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  1. Hukuna the Undying

    [IC] ANKL. Part 2

    Kaede There was a lot for the young Ustole to unpack and process here. Firstly that this seemed not just any church official. One of seeming import past what she had known existed. As well as she knew the inner workings of the church apparently that still held secrets she didn't know of. This wasn't truly world-shattering, after all this is what the church did. Dabble in secrecy. She couldn't help but feel this made little sense. The church had to know that she herself was not present at the events of the cataclysmic disaster when it unfolded. They had to have better information than what was being presented especially if they were sending one of a station she didn't know. Had this been some small routine legwork they'd not send someone of this nature. She figured she'd start from he top as she weaved herself through these mysteries. "l apologize for my friend's terseness and my missteps. l had figured that this wasn't such a pressing matter as my alibi should be well known to the church and that was simply a formality rather than a true investigation. That was presumptuous of me." she said offering a slight dip in her posture, she did mean this sincerely or as sincerely as she was capable of. "As for Arturia, l hope you'll forgive my friend. Times have been quite rough for her which l can attest from my visits while she was hospitalized. lt's a large favour l know and you don't owe me that." lt took Kaede but a moment to realize she'd not yet answered Kindle's battery of questions. She luckily had Alva's first answer to back up her own story, "l was not present at the splitting and only heard of the event sometime afterwards. As Alva said she had her shoulder dislocated. l reset it back in place but we went back to the nurse to make sure that that'd be enough and there'd be no underlying issues that present later on. lf you need further proof there are two other girls that were along with us. One girl by the name of Riley and one Esyllt, they can further corroborate if need be." even if this weren't the truth, Kaede's ability to remain absolutely calm and level would make it hard to discern she was lying anyway. She had an air of utter confidence in her words, one that utterly unshakable. She was quite the cool customer, nothing but stillness in the frigid lakes that were her eyes. "l've not come into contact with anyone claiming to be any of the 4 goddesses. Had l, they'd have been reported post-haste." this certainly a lie if thy were someone important to her she would not. However she didn't falter one bit, after all it was easier to maintain a half truth and but a cinch for Kaede. "lf there is anything else that requires answering you've my full cooperation. lam but a humble servant of the church and it is the least l can do to serve her."
  2. Hukuna the Undying

    FEF: The Lost Lands [IC Thread]

    "Oh! Oh! Dat's me. Well well, lt's yer lucky day sir knight. l just so 'appen ta know a fink or two about them keepie outties. Stand aside and let me work me magic!" said the excitable thief able to use one of the skills she'd picked up over the years. She was used to having to improvise, so the set of thieves' tools she'd received from Leslie were quite appreciated. Funny how they had arrived just in the nick of time. Fate, a peculiar thing it was it was. She went about the job about as quickly as she did everything else, a swiftness that was beyond remarkable. She leaned against the door listening for the tumblers to fall neatly into place as she jimmied the lock to see her adventuring party to their destination. "Hmmm, yes... uh huh..." the thief mumbled to herself as she continued working. Without much warning she exclaimed "TAAAH DAH!" as the lock clicked into place. Cassidy swung open the door with aplomb, the hinges screeching a bit in agony. What was visible from the doorway was... well a swarm of enemy soldierin' types. Well... that was certainly no good. "Hmmm, well ain't dis a sticky wicket? Fink l've an idear whys that door was da way is were." she said pointing at all the men huddling down the hall. Pick Da Door, Move to H26
  3. Hukuna the Undying

