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  1. tfw I might need my saves for Reborn and Rejuvenation rebuild from ;~;

    1. Sparky


      *from scratch*

  2. That moment when you look through an old ReRoll you were apart of in the RP section and see that it hasn't been touched in nearly 4 years, but would love to see it be continued, despite the lack of people from it having left in one way or another.

  3. From what I'm assuming, the leads for Aya being Nidoqueen/Toxapex
  4. Just popping in here for a friend that's currently run into the difficulty spike that is Aya. Jynx - Level 45 Ability: Oblivious Docile Nature -Psychic -Powder Snow -Confusion -Avalanche Meowstic - Level 45 Ability: Keen Eye Timid Nature -Psychic -Cut -Disarming Voice -Psyshock Musharna - Level 45 Ability: Synchronize Mild Nature -Moonlight -Charge Beam -Psybeam -Imprison Incineroar - Level 45 Ability: Blaze Careful Nature -Darkest Lariat -Fire Fang -Flamethrower -Bite Ampharos - Level 45 Ability: Static Impish Nature -Discharge -Thunder Punch -Charge Beam -Power Gem Medicham - Level 45 Ability: Pure Power Gentle Nature -Hidden Power Ice -Calm Mind -Reversal -Rock Smash 'Notable' Pokemon in PC - Donphan/Klang/Fearow/Slurpuff
  5. Happy Birthday 😄, i hope that you will have a great day 😄🍰

  6. It's been a while, but i've made a new playlist for everyone to take a listen to

  7. I've just been looking through old RP's i've been involved with, but I'm not sure if I should jump back into the subforum, let alone if there are any that I could join.

    1. Yours Truly

      Yours Truly

      The Reborn Fire Emblem on the Forums subforum is still surprisingly alive and well, although I guess there's some other RPs in that subforum that receives regular interest.

  8. Online UN: Sparks Trainer Name: Sparky
  9. I'm tempted to ask for a friend on how people get past Shelly.

  10. I really need to find something to do around here other than just lurk until episode 18 is released.

  11. tmw trying to recall the names for each episode of Reborn, but only remember Rust Thicker Than Water, Poison in Vein, and Poison in Vain.

    1. Abyssreaper99


      I remember a few more: Of Fathers Forgotten, Out of Light, Into Darkness, Demarcation, Cascade, A City Reborn (I think that was E16's name). Next one will be Void-kissed

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