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  1. Hi there everyone, I wanted to hear your thoughts on the revival herb seller in GDC. I see an issue in giving players access to unlimited cheap max revives. Before i had to plan and try different strategies for difficult encounters, but now i can just spam those sweet revival herbs mid fight and beat anything without any effort. Especially in combination with sturdy mons unlimited revival herbs seem kind of stupid. I played on the hardest difficulty setting (was it called intense?) and was kinda bummed by the drop in difficulty once i could stock up on revival herbs. I don't condemn max revives per se, but their unlimited accessability is kind of a thorn in my side. I guess one could say that i should just not use any, if I want the game to continue being challenging and you may be right, this might be a solution, but a subpar one in my opinion. Regardless i would like to hear your opinions on the matter One could remove revival herb from the vendor list (only on intense mode for example) or maybe you might have some other suggestions? kind regards, Alphaverb
  2. Yeah, you can't pick up eggs on Version 11.3. Even though it should have been fixed
  3. Yeah would be nice if someone could post the script again or reupload V11.0, this bug is annoying
  4. Did you fight perhaps on the crystal cavern field? You should check the field effects if so, because rock attacks can get random additional typing while fighting on those fields
  5. Decidueyes Hidden Ability "Long Reach" seems to be bugged, occasionally decidueye or its opponent miss 100% accuracy moves like leaf blade or sucker punch. Fights were on forest field and decidueye was holding a miracle seed, if that helps anything... Since i changed its ability to overgrow 100% accuracy moves never missed
  6. so, is the beta already open for testing?
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