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  1. Name: Aqua Rosee of 9 Appearance: long blond hair with hair-pins in it (think like Cynthia) and light blue eyes. Age: 17 Personality: She is a very quite girl, she stutters a lot whenere she talks and lacks self-confidence Backstory: Growing up she was often abused by her father multiple times a day for doing absolutly nothing. At age of 9 she decided to do something agains him, and that she did with a kitchen knive trough his heart. From that day onward she closed herself in a shell not letting anyone in her hear. At the age of 17 she saw an article telling about The Hill, so she decided to go there, and find her long lost courege and confidence. Ability: She has a superior IQ. Whit the help of it she can come up with many outcomes, strategys and creations. She excells in karate shotokan that she mastered when she was only 12 years old and was and still is considered a prodigy. Cost: Because of her usege of her brain even in sleep, she needs atleast 13 hours of pure blisfull sleep (think about an Abra)
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