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  1. "A rugged mountain man, living off the land traveling town to town selling the gifts of nature he learned to harvest with his own too hands. Aaah, so romantic~" Anne was starting to get the feeling what that word meant to Chance might be different then your average maid... it seemed to come up frequently at the least whenever she was speaking, and more than another other person he'd ever spoken to before. She was certainly a strange individual, and it was impossible to read her at all. Anne knew if this was a business deal or he had to sell something to her it'd probably have been an impossible task, but luckily he'd only need to watch her. It'd only be a moment before Anne realized she was suddenly quiet as could be. Given she never seemed to be unable to find words before the silence had a bit of eeriness to it. Her singular eye seemed to be fixated towards a certain point, but he couldn't catch what it was before the maid suddenly closed it as she went into another beaming smile. "l suppose that' why I've never meet you before~ I've met my share of Miss Carnation's siblings before and l'd certainly have remembered one like you. I knew she was hiding the best ones from me hmmm... l knew l'd called it." she seemed ever so proud of herself yet again. "I'm sure you know by now but I'm Chance~ A pleasure to meet you Anne." She reached out her hand in the start of a handshake, though her still closed and her smile still beaming ear to ear. lt'd almost seem sinister if she wasn't about the most adorable maid Anne had met.
  2. "Human, thou stand before He Who Lorded Over the Mountain... he who whips rending winds to rise and has tempests at his beck and call. Harm not the land, or my winds shalt cut thee to ribbons."
  3. "It's an art form after all~ Not everyone's cut out for it so don't feel too bad now." The maid said a reassuring smile on her face. She knew the art wasn't anything easy. It'd always been trouble for the maid when she had started out. She figured she didn't have the ability... but practice found her the way to unlocking something she didn't otherwise know. Well, that and a few broken dishes, exploded cakes, and a live bear tearing around the estate... That... was a story for another time however. She happily took one of the sandwiches and began to inspect it, though in a way that only she'd ever do of course. Anne would notice only a puzzled look on the maid's face, as if gears were slowly turning. He could almost hear them that image was that powerful. "Hmmm, seems to be... Turkey, lettuce, onion... what kind l wonder? Doesn't seems like they are yellow. Red maybe?" she seemed to be parsing the ingredients but she wasn't using her sight to do so having the ever so humble food item still within the pouch Anne had handed it to her in. She rattled off quite a few more things, striking out a few possibilities, and making some of the wild guesses that Anne could imagine. She seemed to get so absorbed in her strange exercise that it was like she forgot he existed for the time being. That was... until she suddenly addressed him. "Ah what a hero~ Coming ever so prepared! That's a truly admirable quality in a person, it is, it is!" Pleased as could be, she took a bite as she began swaying back and forth ever so lightly where she had been seated. "This will do quite nicely..." she said, but there was a strange lowering to her voice. Was she lying? Did she not truly enjoy it? Was it going to be a bad mark on his performance and end up in a dock of his PAY!?!?!? It was none of these things. "So... who are you anyway? You never visited Miss Carnation before as long as I've been working here and it's been a few years of service at this point. She paying you to watch me or somethin'?" a sinister tension hung in the air for a moment as the Maid smiled at the man in front of her, a tension thick enough to be cut with a knife. Had she figured out what was going on? Was she angry? She certainly could be wearing one of those hollow smiles that hid murderous intent... "Ppp-... PPPPSSSSSH~ HAHAHA!!!" and all of it dispelled in a mere instance. She wiped a tear from her eye, a quick flick of her index finger but she couldn't contain herself clearly. "Aaaah what a silly thought that was! Be quite the thing if Miss Carnation was spending so thoughtlessly when she knows l can take care of myself. l certainly do appreciate the company though.~ l was being serious... you are...?" the question clearly leading. She sat patiently waiting for the answer as she nibbled at the provided food, no longer a trace of any sinister intent... only the cute innocent maid that she first seemed to be.
