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  1. Cassidy snickered to herself as she saw the knight that seemed out of place, battered and confused. She'd use this opportunity to sow her unique brand of chaos and further, look for any goodies she could get her hands on. She snuck up, an electric whisper on the wind, undetected, unseen. She rifled around in the Knight's armour seeing if there was any interesting goodies before she went for her signature trick. From behind she managed to unlatch the man's belt buckle and then with a quick tug, pull it entirely free of it's fastenings. Continuing her routine Cassidy put the motion from tearing away the belt backwards into a somersault to free herself of any retaliation that'd surely be coming. "Cassidy: 1 Belts: 0. And a little somefink fer my troubles~" K25 to steal whatever's interesting then belts, then move to K26
  2. "Muhuhu~ A nice one indeed." The Witch further complemented the axewoman's display of skill. Owena was what the man before her had referred to her as and Galen the name Owena'd given that man. Perhaps she should spend the time to remember the names of her company. Whether Human, Dragonborn, or Half Fae, people tended to react better to those that at the least remembered their names. Or so Brinda had thought seemed to be the case. "l do tend to agree with the... Galen here myself." she caught herself before doing as she usually would. "Battle's a tumultuous rapid. A tide what ebbs and flows with chaos. lt pays to be aware of one's surroundings at all times. l learned as much in my times in the Knifewood... one tends to do so when any moment an angered dragon could appear and murder you on sight solely for what you are."
  3. "Hmmm, so it seems they have been young one." She didn't say such to demean. Her tone was quite soft even, perhaps endearing? A dangerous thought to toy with too long as the moment passed on. "Stay your path, your dedication even if it shall come to naught but a bitter early end for thee shall not be in vain. The fruits of study will pave the way of many others of that l'm sure. But, l speak hot air, a truth already known to you, even if not to myself. Human lives are short but bright... they burn but in a flash. You've not the time such as myself to worry about passion turning from a roaring flame into not but weakly glinting embers. A blessing l'd say." She nearly laughed at the misconception but managed to keep all but a playful smirk from crawling across her face. She pondered what words to say, to tell the truth. There's was many ways she could go, even not answering at all. But she decided rather quickly. "Cursed is what l am, what l have so chosen. But l didn't give up humanity to receive it. There was never any to give. Humanity may not be the only thing that the curse considers a worthy trade."
  4. "Hmmm perhaps l could do with better focus, this is battle after all. l can't help but pursue what interests me in the moment l suppose. Precious little does for one old as l." The witch, Brinda, mused to herself about the folly. It certainly put a damper on their plans and made things more interesting but it never shone through her grim exterior. Her mood was hard to parse. She seemed to go back on the words he had spoken prior, truly mull them over. "As to your cause, perhaps it is foolish. However, no child of the land has made progress into the unknown without being branded a fool once or thrice. l'm sure once the realm of magic alone was folly but to the mystic children. But Humanity claimed their stake... The magic that fuels the Curse of the Land is just yet another force to be learned. We never will if no one sacrifices themselves in the pursuit of knowledge." things she truly believed or perhaps once did. She was unsure of herself, what the purpose of all her work had been in this brief moment. She had no goal so no noble... at least not any more. She'd century ago given up on a cure, she herself wasn't all that interested. Her heart didn't burn with the passion for such. She'd chosen the Curse of the Land, she didn't see it as a disease to be cured, an affliction. "As for your assumption, you may but l was never human. Not before the Curse and not after. And Human, l never shall be."
  5. The swarm of shadowed razorworms make quick work of the large hulking mass that had once been a man. Despite their gruesome looks however the destruction was hardly visceral. lf it hadn't be death that was the result of such an act one could perhaps think it beautiful, a poetic return to the embrace of the wild mother. Nothing remained of who had once stood there, they were returned to the soil. Once more a wicked twisting of human flesh was returned to the earth, to nature. Brinda observed the man who came forth after. She had recognized him from before the one that asked her who she was, if she was one of the cursed. She at the least knew he now had one answer unless her magic was to be doubted. There was only one who knew the secrets of darkness separate from the Curse of the Land. She was clearly not he, unless the legends were extremely off base about a certain court mage. Though, The Witch supposed there was many a legend stretched beyonds it's means. The Knights of the Round, even her own. What could one truly believe? Now was hardly the time for philosophy however, as much as she'd love to ponder life's finer points there was battle to be had. The witch noted the man's hesitance as he battled against the Accursed Swordsman. Cowardice? No it was much too intentional, too measured. lt couldn't be fear. His demeanor spoke of an intention and a resolve much stronger than that of a craven lad too afraid to fight. She didn't quite understand it... Humans. They usually didn't hesitate to lay waste to what they perceived as barely more than monsters, or perhaps her knowledge was much too outdated. Even with her magics it wasn't easy to keep fully abreast of the situation in the world of humanity. She supposed such was the result of taking residence in the woods for 200 years. She found this... fascinating. "You stay your blade... Mercy? A curious thing to show to a full fledged Cursed. Many would say such was a foolish endeavor, few from true experience of doing so." she said with a sad lilt to her voice. "Do you still see their humanity?" She directed the still thrumming hoard of razorworm towards the next target, a lay pointing of her left index finger. Her focus seemed to be on the man at the moment and not the battle commencing. Attack Myrm C with Worm!
