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  1. Tacos

    Which do you personally think is more difficult

    Not everything with an intended purpose will always fulfill it. The question here is solely a matter of opinion.
  2. I have no solutions for that unfortunately. It's a commonplace occurrence for pretty much everyone regardless of the computer's performance.
  3. It's one of the settings you can access from the menu.
  4. I'm never too big on using this as a solution unless I have to, but from what it sounds like, it might just be your computer's inability to keep up with how intensive Reborn can be for Macs. One solution that may help, even if it unfortunately reduces the quality of the battling experiences, is disabling battle animations. For Macs that are weaker and/or on the older side, like my previous laptop for example, things like that tended to work. I wish I could provide more of a solution outside of being sure to save as frequently as possible and potentially giving your computer a break for a few minutes after brief intervals of playing to ensure it's not overheating. I've yet to run into much else that specifically helps these sort of issues, but please come back and let me know if none of that is making any difference. I apologize once again for my lack of solutions here, but I hope this doesn't turn you off from the game!
  5. Hmm... And it's consistently at the end of turn 2? Does this occur with other battles as well? What moves are being used by your opponent?
  6. Does your Torchic have speed boost by chance? I've been seeing that stat-changes seem to be quite demanding on Macs for whatever reason and are contributing to script hang errors. I'm not quite sure of a solution as of yet, but I'll try to contact some people and get some more information.
  7. Tacos


    I put some directions for finding your save if you’re using a Mac here. Hopefully it will be helpful.
  8. I've experienced this before but never really quite worked out a solution. It was something I specifically experienced using wine method before I switched to wineskin and eventually updated to a newer Mac. But just for clarification, is this coming from the animation of the stat-affecting move, or the animation of the stats being affected? Is it for stats being increased, decreased, or both?
  9. Tacos

    What're YOU listening to?~

    Can't believe I forgot Frank Ocean existed
  10. I'm probably high key the worst for pointing this out but I really like seeing things as up to date as possible and I noticed that in the Pokemon Reborn FAQ, the question about playing the game on macs is linked to the old guide and refers to me as a moderator. Now I do love that my moderator legacy gets to live on in the FAQ but my old guide no longer requires a legacy cause it's dusty and old so an updated link might be neat. Also idk what the deal is at this point with the Showdown server but having a link on the site that just leads to a dead place just makes me a little sad. At the very least maybe make the E16 discussion room up to date for the current episode so it at least looks like Clarice has been trying her best to keep the place tidy.
  11. Tacos

    I found Rebornevo before it was public

    I still remember being shocked that you found the new forums before I did and I actually knew the site update was happening. What a legend.
  12. Tacos

    Member of the Year Awards Recap

    Hunger games was rigged I'm telling you. That award isn't my fault.
  13. Oops, sorry for a late reply. I'm glad you figured it out though! For the sake of clarity, when you said save file, did you mean your game.rxdata file or the wrapper you created to play the game? Just want to familiarize myself with the issue if it turns out to be important/common.
  14. You know, considering how this semester has gone for me, I nominate myself for: The Shelly Citra Award Most Likely to Die in the Last Episode of Reborn Most Likely to Die First in a Killing Game
  15. I guess in this case I win for losing