  4. "Being swept off one's feet is a state of mind, not a state of being~" The tiny maid corrected, her finger pointing to the sky, she declared it so. She gleefully giggled at her own statement, perhaps at of some sort of indecipherable pride. She listened intently to the current sales pitch that her clearly current caretaker was sewing. He'd probably done similar before when she wasn't exactly coherent. She'd honestly not paid a single mite of attention to anything he'd said then but sensed the presence from his voice. She had hoped he'd not pulled the old Anna scheme of trying to put her into a blood contract while she was sleeping and it had seemed by his second limited time offer it hadn't be the case. He was not quite the salesman Miss Carnation was! Ha HA! She'd be more than fine then if this was the case. She'd picked up a few things here and there from Miss Carnation's antics... "A 100% guarantee huh? Good news! Miss Carnation would be quite upset if l wasn't happy with you service after all as her mostest and favouritest maid in this whole wide world." she said her smile completely and utterly innocent in every single way possible. She kicked her feet lightly over the edge of the hammock, whistling quietly to herself. There was still a quiet lethargy to her but it seemed to put her to a level of energy that was more normal for... less peculiar folks. "You know there was the one time somebody tried to extort money from me and Miss Carnation put an arrow through his hand... aaaah you should've seen the look on his face when from what was nearly a block over an arrow just zipped through! He still flinches every time l wave to him in the street... nice guy really." her anecdote just popping to mind. Miss Carnation was ever so nice to her after all... she was happy to have such a nice boss. Honestly they were more like good friends or sisters or something then Master and Servant. Well...maybe less sisters, the boss seemed to have more than enough siblings so being a close friend was waaaaaaaaay more special. "l think l'll take you up on that offer though! l could use a bit more to drink and some decent breakfast. l hadn't had the chance..." a snort sneaks out of her before she continues. "Just bring me another bag of water, and whatever ya thinks good in the food sense. l'm not a picky eater... it'd get in the way if couldn't taste the food l was preparing.~"
  5. Chance had been resting quite soundly since the last time that Anne had seen her. She seemed quite peaceful, her breaths calm and peaceful. It almost felt like it'd be a crime to wake her up, an injustice against the universe or something. Or maybe that's only what Chance would've thought as Anne seemed every so eager to awakened the pink haired maid. The decision to not shake her awake was a smart one at least... but he'd not need to find out why for the time-being. Small groans of protest came as slowly her body booted back up hearing a voice she only somewhat recognized. It didn't sound like Miss Carnation, the only person she was used to being awoken by. "Hmmm?" her first sound that could be interpreted as something other than a random sound. She began to sit up in the hammock, rubbing the sleep from her eye. When her vision cleared, she then saw who it was, it was the pretty bodyguard! The shock of such made her unable to contain a small "Eep!". Chance's hand quickly came to her chest as her face went bright red. She suddenly began fidgeting with the whole of her body, unprepared to have dealt with this situation right when she awoke. She used her technique from before, taking a deep breath and then slowing counting to 3 to calm herself, of course doing the latter out loud again. "You didn't have to~ So sweet of you for little old me..." in a flash, the tiny maid snatched the waterskin from Anne's hand and tilted it up to the sky. Gulp after gulp she drank it down within seconds not stopping to breath even once. "Ahhh~ That definitely hit the spot, almost like you knew just what l needed. A true knight in shining armour saving the maiden in her time of trouble and need. OOOOOO, lt's just so wonderful~ l can almost feel myself being swept off my own two feet! It's like they aren't even planted on the ground!" she said as if it was a completely normal thing to say and she wasn't being suspended in the air by a hammock.
  6. While it wouldn't remotely stop Anne from lifting the tiny maid with relative ease, he had noticed she was strangely heavy for a girl around her size. lt'd be impossible to truly tell what it was but it was inconsistent and seemed to shift at odd intervals. It was if she was carrying a hundred or so tiny weighted object somewhere out of sight... was probably nothing in the scheme of things but it was certainly utterly strange. It was getting increasingly clear that she was out of it, as the weirdness just continued but less frequently. "Woaaaah, l'm flying!" were the words out of her mouth as she was lifted followed only by a bunch of incomprehensible whispering. By the time Anne had reached the hammock with her it had seemed she was finally coming at least somewhat out of her stupor of exhaustion. Here eyelid drooped, as she nearly began to fall asleep. Her body wanting to make up for the lost rest she'd be missing over the course of entire week of her obsessing over getting things spic and span for the current day. If there was anything that Carnation knew about Chance was that despite her numerous eccentricities that she was extremely dedicated to her work as a maid. Perhaps too dedicated as what was occurring was hardly a new development. She'd collapsed from exhaustion more than a handful of times before as she had a tendency to work through the night until whatever task she'd set her mind too was done to the point she was happy with it. She'd pursue her lofty goals of such to her own detriment time after time, learning some of her lesson but the full of it never quite sticking. She was dependable, and loyal to a fault even if she lashed back with her razor wit in protest she'd still do the task she was meant to do. She'd never once tried to fake illness, or the like to get out of work. ln fact that was the problem as she'd keep forcing herself to work in those states unless Miss Carnation explicitly forbade her from doing so. So what was happening easily had explanation, it just wasn't one that any person who wasn't familiar with the maid would understand at first glance. Finally and securely in her hammock, something Carnation knew would help her to relax, her body deflated as she exhaled a deep breath. She calmed, for now, seemingly knocking out for the time being and getting some of the rest she desperately needed.