  6. Despite knowing what task lay ahead... Brinda couldn't help but feel sorrow for those she was about to have a hand in striking down. She knew it for the best... after all in their current mindless state they only spread the plague or take the lives of others out of reasons that amounted to nothing but instinctual hatred. She saw their piteous state many times before in even in the border of the Knifewoods. After all only the mindless would be daring enough to make such a perilous journey into the cusp of a haunted forest. She'd driven them away not using lethal force unless necessary. After all... had they passed further than her they'd meet a much less merciful fate in the talons of dragons. The witch closed her eyes focusing for some purpose, a means of setting things right. She'd give the rites of these now nameless children of the Mother Nature. She'd etch their memory within herself as no one else would be able to recognize them. "Dear benevolent Mother, on this day more of your nameless children shall be sent home. The world of man cast them out, the dark curse of the land stripping their names and warping their corporeal form. Greet them as you would your other children as they once more reunite with the earth. Within somewhere they are still your children, the men and women they once were before everything was taken from them. Mourn with me Mother, grieve those who shall never be grieved for. Their families lost to them it falls upon us, those lost to the world of humanity, to honor them. Now is a time of quiet mourning for you Mother as l exercise the only mercy currently known. By my hand they shall be remembered, they shall be honoured, they shall be given peace. l cannot speak for the others that share within this most unfortunate task but l hope they hold in their hearts the same sentiments as l. Gentle Mother your lost children's suffering shall end as once more you my embrace them." a prayer unwavering released into the crisp still air for all to hear. The witch of the Knifewood once more opened her eyes and left out a weary breath. She had no love for battle... no love for returning others to the earth. Brinda steeled herself as she strode forward as she began the work that simply must be done. In the palm of her hand, a small ruddy brown worm rested. A maw of horrid razorteeth, a dried Razorworm was what it had once been. Small devils that inhabited her home... useful for releasing spells born of the land. She brought her right hand crashing into her left, a swift and precise motion practiced a million times. Where there was once a dried carcass there was but a sickly corpse dust. She spoke words of power, crackling energy within her breath as the motes of dust rose upwards and clung in the stale air as if it was a dusty old library. "Guardian of burrows, humble lord of decay, l beseech thee to lend me your cleansing powers this day. Free these lost souls from darkness, devour accursed flesh so that the untainted soul may once more be free. Return them to Mother! They who swim the earth l call upon your powers! Worm!" the dust motes suddenly changed form, thousands of tiny worms like the one she held in hand formed in the air. They crackled with an umbral pulse, darkness of The Curse fused with magic. The swarm of worms surged forth a writhing mass of retribution towards the first of the Fully Cursed they spotted. Move to N11 and attack Fighter C with Worm!
  7. All of what had just transpired was... quite the amount to take in. Kaede wasn't sure how to process it all but felt for once... a relief due to that. If she couldn't piece together what had transpired she had plausible deniability intact. Hard to be held liable if you weren't aware of the truth of a situation. Furthermore the talk of milk and the reference to Arturia as "mommy" even struck the girl with a divided soul as odd. [Though perhaps it effected her less so then it would others] Kaede couldn't help but get lost in theories of what any of that could've possibly meant but she was taken from that by the girl who's presence in the room she was not yet used to. Somewhere else to be together? They were together here though weren't they? She didn't see why leaving this space made it any different past a change in venue... but she couldn't deny Alva's pick of location was quite useful to her. Kaede had more than a few books near due and she'd certainly like to browse the fiction sections for something new. "l do have some business to take care of there and l could look for some new literature. I usually go with Arturia... I'm not all that capable of picking things out due to my inability to have strong feelings towards courses of action in most cases. l suppose if you were with me, the trip would prove productive." Kaede was quite clearly assessing aloud, something that Alva would learn was quite the common occurrence with Kaede. The girl was quite aware of her inability to show emotion with her facial features so she opted to elaborate on her thought process to invite insight. It was a logical solution to the problem. "l think it'd be quite agreeable. Sure, l'd like that." Kaede wasn't truly sure what Alva was getting out of this trip herself but she herself was certainly benefiting... and it had been Alva's suggestion. It'd hardly hurt to play along.
