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  1. Not sure if you've found it yet, but its in the building above the pokemon center iirc (its been a while), also you have to have finished the storyline for this version (postgame only) to find them. If you still cant find em there are people on YT with videos that could easily show you the location
  2. Does Silvally-normal get a new ability from its crest?
  3. I wasnt comparing the two directly, I was just doing so to make a point to those who say reborn is outright harder than rejuvenation, or that rejuvenation feels more forgiving
  4. Lol I've already played thru V12 and I'm very familiar with how the game used to be vs how it is now and I have to say that the difficulty has defintely been toned down. You say the fights were horribly designed, I somewhat agree, but not only were the fights nerfed as a result, newer and better mons became available in areas that they weren't at first, then better items, access to EV rooms, more trainers, etc. Which goes back to my point about their priority being making the game better, as opposed to that challenging aspect. Which led Jan to introduce the different playing modes (Easy, Casual, Intense), for those who still wanted a kick of how the old rejuvantion used to be. In my experience Intense is challenging for sure, but with all the new techs available it will never seem as hard as the earlier versions of rejuvenation which is what my initial point was. Quickly addressing the gauntlet point, Im not sure why that is the first thing people go to when talking about reborn's difficulty as it is a series of battles that doesnt allow to change your team or strategy for each battle. I dont believe that it is the best example as it is meant to be a unfair challenge.
  5. While I agree Reborn has had way more hellish battles then Rejuvantion and you had to get really creative to win, I think Rejuvantion's difficulty was actully toned down over the years. I've been playing since the early versions and it was not always as simple as grinding with audino trainers and easily finding the mons you need to win. You had to use creativity and earn your wins just like in reborn (Spirit keta, Prenerf Narcissa, Prenerf Valarie) I know yall know what im talking about lol, they were worse then anything you will play on intense these days. I think over the years the priority just became making the game as good as possible as opposed to anything else.
  6. lol bro at least show us the mons that you do have so that we can give a strategy
  7. Ah so a pokemon with the ability Dry skin is immune to Ground type attacks underwater? lmao thats busted
  8. As some of you may have guessed, Im trying to defeat Neptune's OP ass lol, but I cant even kill the Heliolisk cuz EQ doesnt work underwater or so I thought, I looked at the field effect guide and it doesnt say anything about ground type moves not working or EQ specifically not working underwater. Everytime i try to EQ the Heliolisk the text literally says that I "used EQ" then the move doesnt even come out, the heliolisk just recovers its HP with dry skin and then I take the water damage from the field and die. Am I missing something lol? Does EQ truly not work underwater?
  9. Normal types with unique moves and Dark types are your best bet. I remeber back when Narcissa was the devil incarnate lmao, having normal types and strong pokemon helped a lot, cuz her signature ghost move is so broken. If I could choose your team based off your box tho I'd use Persian cuz its fast, Sawsbuck, Luxray, Hariyama (for bulk), and your Swampert, Cacturne or talonflame could be used too depending on how good their movesets are for this battle, also dont be afraid to catch new mons and train them, its kinda required in this game lol Also if you have any niche items to help that would be great too, like a chesto berry for driftblim's hypnosis, things like that
  10. Thanks a ton, I had been down there already, but the area where the member is at looked blocked off at first, I didnt think the area was accessable lol
  11. Hey all, I noticed that there wasnt a thread with the location of each clan member I've only found these: Gearen City Goldenwood Park The dessert area near the gible (forgot the name) And I know there is one on route 6 underwater but I just cant find them, I was actually hoping someone would shed light on this cuz I've serached the area at least 10 times and found nothing. Are they in the tower with the mearnie on top? Cuz that place is locked too and Im pretty sure its not linked to the Kingdra puzzle cuz those buttons didnt unlock that tower either.
  12. Anyone know where the key is to the backyard of the Darclight manor is, so I can finish the Narcissa quest? I've already done all the darclight cave stuff, so im confused why I dont have all the keys lol
  13. I guess i meant continue the quest haha, I cant find Jenny anywhere and I cant find Ana, are they still in GDC? Edit: found em nvrm
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