  7. "Are you an angel?" the maid suddenly said her voice groggy beyond words. lt definitely seemed whatever it had been that had caused this level of exhaustion in her had finally caught up to her. And it was only going to get worse before it got any better. The only thing present in her vision was Anne's face due to her shallow cone of vision. lt was a nice face...a really nice face. lnhumanly beautiful. There was no way in the world he could just be some regular guy!Maybe he was a shining knight in armour coming to whisk her away... no... pretty sure what just happened was dying. lt was right? This was the Pearly Gates, yes? no? maybe so? lt had to be... "Heh, you certainly look like one. l guess dying wasn't so bad after all if l got ta meet you sweetie~" She began rubbing her hands around on the carpet, giggling to herself. lf one was keen they'd realize she was trying to confirm where she was, but it seemingly would backfire. "Such a nice fluffy cloud. Hmmm, heaven's nicer than l imagined." said the overworked maid lying on the mostly clean floor of a less than above board business. She was not as far as away as she could possibly be but she was certainly not where she had currently thought.
  8. "1... 2...3!" Chance blasts out one more time, not having noticed the change of tone in the room or that once again someone had been speaking to her while she was carrying on in some manner or another. "1... 2... 3... all the desire to punch blood into my lovely carpet shall be erased with this simple little exercise. Haaah haaaaaah yes yes it shall, l need it to work l spent 7 hours on it and not to need to remove more of them! lt's been the 5th time this weeeeek.~" the maid seemed to be feverishly speaking to herself even singing the last bit of her lines. lt was at that moment she heard Anne speak and pull her from her strange trance of numbers and breathing. Perhaps it was the loopiness getting to her but upon seeing his face she just smiled a wonderful smile, a beam that could break the dark of night. "Well if the handsome fella says so l'm sure it'll be alright. Bloodshed managed~ " she seemed proud of herself? or something. lt was pretty hard to tell especially given she was just absentmindedly staring at Anne the entire time, her single eye darting up and down his form though never resting in a single spot for long. "You know bloods not easy to get out of carpet... l feel like l just avoided death..." as she said this she suddenly began to collapse, purely from her prior day's exhaustion. lt seemed the maniac energy spent the last of her dwindling power and it sent her tumbling towards the floor. Perhaps the shock had just reminded her body it was about out of power, whatever it was though it now remembered it's state.
  9. It'd taken more than a few moments for the maid to even realize that someone had been talking to her that wasn't Miss Carnation. She'd only been listening for her familiar and lovely tone of voice that the one that had spoken to her had to be for someone else surely. Suuuuuurely... until she opened her eye and realized they'd been looking in her direction. She couldn't say she wanted anybody else doing her work... "What...?" she said reflexively, unable to contain herself as it was the current thought on her mind. However by the time she'd seemed to do so something else had caught the woman speaking to her's attention. The two bodyguards/bouncers seemed to be having a bit of a pissing contest of sorts... one of them was Cody. Chance had seen him plenty before, talked to him on occasion while Miss Carnation was busy when she had called for him. She didn't know much though, he never seemed to be the talkative sort so they never got much of anywhere. The other... well. He... Chance could feel her heart jumping out of her chest just looking at him. Even under that clothes... she could tell just the quality of muscles that's be on display had it not been there. lt had seemed he was one of Anna's many siblings with the same name though... she never knew Miss Carnation had a brother! Where'd he been all this time? He neeeever visited his sister!? For shame for shame... the maid thought to herself as if she had no ulterior motive. lt keeps seeming to get worse with time, the maid nervously laughing to herself hoping that this doesn't come to blows and blood she has to track out of the carpet... again. "Hehehe! Look folks! l'm the one who has to clean up any messes here! So let's all just relax and take a deep breathe. Here try it with me!" she suddenly sucking in a large amount of air. SHe exhaled sharply and then "1. 2. 3." She inhaled deeply again, another sharp exhalation after. "1." a pause "2." and another "3. See! It's easy! Now everybody after me!" she kept repeating this until somebody stopped her.
