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  1. Kris gathers her newly collected items and begins to skip back to the rest of the group. Kris moves to R22
  2. "They do when your home gets over ran with angry peasants." She said sharply before shoving the last of her fliers into the hands of a passerbyer. 'Most of them you can identify by this crest." She said holding up a dagger that had a rather ornate and distinctive C set into its hilt. "Anything with that on it is mine." She said as she put it away. She turned her head to the rest of the group "Hey you all done with your fliers? If so lets go get a drink." She yelled at the others so they could hear her over the crowd.
  3. Kris watches the ballista bolt fly past her before looking in to the newly opened room "You all go ahead of me. I'll catch up after I check out the room." Kris said not really caring who she said it to as she dashes into the newly open room and begins open the chests. Kris moves to R21 and loots the Chest
  4. Shaking her arms in the air in a bit of a celebration Joy called out "Whoooo! Good job Mr.Cuddles now umm...hit again with Chip Away." At her words Mr.Cuddles jumps up from laying on the sand with surprising agility and charges at the Gyarados getting ready to punch the serpant again. Looking down at the injured Onix laying on the rocks below her, she considered her options to either heal it up so it could continue fighting (and using her limited resources) or to attempt to throw a ball at the one Mr.Cuddles was attacking and maybe remove it from the fight. She mumbled to herself for a moment in indecision before reaching her decision. Joy pulled out one of her spare Aether balls "Well lets see if I can do this." She said under her breath as she tosses the ball at the Gyarados after Mr.Cuddles attack it. Mr. Cuddles uses Chip Away on Gyarados #4 Chip away Power: 70 Accuracy: 100 Attack Value: 14373 +1 Defense stage Joy Throws an Aether ball at Gyarados #4 after Mr.Cuddles attacks
  5. Kris runs up over to Johanna and hands her her some medicine "Here you go boss lady. We can't have you going down well we need to get the others up and running again." She said with her usual smile. Kris moves to R26 and Vuls Johanna
  6. Henrietta smiled as she got off the train "Well I'll meet up with you all at the allotted time and location but first i must visit the local church to see how fair the heresy has spread." She says with a curtsy before heading towards the church. Upon arriving at the church and looking at where the statue of the Lord should be she frowned the statue was where it was suppose to be but it was accompanied with another one standing taller because of having a head. Noticeably twitching and gripping her case harder she goes and finds one of the priests and asks. "Excuse me but where can I find the head priest? I have some inquires to make of them."
  7. A small smile shows on Beverly's face at Janus' reaction before dropping again. "Not stolen just idiot scum who makes bad choices." She said sharply."Their just family heirlooms." She paused thinking for a moment."Well that not exactly true some where stolen but I doubt I could get those ones back. If their even intact anymore." She said as her hand went up and started to tug on her hair a bit.
  8. "Ah, I see." Beverly said grinning she had own thoughts on what his research. "Well I can guess what you are researching. So if you need help with it I'll help you out just as long as mine aren't part of your research." at his next question her grin dropped ."Yeah here for money and finding things that got sold off by scum." she said with a bit of venom in her voice.
  9. "Yeah I guess that sounds like a good idea. I'd rather got the medical area since that will most likely have what we need, but if you all want to go to the armory area i'll go along with ya." Helena said with a sigh as she moved towards the door to the armory "Besides I rather not end up exploring this place on my own anyway." She said with a smile
  10. "Hmm..." Beverly studied Janus for bit. "but you thinks shes cute don't you?" Beverly said grinning. "How can you be a researcher when yourself said you could only swing a sword? Where you researching some long lost sword thingy or something?"
  11. "Time to do something fun" Kris said as she weaved though the group towards her target. Kris moves to P26 and blasts tactician 2 with Hustle after Dulcie moves.
  12. "That's more then my brother would ever do for me." Beverly said under her breath. "I'm surprised that you where up at the Great Ruins. You don't seem like researcher or anything from what you said.." Beverly looked over at the others in the group and smiled remembering that Janus came along because of Ke "Ah I see you went up there to get yourself a cutie. Not that I can blame you I would grab a cutie like Ke up in a heartbeat if i could." She said in a teasing voice.
  13. "Family........"Beverly muttered as she grimaced a little bit before shaking her head in annoyance. "Really, who are you looking for then?" Beverly asked preferring the topic that didn't involve family. "Its going be rather hard for you to find them if you can't even talk to a small group of people."
  14. Beverly's face lite a up bit from Janus' statement. "Oh, good to know. Though I would of done it anyway with out you permission. I won't let anyone cause problems for us again." She said smiling "Though if it was just money for food why didn't you get a hob moving things or something. Quite sure you could find a moving things like tomes or books. If any researcher is like Kyou they need help moving things...they have to many books." she said closing her eyes in thought.
  15. Beverly gave Janus a dumbfounded look. "Really? If you wanted to fight one-on-one then why did you join a group?" She put her hands on her hips "You better not be expecting us to do all the work well you get get to have a showdown with another idiot." she pointed towards the others in the group "Cause I'll be out there making sure you are carrying your own weight. If you can't I'll tell the boss to cut you off the first chance she can get."
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