  8. "l'm unsure l can manage to do any more damage then you already seem to be doing yourselves." The witch wasn't exactly expecting a rebel force to be the most together but this was certainly more of an incoherent mess then she bargained for. She'd have answered the question about who she was but that time had seemingly passed. The witch just retired to seeing where all this went. lt was fascinating in much the same way as watching a ship you knew was going to crash coming in from shore
  9. A slight smile played across the witch's lips, an interesting man this one was. Frustration seemed a powerful deterrent to fear she wasn't sure the other he referred to but she hardly cared. This was already proving to be worth the journey from a land far away, from her home of the Knifewood. She continued casually into the room wandering over to the table filled with fruit. Perhaps just to make a point she took a bite from a the largest apple there before she continued to speak. As casual as the witch was being that only served to increase the aura around her, to make her all the more unnerving a presence. "Your servants preferred their chances with the storm then with myself. l'd not expect them back any time soon." given the speed of their retreat she'd not be surprised if they fled town. She'd not seen humans turn tail so fast in quite some time, lt was an impressive display of cowardice. "Besides, l do have an invitation. l invited myself on a whim, a chance viewing of fate. Certainly looks like you could use some better allies if your loyal servants are so quick to bolt." The Accursed took great amusement in that statement, twisting that knife. She held a few more certainly given the state of madness this meeting seemed to be even before she'd arrived. "Though if you think my offer a jest l suppose l could offer my services to a certain princess. But that'd hardly be as fun... l prefer a good underdog story."
  10. The swelling rage of Mother Nature could no longer been ignored within the wall of humble House Moss. Her cracks of thunder broke the darkened sky and her thundering cry shattered any silence there was to be had. The mother mourned the loss of yet another unnamed child, she wept in the memory of one that would never be remembered by another but her. The child who'd rest in an unmarked grave would be able to rest as at least one remembered the injustice, the shattering of the precious gift their mother had given them. The commonfolk try and scatter and avoid being caught within Mother's Grief. While the day had threatened rain the people were hardly prepared for such a quick onset. Almost as if this storm was incited by unnatural cause, lt tore through the streets of Candlelight. Glances of the commonfolk feel upon a figure that had arrived in town on the edge of this dark storm... an Accursed Woman. Flashes of fear could be seen on the faces of the scurrying townsfolk. Superstitions they may be, but it was hard to not let them slip in a time fear was already rampant. When a Cursed blew into town wrapped in a cloak made of a raging storm... you just fled indoors. She couldn't help but smile as she saw this. Humanity never quite changed it seemed. She couldn't blame them... after all, it's hard to light a candle and easier to just curse the dark instead. Her purpose didn't slow however, she continued to the estate all the easier to spot when the town's bustle died down. Though she couldn't directly control Mother's roiling grief the world conspired to tell the omen of The Witch's passing. Thunder and lightning cracked the sky as the door to the meeting room flew open. The Accursed smiled, it had seemed she found the correct place... the sight from her vision. She'd been here once before in a hazy dream. "Ah, where the spider's thread so leads, to the summit of fate." she said seemingly only to herself as if no others existed as if her thoughts spilled aloud into the world. "Where the spider meets the maneless lion, the one given a sword of golden flames but no crown to wreath his head. As after all a sword of silver ice was also conjured forth. Two souls deemed worthy therefore a clash to decide who is of true worth. The Silver Fox, The one who committed one of the darkest sins, patricide. The Maneless Lion, the man with oh so much to prove to earn the wreath that he believes already belongs. Lastly the Obsidian Spider. She who's web has seen the world. She offers a single strand, a peace offering to the Maneless Lion." "Muhuhu~ But does the Lion accept?"
