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  1. ??? I was positive I fixed this. You just select the option and click no and it turns it off but just in case Replace the file in the data folder with this one. There's uhhhh 10 or 11 I think. They are a bit all over the place but most of them are found throughout Reborn City Map768.rxdata
  2. Don't worry about it as it probably was a one off. But I did fix the save myself since I'm quite familiar with how this works. It is possible the NPC was trying to move exactly when I talked to them causing it to do two different actions at once leaving it confused causing it to do an autosave hangup script error and kept cycling to the crash with the event. In other words, it thought it was corrupt. I used Rejuv to get past it and it seems fine. Maybe it was a false flag. I did try afterwards to talk to the NPC and it worked. Just some advice that I'd wait to see if more similar issues come in or if someone repeats the error. If you want to try I was on case 2 after having the Swinub find the toy then talking to the NPC by the daycare when they were against the house on the left hand side. When I tried talking it didn't seem like the game took my input and I may have pushed something else or moved. Then it froze and crashed. I'd give you a back dated version if I had one but I do not. It is possible some other error caused the problem and it lagged too much it crashed at that NPC. Using the Rejuv game may have refreshed the map wiping the original error.
  3. ._. I tried seeing if I could manipulate it but alas, RMXP doesn't want me to play this game. Pretty sure I'm out of luck since this in an infinite script hangup and I can't revert. I might see if I can manipulate the save file a little bit with Redux but if you guys could somehow fix it you'd be my hero. It's on map 138 (Library District with the Gangster NPC being the person I talked to when this happened). Game.rxdata Edit: Nevermind, I figured out how to get around it. Had to use Rejuv since I couldn't edit present to get a clean save (I DO NOT RECOMMEND DOING THIS RANDOM PERSON WITH SAME ERROR READING THIS!)
  4. So, who is going to tell him that orphanage was an actual place and Sigmund was that sketchy as hell. I've only heard a few tales about the orphanage and it's enough not to ask questions about it.
  5. Classic nuzlocke moment: tries running away from a pikachu with Pelipper, can't escape, uses Spark and Pelipper lives with 2 HP. Talk about heart attacks.

  6. So...I was going to do a summary of my thoughts of this little fan-game, but I actually ended up liking it quite a bit. So I guess I'm going the Derog way and picking up more playthroughs I won't finish. Yeah, yeah we all know about Redux and quite honestly the follower mod is actually closer to being done than you might think. Anyways, let's get into this thing which people hopefully read because the game needs the traffic being honest. (I like the background, but not a fan of the text) So We're greeted to this thing we call a title screen. It's fine, but I hate how the word present looks in the screen capture. Dear god is that really what we're going to open this run up to? Nope. I feel it sets the wrong impression. Therefore, I must use the powers of Google to set a better impression: So now that I have distracted you from that, let's get into the story. Though I will have to tell you that you really should play this before watching me do the case as the music and detail really add to a certain kind of experience. Also because I'm terrible and didn't expect to make this a full playthrough. I pray cases aren't going to be like 1k pics or more because I don't think I can handle that after Rejuv. Give me a short game. (This is new. Thank ye for not making me choose Mandunbutt for the protag's name) (Oh, I'm a detective. Nice) I gotta say that this is kind of fresh compared to sinking boats at the start of the game. Or exploding trains. It's just a nice and quiet opening. Let me just tell you this: if I see someone present me a storyboard that opens up with an explosion I will chuck whatever I can find at you. I was part of a fan-game team and was stepping away and wanted to see how they'd continue it and let's just say I was so pissed I said I'd write the whole damn thing then leave purely for using and exploding train. Let's just say the train exploding in Reborn even had me hesitating if it would be good or not. For me, it's a big turn off. I prefer a bit slower beginning that at least builds stuff over jumping into the action. (That guy is huge. No wonder the snowman look intimidated) (And that's the backstory in a nutshell) Then the chief talks about dangers which again, not expecting to do a run. We get this response: (To the