  10. Towards the side there was at the very least, one hand raised in the air. There was seen a woman by herself clad in a uniform unlike any of the others present, one of a maid. lt was quite peculiar a sight for what was more or less a storefront, unless it was one of those businesses themed after them perhaps. Though this didn't seem to be a Maid Cafe of any sort... Perhaps even more strange however was the eye patch on her. Just what kind of maid was this girl? She'd been dusting something, a duster of unusual size by her side. For some reason there was a strange blue gem affixed to the handle that glittered ever so dully with a faint radiant light. Her hair was an utterly bright pink, and her face quite the example of quiet contentment. Ever about her was utterly bizarre and clashing! And yet they weren't at all either! Regardless it had seemed she had a question as her hand was raised. "Ah Miss Carnation! Hey hey! l have one! You didn't give me any maidly duties to attend to! Does that mean l have the day off? l certainly don't have to walk around town doing some menial task in addition to the job l'm actually paid for l'm sure, cause that'd be weird and pretty super unfair to your most adorable employee who works, oh so very hard to keep your property nice and shiny! After all this place was a pig sty until this morning because l spent the entire night cleaning out all the dust and cobwebs and reorganizing the entire inventory~" She said smiling, her left eye closed as it seemed to force it shut. She graciously awaited the answer i silence continuing her smile that seemed less and less like a real one over the course of her speaking and every second she stood there somehow filling the room with a malice and bubbly sunshine at the same time. There was a moment it seemed she was about to collapse from pure exhaustion in there one could swear , but it seemingly passed to quickly for it to be confirmed.
  11. Nastasia Such a hollow indignant gesture, hot air... poppycock. She was used to such things by now. She could smell the emptiness of his words, after all it was just business. Perhaps it was due to her lack of life experience or her tender age of 16 that Nastasia felt as she did but she never liked the falsehoods of "business". Deep down they always sickened her to a degree that made her insides churn with the bitter twang of disdain. Nastasia's face read of nothing but a creeping amusement, one brought about by the wild pride that run rampant in her heart of hearts. Dear... such a casual and dismissing remark. Treated as if she was just some child... so many were so eager to do so now that she ran the business in the open. Father had always been the face for a reason, no one would've believed a child built an Empire. Yet it wasn't solely a curse, while it made her blood broil, her pride sting... lt meant she was always underestimated. A dangerous thing to do in her presence. "Ohoho!~" her laugh rang through out empty air, a stark development in what was prior one of stillness. She stared up at the man who stood atop his ridiculous disks, the grey visage that stood before the beauty clad purely in brilliant blue. She did not lower herself once. "Truly a disgrace. The field of battle is not the place l wish to meet any for the first time. l am no warrior, l'm a business woman. But such tumultuous times call for those from all walks of life. l am only doing my part. Executive, solider, worker, laborer... such meaningless words in these times. We all must fight for what we believe in and to protect our way of life." her speech was an attempt to play towards the crowd, the very people of Envy. Though despite this she did believe them, while her views and theirs differed... she had realized perhaps they were not wholly incompatible. She needed to believe that... she needed to pull the crowd to her side. They were The Councilor's Chief weapon, the very thing that he'd use to win this day if she sat by and did nothing. lf he made no move she was surely going to. She now curtsied, but more to the crowd then her opponent. "My name is Nastasia Susanna Sinclair, do not forget it. That means you and all those who are watching." a flourish of her intricately braided ringlets accompanied her confident words. She clicked her right heel on the ground twice before she cried out "My darling Archangel! Rise!" The very earth beneath their feet began to tremble with a terrible tremor. Beneath her feet a metallic surface formed, a seat forming quickly... like that of an Iron Throne just behind the heiress. She left herself gracefully fall into it, holding her chin with her left hand as she crossed her legs and began to await the arrival of her mighty mech. She could just materialize it all at once, but the show was important. Before long, she now towered over the Councilor from her high perch as The Mighty Archangel's full glorious form came into existence. It resembled the keep of a castle, parapets and all, It's Arms big enough to be two towers in and of themselves. Dark irons chains ran down the arms, crashing and clinking as the beast of a mech seemingly rose from the very earth itself. Dust and dirt sifted off it, seemingly unable to stain the brilliant white steel of armour as it rose to the heavens above. She sat atop the being, a field of invisible energy serving as a cockpit but maintaining a regal and powerful air as the Queen of the castle could be seen during her battle. "Now, shall we begin?"