    [IC] TTG Chapter 5: Wrath

    Nastasia The young madame was quite sure she was somewhat out of her element in this room after all that was currently occurring. Not in the sense she had no reason being here, but in the sense that she wasn't well abreast of the situations and social ebb and flow between all these individuals. She sunk back into her chair, having used the intervening scramble to observe everything that was currently transpiring. This new arrival made it all the easier to do so as the focus was completely off Nastasia due to the tension in the room. lt seemed the man, who had nary the thought to introduce himself to new company, had made some move to earn the ire of the one she knew as Hiroki. He didn't exactly endear himself much to herself either however, being the bearer of such news she couldn't fault him too much. However, all that she'd been taking in now she wasn't prepared for the next thing she'd witness. Sain was... crying? That lecherous lout broke into tears now of all times? Nastasia had to hold every fiber of her being to not react... somehow to a sight she could barely comprehend unfolding right in front of her eyes. She wasn't sure if she'd laugh, recoil in disgust, cry herself... what she'd have done in response, just that it'd certainly not be the time for such actions and would certainly sour the impression of her character ~~if it hadn't been already~~ to the others present. Rather than any action that'd call attention towards the so called god, she slipped a hand quietly as she could to his shoulder. lt wasn't an action of reassurance but one to allow him to realize he needed to pull himself together in this moment. As much as she loathed the man... we all deserved our dignity. Her own handkerchief was balled in her hand, offered as a means to recover from his current break. She figured she'd speak to keep the conversation going keep the air from being dead and people surely noticing Sain's current state of being. "So, with a terrible omen there is but a whisper of fortune at it's feet. Ohohoho~ The world works in mysterious ways it seems." Nastasia understanding the gravity of the tension between the parties, or at least enough of it, addressed the man who still stood. A method to retarget the focus from Sain. "You are new to me messenger, l'd offer you a seat but it's not my place and well... l'm sure there's good reason you're still standing across the room. Regardless, we've not met before. Madame Nastasia Susanna Sinclair, Charmed~." a clearly sarcastic tone was present in her voice on the last word.
  4. Hukuna the Undying

    Fire Emblem on the Forums: Sea of Crossroads [IC]

    Rayne moves to P9, Attack Monk with Slim Lance, Canto to P10
  5. mind if I ask about something? You might have noticed me mention my Horse Ridden Myrmidon. Mind taking a look at my most recent screenshot and telling me if that would be Normal?

  6. Hukuna the Undying

    [IC] ANKL. Part 2

    Kaede "Even if we were having such a thing... you'd not be invited." Kaede said flatly, no real tone of indignation attached to it. A simple matter that she had no idea who this was. She seemed to have invite herself in without any warrant... so to speak. Perhaps taking advantage of Alva somehow. The girl did seem to have quite a nice streak, that much was notable in the short time Kaede had known the greenhaired people pleaser. "Now... l am here you may leave this space. You're here for me, no? lf either of them are relevant to the matter at hand they shall be summoned as per usual and typical protocol. l shouldn't have to remind you not to badger people in their homes. You should know what's expected of your station" Kaede rattled out calmly staring at the unknown entity. "Wait in the hall please, l need time to settle my affairs before we move to a more suitable location."
  7. Hukuna the Undying

    [IC] ANKL. Part 2

    Kaede Kaede had offered the smile back to Tys as she had left, however it was nothing more than a practiced courtesy. The nod of acknowledgment accompanying the false smile was much more genuine, and often what Kaede would leave Tys in parting. Perhaps she was the only person that she didn't need to pretend and have emotion around but the practice certainly never hurt. The girl was never sure why Tys seemed to not mind her... but she appreciated there was at least someone she didn't have to be anything other than herself in their company. Was this something allowed of a broken doll? Well... even if no, Kaede didn't care. She made back to her room, some spring in her step. She preferred to linger within the halls as little as possible. There was the thought that whoever the church had sent would arrive early as well... She felt something, knowing that Alva had been there still. The church weren't beyond using underhanded tactics and a roommate would make a good target for some prying if she freely gave information. All of this served to hasten her steps, though not more than a brisk walk. There was no certainly anything was occurring and even if it were it'd be best to arrive with a much more put together demeanor. Part of any such matter was appearance. lt'd certainly leave a sour taste in the mouth if she suddenly flew at full pace barging into her own room. Well... so Kaede had thought. Trying to work from how others viewed the world was quite difficult and never quite perfect. But, due to lack of sharp emotions it was hard to discern these things from her own perspective. lt had seemed she was correct to have whatever those feelings were however confirmed as she had opened the door to her room and another was stood within. She heard the last question leave the girl's lips and given she'd never seen her before, gathered that it was clear who this person was. Crystal Clear. "l've one more by the name of Arturia, she also resides here. However she is out at the moment. l cannot speak for Alva." Kaede said, firmly and while continuing with her business. She had began flipping off her shoes as was typical. She'd have thought to stop but it was the usual step she carried out when she arrived at home. "l was returning to speak to you about this..." Kaede had turned to speak with Alva, no longer paying the new presence mind as she was addressing her friend. "But it seems you are already acquainted. l may not have much need of an explanation."
  8. Hukuna the Undying

    Whispers of the Arcana: Tangled in Webs Unseen [lC]

