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  1. Isn't it a little "cheap" to artificially raise the difficulty in such a manner? Are there literally no other options? Well as long as i'm able to (reasonably) grind my mons up to speed it's ok still kind of a bummer
  2. 1) Part 3 confirmed guys Sean just couldn't stay silent 2) Jan 3) YES!!! Oh so much yes
  3. Hum...so the "main" protagonist is dead now we can finally play as our true hero Melia right? Right? Seriously though did that really happen or was that editing? WOW the "perfect" plan failed! That can't be! Good thing you were there to save the day...exept not: 1) Giratina defeated - doesn't matter Jenner dies anyway, that was probably needed to make Melia backstory even more tragic/sad (and look now you have something in common) i'm sure unlike for you people will try to comfort her 2) Team Xen defeated - doesn't matter in the slightest, the whole fight (while really cool) was utterly pointless because they take her anyway (btw where in the hells are her super duper Mary sue powers?) and more importantly Nim dies so why even have a fight in the first place? It's like a bad GM telling the player: you know that whole section of the game you played to get stronger/better gear? Nuhu doesn't matter i win anyway because i said so. Some aspects of this game are good but the story...it just ruins everything i don't know how you keep going. On the topic of Nim how many likeable characters are even left at this point? Maybe Tesla? That's the only one i can think of Of course Rose kills another Legendary and not to spoil your victory but what if Giratina used a Dragon move? it almost killed her with Hex But Sean don't you know Venam is there as Melia's sidekick (except she's useless) and comic relief (except she's not funny) Your plan was definitely better but alas you're not the protagonist
  4. RIP Adam and Valarie you will be missed Saki you will not Crescent is like a freaking Eldar Farseer always cryptic and could help/explain everything but for some "mysterious" reason will not creating more problems as a result. RIP Flounder IV may you find your revenge on that base backstabbing creature called Venam from the afterlife The First Seal is undone soon snow and ice will cover the world and Chiller will show his true form! (reminds me of Hellsing when Alucard regains full power) To be fair Sean Gyarados is pretty heavy that's probably why it can learn Earthquake (also because it's the best Dragon)
  5. Oh Sean remember when you said Saki was ok now and i said nooo she is still as obnoxious as ever? Now look at that scene and tell me i was wrong Congratulations on officially becoming a murderer! (even though you already killed several people with your Pokemon but that doesn't count) So let's recap the reasons Lava Drift was not needed: 1) The backdoor from Crawli 2) Melia has Flying Pokemon (even if she doesn't need them because of her godly powers) 3) Saki and her "invention" 4) Probably something else i forgot Now seeing all these i don't want you to be alarmed but i think Jan is working for Team Xen i don't see any other way
  6. Wow Madelis when i was 100% sure Geara was the dumbest Admin you pulled off this little stunt well done (slow clap) Don't worry Sean when Tesla brings Amber home she'll come back to help yo...MELIA yeah! I'm starting to suspect they don't really like you That Kyogre had no chance Jitto is the strongest Legendary there is
  7. Sean your words inspire supreme confidence in me if i were there i would follow you to the nearest convenience store and maybe even beyond (to the nearest park) it is finally time to wage WAAAGH!!! Did you grind them all in 2 hours? Even with Audinos that's really fast i did something similar before ep 17 came out grinding up to max level (and making shiny) my 30 favorite mons but that took almost a day (too bad i had to start over and they all disappeared) Why won't you ever spoil Zira? She just wants a bite Okay...the title card guy is going to disappear, i have a very bad feeling about this maybe you'll just put something else there but still....
  8. You know that Xatu is right Sean...you know it! What a cute little Litwick can't wait for iher to become a soul burning Chandelure then she and Chiller can be friends btw how do you know he can't eat souls? Maybe he's part Ghost or something I think Madame X is an old decrepit lady holed up in a basement somewhere and is controlling these suits with a remote (just like Iron Man yeah) Well you see not a single person in my family is good with computers (or knows what an ESRB rating is) sooo they didn't know and it came in a bundle with Warcraft 2 and Starcraft so they didn't see the cover Oh but i am part of the Radical movement in the Ordo Xenos we think it is "fitting" to use their technology against them
  9. Ahhh the ol' times when Melia ONLY had superstrength, the shiny thing, teleport and an IQ of 500 good times good times I got my internet addic...i mean connection at 15 but my first PC (master race) at 7? (i think) Playing Diablo (that game was really scary for little me) so i feel you, about the braile thing: didn't you get a list of simbols with the manual? That's how i was able to do it. Listen to the Cube Sean...listen and learn the truth it is wise beyond measure blessed by Yog-Sothoth itself
  10. That Inkay is really cute and you could've called her Assassin (like the female Chosen from X-COM 2) but Dr. Vahlen is great too You're into Malamar? Like tentacles and such? Well i'm not one to judge what people like. The Aliens are probably here to spy on Melia (she's a threat to them too)
  11. RIP Fingers i never learned how you managed to become slim so fast RIP Blu-Ray i never understood why the Mantine line is part Flying . . . RIP Ignacio we hardly knew you Team AA managed to kill almost as much as Team Xen? Didn't expect that maybe they're more of a threat than we think (their plan is still stupid as hell tho) Chiller (and Angie) is a good influence for you (too bad you can't do this in-game) P.S. I'm old but not THAT old (29 btw)
  12. It's his birthday? Well congratulations are in order how is life treating you now that you're older? Anyway happy Praise Melia day to you!
  13. But Sean you could do so many things with an alternate timeline (btw if you're still wondering both of them are bad) like call that Mareep Evil Jasmine and make her do evil or well considering you "normal" things Spoilers for the Reborn run nice too bad i'm going to become 70 and forget everything about it before you continue it. Ahhh AA Team you're always there when i need a laugh You're being called "they" because Jan doesn't want to assume your gender and/or sexuality because it's a very very very (very) important thing for SJW or he's simply too lazy to make slight variations in some dialogues (probably both) There are still some Rangers alive? I hoped Angie killed them all...what a downer
  14. Shhh it's okay Sean i understand seeing Melia again after a long time can do that to a sane person, now i don't want to alarm you but she will (probably) get captured again and you'll have to save her (again) but look at the bright side at least for the next month you'll still be the protagonist P.S. to reply to your reply - do i look like someone who cares about something so silly like "teammates"? Chiller is one of my favorites for a reason
  15. Whew she's not dead don't worry Sean Melia will revive her Let it snow let it snow let it snow RIP Groudon Chiller is the best Ahahaha Texen is the hero we all deserve That super team is hilarious (did you make them yourself?) buuut seeing as i'm the odd one among them i'll probably go apply for X-Force (it's a nice way of saying i'm too cool to hang out with them but don't tell anyone *wink*)