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  1. I found it funny how he spent ages looking for a key that didn't exist bless him.
  2. What about Roadblock? You find this out at mansion gauntlet.
  3. The rocks open the door I believe
  4. What would your ideal holiday with Ame be if there was no monetary limitations? Oddest compliment you've ever received from anyone? What game would you temporarily lose all memory of your experiences in playing it to be able to relive the experience of playing it for the first time again? Where would you travel if you got hold of a time machine? Give 3 compliments about random members of the community, you may choose to say or not say whomst you are complimenting. Has there been any moments on yours and Ame's streams that you both still rib into the other for? (Ame laughing about something you did and vice versa)
  5. I think Cipher must drink a lot of dumb bitch juice. They lost 2 keys in the matter of minutes.


    Venus dropped hers after taunting Wes on how he's never getting the key.


    Then the peon blew up the lab room to stop the player from accessing the lab just for the key card to access the lab be on Wes' side of the newly created chasm. 

  6. He's doing better than the pentaop lot did and he's making the experience way more enjoyable to watch
  7. Favourite Reborn Discord Server emote? How would you react if you returned home and found that Ame had filled where you live top to bottom with plushies of Alolan Vulpix? Favourite pokemon meme? If you could pick three people from Three houses to come to life and be your fwends, who would you choose? 3 pokemon you would hug if you could? A body is discovered and a known fact is that the killer is a member of the forums. Which user would be on the top of your suspect list? If you were designing a PULSE budew, what overworld thing would you have it do? Also what typing and ability would it have? What stat boosts would it have?
  8. And from this day forth, Amaria shall be known as Amm 2
  9. The PULSE mons use to just appear in battle straight away right instead of seeing the transformation, right?
  10. In some ways, her situation at home and Cain leave really destroyed any hope Aya had inside of her but she wouldn't of met Hardy I guess if Cain hadn't have left. I think Aya sorta forgives him already though considering how she interacts with him outside the Route 3 entrance to Calcenon. I do like that headcanon of Cain and Arc being Bros though and him helping Cain out. I think In-game Ame had her suspicions about Sigmund when you interact with the gym machine in the Orphanage so he's clearly use to coming up with some sleazy bs excuse to get out of trouble. I feel like Cain is sorta a fold to Aya in terms of not letting people close, Aya closes herself off completely whilst Cain chats and jokes and flirts with people and possibly sleeps with people but won't let anyone get close to him emotionally. I can certainly see Ame telling Cain off for being overly flirtatious though
  11. Cain flirts with pretty much anyone but not dependent on whether he views them as partners or not. It's sorta a defense mechanism to protect himself and hide his vulnerabilities. Whilst Cain does flirt with the MC and some other characters, he jokes around with the younger characters. As he says, he makes inappropriate jokes to lighten the mood. Even though his homelife was kinda messy (with the rough relationship between his parents), his Mother's disapproval of his sexuality was what ultimately made him leave home. Cain would stop flirting with anyone if they were too uncomfortable. Besides, it was more jokingly on Route 3 to wind his sister up when he was flirting was Hardy. Yeah you wouldn't really apologise to a parent for running away for the reason he did. You wouldn't go to your mum and be like "Oh sorry for running away from home because you disapprove of my sexuality". The only person I could see him owing an apology to was Aya. Cain does show elements of care and responsibility in the game, like making sure Heather was ok post-Corey and checking up on her in Ametrine.
  12. Got a few more for ya: Which pokemon game would you erase from existence? What is the music of life? You get an email asking to give some new ideas for a Galarian form. What mon would it be and what typing/abilities would it have? Do you go to the Cloud District often?
  13. If a pokemon game had to be erased from existence, which one would you rid of? Favourite Glitchxcity remix? If Nintendo sent you an email asking you to give ideas for a new galarian mon, which pokemon would it be and what typing/abilities would it have?
  14. A couple more questions/thingmbobs: If you was locked in a room with T3RR4WR and had to ask her 3 questions before they let you out, what questions would you ask? What mobile games do you enjoy playing? Nintendo send you an email saying you can design a galarian form, what pokemon would it be at what typings/abilities would it have? Dragon Age Wed, Bed, Behead: Cassandra Pentagast, Sister Leliana, Joesphine Montilyet Rank the FE games from best to worst
  15. I don't really have a favourite but I often play Housamo (Tokyo Afterschool Summoners), Tapped Out and Trailer Park Boys
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