victor go the spoils as they say) And here is the moment I decided to do a run: (The weird thing is that doing these runs is pretty much me talking to myself surprised anyone reads this) This is one of those games not afraid to poke fun of itself which will either turn you off or love. This actually is kind of fresh because I really do like games with more focus on story than gameplay or rather less about turn based combat and more on exploring. Case 1 there really aren't too many battles but I could see a lot of people disliking that since that's all they play for. Me, I love it. Anyways, let's move on. (This is totally like me) Fun fact: I usually prepare some type of rant going in and then I either forget it or it ends up being shorter than I expected and just kind of babble my way through. Usually, I'm not on full rage but when I am, you can feel it. I do not think anything here really did that for me. Also, I really like the kids in the background. It's a nice touch for visuals. I mean this game isn't going to win an oscars for visuals but it does its job well. We'll get more into that in a minute. (Same. Yet I manage to make so many chapters) (Is that...Santa?) Santa asked for money so I gave it to him...or my character did. I would've done so anyways. (I wish the real Santa gave you a Pokemon for giving him money) (...Still worth it) (I love this screen just for being different. Also meet Polaris. He's our new companion for a while) (A free Pokemon is a free Pokemon I say) (NO SANTA! I DON'T WANT TO TOUCH YOUR CANDY CANE!) (Oh...you meant an actual candy...still don't take candy from strangers. Unless it's Halloween) I really like this idea for obtaining your first Pokemon. Well it's not technically but you get the idea. I don't mind getting a fixed mon or fixed mons in a game since that's what I'm used to. Sometimes I think getting too many options is actually detrimental since it's not so much bonding but just picking on a whim and replacing when need be. Part of the reason I love Tales of Graces f is that there's only 7 characters but all of them feel good to play. I probably have more memories of how they feel then really any Pokemon I've ever had or am using. Let that settle in. A game a played a year ago I have more memories of the characters than 24 years of playing Pokemon. Don't be afraid to break tradition with Pokemon. I love my goddamn snowbird and nothing you do can make me change my mind. (The statistician in me is triggered right now) (Okay) (Nah, it's best to deliver the bad news first) (Oh. Tough guy. I see.) (It's okay. I'm bad at this too. I guess we're monologue buddies now) Now I can open with the chapter name: Case 1: Maid For Crime (.........I like my name for it better) I don't know how much effort was put in for all this stuff and transitions but it kind of pays off. All the little things such as the typing keyboard for the case names give off the immersion vibe I feel a lot of RMXP games lack. There's a lot of little things that I think make up for any graphic limitations that I just ended up liking it. Of course I'm like the kid on the street who gets distracted by the ice cream truck. Which is ironic because that truck pissed me off for never coming down my driveway. Ever. Not that I got ice cream anyways. But just hearing that song every day while playing outside drove me nuts. Speaking of, do they even still have ice cream trucks driving around? Or is that a relic of the past? What? I have to complain about something if I can't complain about the game. (I don't think there's anything significant about the main character but who knows) I'm still unsure if Sylvester is going to be a cheesy main protag or actually have a story behind him. Neither choice is wrong and it's really too early for me to say anything about that. It's like Phoenix Wright and Layton. Phoenix I view more as the dork who doesn't really need a backstory to be a fantastic character, but Layton is cemented based on his backstory. And now I know that one guy who read my other run is saying "But Commander, you kept whining about Rejuv not having deep characters" in which I respond by saying setting the stage matters. I have not been presented a grandiose adventure that'll last a long time. It starts itself out as small so it's okay for it to be small. It's a different world with different rules. Bigger stuff you get a lot more leeway at the risk of boring players. Small stuff is where every verse and line counts. You mess up once and the whole meaning can be lost. Personally, I believe people who can develop deep stories in short games are of the best writers out there as it takes more talent imo to do so in tight spaces. And I'm not comparing these games to each other. I'm just explaining why I may