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    Holy shit I was on a nostalgia trip and suddenly saw you've been online recently! o.O


    Are you back? Do you still remember me? Jk just say you didn't even if you did to please my ego.

  2. Happy Birthday 😄, i hope that you will have a great day 😄🍰

  3. Forum name: Chim Showdown alt(s): Chimchain (I might not remember the password and end up with a new alt tho) Discord: Chim#9023 Availability*: During the week mostly between 6PM - 10PM and most of the weekend. (GMT + 1) Favourite type(s): Water, Dark, Steel Least favourite type(s): Fairy The last 4 digits on your credit card: 9696
  4. Ooh shit looks who's growing up o.O


    Happy B-day mate!

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    2. not Azery

      not Azery

      happy birthday you goon

    3. PESH1


      Happy Birthday :)

    4. Chickenborn


      Happy Birthday  random animu girl

  5. Ooh this looks fun: Challenge 6 lost letters: - Supersonic Skystrike - Static - Driftveil Drawbridge
  6. Zarc

    Happy birthday :) 

  7. Happy Birthday :D, i hope you will have a fun day ^^

  8. Grats Alex! And look at Azery growing up. Grats man.
  9. To create a new RP or not... That's the question

    1. Wolfox


      just DO IT!

    2. Raindrop Valkyrie

      Raindrop Valkyrie

      Well... now'd be the time lel. l mean l'mma bout to get back to Hostin' so lel.

    3. Cool Girl

      Cool Girl

      Man...glad to see a Shakespeare enthusiast :)

  10. Chim

    Meet the vets!

    Might as well do this since I'm probably one of the least known vets around. General Info: Known as: Chimchain / Chim Age: 24, getting close to that 25 Gender: Male Birthday: August 15, 1992 Location: Belgium Height: 158cm, fite me Giants! Hair Color: Blond Eye Color: Green / Grey Lives with: My mom and brother Pets: 2 cats Relationship status: What's this? A dating site? Anyway, single Favourite Food: BELGIAN FRIES or spaghetti Favourite Drink: Water / ice tea Favourite Color: Red Favourite kind of Music: I listen to a lot of different stuff. I don't really have a favourite Favourite Band: Used to be Linkin Park when I grew up so let's go with that Favourite Album: None Favourite Song: Changes all the time Favourite Game: I don't game that much which is kinda weird since this community is because of a game. Only games I played: Pokémon, FIFA, Football Manager and recently I started Fire Emblem. Favourite Genre of Game: Sports? RPG? I don't know. As long as it isn't a shooting game cause I suck at aiming. Favourite Hobbies: Wasting life on youtube, writing, reading (don't read that often anymore tho), going out with friends, Futsal (indoor soccer) Favourite Movies: Fast and the Furious. All of them. Favourite Shows: Game of Thrones, The Walking Dead, How to get away with murder, Lucifer, Vikings, How I met your mother, Two and a half men. Community questions: So, who are you?: I'm currently the one who holds the title of Reborn Survivor. I won the first (and only) season. Aside from that I used to hang out in the RP section but these days... I don't really know. I came here somewhere in 2012 / 2013 (when I made this account) but I can't remember when I actually became active. Either a year after I made this account or when I actually decided to make it. Unlike most people I ended up here because of Nickaboo's video's on youtube. I was only active in the RP section and stayed there to keep me from going insane. RPing was also the reason I joined in the first place. I also hosted one of the biggest RPs ever named Pokémon: Ymora Academy. Since I barely left that sectionI don't think I'm was / am well known so I guess this can count as an intro to everyone. The first time I left my safe lurking spot was probably somewhere at the end of 2015 when I attempted to join the server and failed. Now I'm usually online there or on discord out of habit. And to be completely honest: I don't even know why. I don't have much contact with anyone currently. Outside the forums I'm currently looking to change jobs, watch some tv-shows online, play futsal and might look into another hobby. I really want to go rafting one day but where I live there aren't that many opportunities. Anything you're responsible for? Nope. Only thing I ever did was host my own RP but both attempts didn't end well. If you had to choose one of your posts as your way to introduce yourself, which would it be? This one. What can I talk to you about? About anything really. All of my old friends (or at least those I spoke to daily and was close with) left so I'm always up for a chat. Maths or games (unless I'm familiar with them) are probably not a great topic since I won't have any idea what you're talking about. Closing statements? Fries are from Belgium goddammit!
  11. Cya in 2 weeks reborn

  12. Tommy Wiseаu: surge story v2 would actually be hype


    We're still waiting old friend...

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    2. Raindrop Valkyrie

      Raindrop Valkyrie

      Never really saw much of t myself since that was running at the EXACT same time as Graterras Original, so I was tied up with hosting that ((to the point my like internal timeline is actually bonkers off course cause it like refuses to accept that was at the same time more or less LOL.))

    3. Sutoratosu



    4. Chim


      is that a yes? 

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