  12. "The best maid in the wide world at your service~ Let's get out there and find a little romance shall we?~"
  13. The witch decided to look in her own way. Even if this area was used to the Accursed sort she wasn't exactly the usual suspect. Humans did not oft react well to the presence of a witch after all. She also had to admit... she was out of practice with speaking to such entities. If her faux pas at the meeting had proven anything it was that she was still somewhat out of touch with humanity and how to properly communicate with them. She supposed centuries in a forest alone wasn't great for the retention of one's social skills. She'd thought she'd never need them again, but her whims proved such thoughts false. She audibly sighed, she amazed even herself sometimes. Perhaps however she could put to use what she learned in the time such was declining. There'd be magic she'd devised to keep some contact with the outside world when she was isolated in the Knifewood. She searched for what would hopefully be a quiet place on the outskirts of the town. She felt the most at home in nature, and frankly concentration would be more than difficult in the bustle of even a small town. The Witch drew from a pouch a small sprig of holly that she held within the palm of her hand. A ward from bad luck. She pressed magical power into the spiny leaves, then after she'd done so she focused her mind and power inward as she shut her eyes. She was seated on the ground holding her hands to her chest, a soft green glow about her person. She focused on the Legends and the talk about the mighty knight of black. She'd seen specific people before in her visions... it was much harder pinpointing legends but she'd managed it before. She searched for the figure she knew was close by. She figured that would aid her magic this time. She'd never used it at such a small distance before. The Witch was unsure what implications that held for her clairvoyance, but she was intrigued all the same. She always wished to see the new effects of her dark magics. She was never truly sure why they had this power. Why could darkness provide such a clarity? Why could she weave far off visages to her mind as if she herself was but in the presence of what she witnessed? She was unsure, but she wished to further her understanding of such magic. Perhaps it'd lead her further to her ultimate goal. Huh... she had thought sh'ed given up on that. A dead end, a lost cause. Yet she'd seen the humans chasing them regardless of their short lives. She'd met one that gave up his humanity and took up the Curse himself like she had. Surely if she gave up she mocked his drive... what he stood for. She chuckled, nearly losing the spell she was weaving. What a human thought she just had. Perhaps the small amount of human blood she had finally poked through. But, she was different. Better? No. But different all the same. She focused her thoughts back on the task at hand rather than muse on life any longer. She had a Dark Knight to find...
  14. Rayne moves to P9, finish off Monk, Canto to R9
  15. "Something like that." Brida whispered under her breath based on the slight corruption of the name she'd received. She was sure there was countless versions, and the details probably weren't consistent from tale to tale. Worse was she usually wasn't truly sure how to take this. Humanity seemed largely... afraid of her. Most tales she'd come to know made her out as some sort of monster, a boogeyman to frightening young'ins from misbehaving. Others a figure that sought to destroy their vary way of living. Though, even she'd heard the ones that made her out to be some tragic romantic figure... most never were fully positive about the Witch however. "I certainly wouldn't have expected one such as yourself to believe in such... tales." her gaze serious as she leaned forward in her spectral seating. Tension hung in the air for a moment, before a soft chuckle escaped the Witch's lips. "Some of them get a bit lax with the details as l'm sure you are well aware, but there is indeed a kernel of truth at their centers. Myself." the witch seemed quite amused at the attention and the woman's excitement. Perhaps not as pronounced as one would be used to but even she couldn't hide the softness that washed over her features. She leaned back within her chair, though this time maintaining some air of energy and attentiveness. "I've lived alone around two to three centuries, I'm sure there's something of interest to you somewhere in there." she figured it went without saying that in all that time she was more or less uninterrupted. All those years of research were perhaps what many a mage wish they could've had. A single life time devoted to magical art and thinking, a powerful tool in and of itself in such company.
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