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  1. if its ok can you give a hint or hints on all or at least one party member or are the easy to get

    1. Commander


      Fern - Available after Julia

      Victoria - Available after beating her in Shelly's Gym

      Shelly - Available after clearing the Orphanage

      Cain - Available after clearing yvueyru

      Aya - Available after clearing LCCC

      Cal - Available after defeating Blake in Ametrine Mountian Summit

      Julia and Florinia - Available after defeating Ciel

      Titania and Amaria - Available after defeating Amaria

      Taka - Available after defeating Titania (Resh route only...for now)

      Hardy - Available after defeating Hardy


      That should help limit your searches

  2. Is this the sewer one you're talking about. I honestly have no idea which ones aren't available after the point of no return.
  3. I know sometimes people have issues with this quest being locked out of it so I made this to reset the quest. I found one hiccup with the first cop fight for a very rare glitch so I made a little workaround. As long as you don't have a save that lost at the first cop and saved afterwards this patch should work. So if you wipe, you have to redo the entire event by meeting Mosley at the side of the hospital and fight all the cops and such. There's no additional switches so it won't conflict with V12 either. Just drag and drop these files into the data folder and you'll be good to go. Map036.rxdata Map549.rxdata
  4. Well that was one hot battle, but I can't say it really rocked. Get it? Get it? Okay, no. Amber got changed in V11 to be...kind of really easy. Gonna be honest I prefer the old Geara and Zetta and old Amber...pun not intended. V11 Geara and Zetta is a big yikes and Amber is now singles. Amusing singles fight though. But Melia is kind of the same but both more and less obnoxious at the same time since I think she kind of hogs the spotlight 80% of the time but people aren't praising her as God almighty as much and her OP Metronome got deleted from existence. Now she's just lucky af. I guess I should explain something: one of the best things added in V11 was a heart-to-heart with Val, a character who kind of gets thrown under the bus. It's actually a pretty good moment, then Melia hijacks it and it becomes all about her. That's where the Melia conflict continues even if she was slightly toned down.
  5. @LuckyHawk Why doesn't anyone ever ping when errors like this pop up? I can give you a map fix if you want or are still there. Just ping me if you still need it.
  6. As long as the moves don't have any special effects that didn't previously exist then it's pretty easy to add but good luck getting people to incorporate and add animations for them.
  7. The guy just wants to be a dick. Jokes on him as I'm pretty sure both Derog and I finished the game and are just slowly working to getting it done.
  8. Check your power settings. If it's not on high performance it causes this phenomenon to happen. Hard to explain lag but usually it's the computer and not the game.
  9. Chapter 56 in the Rejuv run is out. Happy Easter. And go to church. And do whatever Angie is doing right about now.

  10. I've kind of gone a bit underground so I don't think the negative stuff is as much of an issue. I'm merely saying that I'm aware of these things because I've been on the other side and see things that rubbed me the wrong way. You kind of get to a point where you just accept and embrace it. In a way, I'm partially joking about the names stuff. Do you think I'd openly state those things if I thought they were true? I do a lot of dancing between playful and serious. Besides I'm only talking about the 10% and not the 90%. I know most people are fine with it, but it's the 10% you shouldn't let bother you and have a bit of fun with them because they aren't ever going to like what you're doing. Kind of a message on the subject cause a guy like me is especially asking for it. I really do appreciate everything. Views, upvotes, comments, or anything really. I am an entertainer first and a critic second which I love how I somehow became the critic guy. I guess that's to be expected as it's something I eventually get known by. I know people are here mostly for my thoughts, but I think it's always good to have some messing around just to give breaks from the rants. Humor is unfortunately the thing that dies the fastest as what is effective earlier dies off or becomes stale. I'm amazed people still find and read this in a way. I might have to start covering more obscure and harder to find information soon. Stuff that you'll have a hard time really finding on the web. Speaking of criticism, you don't need to be a writer or a gamer to be a really good critic. It's all just practice and just seeing what works and what doesn't hundreds of times. I've found that showing and explaining things more thoroughly often gets the point across better even if the person already knows this. I find most critics are just kind of boring and simply say the good and bad and their thoughts. It's fair as that's all they have time for. In a run like this, that won't cut it as I have to talk about something per chapter and we'll probably be hitting the big 100 by the end. But if you some advice I can give you a couple simple things. For looking at something critically: don't ever let what someone else says drive your own thoughts and opinions initially. You gotta make sure it's you talking and not what someone thinks be what you think (this is so easy to do). For delivering criticism: Emphasize on the positives (so hard to do), use relevant pictures, and be honest. You'd be surprised at what you're capable of. Now back to work: Chapter 56: Saki-chan *sparkle* *sparkle* I'll be amazed if anyone even knows where that's from and I'm sorry for those that do. Anyways, I think I'm going to try and do a bit of a rant/lecture at the start of every chapter now...until I get bored of it: So I'm going to be blunt when I say this but don't bother getting invested in most fan-games. So here's a funny story: back when the fan-game expose just started up we had someone make a topic for a fan-game in the works. I caught on that this matched very similar to another off-site fan-games description. I didn't really say anything and the best part is that the person must have been so salty because they flat out told us they stole this from someone and called the community ignorant and stupid. Then they tried it again and got banned. If you're doing a fan-game, at least have something presentable before making a post. It takes a lot of work to build maps and such but you should be able to manage something before an announcement. I say a demo, but I suppose 25% of the content being done is a good choice. It's a lot of work and people get a bit too hasty on the idea. And hell no, I'm not interested in making a