say stuff differently for this over the typical Reborn Donut Steel. Also I have a bias for mystery stuff. Blame my two sisters as the older one loved Mary Kate and Ashley and the Boxcar Children and my younger sister loved Nancy Drew making me do so much of them when she was young. My dad also has a massive Hardy Boys collection plus an Alfred Hitchcock collection. I actually saw this game and it was on my to play list but I'm glad I postponed it as I thought it was a one-off side project and not a full game. I really want to play more of this thing. But I kind of felt I needed to do this to try and help the game out a bit. Cheese and mystery is like an instant win for me. Will I have criticisms? Yes. But I'm just letting you know now before people are in disbelief at my tone. (I should've picked no) (Ugh the Media. I hate the media) (Well when the press is dying and needs some drama they...) (I don't trust that guy with black hair. He's the culprit) (what's a cheque? Is it delicious?) (I'm more interested in the guy I get to beat up. I'm looking at you blacky) Commander accidentally being racist count: 1 (Yes, yes he does) (Only 10k. That literally is $100 in US dollars. That's goddamn hilarious) Yeah, Poke is actually based off of yen and for a better understanding in English terms you'd divide it by 100 and get roughly the value of it. It could be the dev oversight or misunderstanding but it also could be a hilarious case of finding a lost $100. Probably paid more for the PI...and OH MY GOD he's wearing a mistletoe. Too bad it isn't July otherwise I would make a hilarious Christmas in July joke. Well it is my half birthday or probably will be by the time I get this done. 200 images takes me forever. (Investigation but first...) (I kind of like that it has fixed stats. Makes sure you don't get screwed. Oh well guess he'll be a part of the team for a while) I don't have RMXP set up to take a peak at this stuff so I am going in blind for now. I heard people on discord having issues with glitches and such which since I've dealt with RMXP for like 3 years now I kind of know my way around the basics so I generally can fix any issues that come up including the fabulous ones in Rejuvenation. Losing in most fights in Chapter 13 caused softlocks. Those are fun. I haven't really noticed anything but I'll probably relay any glitches with fixes if I notice them. My brain functions weird so it can spot reasons quickly. Also: (I love this) I could go on for a while about this menu screen. I'm not the biggest fan with how it looks which I say maybe if the art team is bored they could probably go ham there with the design but the grey drop just looks so nice and is a nice touch. Anyone with a bit of mystery knowledge knows it's the old school mystery stuff that uses that and probably a nod to it. You can really tell this guy is a fan of those things and I'm assuming the game is based kind of around that. I'm very easily entertained. I just am very serious about story and a hardass about it. Also realizing I think I forgot to do something reading wise. Eh, probably not important. I forget about this stuff all the time. Then remember and by that time the person is dead or moved on. Which I shouldn't joke because there's actually a story about that I probably could share. Actually was a motivation for me to take better care of myself. Maybe I'll share it if people remind me. (Clearly it's Dorthy the Dinosaur. She's responsible for all tax frauds) So there's a couple pop culture nods here. You're always going to be a hit or miss so it's best to limit them because by the time your done people have moved on to something else and it's a stale reference. I know people really are into their memes but you really need to develop your own humor otherwise you're behind the times. It's often why it feels weird seeing it in games because the game is being worked on years after the meme came into place. Just something to really think about which people don't do enough. (...Oh good a battle) No idea why my first battle was against two level 17 Pokemon. Oh well, I won due to everything being a grass type. It's case 1 so I'm not expecting anything too challenging. (I like how he always kneels forward to save. Nice little touch) (NGL, I thought he was going to say "ass game") (Or that. That probably is better) I'm one of those people who isn't afraid to beat around the bush and make fun of stuff. I know it takes me forever to do stuff because it's not a priority in my life. Sometimes it's a debate on playing a game or working on stuff I do for the site. At the end of the day, Redux is simply a gift to the community just to have a bit of fun while waiting on other stuff. Also to kind of show off things you think are impossible can be