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  1. Alright fellow Rebornians I dont normally ask for much but after seeing Ttar play that weird horror game and asked for more, there is one I really want to see him play because it is something I think he enjoy. The game is called Ib and it is a nice little gem horror puzzle game. And on a different note, I kind of dislike the roulette rule if it means he is gonna use fodder more just to avoid losing anyone important. I get it because the grind is brutal at this point being 50+ levels for most stuff soon. Not as absurd on how on point his theory crafting is.
  2. Yeah...it only is easy because you dont have to deal with it. SWM writes over any code in RMXP so pretty much you would have to see if the error is repeated when SWM isnt being used and it isnt a bug with the base game. Everything is compatible but nothing is guaranteed to work. You should be fine with 90% of this stuff unless you are me reverse engineering the system.
  3. We have officially entered the weirdest point in FE history today...


    In America

  4. >Wants him to stop doing the nuzlocke for it being too difficult >Wants him to do set mode/no items to make it more difficult 3 episodes sounds reasonable though I would say give or take some just so that the swap is convenient as being halfway in the WTC is very inconvenient and the whole Gauntlet battle could be two episodes alone.
  5. If cass didn't say anything, I was actually going to say something soon anyways as I was hoping this would die off before I had to (I gave a very, very good hint which certain people didn't catch the first time). The subject is done and over and nobody say anything else on it. At all. This is a thread just open to talk about the conclusion of Reborn and if ya don't have anything to contribute to that, then don't say anything at all. Ironic coming from me as I'm often someone who is at fault on this stuff a lot. And to comply with keeping the discussion to somewhat normal, there is something from Gen 8 I really feel needs to be incorporated into Reborn: Budewdrop Hotel should open a branch in Reborn City. I know what you all are thinking since Ame said no Gen 8, but...Budew is an important part of our culture. You see, Budew is an ongoing meme that most Rebornians embrace as their lord and savior from the tyranny that is Ame. With her ever decreasing will to live in the presence of such a magnificent creature, the game is lowered down to a difficulty in which mortals can play and complete. Its contributed to so much of this community so how could a game about the community not include it. Therefore there needs to be a shrine to bask in all its glory and contribution to this community. And who wouldn't want to sleep under its protection.
  6. So let's talk about the nuzlocke vs a normal playthrough so I guess I'll throw my hat in the ring here: First off, I'd say play a roulette in cases where he wipes or loses a lot of mons so that only 1 is sacrificed letting things go forward. I'd say sack mons don't count since that was their purpose. This isn't so much to make it easier on T-tar but to reduce the sheer amount of grinding caused by having to train members in a very exp short game. It's been years since I touched certain parts but you absolutely feel that burn post Aya and beyond. Second, we have plenty of people here, myself included, who could build a custom game for T-tar to build around this nuzlocke adventure he's trying to make in case he needs some accommodations. If he needs triple evs or a guy to boost his levels up to skip wild grinding, that's easy fixes. If it's a guy who sales heartscales we can make that happen as well. I'm not saying these things as means of letting T-tar be successful, I'm merely offering in order to keep the enjoyment in a middle ground of what the fans want and what he wants to do. Just don't ask for anything complicated or convoluted please. Anyways, I'm actually glad T-tar went back to defeat it instead of taking the wipe to clean the whole team.
  7. Sorry for a late and short response but it is kind of a large maybe. Let me explain. So SWM is not made using RMXP so it is invisible code to the game. I dont know what it does but it overwrites script files so it messes up mods and even the main game due to this. Your game is going to glitch as code will now be missing but the effect of the glitches can be minuscule to game breaking. So if you use mods, I hold no accountability to try and help you including softlockes. So use at your own discretion. As for the party system, they kind of are spread out. Cain is the last of the 4 before the Agate point of no return.
  8. If this is Ame's plan, we would be seeing crayon scribbles by the end of development trying to make sense of it all and what it means. Also a lot of messages of "Budew must die"
  9. This just is not possible like at all. It is a cool idea but I just dont think we could even create even if we had the manpower to as RMXP has limits. The best you could do is share a folder with someone to do a co op run by alternating who does what for a run. Hate to be the one to break news like that but it is what it is.
  10. So somehow I got roped into Frozen 2 and it honestly is just okay, but I'll go into more detail in replies to avoid spoilers for people...

    1. Commander


      Felt like there were too many songs and not much progression. Really wasn't much for the new characters either and like absolutely no twists. Everything going to happen was made super obvious if not easy to guess. Despite all of that, I felt they killed it with everything related to Anna I have nothing bad to say about her. Elsa though...that is a story for another day. Probably worth watching on DVD but not movie theater worthy imo.

  11. I know you guys want Reborn but mainline games are these PokeTubers biggest paychecks. They want them out ASAP. We will eventually get an update on what Ttar wants to do later but for now just be patient. If it makes y'all feel better, I was working on something not trying to go on a SwSh rant to end up on a rant about it.
  12. In my honest opinion, play KHII final mix and get a quick recap before that. KH1 is alright and has a decent amount of good gameplay and a simple story. CoM I like the story but the combat is awful. KH2 final mix is the pinnacle of the series and ends on a good note. The rest it would be up to you to consider as they have a lot of faults. KH2 I would easily play again and would talk about. I do need to finish BBS. 358/2 days is complicated as it is brilliant and awful at the same time. KHII is a must play kind of game but the rest can be skipped. Also thought KHIII was meh.
  13. Oh joy. The new Pokemon game came out. I'll give it 3 days before the hype dies down.

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