fan-game. At best I'd probably just want to do side scenario dialogue. But the investment thing is a bit deeper then the false promise of something never to come. These things take time and become outdated almost immediately. Please for the love of god if you are going to make a fan-game stop trying to become the next Reborn or Insurgence. Those are big, full scale RPGs and I honestly think we have enough for the time being. Can you just imagine there being 8 or 10 of those. We'd never be able to remember or maybe even play them all. They did the job and I really think a new type of territory should be explored. Personally, I'm not playing another long Pokemon game as I found one I liked and I don't really think any of them are really going to give me the same impact or excitement. I mean it's fun but I can't just spend another 60-100 hours going through the same thing again. And I have to for reviewing Reborn as my opinion of the game is outdated due to the content changes. I can't even tell you what vanilla Reborn is like it's been that long. That's a scary though to think about. I hear people tell me this or that is a good change, but I just have to take their word as I don't know. You can only experience a game for the first time once. Technically none of us should be playing Rejuv or Reborn well I'd argue Rejuv more than Reborn. Reborn more or less gave quality improvements keeping the core experience since even E7 despite the massive amount of changes. What you experienced a long time ago is what you'll experience today more or less. I have looked at this game 4 times from testing. It's an overall more enjoyable experience of the original experience. But I'd honestly wait if you're a newbie because in a year I want to say you'd have a completed project. Rejuv is a little bit different. This is why I said new people need to be covering this game. Derog and my own opinions are outdated on a huge chunk of content. Everything we've or covered on this game is worthless or for naught. That feeling doesn't feel good to say that I spent a year and a half for nothing in a way. Oh god we're almost hitting year 2. I only redid this due to additional content. Improved =/= better as of course I like improved things, but those don't affect my experience of my initial playthrough of the game. Improvements drastically changed and fixed Rejuvenation, but if you read the first chapter again, I reluctantly picked this up giving it another chance. Not matter what you do to the game most people who hate Rejuv will still view it from the lens of the version they played. Arc 1 is still a pretty bad experience for me. I'm sorry Jan, but that is a cruel truth and why I think newer players should speak out and be more vocal. Their first impression will be much, much more accurate than a long term fan. And of course I'm going to say something is better when it improves because oh dear lord you need help if the improvements hurt the game. The hard part is gauging how the improvement would have affected my first impression of that moment. This is actually a difficult concept to really understand so let's put it this way. Someone asks you what 19 x 19 is. You'd answer by either getting a piece of paper of you're me you'd add 171 and 190 together to get 361. The next person asks you what 19 times 20 is. You know 19 times 19 is 361 so adding 19 gets you 380. If a person was only asked 19 x 20, they'd most likely take a different approach than you did to solve it since they did not have prior knowledge. It really is a simple concept but it does help explain why there's such a divide between me and maybe someone who played more recently. The point I'm making is about time. Time is a finite resource and most people don't want to replay a game they already played. In a way, the bulk of people aren't going to replay what they already experienced. Unfortunately, I have to because I was an idiot and didn't expect to be continue the run so I kind of have to. Not happy about that, but it does let me experience the other branch in this story. Anyways, I don't recommend investing too much time into stuff already released and playable to the public except under these two conditions: it's outdated and crashed with the new art style or retroactively change story elements of previous areas to better fit the narrative. Am I saying not to fix problems with Rejuvenation? In a way, yes, but ultimately, no. Jan can do whatever he wants as it's his game. The reality is that this is a fan-game which personally I don't think they should be as good as they are. I want you to think deeply on this. The Sonic franchise noticed the fan-game department was getting better and better and instead of shutting it down, they embraced it to the point of making Sonic Mania which is a recent high point in the franchise. Pokemon is different. Full Moon, a game that is mocked, is what is kind of expected to be the pinnacle of fan works because they are made by fans, not professionals. There's just been a war going on between fans and TPC (The Pokemon Company). There's been 7 generations of rehashing the same generic formula and retroactively removing all interesting and new mechanics when making a new game. They don't really do doubles anymore, no megas, no follower Pokemon, no difficulty modes, no battle frontier, etc. Every time they do this it's in spinoffs which have dwindled down to nonexistent at this point. Hope you like Pokemon Go for a fresh, new experience. You are probably wondering why and I've said it before somewhere why TPC is like the way they are. Graphics are the only concern for most modern day game devs so they really put the bulk of the effort onto that. Eye candy = $$$ in this era. Why should TPC really spend extra resources on stuff that would more likely waste money than gain profits? You don't believe me, do you? How many of you excited and going to buy Shield and/or Sword? Even if you are on the fence you are going to buy it anyways to be in the know and part of the Pokemon culture trend. It doesn't really matter how good or bad it is. USUM did sell poorly compared to previous enhance remakes so they aren't as invincible as they were. How on earth do we get stuff that we really liked about the series back or really the things we want out of the games? I need you to pay very close attention as this is very critical towards doing so. The first step is to not buy the game. I know so many of you are really, really excited about the stuff they do in new gens. I want you to think really, really hard. Was that 20 hours really worth it in Gens VI and VII? Was it worth seeing all these changes and spinoff cuts? That money and time could have been spent playing I don't know one of the following: Chrono Trigger, KH3, Yo-kai Watch, DQ Monsters, SMT, LoZ: BotW, Mario Odyssey, etc. If you're in a Pokemon Community, it's like getting a gun pressed toward your head for not buying it, I get that. In