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  1. Blodeuyn reeled back a bit from the counter attack of the shaman as the fighter bought their axe down on her. With luck she managed to get out of the way of the strike causing her to fall down on the ground. "Owww" She said as she stood up rubbing her behind "Meanie I'm going to make you pay!" She yelled at the fighter as she charged him with a fist swinging it at him. The impact was just a light bop to the fighter. Blodeuyn gave a small laugh at the fighter before smiling and opening her hand reveling a large gathering of energy waving at the fighter "Bye bye." she said as she tossed the energy into the ground causing a rumble to happen underneath him before tendrils of dark magic shot out of the ground wrapping the fighter up and slowing pulling them into a maw of darkness under the ground. After the fighter disappeared under the ground Blodeuyn moved away from the area towards the next group of advancing enemies pulling out some of her the potions that her master gave her before leaving. Blodeuyn moves to I10 and uses a Vul
  2. "Meanie leave the Rosanne alone!" Blodeuyn yelled as she ran towards the shaman just stopping a bit short before throwing an orb of dark energy at him. Blodeuyn Moves to F10 and Blasts the shaman
  3. Helena faced turned in confusion from the song. "Well that was a thing." she mumbled as she lined up to kick the zombie square in the head with her new legs. "Well if you're not a zombie ten say something or your heads getting caved in either from my foot or the shotgun." She said the the zombie. Waiting a few seconds for an answer before kicking it in its face. Helena waits for the zombie to say something if no answer comes she kicks it in the head preferably hard.
  4. Waving bye to her cousins Cassandra took a quick sniff of her clothes to see if she actually smelt like chicken, She frowned a bit finding out she did smell like said chicken that wasn't a good impression to make. Once in the lab she slowly drifted over to the cookies as the Professor talked taking one before turning to Petra "Oh, what was that really cute one that i liked that you said was one that we could pick from?" She asked in between bites of the cookie.
  5. "Good job Mercia. Now lets see if I can do just as good." Blodeuyn said with a smile as she gathered more slithering black energy in her hand and lobbed it the the swordsman nearby. Blodeuyn blast the Myrm with worm Lucian moves to L10 and heals Rosanne Rosanna attacks the mage from L9
  6. After finally getting enough strength back to actually move and not cough up blood well talking moved forward to the others "Ummm.....we should head back to the basilicom I think it was called. Uni and Nepgear look like they are about to collapse and umm.....I'm not doing to well either. I...umm... used a lot of energy during that llast fight and...it would be nice to rest before the next one.......if that would okay?" she said to the others rather meekly and strained.
  7. Henrietta looked over at the new enemy who appeared something in the back of her mind told her that she should be careful against this enemy. Giving a short prayer to the lord for his guidance she hit a switch on her gun causing a heavy metal plates to pop out of it covering most of the small nun's body. "Get down everyone." She called out as she unleashed a barrage of gunfire down the hall at Tohl. Henrietta uses triple augmentation to switch out Heat resistance layering for Deployable frontal defense giving herself +2 armor. and fire at Tohl if possiable.
  8. Helena sighed at the sound of another zombie in the next room. She really didn't want to actually fight but at least it seems something was going on in there and well she guessed she should at least go and help just in case."Make sure someone doubles tab the dead one we don't want it popping up and attacking from the back." She said as she moved into the next room Helena heads into the room with the non dead dead zombie.
  9. Cassandra had been blowing bubbles into her drink for a bit as she was seemingly lost in thought if any one could believe that. She was going through a list of items through her head trying to make sure she had packed everything she would need. After all she doesn't want to end up stuck in the snow without anything warm to wear. She was about the run the list once more but she was drawn out of her thoughts when Aia let out a large belch. She laughed along with Aia a little bit awkwardly before grabbing her last bit of chicken and quickly finished it off. Though unfortunately for the girl she ate it to quickly and and when she tried to say something she started to to choke a bit and grabbed her drink and took a deep drink of if it to clear her throat. "Yep, yep I think I should all be ready to go. I hope the pokemon i get is really cute." She said in a sing songy voice and big smile.
  10. Henrietta puffed her checks at the others it was her job to punish heretic. As Richard jumped she took her minigun out of its case as she moved out of the room and looked for a group of bandits away from any of the other rooms so she wouldn't haven to worry about hitting many other passengers. Once she found some she would rain lead down on them for denying the light of the lord.
  11. Cassandra Castle has come to have fun
  12. Kris still unaware of anything cool or awesome any of the others in the group might have done moved the Focusing Drugs she found into some less convent (aka the convoy) and skips over to the final chest and gets to work unlocking it. Kris moves to AC8 and opens the Chest.
  13. After Unleashing her breaker Mornings Arrow released a large amount of steam from itself as Bridgett slowly descended from the sky. She would of said something to the two girls they helped but when she tried to move to get closer she couldn't get her body to move. Knowing that it was most likely a side effect of using Einherjar Mode at its full level so not wanting to make a scene she moved her device just slightly enough so it would support her and prevent her form falling face first onto the ground. When another new person arrived from once more falling onto Mira (the world must really not like her) Bridgett let out a small chuckle causing her a bit of pain and causing her to cough up a bit blood from the damage she inflected upon herself something she quickly tired to hide from the others so it wouldn't cause any problems.
  14. Blodeuyn didn't get much sleep the night before the mission between talking with the others and...other reasons but she was use to that so it didn't bother her that much. It took a bit to convince her that she didn't need bring a bag full of books along for the mission but other then that she spent most of the travel time being rather quite or her nose in book. She tisked her tongue when i became apparent that they would have to fight. She really didn't like to fight but she knew she needed to. "You know Mercia, we are the ones trying to stop them not the other way around." Blodeuyn said as she followed the half-dragon girl following pulling a time the others wouldn't of seen from under her cloak and launching a orb of slithering dark energy at the fighter. Blodeuyn moves to G11 and blast at the fighter.
  15. Henrietta sat her teacup down onto its plate as the robber talked to them. Once he finished talking she turned to him and looked him straight in the eyes despite her shorter stature. "Welcome, have you come to ask a sister of the cloth to grant you repentance for your sinful life of wanton greed?" She asked the man in a completely serious tone not taking her eyes off of him.
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