  11. The humidity a telltale sign of rain. Grey clouds amass, a thick blanket to choke the sun's light. Water would soon crash from the sky, scattering about the land as discarded shattered azure gems. But little did the people know this storm was manufactured... a twisting of nature's intentions for an otherwise unremarkable day. A magic woven by words of a passing legend... a story whispered in the dark of night to frighten children into behaving. Told around campfires as ghost tales. A tale of a lover scorned and doomed to exile. Darker versions claimed a demon that murdered young woman in search of eternal youth, other accounts a wise gentle soothsayer. Twisted and tangled were all the legends, which were true, which merely fiction? No one could say. Well, other then the subject of them herself perhaps. A blue stone in the palm of hand covered in darkness glinted with a power unknown, words spoken over it that invoked the wilds to beck at their command. "Cry mother sky... mourn the loss of another child of the world that has gone unnoticed. Shed tears that sate the thirst of the land, bolts of grief that sow new life from old. Storm with your sorrow! Succumb to the feeling and black out the sky! Remember their lost spirit, remember the injustice that was a life cut short. Whether to battle, The Curse, sickness, hunger... remember the sins unspoken, the cruelties that no one witnessed. Mother Nature unleash that which festers within your heart. Dearest Mother find Catharsis." Immediately the sky swelled with that darkness... the grey clouds suddenly laced with black grief and sparks of Mother's Fury. Underneath passed one of her children. One of her favored few. One who sought out a new would be lord. Purpose was instilled in her footfalls. The first time she'd been in civil parts of the world in... Centuaries. lt felt strange... alien. The flagstone underneath her bare feet was like the rock of her home and yet not so. The grasses different... even the dirt roads. Humanity was such an interesting entity. All these feelings reminded her why she found such interest in their tales. Why the legends of humanity, their stories, had been the one thing that forever connected her to such beings. She smiled to herself... knowing that she was one of their fables. She continued towards her goal, The Estate of one House Moss. Words on the wind told her a meeting of destiny was to take place there. That fates would interwine. That this was her chance to be in the heart of a tale that was about to be woven on the loom of history. Her chance to place in that tapestry a single spider's strand. "Oh what tangled webs l shall weave. The mischief l shall sow. l shall feel the pulse of a story as it's written this time. l shall see how it feels to be one of the main cast actively."
  12. "Muhuhu~ Which side shall prove the victor? Which the most interesting... which fit to rule? And most importantly... which does the Witch of Knifewood meddle with?"
  13. Kaede "They'd not usually resort to such methods... l don't know what that girl is but she's not a normal official. She said as much herself. They are desperate so it seems they've broken out some trump card." Kaede mused in response to all the hate of the Church. She'd little love of them herself but at least be angry with them for the right matters. Kaede felt something at Alva's words a reaction even slightly played across her face. She herself didn't notice the half smile that crept across her face but perhaps the other two girls had. Kaede turned her attention to the girl that seemed to be soundly sleeping at the moment or... what she figured was a state of sleep. An unanswered question... one of which she was unsure wouldn't taint her current state of plausible deniability. Arturia was clearly trying to keep something bout this mystery girl under wraps but... she couldn't begin to guess what. She'd hope it didn't tie to this investigation... it'd be problematic.
  14. "l... what?" was about the only response she could possibly have for what she'd just been told. She had magic but it was locked behind the lyrics of emo music? That was such a strange qualifier that Orchid wasn't entirely sure how she'd respond to such a thing. Magic was good at the very least, it explained why she didn't have any noticeable implants or any new body parts like some of the folk here. But she couldn't help but think that was quite a unnecessarily complicated a method of which to exercise her power. Was it put in on purpose, by accident? She couldn't say she was sure what these people would've done purposefully or just accidentally while messing with these people but she supposed now was hardly the time to lament her life choices. Good points, she was at least familiar with that music scene to some degree. She was quite the creative type... playing with the expectation and meanings of language was a skill she certainly had. After all, being published a few times you'd hope you'd have some understanding of manipulating language. Bad Point, she was basically a glorified Gothic Lolita idol that covered emo band's songs. Trepidation! At the Trackmeet. Orchid was shocked out of her thought by Airi speaking to her. She'd... really lost herself in thought there. Perhaps she should be careful about doing that in the future given the situation. "Uh, yes l'm good to go if you all are. Guess l'm a mage. Take good care of me. "
  15. Perhaps she was more than a little out of her element here, a tiny goth in the middle of a terrible outbreak they were contracted to deal with. Wait... then she had to be capable of something. lf she was one of the people here she had to have some ability that allowed her to fight. Perhaps hers wasn't nearly as obvious as the others... then again a fair few of them had issues discerning their own. Regardless while the rest scrambled arming themselves perhaps now was the time to discern her ability. Hopefully the Commander was still on the line. "Commander, Orchid Amaranth speaking. Others have requested information on the specifics of their augments. l too would request such information." Orchid wasn't overly concerned with arming herself as the others given well... there probably wasn't much she could manage to do given her smaller than average frame. She hoped whatever her power was made up for this short coming.
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