fact, what I'm trying to do is a suicidal move towards Fan-games like Reborn and Rejuvenation. The next and more critical step is to get other people to do the same. Just get into a casual conversation about it and try directing them towards an alternative such as Pokemon-like games or Fan-games like Reborn. Maybe they'd be more inclined to play more in that series or donate to Ame's Patreon. And no, you won't put Nintendo or TPC in any danger even if they sold 0 copies of Sword and Shield. Why do this? It's simply to show a message. Just imagine if Sword and Shield were 2 million sales under from the expected outcome. Investors and top brass in TPC would be losing their shit over this. If you think they are gonna sit there and take that loss without figuring it out, they're not. They are gonna find out why they lost 2 million and when they do, you can bet your ass they'll address and focus on those areas to keep people interested and buying the Pokemon games. It's dangerous for Reborn and Rejuv because of course Pokemon doesn't want competition if they can prevent it. Now imagine if Yo-kai watch went up in 1 million sales than expected. You don't think TPC is going to connect the dots and possibly make changes to what they've been doing to avoid this in the future? Personally, I don't care, but this is for people who want more HGSS or BW2 type games. You gotta make an impact on their finances. Why would you want to do this? Nintendo has the resources to make Reborn but better and so better that it would make Reborn look mediocre even. Let me just list some RPGs known for their stories published under Nintendo's wing: Chrono Trigger, FFVI, Tales of Symphonia, Xenoblade Chronicles, Secret of Mana, Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Explorers of the Sky, Golden Sun, Mother 3, Paper Mario, FE: Path of Radiance. That's just off the top of my head. Point is that they could do it, but they don't need to and aren't expected to. Anyways back to the content you care about: (I prefer the angry Angie pic for the chapter) (If I were to max out one girl's points in this game, it would be Valarie's) Can we talk about choices? I know people rave about choices in this game or at least some people do but this is like the lifeblood of many VNs. Best one I can think to try out first is Fate/Stay Night. I know VNs get a lot of bad rep for being boring romance but you get some fun ones once in a while. I definitely recommend them more for people who can't set down and play something for hours upon hours to get something done but really are into the stories of games. Being able to save at any point and stop is so goddamn useful. Anyways the ideas behind choices in games is usually a lie and doesn't add up to much if anything at all. In fact, I've seen this trope played with and make fun of the idea in a linear styled "game". I actually laughed my ass off discovering you can get a game over at the very start of that game. But if you find something you like in one game there's often some other game that does something similar or in a way you find more enjoyable. You will eventually get bored of Rejuv and Pokemon if you guys keep replaying and talking about it. Maybe next chapter I'll make a list of games you probably haven't played but totally should. (How and why would she be in a cave?) (Spoiler alert: she's here, but y'all already knew that) The cave I think got changed and looks better. It's hard to keep track of all these changes. (This is new) Time for a heart-to-heart: (Yes, yes we will) You can't tell me Jan didn't get this inspiration from Xenoblade Chronicles. (When I was a kid, I loved it. Nowadays, I hate it.) Yes, I know how to swim. Sorry folks who wanted to try and drown me. Sorry, that one kind of slipped out. But yeah I took swimming lessons when I was real little. I have to wear goggles sadly because my eyes are weird. I never managed to get into the high tier swimming group purely because my goggles snapped in half doing the test thing putting me in the second lowest group for being too slow. You try swimming blindfolded and try making it to the top group. Also never could make it because I couldn't float. No really my body would not let me. I could do every stroke but just not float. But seriously swimming is the fastest way to build muscles and get stronger. If I really went for it I probably would've been swim team material but alas here we are now with me being some guy ranting about a fan-game. (And we are finally going to get to ask a question) (OwO) (Basically if you're from Hoenn...you like to get wet) (We shall call them Doug, Dave, and Virgil aka Double D with a V) (Important question: did he have magazines? If so, I would like to meet your grandpa) (Okay then) (TBH, Water types are kind of a one trick pony in-game wise. It's actually really unfortunate) (And that's her life story. Well I guess we're done here and can go look..) (...DAMMIT MELIA LEAVE ME ALONE!) (Now you made this awkward so you're staying here to make this...less awkward) (...How? If Adam could get it, I don't think it takes much. No offense, but there's not much going on in his head) (Well this is a little detail to remember) So one thing different between Maria and Melia is that Maria is good at math. I don't know if this is a honey pot or not because they could still be the same character. Though how in the world is someone good with machines bad at math. The two go hand and hand often. (...I probably was yelling at her for sucking at the most important subject) (I'm supposed to hate you, right? But hell no. I do need to finish that ORAS nuzlocke. Damn Aron killed itself again) So a little bit of a nuzlocke meme for me is that every time I catch an Aron it literally commits suicide by confusion. It happened 3 times. So far the MVP is a Spinda named Drunken Fist. (She's like me being redundant and unnecessary just like me) (Shark bait. That's your answer) Okay, let me talk a little bit about this. I think stuff like this is good for side characters who really get pushed out of the plot. Side scenarios with them helps flesh out there characters a little bit. If you know me you know what I'm gonna say next: show, don't tell. This is why you don't jump the gun and say you want a silent protag. Writing a silent protag in the modern era is very, very difficult and a true silent protag is more or less dead and a game killer. Because of how a silent protag works the game has to really tell you these things through expository. The best way I can describe if you did show, don't tell right is when you reach the telling segment, nobody is surprised by those reveals. Shocked, but not surprised. I make this sound like an easy thing to do, but it's not. The best way to describe how to do it is the quest in Trails of Cold Steel where an instructor makes the class swim again and again until they are completely exhausted and makes them do one more lap afterwards. The point