    Apollo "Yes of course! l'm sure she enjoys your company as well, l just imagine she's not a person that's great showing that to others." Apollo said nodding as if she'd said something wise or profound. Apollo was glad she was managing some headway, that this seemed to be going well. But, she wasn't quite sure how this end up moving into more... serious discussion. She thought to ease in, the current topic at hand helping this endeavor. "July reminds me quite a bit of a friend of mine from back home. She's also the type that seems a bit gruff on the surface, but is truly quite kind when it matters." Augustus "Where? Hmmm... that's a complicated question." and one he wasn't sure he'd have to answer quite in this manner, but... oh well. Such was the way of things. "ln the terms of which humans would typically mean, l am nowhere. l do not currently possess physical form... it's not needed in the present." but he figured that'd hardly qualify as a true answer to Elias's question. "lt is hard to place into words a better answer at present due to the work l'm currently performing... but l am in a sense occupying the same space as you are."
  9. Hukuna the Undying

    Whispers of the Arcana: Tangled in Webs Unseen [lC]

    Death Death did nothing but intently stare at Siena, and as the chill of her gaze finally set in... the thing to break the scene was hysterical laughter. Death almost dropped the parasol in her hand as she succumb to her temporary lapse of character. As stoic as she was she just couldn't contain herself right now. "You couldn't be more wrong, l don't give a damn about your faith. l couldn't care less about an individual's faith. lt'd be as meaningless as caring about but a single drop of rain in a storm." Death managing to swiftly regain her control though notably there was but a faint smirk now played across her lips. Humans were amusing, so self-important. She never tired of that aspect of them slipping into their character almost without fail. Even more amusing was the fact that Siena believed in The Arcana at all, made her one of the people she supposedly was not. Death had no devout followers. People weren't typically eager to worship her even when they actually understood what she was the goddess of. Humanity was always frightened by Death and by change, new perspective. So, Siena even believing she existed... was basically the strongest of followers she had in this new world. "Faith is the reason l'm here, but not the reason l'm here." As if it wasn't a confusing statement, Death left it hang in the air momentarily. "Of course, at first, the reason l'm in this world... the second why l am here in your presence." Death closed her eyes, tapping her foot ever so softly against the table. She appeared to be humming something to herself as she waited for some response. She suddenly seemed all the more lively then before, perhaps Siena's misstep had greatly amused her enough that she was no longer able to hide she was enjoying this. Augustus Augustus winced at the sudden shot of burning pain. He figured this would happen at least once however, so he didn't lose his concentration. "Hmmm, quite. l'd suggest not moving for the time-being. l must be able to concentrate on this process or it will not take effect. Every pain you feel, so do l." Augustus went back to his silence for now. He wasn't going to speak unless he was asked to... now would be the time to explain what was happening in any normal situation however they had to skip over the "ease them in" step. Such was the dangerous line of work of a Maid or Butler perhaps. Augustus was only going to fix Elias enough that medical teams could repair any leftover damage. lt be much too suspicious if there was no damage when Priscilla returned with Sebastian. Apollo Apollo noted for later, sudden loud noises = bad. She'd work out the kinks over time as she could, she was at least going to make the effort. Apollo was legitimately puzzled at Mika's words however unsure quite how to take them. "ls she really that grouchy? She seemed quite pleasant to me, she was quite helpful and seemed to more than delighted to point me in the right direction ta find ya." Apollo said index finger to her chin, an inquisitive look about her. She seemed quite genuine what she was saying, she truly believed what she was saying.
  10. Hukuna the Undying

    Whispers of the Arcana: Tangled in Webs Unseen [lC]

    Augustus "The Hero hmmm?" what an odd notion to have at this time, perhaps, such was what death caused in humans. They were an oddity that he had never quite understood. When the method for which the Arcana would ensure the continuation of their existence was revealed, he had refused. How could humanity handle such a task? How could they harbor such powerful secrets? Especially those that belonged to him, The Emperor of Secrets. He had amassed countless fonts of knowledge from all his years in this universe. Knowledge that held the power to end this world with but the simplicity of lifting of a finger. How could humans handle this? And yet, there was other secrets that could not afford to be lost, wonders of this world that would be squelched from eternity if he had chosen to indulge his self-import. He felt it fair he be likened to a demon brokering a deal, though... he wasn't hardly the lout as his fellow Arcana more befitting the name. But this deal was an even trade, one that would not land Elias within his debt. A life for a life... fair, even. Perhaps a god's was worth more than a mortals... but who was to say this was true? Augustus had been living amongst them, he had seen parts of their lives, more than he ever had from on high. These beings, they were crude at times, they had flaws, they inflicted malicious deeds upon themselves and one another, but they had the capacity for the opposite as well. Humans were the culminations of secret tales and stories. They were woven from a million unseen actions of their own making and those around them. Perhaps why they were so interesting in telling the tales of heroes... regardless, they were fascinating beings, ones that were worth his study. "You're in luck Elias, this Contract will save me as much you. Debt isn't something you should worry about. Even if l were a devil, this trade is even, fair. lt is a life for a life. Perhaps, that l've this ability would make mine seem more valuable but l'm not here to discuss semantics." lt was strange, he wasn't being as he usually would. being honest, fair. Perhaps he was getting soft, perhaps humanity was rubbing off on him. There wasn't time for tarrying however, he could ponder the finer details what all this meant later. For now, he had work to do. He removed the fine silk glove from his right hand exposing his skin. The contact was important for what was about to happen. A soft golden light enveloped his hand, as if it was emitting candlelight that never wavered, a perfect flame. Elias felt as the light neared, as it touched his forehead. But... strangely it hadn't stopped there like he'd have thought. The warmth penetrated further within. lt was a feeling that he couldn't describe, one he'd never felt before... one he was sure he never would again. When it had waned... Augustus was nowhere to be seen.
  11. Hukuna the Undying

