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    Now extend it by another 10 weeks because I asked 10 times... XD

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    2. Tempest Blaze

      Tempest Blaze

      Wait a second, when was it banned? I mean I can see why, but I hope I don't get in trouble.

    3. Abyssreaper99


      This was a year or so ago because the joke was over done. But one or two of the devs revived the joke so it ok now I think

    4. Tempest Blaze

      Tempest Blaze

      lmao oh ok thx

  2. No do not delete this. Besides this thread, there is no standalone forum for which to ask questions about Full Moon (The game gets better as you go *cringe...cringe*). Speaking of which, where do I find the move releaerner. I have looked all over clay and ordeo city. Currently playing episode 10.2, which is a few episodes past the one where he said he would make one of the move people into the Move Reminder. Has anyone found him yet. If so, Please tell me where specifically. because I have torn Clay city and ordeo city new ones looking for this gosh darn guy. The "new one" is central tower was not me... it was my character's mentally thin-skinned boyfriend, Orphan-chan. But yeah, TL;DR: Do not delete this thread and someone plz tell me where the Muk™ the move relearner is? Have seached Clay and Ordeo all over. @Tempest Blaze I think that person was asking to have their post deleted, not the thread itself. When someone experiences a glitch or asks a question that they find a solution to on their own before anyone replies, it's common for them to ask for their post to be deleted or ignored. I deleted the user's post. EDIT: Sorry, didn't think about that. Also I want to be able to srsly use my Gallade and get air slash on my charizard, amongst various other things. Need move Relearner. Btw, anyone have the PBS files for any version of the game. . Had heard that in version 8.1 Esteban accidentally let those slip. If I am not allowed to ask for PBS files, then please disregard this paragraph.
  3. Should be a prism scale somewhere in the mountain, presumably on the way up to the floor where you can catch him. If not Then if you have beaten Ciel, then you should be able to reach, at most, the 10th floor of Dept. Store where you can straight up buy it for 2500 pokedollars on the 9th floor's right vendor (8 stickers needed). Only 7 stickers are available before city restoration. For pickup guide search forums for limits. Prism scale might be only available at certain levels, and they change the pick up table almost every episode.
  4. Happy Birthday 😄, i hope that you will have a great day 😄🍰

    1. Tempest Blaze

      Tempest Blaze

      lolz my b-day was Sunday, not saturday. Are you in a different time zone? I'm in Central Standard Time. Anywho though, I appreciate the birthday wish. Thanks so much Lykos! XD

    2. LykosHand


      Ah i see xD yeah that's right i'm in CET 🙂 and you're welcome 😄

  5. I wanna see a electric type monorun. In the beggining, you can get pachirisu on Opal Bridge or zigzagoon if you're unlucky. tynamo during rain in one of the peridot alleyways, blitlze during thunderstorm by Julia's gym, and joltik from the house in peridot whose power is out. Galvantula with compound eyes and thunder after wide lens boost (Route 1 Nature center 3rd floor for wide lens location) make Thunder have 98% accuracy instead of 70. Fun facts. I can't remember if he learns it by level up. Giga Drain in Neo reborn as Move tutor. Eelektross can get crunch and learn flamethrower by TM. Grass knot for route 3 caves pre-youknowwho hostage taking. I would suggest using RPGMaker debug to get Tapu Koko but that would make it WAYYY to easy. At least if you did, make him have telepathy Hidden ability instead of electric surge. More challenging.
  6. I am at the point when Cal is still standing there talking to Blake. ( I earlier chose not to give the ring, so it's Cal, not shelly there.) Just after leaving shelly to talk to heather before she deals with the air unit, I go to the entrance to the city and find this. (Naturally she disappears after talking to her.) Talking to her may reset or break certain flags, especially when comparing to already checked flags. this may potentially break the game. I will attach my save file. Game.rxdata
  7. EDIT: I cannot find the battles in debuglog even though I know you will promise me until your blue in the face they are there (no rudeness intended.) I also can't post the files as attachments because the file sizes are too large (one of them is almlost 8 MB). Good luck, unless you have suggestion on how to get those to you. ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ There is a Trevenant of one of the Meteor Scientists that has will-o-wisp and leech seed. Idk the Scientist's name but he is in both the Blacksteam factory and in Tanzan Meteor base. The issue is this:
  8. Nice to meet you Ulti. Welcome to the site. Btw, if you are having trouble with the difficulty, then definitely do NOT try Commander's Hardcore difficulty mods for both Reborn and Rejuvenation. XD By the by, the field effects get tedious, but you get used to them... except water's surface field... That field is OP, especially in Rejuvenation. Water leader is hard as heck. Not going to say anymore... I don't want to spoil.
  9. Happy Birthday :D, i hope that you will have a great day ^^

    1. Tempest Blaze

      Tempest Blaze

      I had a pretty good birthday. Thanks! ^w^

    2. LykosHand


      I'm happy to see that :D and you're welcome ;)

  10. Trying to replay Donkey Kong 64. Anyone know if there is a way to run faster than your typical running speed?


    1. Animefan666


      If you're using PJ64, try setting the counter factor to 1 and maybe set the memory to 8

  11. Did the house key for the move relearner get changed I have svoured the entire railnet for that dang thing It is not anywhere. I have made sure to break open the walls everywhere. Send help pl0x. :<

    1. Tempest Blaze

      Tempest Blaze

      Inb4 I have already gotten the Dull Key. That's a different key. (...says me to anyone who hasn't done the scraggy sidequest before.)

    2. Tempest Blaze

      Tempest Blaze

      Nvm. Me are dummyhead. I was specifically looking for it, but I somehow still didn't notice when I picked up. I'm blind and dumb. *Hides in a dark corner*

  12. I am alive... Thank Super Kami Dende for making us more Dragon Balls.

  13. Game was awesome Amethyst. TYSM!

  14. So, does the shop restock automatically via a system protocol with no need of user input, or do I have to wait on Amethyst to wake up and do it?

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    2. Tempest Blaze

      Tempest Blaze

      That's strange, indeed.

    3. Tempest Blaze

      Tempest Blaze

      Time-space paradox perhaps? =P

    4. Skeleton


      no just a shitty ass site

  15. Hope to play E16 soon.

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