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  1. Bridgett moves onto the roller coaster and begins to charge Valkyrie Breaker. Bridgett stuff to remember
  2. "Hmm..why they chose me?" Kris paused a moment thinking. "I think they chose me cause I actually volunteered to become part of it. Either that or they needed someone who is really good at being in places their not suppose to be." She said with a smirk. "As to why I joined well, I thought I told you before. I joined because the Allied Guard is the last chance I will be able to be Kris." she said her face turned sullen.
  3. "Not dying." Kris said bluntly "If you keep swinging your sword around like that someone is going to stab you before all you speed, power and style can help you." She said as she pulled out one of her blades and started to clean it thinking a bit before speaking again. "You don't need to change your style it would take way to long to do that. You just need to slow down a bit and not leave yourself so open..." she paused "Or at least learn to move better so you don't get keep getting knocked down all the time."
  4. Henrietta sighed she had hoped that this holy place wasn't so far gone into heresy but it didn't seem so. "I thank you for the concern Father but you will find I am more then capable and its not needed. " She said before grabbing hold of her case. "And I had hoped you would know that not getting involved is something i can't do Father. For I am a servant of our Lord and I must see his will be done." She said as she turned to leave. "And now i bid you farewell Father for i must see our Lords will done." she said as she left the room and headed towards the heretical statue fully intent on blow it up.
  5. "Really?Its rather comfortable here though." Kris said with a laugh before she hopped off of Argos. "Well for starters on the practical side of things, stabbing a sword into the ground is going to dull the blade, scratch them up and chip them. On the none boring side they just don't like it. How would you like to get shoved into the ground all the time cause someone thinks its cool." Kris said a she twirled around to look at Argos. "Now for the matter of your fighting." She said holding up a finger "You leave yourself to open in your attacks. If i was actually trying to kill you I could of done it multiple times in that little skirmish." She said giving Argos a smirk. "You have good speed, power and instincts but leaving yourself open will just lead to you getting yourself knocked down or killed and your not always going to have someone around to heal you."
  6. Kris pressed the knife deeper into Argos' neck "I not joking." She said seriously before she pressed her body against Argos' back "Next time I see you abusing your cutie like that I'll put ants in your bed or something like that." She said teasingly.
  7. As Argos brought his sword down Kris just quickly moved forwards under his swing clearing the distance between them even faster then she did at the start leaving him unable to move his sword in the close quarters. Once she was next to him Kris looked up at Argos with a frown before she snaked a hand up around to his shoulder using it to swing herself around to deliver a knee right into his back as she brought a knife up and rested it dull end on his neck. "I thought I told you to not stab the cutie into the ground." She said to him without her usual joking tone.
  8. Blodeuyn's face lit up at Gwyn agreeing "Umm, yeah there are a few bugs they help make the mushrooms grow better. " she said as she ushered Gwyn into the hut. Once in Blodeuyn moved quickly over to the desk in the room and dug around before pulling out a small rather plain looking tea set and some tea. Taking it she moved over to the small fireplace mumbling a few words lighting the fireplace and filling the tea kettle up with water. "So what do you think? The Mushrooms for the Feywild are over here." She said moving to gathering of various mushrooms in weird shapes and vibrant colors. "This one is my favorite." She said pointing to bright pink and green one shaped a bit like a heart.
  9. At his maneuver Kris just gave Argos a visible "really" look. What was the boy thinking he opened himself up to all kinds of attacks no wonder he kept getting knocked down. Sighing and shaking her head Kris just flipped a knife out and sent it flying butt end first straight at the boys head as she just quickly jumped back to be just out of reach of his attack.
  10. Kris was a bit impressed by Argos' attempt to trip her up but unfortunately for the boy it didn't work. Kris continued her spin placing her open hand on Argos' shoulder and using her momentum to vault over him and his sweep bringing her back to the front of him. She quickly continued her assault by delivering a kick straight at his head.
  11. With the charging complete Bridgett braces herself and fires at Trick. Bridgett raises to Einherjar mode level 3 and fires Mythril buster at Trick using dealing 6(WD){3s4}+Syn(12) maximized+50% and spends 4 cartridges to ignore targets damage reduction. Mythril Buster and Einherjar mode Bridgett stuff to remember
  12. Kris smiled a bit as Argos dodged, he had good instinct she had to admit but she did have much time to admire the reaction as Argos was already swinging with his counter attack. Kris not wanting to even try to take a hit like that quickly moved in step with Argos so the swing wouldn't hit her before she pivoted on the ball of her foot spinning herself around Argos to his back along with an attempted strike with the butt of her knife to the side of his head.
  13. "Really? Once they figure out that I'm Cursed most people would rather avoid me...." She said sounding a bit sad "Did you want to come in a look around? I have a few Mushrooms from the Feywild that Master Merlin brought me." She said fidgeting a bit "I might have some tea too not sure though Big Sister Vivienne would usually bring me that stuff."
  14. Blodeuyn blinked at Gwyn in disbelief for a moment confused how the fae couldn't tell. Setting her books down Blodeuyn spoke. "Because I'm cursed and most things like to avoid things that can kill them." She said expecting Gwyn to freak out or leave because of it
  15. Joy frowned a bit when the one of the others ordered their pokmon to attack the gyarados that Mr.Cuddles was fighting. She would of yelled at them about fairness and not interrupting others fights but that would use more energy then she was willing to spend so instead she gave new order to Mr.Cuddles. "Mr.Cuddles leave that one alone and use Chip Away on that one." She said pointing to the one about to attack the weakened Onix. Mr.Cuddles use Chip Away on Gyarados 3 Chip away Power: 70 Accuracy: 100 Attack Value: 14373 +1 Defense stage Joy munches on some more chips saving some to give to Mr.Cuddles after the battle
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