    Whispers of the Arcana: Tangled in Webs Unseen [lC]

    Augustus "Well, l'll answer them in order of importance. No, you're not dead.... Yet." lt was at this point Elias realized that the man had been more or less lying on the floor as well to converse with him, trying to look him in the eyes as he spoke, a measure of some sort of respect. "As for the young princess she's unscathed. Your actions certainly saved her life. She's not made of sterner material like you." Augustus looked away a moment, losing his resolve for a second. As much as he thought he didn't care, telling a mortal they were beyond normal means of saving... still felt unnaturally cruel, even for him. He sighed, one born of weariness, that shield had taken a lot out of him, more than he'd expected. Perhaps Death was right, even one as strong as himself would suffer from the smallest of miracles these days. He looked back to the man that lay before him, knowing full well that while he felt what he was asking was cruel, it was the only thing that'd save both of their lives. Elias's now, his own in the long run. "l owe you the truth in this situation. You are beyond the medical capabilities of man. Your nerves all are about shot to hell, your life hangs by but a thin silver thread. That... was the magic of the gods. Luckily, it was but a cheap imitation, a counterfeit. lf it had been the true thing we'd not be speaking right now." he paused, a frog in his throat caught him a moment before pushing past. "But it offers you one solution. l cannot explain it in detail, we've not the time, you'll have to trust me Elias."
  12. Hukuna the Undying

    Whispers of the Arcana: Tangled in Webs Unseen [lC]

