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  1. I got two questions: 1) What is your favourite moment with tree? 2) What is the strangest cause of an argument/debate you've ever had?
  2. Nominations are closed and votes are done on the discord server. Also shouldn't this topic be locked by now?
  3. More than 12 hours until the party, there's still around 21/22 hours til it starts
  4. I'm gonna add a nomination for the Terra Pierce award (I know I've nomed someone for this already but still gonna make an addition): Jirxchi Thxughts(That's their name on discord anyways). May the noms continue
  5. You never told me what you got for Christmas. What did you get??? 🤩🥳

    1. Abyssreaper99


      I got some aftershave, chocolates, these comfy pajama bottoms. Some vouchers and a few other things. Wbu?

    2. Chrixai


      Ah nice. I got new shoes, kraken headphones, and two new shirts.

  6. Pursuit doesn't get priority anyway, pursuit's gimmick is being able to hit a mon just before a switch out (this will don double-damage). As the the xp thing, there's common candies and I think there are mods that change the xp system to be like rejuvs.
  7. Here are my noms (sorry I couldn't do all the sections): Also @andracass I got a question: On the server, will voting just take place in the lobby or will there be a special channel on the discord for votes?
  8. Just look at what happened when pokemon Uranium was released as a full game and that will answer your question
  9. Looks like it's time for me to head down the shop to get prepared for this years Winter Revel. If anyone of you members will host a Jackbox game at some point throughout the night, I will be very happy. Looking forward to see y'all there (although I will probably smel some people before I see them).
  10. He knows it's a scripted loss, Ame has spoken to him over Twitter about it. I don't know how he's done so well in Reborn when he nearly lost to the 3rd leader and a wild piloswine in his Sword let's play. He also cannot do a Scottish accent to save his life.
  11. Yeah Thamill almost got soooo bent over by Cain's team. He probably would have laughed if he read Cain's last mon dialogue.
  12. Biggest cheese strat you've ever pulled in pokemon? Do you know the muffin man? If you could spend a day with any Reborn character, who would it be? Rank the Fire Emblem games you've played best to worst
  13. The Tiki button has now been smashes beyond use. Belly is really only Ttars hope now. I feel like he would lose Kiki to Mimikyu forgetting it's part fairy or losing some mons to either Corey or the Rotom
  14. Post-game dev will take as long as some episodes once took. People always seem to forget how long older episodes took to be released compared to some of the more recent ones
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