done. Except move NPCs in a diagonal. That'll be a mystery we never solve with RMXP. (....) You're dead to me (No elevator for you) (I have a feeling your boss is going to be a pain in my side) (Well he still has a point. Why am I handling a bank robbery again?) (My mind is far beyond the gutter to say anything about this) (Leave Stair Keeper alone) (I too would take my role seriously if that's all I had to do in life) (The waiter looks cute. No, I did not say that out loud) Remember when Commander was actually funny? Neither do I. Yet you sit here and read this after I sit here and write this blasted thing. You suffer. I suffer. We all suffer. Just like everyone who loses to a Delibird. Never lose to a Delibird. ............And now we're like a month and a half late. Oh my god was that a long wait. Damn, did I just do a rhyme. I guess that's fine. That was unintentional, but sure was conventional. Well now I'm committed and I won't be acquitted So rhyme we must, without the damn lust (the manager is here, to bring all to fear) (with a story so black, color was taken aback) (The daycare's check, was given to a heck) (Going to the office? What a novice.) (Lock the safe? Oh someone's gonna chafe) (Someone took the money, that's kind of crummy) Yeah, we're only going to do that for flashbacks because my brain will literally be friend trying to do a bunch of lines. I do have some valid complaints but I'll save those for the end because I don't want to ruin a good mystery. Mostly had to do with fitting it all together. (The BS meter is over 9000) (It wouldn't have been if you really BOOKed it) (Okay, now I need to take a time out) I love and hate this. I don't really like highlighting stuff out because it's distracting and I think Phoenix right kind of nails it with the subtle hints of inner monologue. It's not really a complaint because some people won't get through a game unless you absolutely highlight every important detail. (Dammit, I can only think to respond to this with cheesy one liners. Guess it's just too hot for me to handle. OH GOD! Every time!) (This is the greatest form of torture: a yodeling daycare man. Those poor, poor Pokemon) (I'm not so sure about that, but I only have a Delibird so I have no room to complain) (...That's a lot of Pokemon. Can I have some?) (I'm just going to skim and probably not comment so feel free to do the same) (Those daycare families sure know how to make babies...My brain has no boundaries) (She gives me a potion for reminding her) (wait a minute....Sefa...If you flip everything else but the S...It spells Safe. SHE'S THE CULPRIT! ARREST HER!) (So here's something I like. This UI is both great and a little weird. I think the tabs and label should be flipped as that dead space inbetween irritates me. It's not bad, but has a bit of jarring flaws. I really like how this was designed beyond that. This was set up how it should be for detective work. There's obvious limits due to Essentials and RMXP but you can look at what you need to relook at info to figure out the puzzle. (Random thought: That t-tar looks like a christmas tree) This lady took me forever to find for some reason. She kind of blends in. I guess this is a minor complaint, but I would have liked if she stood out a bit more since she's in an easy to miss location. (The temptation to call him Detective Sly is so damn high right now) (.......I hope that's a pun) Cathy sounds a lot like Catty and she kind of has that bit of personality. I don't usually talk about name choices but sometimes they can be clever. Or maybe it's coincidence. Not my place to say and maybe I'm just weird. I don't normally talk much about names (maybe I did in the Rejuv run) as my rule of thumb is pick something that roles off the tongue for the main cast, but name the rest whatever. It's actually why sometimes I give characters pet names like Rejuv's Indy because it's just easier for people to recall and trigger in the back of their mind. Sylvester isn't a bad name and Sylvy doesn't sound right which is why I may end up calling him Sly to the creator's displeasure. Either that or Vester. Take your pick. (Hooray for 4th wall breaking) Yeah, I get to talk about 4th wall stuff again. When you start getting up there with following you'll get people who will complain about it and have good reasons as it can be jarring or just doesn't make the experience any better if not worse. I'm the type of guy who goes "So what?" Something I do have to bring up about Rejuv and especially Reborn is that they take themselves a bit too seriously. "But, but Commander, they have plenty of funny moments as well." Yes, but what's the overall tone of the game trying to convey to you. It's a grand and massive plot with all this stuff you gotta learn and keep up or you'll get lost. Rejuv's plot stopped making sense and even Reborn despite dedicating years into playing and tinkering with the game I still haven't really been able to dig into everything. I really think we need like a guide or posts about finding Reborn's lore as it's so interesting as these characters are based on characters in a role playing setting combined with real life stuff. They are big and massive which isn't a bad thing, but it comes at a cost. That tangent has a point: you're not playing Reborn or Rejuv for a silly adventure or even an epic or long one. You're playing them because they are challenging and test your skills like most fan-games won't. That's great and maybe you love those kinds of games and want to keep going further. Go play SMT games or DQ Monsters. Or maybe some other RPG. There's stuff like it, but most people do not want to play a game like Reborn. Most people just want to go home from a hard day's work and sit down and play some mindless fun adventure. This game is kind of like that. It's just dumb fun. And if it took out the dumb fun, then it'd just be kind of boring honestly. From my impression there's nothing really going to wrap your brain up too much (we'll get back to this later), but the story isn't some deep mindfuck and is rather simple. And I genuinely like that. I know I've told this advice before with Rejuv and it's something I talk about over and over again. A well written simple story trumps a convoluted messy plot no matter how good the plot twists are. And I'm going to say it's beyond just how good your wordsmithing is. Zero no Kiseki became my favorite storyline of all time despite the awful translation that doesn't do it justice (wait for the Geofront version if you're considering it). It's a damn shame this game didn't get localized as it really is a shining example of how to write a nearly closed plot. Trust me, I didn't get why people loved the game until I played it myself and I was wowed. You play through three games and when you get to that game, it truly is an experience. Phenomenal cast, really good sidequests, and scenes that just absolutely nail it. The storyline is not that complex and nothing that'll make you drop your mouth. Also probably my honest best pick to show how to build characters as it demonstrates both so well. Sorry for the tangent, but it is such a pet peeve when people bog down a game trying to put in all this story and a plot has to be at such a scale to be considered good. I actually like it better when things are done on small scales. This game gives me that impression. The first case you're in a single building. One of the best things you can do and I'll cover that more at the end. (While she's turned sideways looking at me) (Well at least the story is being kept straight) And nothing else much happened. This mostly just triggers this next event: (Depends on the book. I hear a Old Man from Kanto has quite the collection) (God I love how this game makes fun of its own limitations) (Hey, I take my resources wherever I can find them) (Nice comeback! Gonna need a burn heal for that one) (Can we just take a moment and appreciate this banner) I don't know why, but I just like the way it looks. Starting to think this was meant to be a one off christmas project, but here we are talking about a full fledged fan-game that perked my interest. Mordecai is a wee bit big but other than that I like the portrait design. (Good job, Mandy. I don't even know what pokemon that was) (Gah! I couldn't remember to take the right screencap) (Oh! We have a murder mystery on our hands) (Oh joy. Another maid. Last time I investigated a maid, I ended up in a cube) (I have a feeling I know who that is) (Well...this is awkward) (Probably have a better paycheck than I do...which is looking like a big goose egg) (Typical crime syndicate. At least it's not burning the world down. Yesh!) (...Aren't some of them smart enough to wash their own hands?) (Personally, I would've gone with geezer) I see nothing wrong with her being an old maid............................................................That was an unintentional pun. Get it? because it's a game. Okay, we'll move on. (Wow, back-to-back boss battles. Who wants to bet I forgot to show the Pokemon?) (................................) Wait, was that it? (Sure, blame it on the meowth) (Clearly, this man specializes in hooking up woman) (Or maybe he's really good and nobody realizes it) I kind of like this. Really shows off his greenhorn with undercover work as he had experience as a cop beforehand. (And the game just explains it for me. God, this would've made my life so much easier in any other run) (That might just work out) I really like this tad bit of dialogue. Does it add anything to the story? No. