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  1. Did a count of open slots (check the levels spoiler tab) and I'll allow two but no more than that.
  2. Something is very wrong with this pic:


    1. Commander


      Clearly it's



      The animation bar isn't fully green


    2. DreamblitzX


      Misc being above 0% doesn't seem right. 

      If rejuvenation V11 is anything to go by

  3. It seems Always Interrupted or AI for short got fired from his job...again. Damn guy never seems to work when you want him to.
  4. Honestly, I think we'll hit a drought after Reborn and Rejuvenation finish. We kind of have a time where only little incompleted hacks come around before another massive step in quality marches in for the Hacking/Fan-game community. I'm not bashing Ame here but there's not some super secret technique to making a fan-game as it really grinds down to the effort and time to make one above all else. If you can do some basic level spriting you can make a fan-game. Ame also already has plans and a focus to design Starlight Divide so she's not going to be twiddling her thumbs waiting for the next thing to come. She does kind of make a living designing games.
  5. So looking at the Sword and Shield gameplay video, I can't tell if the downvotes are for the graphics or how godawful the people in the video were playing. Dazzling Gleam on a Steelix. Really?

    1. Eagleby18


      It's for something entirely different.  They mention in the video that Pokemon Home (the Switch's version of Bank) won't transfer anything not in the Galar Pokedex.  I'll leave you to interpret what that means for the series as a whole.


      Also the fact that the graphics suck from recycling the 3DS engine doesn't help either.

    2. Commander


      Oh........that's not going to end well considering all of those hard to obtain event Pokemon

  6. Whelp the Adpocalypse is back for YouTubers all because a gay man's feefees were hurt. Well this is going to be a long year.

    1. Show previous comments  5 more
    2. Abyssreaper99


      I checked through the content, I feel some of it could be considered mild hate speech but others was just the bloke mocking him. Also if this bloke was getting punished then shouldn't some of his guests get punished too considering they joined in? 


      In terms of the merch/Patreon thing, what this guy doesn't seem to get is that some of what he's saying is out of YTs hands. They're not going to go to Patreon or any online merch stores and be like "I don't want you to allow this person to use your website because he broke our rules", it's like separated parents trying to get the other to enforce punishments that one set but the other didn't. Also Youtube would lose a lot of business this way.


      In terms of the milkshake thing, the Vox dude is an idiot for thinking someone wouldn't clap back for encouraging semi-violent acts against people with differing political beliefs from him. However, Crowder could have avoided using his sexuality to clap back.


      All in all, Vox guy should expect people to clap back when he says something like he did. Crowder should have been a bit more careful in the way he took Vox guy's stuff apart. Vox guy should actually learn how promotion, Patreon and business works. YT should have just stuck to punishing those involved rather than cause unnecessary stress on content creators that have nothing to do with this sorta stuff. 


      Both of them done wrong, end of story

    3. Commander


      @Abyssreaper99 I personally use the "Who cares?" approach to a lot of things. People will always be dicks but if it doesn't affect my work I don't really care. To me this looks like someone throwing a hissy fit simply because they couldn't take a little bit of heat. Can't really say Crowder did anything wrong in that regard as he didn't violate any ToS. Starting to see a lot of people abuse the system and lot of YouTubers are losing ad revenue from ads being pulled from their videos. Not much can really be done about it once the ball is rolling. It totally is a publicity move to get attention and not about his feefees at this point. "Taking down" a big YouTuber certainly makes a name for yourself.

    4. ZEL


      regardless of whether or not the situation escalated too far in the end... you can give people "a bit of heat" without dragging their sexual orientation into it, it's not a difficult concept
      like, just so this is clear, if someone's immediate thought about "how can i make fun of this person" is to target their sexuality that's gross and out of line. and not rarely a pretty good indicator that there's more where it came from.

      allowing homophobia gets more than just our feelings hurt in the long run, and a "who cares" approach only adds to the problem.

      that said, it's whatever the fuck with youtubers, anyway. they'll just post a half-assed "apology video" where they vaguely apologize for making you feel hurt without ever reflecting on the actual wrong they did, and ppl will forget about it when next week's drama roll around

  7. Might be easier to just implement hard level caps since that system exists already (may as well go for Redux or Memeborn at that point) Way too much work since EVERY item shop would have to be hard coded to do this instead of the automatic system. Exists in Redux and there's a mod for it There's...not much point but you'd probably want to go with 1.25 x damage, 150-200% HP increase and a 25% increase in defense and special defense for a hard mode mod. Though the easier method would be to just include the Redux fights since I honestly don't mind if those are used for vanilla Reborn. There would be some issues though with level scaling.
  8. ...Please tell me this is a joke. I'll turn this around as it's saying you're suing a guy you robbed simply because he robbed you of something. Have fun explaining that to the police. Pokemon Rejuv and Reborn ultimately are Nintendo owned property so they could snatch anything away from you and there's nothing you can do about it. That's just how copyright works more or less.
  9. Giant Pokemon is canon...great...

    1. ShadeStrider


      Once again, the Metagame will break. Like it did with Mega Evolutions.


      But hey, the open world seems nice. If it is indeed an open world. 


      It wasn't the hypest direct ever. Not as much as E3 2018 for Smash players.


      But I'll probably get it, if only to see how the competitive scene breaks this time. 


      ...But going back to Environmental Storytelling like the first five generations seems nice.

  10. I know you guys haven't been here as long as I have but personally, I'll be relieved when it's finally done and over. Funny how I was in high school and now I'm a working adult through Reborn's dev cycle. This probably will be one of Ame's most important projects but I really think it's time to move on. She got what she could out of Pokemon but I'm more interested to see how she'd design stuff not bound by the chains of the kid friendly popular series and the flaws that come with it. My advice is just simply accept that there won't be any more waiting for more Reborn content and simply enjoy everything as it is. People won't disappear right away after the game is done though I do expect some familiar faces to leave not long after. People have come and gone for years and it's just something you have to accept. As for wanting more Reborn (slaps a stack of RPGs on the table), there's always a few good things to try out. I know it doesn't sound like you'll find something you love as much as Reborn, but trust me, there will be something. So don't think of this so much as an ending but simply the end of the first book with the next one always waiting. And no, that does not mean there's a Reborn sequel.
  11. @WSGreen Technically for E18 no, but I'll keep a tab on it for E19 so I saved a slot for you so no worries. @Specific Had to double check but gonna have to deny yours due to the levels. Level them down to one of the open slots and I'll accept it. (55-60 is the highest remaining one left)
  12. My best advice for low motivation is setting stuff up in a time crunch manner. Basically put it off to the last minute so instead of worrying about doing it every day you end up with an 8 hour day doing a lot of stuff you hate. That way the demotivating stuff is only for a day.
  13. So you're saying only a legend can solo Yveltal Edit: Sorry, I just love that video since. But getting Zygarde should be fine by this point since 10% is pretty much just a slightly better Lycanroc which we've had forever. Personally I think we should get Zygarde by V12 as if you spend ALL of that time finding all of those Cells or most of them of course you deserve a nice reward even if it's a little broken. I think people need to stop worrying so much about the game being broken and about keeping people interested in doing the mundane things such as searching hours for something that gives crappy rewards for the effort right now (seriously you get a lucky egg for all of that)
  14. It should be in and fixed in Redux.
  15. Been a while since I checked but everyone in Avieum is getting a haircut I see. Except Huey who has become a Super Saiyan. Also can we not do anything like bragging about using debug mode to hack in mons. This is the main info hub for lurkers. Let's try to not confuse them. The vocal people don't even represent half of the Rejuv players out there. I know I'm late but better late than never.
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