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  1. Just look at what happened when pokemon Uranium was released as a full game and that will answer your question
  2. Looks like it's time for me to head down the shop to get prepared for this years Winter Revel. If anyone of you members will host a Jackbox game at some point throughout the night, I will be very happy. Looking forward to see y'all there (although I will probably smel some people before I see them).
  3. He knows it's a scripted loss, Ame has spoken to him over Twitter about it. I don't know how he's done so well in Reborn when he nearly lost to the 3rd leader and a wild piloswine in his Sword let's play. He also cannot do a Scottish accent to save his life.
  4. Yeah Thamill almost got soooo bent over by Cain's team. He probably would have laughed if he read Cain's last mon dialogue.
  5. Biggest cheese strat you've ever pulled in pokemon? Do you know the muffin man? If you could spend a day with any Reborn character, who would it be? Rank the Fire Emblem games you've played best to worst
  6. The Tiki button has now been smashes beyond use. Belly is really only Ttars hope now. I feel like he would lose Kiki to Mimikyu forgetting it's part fairy or losing some mons to either Corey or the Rotom
  7. Post-game dev will take as long as some episodes once took. People always seem to forget how long older episodes took to be released compared to some of the more recent ones
  8. Hey Hamfam, welcome to the forums. Congrats on retiring from lurker status, no you don't get a pension for leaving it. I don't know anything about filmmaking so ya. Hope you enjoy another run through Reborn with mons from other gens too and it'll be nice to see how you tackle different parts of the game. We also have a discord server if you want to join that (link should be in it's page underneath the social tab above). Enjoy your stay round these parts and remember this: sanity is useless round these parts, leave it at the door.
  9. It's probably because it's a slightly darker version of the same colour so I agree with that. Yeah hope you have them all in one topic or something (like just a link to em all or whatever). I like seeing these maps too
  10. Favourite soda? Country you would least want to go to? Favourite fast food chain? Current favourite song? Do you go to the cloud district often?
  11. Any games that you ever regret playing? You win a competition and your prize is a free flight to any country in the world. Where would you go? What games are currently on your to-play list? You manage to get into area 51 and get into their alien lab. In that lab there's a machine that allows you to create any sort of alien you want. What would it look like and how would its species/race behave? Favourite kind of sandwich? Do you own any pets? What % of liveliness do you think the forums currently has? (0% ded - 100% full of life)
  12. If you've played Apollo Justice then you might know a certain character that has a snackoo addiction. Favourite AA detective? Top 3 moments of Ttar's Reborn nuzlocke where you have/ felt like facepalming?
  13. With that list, I shall ask some questions about games: In your view, what is the best thing you've ever built on Minecraft? Favourite Prosecutor/defense attorney in the ace attorney games? Do you *MUNCH MUNCH* like snackoos? *MUNCH MUNCH* Professor Layton puzzle that made you rage the most? (Or just a memorable annoying puzzle if you can't remember which one is most annoying) Favourite PMD game? What games have been recommended to you by a member of the forums/discord where you've bought it and played it, just to end up finding that it's a really bad game? Games that are next on your to play list?
  14. For anyone who wants to add me in Masters: 3875-9139-9948-8029

  15. Favourite SwSh mon shown so far? Best Alcreamie form (you can just say the colour of the form if you don't remember the names)? What do you think of the curry feature in pokemon Camp? On a scale of 1 - not really disappointing to 10- absolute disappointment, how disappointing do you think yesterday's direct was?
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