was that due to them being so tired they used all their strength without wasting or giving excess which in return let them swim faster. This is something I'm going to struggle getting back into long-term writing is working writing everything out clearly and effectively. You eventually pick up what you need to do and where to build up the effective scenes down the line with the right delivery. Now here's the real kicker: there's not a damn book, professor, writer, or genius who can tell you how to do this. You are gambling on how your viewership will perceive and react towards the style you write. Human minds are not the same and you need to learn and understand what they pick up and how well to make a narrative feel and flow natural. I could tell you how I attempt it with what I do, but I cannot tell you how you should do it. And if you go into any creative works industry, you need to accept that your work will never be good enough. People will make you want to tear whatever you're working on to shreds for not getting the intended experience. If I come out bitchy or whiny with how people respond to Redux it's because of this fact. I'm not mad at you, more at myself. It's just me releasing frustration and accepting I have to revise stuff if I want to improve the experience. You just have to suck it up and keep going. Maybe other people can speak for themselves, but every time I spend a long time on something including one of these chapters, there's a part of me that's terrified. How will people react to this? Will people even like it? Will it even get noticed? Some people may say those fears are unhealthy, but honestly, I think those are very healthy thoughts to have. If you have a passion for something, you put more effort towards it and more thought into it. It's unfortunate but your passions don't always align with your work so some of you may not understand. I'm sure some of you are wondering how the hell I could spend almost two years and lord knows how many hours on this run. It's because I like doing this even if I get drained and am tired at points. The same I'm sure goes for Jan. Nobody is excited to put in 80+ hours to make a 10 hour segment for fans. I mean part of it is fun, but it is very draining. If you aren't at least slightly worried that all those 80+ hours could be a waste of time, you need to check to make sure you're sane. Fear is good because it shows that you not only care, but are willing and accepting you need to improve. And while this run isn't that stressful (more like stress relief) I can certainly talk about things I was nervous to turn in or show off. I went off track, but I at least had a purpose. It's nice knowing this info, but it doesn't add any value to Valarie's character imo. It's not bad or incorrectly written, but it doesn't seem into the main narrative or the world. I think it's good since it at least gives Val something which is better than her simply being a background prop. Something I learned for me to make weak characters better is putting them in scenarios where idle conversations would happen and thinking of what they'd say and react. In other words, I treat them like people. I think my brain has 1,000s of unused scenarios filed or thrown away. So what would a great flow with expository look like? I guess I'll use Val as an example. I'll then explain afterwards why this works. So everything before this happens the way it does and Val acts like a leader...except there's one difference. Whenever Saki and/or Adam aren't around she's very quiet and doesn't say much. When you meet her in the cave she starts out being very quiet then apologizes thinking that the player must see her as rude and hate them. She knows it's not the best time, but asks if the player is willing to sit down and talk. She starts by telling the player she has a hard time conversing with strangers and asks that you bear with her if she stutters or stops. She explains that she's from a city in Hoenn called Lillycove where she spent most of her childhood in a place called the trainers club. The way the talked about all these trainers and how great they were intimidated her and since she knew so little about trainers she simply didn't say much. In order to conquer her "shyness" she figured becoming a really strong trainer was the best solution so she trained mons and became so good she even got accepted into Axis High University, however, her shyness was still there not really talking to anyone. This lead to her getting bullied being called names like "Silent Val" (I'm not good at bullying people, okay). One day a boy was picking on her when he suddenly got slammed in the face by another boy's fist. The three of them get sent down to the office where Val begins talking to the boy and asks why he punched the other boy. The boy simply responded that he was asking for it. She knew deep down it was because the boy wanted to help her out even at the cost of being suspended. The boy's name was Adam and the two became really good friends after that. Deep down she knew that if she didn't speak up and keep Adam in check that he might end up doing something more reckless which is why she ended up bossing him and eventually when she joined the posse to keep them in check. Whenever they are around she feels like a different person, but when they aren't she goes back to her old "shy" self. Sorry for the long reads, but this time it's needed. Yes, that would take a long time to write about, but it's important. The important thing is that this version I wrote is not needed to understand Val's character, but it expands upon and increases your understanding of her. What makes a character likeable? I was going to say they have flaws, but Melia and Venam have flaws and I care little for them. They have to feel human. Having flaws means they are vulnerable and humans connect much easier to vulnerable characters. They don't need to be very deep characters either as this is what I would call a simple character. All I gave her was simply an internal conflict which also became an external conflict with the player. It's something easy to follow the progression of without getting in the way of the main plot. What's more easy to relate to: someone who likes water and made friends in college or someone who doesn't have confidence so much it gets in the way of her communicating with others. I didn't need to tell you anything to understand the latter one as well. Telling was simply used to build upon what has been shown. Now something I do have to say and this is me being brutal: people are going to tell you this stuff doesn't matter. And they are in a way right. Why invest anything into a forgettable throwaway character. At the end of the day Rejuv is a fun game and you'll enjoy your time spent. The plot and characters aren't really any good for anything beyond laughs due to how it's designed. That's okay as this stuff sells like hotcakes and people love it. Why