly make what happened to Jack a pleasant sight. Seeing the other man take a hit, she decided to give him a patch, so that he could continue doing the same for the unfortunate mercenary. Field Patch on Harold for 8 HP.
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