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  1. Nim lives! Except she probably will not remember and/or hinder you and does Crescent really think that cutting your hair makes you unrecognizable? At least one of the top girls survived Turtonator is kinda good but only early to mid game then it becomes increasingly useless but at least he helped (unlike the Rock types) all in all the battle was pretty good Ah yes the Seeds...my reaction was pretty similar when i restarted Reborn, Ame probably thought that Fields were not unfair enough and bosses needed that extra edge Karen gives me the creeps you should sneak attack her before she does the same Aww poor Texen he only wanted to insult one of your (very few) still alive friends in this region what's wrong with that? I pity the guy because i know he's going to end badly
  2. Happy Birthday 😄, i hope that you will have a great day 🙂🍰

  3. You're immortal now? Interesting...ah i have an idea why! You were touched by our GODDESS and a minuscle spark of her being is now with you at all times keeping you alive (and suffering). I would like the z-moves if the trainer didn't do that stupid dance before using them it's just lame Did Amber just say what i think she said? The Multiverse theory is 100% correct then, this cannot be the same person we saw previously Something fun will happen and Melia will not be present? Jan is spoiling us
  4. Finally back to this (literally) insane run! Our "protagonist" is resurrected but somehow that's not the most incredible event in this episode? Also Crescent can apparently resurrect people (with all her other bullshit powers) and i'm wondering why did she even do it? Why not solve all the problems by herself? Why is our "protagonist" brought back when all he did was stand and watch? Ahhh...just another example of bad writing, i can understand making the main bad guy overpowered (ONLY the main, looking at you Geara and company) even if it's cliche but when everyone is OP except the (supposed) protagonist it's just sad. Purgatory? Let's set this straight if there was a "Hell" that's where you (and me) would go to. It's not a reflection of your soul either i think with the severe lack of mirrors and golden statues of yourself (and Rose). Shhh Sean Adrian is gone forever erased by the evil God of suffering (and bad writing) Hmm Zetta is a Pokemon then and not a cool one either...why? To explain how he can open portals? I just don't get it...btw Jan probably came with this plot twist after naming him and then it was too late to change the name If Team Xen accepts your application you'll probably be just a grunt as your only "superpower" is Smoke Detection don't forget that Pokemon battles mean absolutely nothing in this region
  5. Gaunt

    SH3'S B4CK

    I hope this is at least half true because i need to hear her RAWRRR again
  6. But Sean an average Barboach is 15 inches long... Wallace was boring that Arceus on the other hand is very very interesting but you probably killed it
  7. Isn't there already a doujinshi about dating a Magma Grunt (not seveal though)? I remember reading one forever ago I personally liked Ruby a lot...at least till Lilycove then it became the worst i was too stingy to buy repels and with all that water...you can figure out the rest That Groudon was really underwhelming but real talk here in terms of looks (not power) it's way better than the whale reject called Kyogre (also your time in Rejuv was not spent in vain i see Melia gave you some pointers on super strength) Don't worry Sean she'll come around:
  8. I never actually thought about it but why the Champion never stops the "evil team" instead of dumping it all on the protagonist? (except Lance in Gold/Silver he at least fought one time against Team Rocket) So Maxie is being mind controlled by Celebi...that means Celebi was the ultimate villain all along!!! dun dun dun and not a way for Sean to insert it back into the story...or IS IT? Oh Jane died she seemed cool P.S. Long live Flounder 3! (or at least till Sean forgets again that Sharpedo have the defense of a blind puppy)
  9. It's ALIVEEEEE!!!!! The run and....you i seriously considered making a poll to see if people thought you were dead/gone/bored to continue but here we are again i actually remember (almost) nothing from this run but it's still fun to watch and yes everyone is probably just waiting for you to continue with Reborn (now that your Rejuv chracter is dead) and what a run it'll be can't wait till you get to a certain triple battle and see how you do (i had some trouble mainly because i never use healing items). I'll need to refresh my memory and watch the Reborn run from the begining
  10. The real question is: can we use synonyms (like ambush or lure) to refer to fictional characters previosly described by that word or are those banned as well? Seriosly i never thought of the term as "offensive" (or seen it used as such) but hey rules are rules
  11. Isn't it a little "cheap" to artificially raise the difficulty in such a manner? Are there literally no other options? Well as long as i'm able to (reasonably) grind my mons up to speed it's ok still kind of a bummer
  12. Hum...so the "main" protagonist is dead now we can finally play as our true hero Melia right? Right? Seriously though did that really happen or was that editing? WOW the "perfect" plan failed! That can't be! Good thing you were there to save the day...exept not: 1) Giratina defeated - doesn't matter Jenner dies anyway, that was probably needed to make Melia backstory even more tragic/sad (and look now you have something in common) i'm sure unlike for you people will try to comfort her 2) Team Xen defeated - doesn't matter in the slightest, the whole fight (while really cool) was utterly pointless because they take her anyway (btw where in the hells are her super duper Mary sue powers?) and more importantly Nim dies so why even have a fight in the first place? It's like a bad GM telling the player: you know that whole section of the game you played to get stronger/better gear? Nuhu doesn't matter i win anyway because i said so. Some aspects of this game are good but the story...it just ruins everything i don't know how you keep going. On the topic of Nim how many likeable characters are even left at this point? Maybe Tesla? That's the only one i can think of Of course Rose kills another Legendary and not to spoil your victory but what if Giratina used a Dragon move? it almost killed her with Hex But Sean don't you know Venam is there as Melia's sidekick (except she's useless) and comic relief (except she's not funny) Your plan was definitely better but alas you're not the protagonist
  13. RIP Adam and Valarie you will be missed Saki you will not Crescent is like a freaking Eldar Farseer always cryptic and could help/explain everything but for some "mysterious" reason will not creating more problems as a result. RIP Flounder IV may you find your revenge on that base backstabbing creature called Venam from the afterlife The First Seal is undone soon snow and ice will cover the world and Chiller will show his true form! (reminds me of Hellsing when Alucard regains full power) To be fair Sean Gyarados is pretty heavy that's probably why it can learn Earthquake (also because it's the best Dragon)
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