do you think people love Venam. She's loud and obnoxious and really simple to understand. People like vibrant, but shallow characters. If Rejuv stopped with the way overboard in difficulty and stopped trying to do the serious stuff most people would view Rejuv leagues better than Reborn. Though in three years after the games are done I'm going to be more people will recall Reborn over Rejuv. I've said this before. Impact has less appeal so it sells less, but is often revered and praised more in long terms. Focus on appeal often has less impact but sells better usually forgotten when the next big thing comes out. Neither approach is incorrect, but you can see why games are going a certain direction more and more. If Jan likes the way he's doing stuff, more power to him as the fans enjoy it and it's gotten a lot of support for good reason. And while I could better cover how to make the game more appealing to people who already enjoy the game greatly 1) that's redundant and won't really have any gains and 2) I'm not really interested in talking about that aspect. I mean let's take the Kiseki series and compare. I could write a much, much bigger and more in depth analysis on one of my least favorite characters from the series, Joshua, over my favorite one in this game, Ren. It's because of how well Joshua's character is written and how much depth he has. Doing that 2 chapter LP I never got to finished I learned about some neat little details I didn't notice before. If you want me to talk about the stuff I disagree with but understand, let me know, otherwise I'll be sticking to my ideals with explaining how to approach stuff. Suddenly, I want to reread the Yeetder message because I think they complained about my BS math or something. I'll probably look for it when I need cheering up. It's like that weird thing that most people would be annoyed by but fascinates me so much I want to look at it again. Maybe I'll get a frame and hang it on my wall. Too bad the guy got banned. Well the fake account got banned. Would have been fun to build a quotebook from him. (I think I was messing with the screen size for this.) (I don't even remember what the original looked like. Other than the missing bridge this is an improvement) Oh right, the bridge got removed so you have to surf over. That was probably so people couldn't get stuck in a certain area I got stuck in. You need idiots to idiotproof stuff. (uhhh...okay then) I kind of prefer her standing over the whole bed thing. That felt more like meditation but who knows with Amber. Only she'd take a nap in a freezing cold cave. (...Did she just disappear? Nice touch, Jan) (We've seen this before) (That's new. Still not as funny as B2W2's fat guy brigade) (Okay I guess this is a little bit of a rant time) You know when you go WHY? in your head. That's me with this. Why? Is it because people made fun of Saki and Melia not doing anything? I mean Rejuv needed some polishing but it certainly needed anything but more boss fights since I think this game already goes way beyond overboard with boss fights. It's kind of boring in a way. You do something then suddenly boss fight. Every lore quest has a boss fight. Walking out of the cave is a boss fight. Random trainers on intense are basically right below mini bosses. I prefer the random wild Sharpedo as it's like a special story Pokemon which has slightly more value than a random one given you experienced a story scenario with it. Too late now to change it though. Actually let's do a count of the number of "bosses" (unique story trainers) each chapter: Chapter 1: (Amanda, Ren, Garbodor, Melia, Xen Duo, Zetta, Rift Gyarados, Venam) 8 Chapter 2: (Jenkel, Nim, Zetta, Rift Galvantula, Ketta, Madelis, Spirit Keta) 7 Chapter 3: (Amanda, Rorrim B, Maria) 3 Chapter 4: (Aelita, Xen Duo, Geara, Ren, Narcissa) 5 Chapter 5: (Nim, Emma/Melia, Neved, Madame X, Rangers, Valarie) 6 Chapter 6: (Geara, Rift Carnivine, Zetta, Rorrim B, Ren, Crawli) 6 Chapter 7: (Sharpedo, Rangers, Saki & Venam, Angie) 4 Chapter 8: (Aelita, Kingdra Statues, Groudon, Kyogre, Giratina, Geara & Zetta, Amber) 7 Total: 46 Now out of curiosity let me look at Reborn (doesn't matter even if it matches) Chapter 1: (Victoria, Fern, Cain, Meteor Duo, Julia) 5 Chapter 2: (Victoria, Scraggy Gang, Cain, ZEL, Fern, Florinia) 6 Chapter 3: (Taka, Taka & ZEL, Corey) 3 Chapter 4: (Meteor Duo, Victoria, Shelly) 3 Chapter 5: (Fern, Cain, Shade) 3 Chapter 6: (ZEL, Cal, Victoria, Kiki) 4 Chapter 7: (Meteor Duo, Taka, Solaris, Cain, Fern, Aya) 6 Chapter 8: (Sirius/Sigmund, Bennett, Serra) 3 Total: 33 I feel Reborn pushes it a bit on the overboard side but that's what I'd call the upper limit for the amount of bosses you should have. The more bosses you have the less significant the concept has. So please for the love of my sanity don't add any more bosses. LMAO I forgot Texen of all people. Add one more to the Rejuv counter. Anyways, the only fights I really even care about in the game are pretty much the gym leaders. There's just so many they started feeling the same and draining. I really kind of wish I had more time between boss fights to screw around and see how well stuff works. Rejuv really is not a game made for me and that's fine. (...I'm contemplating if I find this kind of funny or I'm just really annoyed) (Commander is groaning in increasing discomfort) (Probably that one ginger from WLL) (Get rid of "But then" here. Doesn't sound right both written and spoken) (Jesus calm down with the "Then"s, Jan) I guess if you wanted to show her excitement you could go "Then, then, then we were attacked" Starting phrases with the same word does get a bit annoying to read. If it is intentional then try to have an exaggerated intention to make it clear. I'll admit I myself sometimes get into a habit of starting sentences the same way especially hitting hour 8 or 9 on working on something. (Probably the girl from WLL. I didn't really care for the ending. I have the whole thing saved on postimage if you're wondering about that one) (Try writing lines for Citrine. My IQ drops one point per line of hers I write) So if you're curios about the Redux characters some of the more flavorful characters are very, very scrubbed down versions of characters I've spent long times crafting. The character Citrine is based off of is one of my favorites and Citrine is pretty much a hallow shell of that. So the story behind that one is I was starting to work more onto female characters which I took the idea of what a female character was. I'm sure you have a lot of ideas what a stereotypical female is like with beauty and shopping and all that jazz. People act that way since it is what is accepted and what they grew up in society. Now what would happen if someone was isolated from those ideals growing up as a lone wolf. "Oh god, what have I created?" was the first thing that came to my mind. Not my craziest idea. That goes to a guy going on a killing