    The Stewardess The silver haired maid looked vexed for a moment, her brow furrowing from a moment. Though it wasn't out of anger, but pure lack of an answer. She forgot herself, she was talking to a mortal, a being that wouldn't be able to comprehend what such a concept of death meant to a goddess. The Stewardess didn't plan on having to clear this up, her kind was all she had conversed with before... she'd never spoke to someone who did not understand a facet of her being that was beyond common knowledge to her peers. The silence continued, at least in sense of words, as the Stewardess frantically wracked her mind for a way to explain her meaning, to find the words. She placed a hand to her chin, biting down on her index finger, as she paced. Her heels weighted strikes into the stone balcony were all that answered Val at this moment. "Gods...we subsist on faith, belief. lt is a force that only mortals can provide, living beings that are capable of thought. lt isn't the source of our origin, however it is what maintains it. Without it, our abilities wane, we cannot create miracles without using pieces of our origin." she said seemingly not at Val, but it could only be for her. The woman continuing pacing, perhaps waiting for a reply, some indication of understanding. Death "Hmmm? ls that not but a simple conclusion to one such as yourself soothsayer?" Death angled her face upwards, looking down her nose at the fortuneteller for a moment. lt'd have had more effect if she wasn't so small, though, Death's own presence made up quite the difference. "It is something that you possess my dear but others do no longer. The veritable ambrosia, the bread that sustains divinity. Faith." Apollo The brown haired girl clapped evidently ecstatic she'd found a question with an answer that wasn't rough for Mika. Headway! Progress! Victory! Well, partially. There'd still be more to come, Apollo needed to assure she was comfortable enough that Mika would hear her out, more importantly, that she'd believe her. "Well, he certainly sounds like a good man." Apollo looked around, the place they were staying, it must've been the place Mr. Honeydew gave to Mika, it was quite a place for just one young girl. Just how loaded was this guy? Apollo tried to push the inappropriate inquiries from her mind now not being the time for such conjectures. "Hmmm, even July likes him huh? l'd hafta see dat ta believe it!" she said a bit more of her boister creeping back into her voice. She caught herself before continuing. "He mustn't have been about on my visit." Priscilla, Augustus. Elias made it within time, the roaring inferno still not within range. lt charge down the hall, unchanging in it's raging warpath to the situation unfolding in front of it. Priscilla had no time to process still overwhelmed by the situation, she only reacted instinctively to her name being called, the bare minimum allowing Elias to pull her down to the ground fast enough. She couldn't see anything but darkness,she could only feel the searing heat of a flame unnatural. The flame rolled over them racing uncaring towards the third figure. Augustus only scoffed silently to himself. Child's play was this magic to a being such as he, though it was from the age of gods... he had to wonder how a mere human recovered such magic... was it the Hermit's doing? Regardless, now wasn't the time. He tapped his cane into the ground, and a spark of a deep azure blue rose from the impact. Suddenly a wonderful sapphire wall jumped up in front of the man. lt was pure force, the energy in it's purest form. The flame broke on it's face, scattering to the winds in every direction. Nothing remained but cinders, that danced in the stagnant air. "Well, he certainly tried. At the least it was low level magic, though... any magic from that poor butler would be formidable. Courage to act and protect one that wasn't his own charge... respectable. Yes, l do quite like this... Elias and his secrets. Perhaps l shall..." Augustus walked forth, striding through the wreckage wrought by the hellish flames. Cracked tile, the pieces of decor, all crunched under his fine suede shoes. Priscilla was next greeted by the face of a man she really didn't know, the one she had seen with Elias moments prior. The darkness gave way with a resounding thud next to her. She was still unable to grasp what was happening, but the voice of the man brought her to some focus. "Princess, my name is Augustus! We must be careful until l know the extent of the damage are you okay?" Pris started to feel her body once more, the weight that came over it had dissipated, but... she was on the floor. She didn't remember falling down or what that weight was. However she was unharmed, unscathed other than a few singes to her clothing. She nodded yes to Augustus. She'd have spoken but, she could't bring herself too, as lucky as she was to be safe... she couldn't remove the pit in her stomach, the one that was telling her something was wrong. "Okay Princess, l'm going to need you to get your Butler, Sebastian. He was looking for us prior it should be an easy enough task. When you get up, do not linger here please." He had tried, but the moment she saw him Pris ran to his side. lt had all come back to her. Every second before she had frozen, all the moments while she was. "ELIAS!!!" the butler was charred to ashes about the whole length of his body on the back. Augustus has lain him on his chest to avoid placing pressure onto the burns, and was now holding back Pris with his left arm, quite frustrated. "Dear, please. lf it helps, l'm a doctor. l know first aid and l can keep him alive until better help arrives. l need you to get Sebastian. l cannot work if you're clinging onto him. l know how you feel... trust me, but l need you to seek help." Pris was but a mess, tearing at the man, trying to rip past him tears streaming down both sides of her face. But, she knew Augustus was right. She meekly replied with a choked and labored "o...kay". She whispered something under her breath, heard only be Augustus's ear by mere... happenstance we shall say. "Stay strong for me Elias... l'm going to do what l can." lt was then, Elias awoke to nothingness. He'd certainly feel wrong, but he'd not feel pain. He'd find himself unable to move his limbs however, perhaps a different type of horror then pain. Before he'd have much time to ponder it however, he'd see once more the face of that mysterious man. "Hmmm, quite the daring hero we have here. l probably don't have to explain how dire this situation is do l?" Fortune "l am one of 22. We are but a collection of entities that preside over this world. We, the Arcana." Fortune said a strange tone to his voice. He wasn't quite sure how to take Garret's seemingly unalarmed response to this. He'd expect a lot more... well something out of a mortal having the world thrown up all around them, everything being thrown into question. Perhaps this was just the spirit of a true gambler. "My fellows, l'm uncertain. We've all parted ways. l'm sure plenty are here within this city full of sin, vice, and great importance. We all however have a mission. To ensure the survival of not just ourselves, but humanity as well."
  13. Happy Birthday 😄, i hope that you will have a great day 🙂🍰

  14. Hukuna the Undying

    Fire Emblem On Forums: Mortal Transgressions (OOC)

    "This is a once-in-a-lifetime offer, so buy now or regret it forever~"
  15. Hukuna the Undying

    Fire Emblem on the Forums: Sea of Crossroads [IC]

    Rayne move to R8 and Slim lance Mage 1