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  1. Abyssreaper99

    Pokemon Reborn Pentaop is Here

    Ok everyone, don't expect many if any updates on any of Nappy's channels or his twitch until next week. Check his twitter for deets.
  2. Abyssreaper99

    Pokemon Reborn Pentaop is Here

    Sorry for the double post but new eppy of Reborn pentaop is now out:
  3. How I've changed since Feb 2018: I'm taking less shtick from people and I'm managing to attend more streams of my favourite Twitch streamers.


    I'm getting more good vibes life so will probs do another comparison next year

  4. So our neighbourhood had another Jehovah knock door run session... Please stop

  5. Abyssreaper99

    Pokemon Reborn Pentaop is Here

    Part of me is looking forward to the new content, another part of me is worried that Nappy is going to overwork himself again which may lead to him getting sick again/ reallt tired. I think it affected him that bad that some weeks last year he only posted 1 or 2 vids (eg 1 yokai ep and 1 Reborn). If he can make sure he can balance everything and still be ok then I'm all for it
  6. Abyssreaper99

    Puzzle help

    I think it might by leaving the workshop, or just move that top thing to the right and go from there
  7. Abyssreaper99

    Pokemon Reborn Pentaop is Here

    A huge problem I'm finding is a particular sort of comment in the comment section. It seems that every episode, there's at least 3/4 comments like "end the series", "they're not enjoy the game anymore, end the series" (despite members of the squad saying that they loved the game the previous episode), etc. I think it is a mixture of being busy with other projects/irl and these sorts of comments that affect regularity of uploads in a way. I'm just sitting here thinking, let them enjoy the game and play it. Like I feel for Nappy as he's working his ass off for this series and he just can't win. Like yeah we have taken the mick out of their team composition and the way they have analysed some things (particularly Nexus) but we've never gone out of our way to attempt to demotivate him (don't think he is but I think he is tired of the negative ass comments). I think the problem is that people don't understand why longer series don't have as many views in the later videos and that they can't communicate what they dislike without coming across as being a dick (there's a line between being blunt and being a dick about something). Like the other day I was pretty much like "if you don't like this series, go and watch other series". There's also his twitch livestreams too for those who don't like his current projects. Sorry I'm rambling, let me stop...
  8. Abyssreaper99

    Pokemon Reborn Pentaop is Here

    Massa Mohit, with Nappy finishing soon after
  9. Today has just been a nightmare, first was that near-accident I mentioned earlier.


    Then my Granddad was hospitalised due to his pancreas again.


    Finally one of my friends was sent to hospital in an ambulance just under an hour ago.

    1. Monochrome_Complex


      NOOOOOO....so sorry to hear this...hopefully your granddad gets better, and your friends as well. Why your friend being taken to the ambulance though??

    2. Abyssreaper99


      Let's just say another Corey incident almost occured

    3. Monochrome_Complex


      Oh noo...please make sure you visit your friend in the hospital ASAP if you can. S/he needs you more than ever right now. 

  10. Abyssreaper99

    Which do you personally think is more difficult

    Not necessarily, I know someone who finds intense easy but really struggles with Reborn. Like there are some people who are really good at difficult stuff but struggle with the slightly easier stuff.
  11. So I was driving when it was just getting dark then I had to do an emergency stop. 


    The woman in the other car (in a side street) stopped at the give way line. She saw that I was coming and weren't going to stop (no traffic lights at this junction obvs and I had my headlights on). I had the right of way here.


    She was like fuck it and pulled out in front of me. So then I slammed my brakes on.

  12. Abyssreaper99

    Which do you personally think is more difficult

    Nope, I'm just wondering people's opinions that's all. Someone did legit say to me they found intense mode on Rejuv easier than Reborn funnily enough
  13. In terms of difficulty, you can factor in the following: puzzles, sidequests, battles (gym leaders and other major ones), etc. I didn't know where to put it but it's still Reborn related so I put it in Reborn City for now (Staff can feel free to move if you think it's in the wrong place). Feel free to discuss this/ have an analysis. It's just to see which one people find more difficult
  14. Happy Valentine's day folks (or happy Singles Awareness Day for those without a date tonight). 


    May you all have a happy day regardless...

    1. Wolfox


      Already got my date, a nice bottle of Cola

  15. Abyssreaper99

    The Last, Only, and Very Final X% Hype Thread

    We're straying from topic yeah, let's get back to talking about episode 19 and % hype. Pretty sure discussion about the stuff that went on is pretty much banned/ ill advised as it draws attention to the community