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  1. It's hard to believe this forum is still around. I doubt anyone would remember me. I'm an old reborn vet and haven't been active in around six years. I first joined when I was in middle school and am now starting my sophomore year of college.

    I'll be doing an introduction in the vet-introduction soon but given how long I've been gone- I feel like a new member.

    About to start over from scratch in a new reborn playthrough.

    I hope to reconnect or connect with y'all for the first time.

    1. doombotmecha


      Well, welcome back! What with new starters and wild encounter changes, it should feel almost like a new game too.  I honestly agree with you on the forum front--I thought for 8 months in high school that reborn really had gotten a C&D and shut down. Sometimes it feels like this is one of the last of a dying breed--but I'm gonna be here until the end. Speaking of ends, Ame is in process on E19, which should include the last gym, elite 4, and postgame in one fell swoop. I'm so stoked. Who knows, maybe by the time you get to the end of e18 the final episode will be out!

    2. SilverAngelus


      Welcome back~

      We haven't met before, so it's nice to meet you! 

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