spree while singing Zippadiedoodah in the most over the top style. Did I talk about complex characters? I don't think I did but repeating stuff is good. For people calling me out controversing myself, it happens. Writing is an opinionated subject and you don't always put deep thought in what you do. Anyways, let's talk about the layers as complex characters really aren't that complex. What's their motive? Why are they doing it? Let's take Melia. She wants to stop the storm from destroying the world. She's doing it in part because it's the right thing to do but also as revenge against Team Xen for treating her like some toy to be used. That's the hard part. The rest is just brainstorming. This is also the fun part. Not going off of the story here's how I'd approach writing Melia: This contains V11 spoilers (...............I don't....why? Jan, not cool) (How the hell did Val become friends with her again?) Part of me want a WLL story with Val as the main character. I think it'd end up really, really good and interesting. I'd help out with it, honestly. Just don't put me in charge with random student lines because that's giving me way too much power and I would have a random (just one) student say the most random lines possible such as the following: "My hands are waffles" "My wood is made of mahogany" "Hoenn people drink diet water" "Dinner is an opinion" "My uncle works like butter" "I'm the president of ducks" "This grass tastes like chicken" "Salt looks good on me" "I can talk like a silent protag" "Turkey is my favorite sport" "My favorite holiday is Monday" "Hunger is my salvation" "Dancing is Japanese" "I can poker but I can't stabber" "I forgot my pants in the office" "My husband is best girl" "Shipped from Fa, China" "My trash is anime" Admit it, you'd hate it but would want to see what the hell the NPC would say next. And yes, my mind is that random. You all probably knew that already. I mean, look at me. I'm about as orderly and professional as New York City during rush hour. (I want to know how much above minimum wage you get so I can tell Crawli to deduct that from you. I really don't like you guys) (Literal disappointment fight) (Kind of a dick move, Jan) (That's bullshit and we both know it. His crappy team from chapter 4 could beat you guys) (Sooner than you think) (.........Fuck, I usually have something great to say here) (This really sums me up right now) I think the game is trying to witty saying Melia is depressed but.......I don't get it. There are days like these. Maybe one of you can explain it. (That you're a gym leader and you'd fight me and give me your badge) (........) When you realize you're just like your least favorite character. I'm kidding I think Saki is more redundant than bad. No wonder why I can connect to her on a spiritual level. I mostly do those bad puns purely to get people to cringe though. I find they are quite the puntent against people. ------------------------------------ So there's been a very long while from the last piece in this chapter I wrote and a few things happened. Was going to finish this but then a certain lawsuit happened and I've been watching idiots be idiots. Twitter was a mistake. Anyways, I'm back since I can't have Derog be stealing the show. Nope. Not gonna happen, buddy. (.......Coming back here was a mistake) (I'm a Saki for awful puns...we never had this caption) (I dunno why this was here. Probably needed more balls) (Well this is new) Not gonna lie, I prefer the old more boring resort simply because it was easier to traverse around. You'll have people argue about this but I prefer function over features any days. It looks pretty but its less enjoyable since it's more of a pain to get around. (Geeze Jan, I miss when they were free) I debated adding Raichu back to the main crew. That didn't happen. (Saki being Saki it see...didn't this place change twice already. Calm the heck down with the changes, Jan) (So yeah, another cameo appearance of Huey and....I forget her name) Okay, Jan. I get that it's cool to show off a character early but I really dislike when people do that. It really adds nothing but a distraction. Problem with too many things moving at once is that it can get distracting and your mind easily forgets everything that happened. Instead of having them do something in a clipscene, why not just have them appear standing in an area before with some dialogue before disappearing shortly after. I know Path of Radiance did this a lot but that was for houses to get items and had 0 effect on the plot. But my rule of thumb is "everything has a purpose" so if it doesn't particularly add any value, don't put it in. Generic NPCs have a purpose of making the world feel more alive for example. (How would...what...no, that's not how that works at all) It's not much different from that. (Can I get a rain check for it? Imma need it later) (Gonna be honest I think that title is kind of stupid. Also, people with Gold in their titles don't have a good track record) (She seemed fine to me) (Well at least I can finally relax) (Go home and battle me in a gym battle) I don't really understand the bed aspect of this whole thing. I feel like meditating by staring off into space made more sense but oh well. (I wish Jan gave funnier options here) (Same old Amber. Sounds like me recently conversing with some exceptional people) Definitely would've approached this differently but maybe it's because Jan is a nice delicate angel and doesn't know how to write a bi...tter woman. Don't ever let me write Amber lines as you've seen how much I piss people without trying. Now imagine me trying. That's a scary thought. (Sigh...we have to deal with Venam again) (I miss when we actually went back to Gearen to get it) One scene not worth my time later... (The plot demands Venam be relevant. Gonna be honest I have no idea why she's included) No seriously, Venam is pretty irrelevant in this game no matter what way you spin it. She's just kind of forced into it. It's not always a bad thing but when you have a bloated cast, you gotta make decision and calls you don't like. I had to go "this guy doesn't add much to the plot so how can I change them or incorporate them more" and if I can't, they get the axe or shoved into a side character who doesn't make many appearances. It sucks making the decisions like that but you have to do them. There's a lot of "it'd be so cool if I did this" but you only have finite time and finite resources so you have to make the best of what you have. (That's...not an exaggeration) (Your mom is anything but cool. She's smoking hot....I said nothing) (Looks like Amber finally cracked. She really did fall for me.) (Pay no attention to the man who blends in with the dialogue box) (About that...that's a risk I was willing to take. That'd be two less women troubles out of my life. Only got like...20 more. Are you sure this isn't one of those harem games?) (I still don't understand the whole poster...Jan don't you dare ever explain that) (And...this is how I got stuck) Do you want to hear an amazing story of how to softlock your game? So after talking to Venam, I didn't feel like picking the surf mon (Primarina has Hyper Voice which is better than Surf). So I went to the teleporter and teleported to the Resort to go back to where Amber is and dove into the spot. So the only solution was either to debug or spend an our fighting wild Pokemon until all of them fainted having me warp to the last Pokemon center I've been to. So while it is a softlock, there is a legit way around it. Leave it to me to be dumb enough to find a softlock. I just used Debug to Use PC to get a mon to get out of this. (And back to the fighting) (Saki is still as weird as ever. Let's move on) (Definitely bigger than 4 times...we could measure it if you wanted) Someone calculate the tile dimensions and report back to me. (...Oh reminds me I broke my... ) ( ) (:bestgirl:) ( ) (Yes, I had no other choice) ( ) ( ) ( :leavemeoutofthis: ) (Sigh...coming back to this was a mistake) (Yes, yes we are) ( ) ( :yesshedoes: ) (It'll literally take five minutes for us to battle. 2 for the battle and 3 for the...battle) (Still a pain as ever) (This is like General White from Paper Mario. Imagine that without warp pipes) ( ) (Sigh...cue this dumb scene) (I...uhhh...sure) (This run in a nutshell...no seriously, that's the best way to describe this crawl) (Mob mentality?) (...The fact nobody is trying to take her down is...questionable alone) (Yep, still as stupid as ever) I mean...I guess the scene is better but I'll probably never like this scene. Better? Probably. But if something is disliked it's hard to turn people's thoughts around on it. I've said plenty on Saki before so I'll leave it at that. (Plus I'm sure a rant is a coming) (.....well then....) (Saki is also partially crazy so...yeah...why is everyone in this game so easy to dislike upon meeting them?) (Well depends on how many drinks you've had. With a daughter like Amber, I think you've had plenty) (Oh geeze, here we go again) (I don't want to write this part of this segment, but do you see me complaining? Well I am, but that's not the point. We're getting it done) (I wish she said "All y'all need to f off my property) (Let me take both of them on alone. I can do it. It was a joke last time and it'll be a joke this time) (Seriously, we could just battle Saki right now and get a badge) (As if this chapter didn't have enough boss battles already) (I am not comfortable with you using that pun right now. Drop the lawn mower and nobody gets hurt) (She's a strong independent student who needs no clown) (It drains me thinking about it) So let's just get into what this is. It's what I'd call a band-aid fix. Is this scene in and of itself a problem? No, but it's just the segment after segment of this "drama" stuff. I know I say be realistic but that comes secondary when people just aren't enjoying something. I know this whole drama is supposed to tie into something bigger but there's just so many better ways to have done it. I'm going to be blunt in that the story focuses on 3 pretty awful characters when it comes to serious or character development and you force players to watch this. I really don't know what you're trying to get out of this anymore. So here's the thing why I really dislike it: this game takes death seriously. Shit hit the fan when the mother died and now you are taking the concept and treating it like a light joke. I know you probably could find some anime that does both, but I'm a "one or the other" kind of guy. If you want death to be an emotional thing, treat it like a sacred object. Yeah, yeah Reborn did it with Terra, but Terra is a very interesting character and really dark when you think about it. Basically, there's this thing where you set something up that it gets so annoying that whatever payout there is was lost simply due to people losing interest. I'd probably would have toned it down with Saki being the tension breaker playing Amber like a fiddle to tick her off even more. That's just me though. (Hey, I came up with the idea before it was cool) Sigh...alright I'll only bring this up just so people understand it. When I gripe about Rejuv using my stuff, I don't care whether or not it came for me or even is my scripts. Being the first person to experiment with some usually ends up being rough and a lot of times flops horribly needing a lot of tuning. Half my ideas barely make it past the drawing board due to numerous issues including the amount of time required to make these things. The Amaria fight with 21 or something Pokemon took a full day to get all the kinks out of it. If Redux is where light bulbs popped into your head on this stuff, I'd think a simple "special thanks to" and a few names in there would work wonders. It's whatever at this point as Rejuv is like a drug. I know it's bad for me, but I just can't stop doing this run. Also redoing the whole game was a terrible idea. This took way longer than anticipated. STOP CHANGING EVERYTHING! (I don't get how that'd help improve your battling. Seriously, wouldn't grinding mons be more effective?) (NO! I already have enough problems with that field) (And they lost first try. I guess Melia kind of was useful here...though I could've done it easily myself) Once I get caught up, I'll make a playlist of all the videos for anyone that wants to watch them. I just have to click publish iirc. Just will save me time and effort trying to plaster them since I'm not doing them after this. (It didn't...you really should lead with that, Jan) (This stuff was kind of the same) (I feel like being nice today and giving you guys an Easter present) (The cake is a lie) (...Someone just got triggered. You don't push Tesla's trigger button) (This room is nice) Yeah somehow we got an upgrade in this alternate dimension. It's a really nice bed. I kind of really like the new design for the mansion. And I missed it but when you leave you see Amber running to her room which you're supposed to follow her. (You're lucky. I've dealt with that daily for 2 years straight once. I'm not kidding) (.........Dammit now I feel bad. You're the only one of these 4 idiots I actually like) (No, not gonna do that. Only one I like is Tesla and if she saw me walk out of a room with her daughter crying, I'd become a permanent resident of her underwater resort) (I mostly just want my badge, honestly. Give me one and I'll leave you alone for good) (Fine. But whenever I leave someone...) (Yep...that happens. Why can't anyone be competent enough to not get captured) (Oh great, more lady problems) (Huh. I don't remember this mon.) I love how it has explosion. Actually a really good move for Mankey. (And we're done) I actually like this little addition. I kind of wish the Xen grunts were a little more silly or a couple extra were loitering like playing a game. Have a little fun with them since they're expendable if not forgettable. Probably a good thing I wasn't put in charge because I would've gone all out here. (That feels like years ago but it's only been 2 months...I think) (You're going to reveal pics from Geara at the Christmas party?) (Arrogance as usual) (Well I think...where is everyone?) (Okay, so I admit I lost the first attempt as I wasn't expecting a battle) So here's when I win: (I still had plenty of fire to go...I think. I don't remember this fight) (Explanation time:) (If only that were poison. That'd make my life so much easier) (I don't know how and when, but I guess we won't question that) (I don't even like potato soup so I would've been okay) (And I conk out) I kind of miss the grunt questioning why they didn't grab Melia. That was a pretty funny little gag where the grunt is smarter than the leader used in quite a number of things. Not a big deal it's gone but I don't mind a little bit of humor like that. I'm gonna call that change bad. Soup thing was a good change. (Note to self: stay away from all toilets nearby) (Old school arcade games are hard) (...I guess there is such thing as karma. Today is my lucky day) (...Melia, I'm not even going to say it. Blonde really suits you) (Eh, Amber will be fine under Tesla) (Well this is new) (Okay, I'll admit that was a good Saki line) (...That was...who the heck cares? They couldn't even beat a man with 6 Magikarp even if they tried) (Agreed) (Yeah you may want to not speak to her yet or you're have to go through a long segment before being able to get back to Gearen. Unless they ship still takes you. I don't remember) (Here's a tip: my fist will knock you straight into the next island if you try taking anything from me) (And...I backtrack a bit due to realizing I can't just warp back) (Time for randoms stuff like this:) (And I never use him ever again) (And thus Roger was...wait I already evolved Roger Roger. What did I use this one on?) (And I did part of the mail quest) (Yep, that stayed the same) (Oh boy another movie. It's not even movie night) (I dunno. Ask Derog. They seem to have a mind of their own in his dimension) (Darkrai would like to have a word with you) (There will be more than 1k soon. Gen 8 is coming, boys.) (And stupidity. And greed. And whatever) (In this day and age anyone can be taken down at the snap of a finger) (That...was disturbing) wait...how was I seeing that? This game confuzzles me sometimes (And this place changed as well. What map hasn't changed at this point?) (And we're going to church) (HAPPY EASTER GUYS! Guess I really did make it to the church service today) And that's a lot of progress even if it feels like I barely got anywhere. It's 4am. I really have no more steam left and I gave you who knows how many rants. This is like DLC content anyways. I hope this doesn't become a monthly 1 chapter thing but it might end up having to be that way. I don't even remember what happened. So hello. I made a chapter. Let me sleep. Bye.
  11. He's not. A public figure is basically a politician. He might be a partial public figure though he does not fit the legal terms for staying out of the conflict. Rekieta does a really good job covering this stuff and the Farms as vile as they are also know a lot about the legal system. And before you say Youtubers are bias...nonbelievers....he pulls up the laws themselves and reads them to explain them for the state itself. His streams are really long but he does make short videos on the subjects from time to time. and @wcv I've got a message to you from someone on the farms: Please note that anything posted online is not exempt from mockery elsewhere. Thank you, and have a good day. ------------------------------------------------------- Not much news tbh. These idiots found some mistake Ty made years ago and now believe he's some awful lawyer (which they shouldn't be talking seeing the orca has a certain lawyer named Zaid who's quite the character almost at Avanetti levels). These people I swear. Other news is some rich guy named Elon Musk changed his Twitter avatar to Edward Elric and people are pissed off about that saying god knows what. Why would you ever think pissing off a rich guy is a good idea? Ty said he'd need 2 million dollars to get all these people. Probably not a good idea to make that a reality. I'm hoping he drops a big donation but I'm not expecting it. These people are so far out of reality it's unbelievable.
  12. So you skipped Jenner's funeral which was eh tbh. Better than what I'm used to. I'll have it up in my run eventually as I'm currently back at the Saki lawnmower segment. Let's just say it's...something Now. Anyways, I'm not going to talk about the protagonist death because that's a rant I really don't want to go through until I have to. That'll be the rant I absolutely lose it harder than the end of Blacksteeple. But yeah the Melia show is still a thing in the newer version but it is slightly toned down. Guess Jan got tired of us harping on it.
  13. There's 0 reason not to go for Funimation right now since they have pretty much everything. No really, I'm pretty sure everyone they fired and half the staff at Funimation just said "Fuck it" and gave Ty and Nick everything. Remember they booted the old CEO out not too long ago. Only thing Ty needs are all the emails these employees sent out since they have a good chunk already. These are the easy guys and the ones who would be completely idiotic not to settle by how deep in shit they are. Most people predict they'll settle after the anti-SLAPP fails. Also, 1.73 million was just the value of damages including the Broly thing. But easily could spike to 3 million in court if Vic lets Ty loose. Round 2 predictions: Iago (Sabat), Igor (Schemmel?), Renfield (Amanda Win Lee?), Rooster Teeth, Shanon Mccormick Round 3: Marzgurl, Mike Toole, ANN, io9 It does sound like Ty plans to go after Rooster Teeth sooner or later. They went after Funimation because they need the money from that to get the rest of these guys.
  14. I swear you got really lucky with the Master Florinia fight. I kind of completely redid her to be based around the fact she used all 4 types of weather back during Season 1 league days. I'd say Roserade was more of a secondary ace for her over Breloom. I ended up nerfing her because the original fight seemed to give everyone massive problems (and Steelix was its name-o). Good job. I'm still keeping an eye but I do get busy. I'm a piece of walking trivia at points due to all the stuff I looked up for reference on all these guys. Only ones I don't have any materials on are Heather and Lin.
  15. https://mega.nz/#!8xJUmY5Y!mM8V2iQ4j73Sh-HdFscnKDQAi-PH0_TYdnoyP5PPxZc This map should fix that captain guy. It's a minor issue but yeah I dun goofed there. Just drop this map in the data folder. I consider it a minor error so I'm not reuploading the entire game over it.
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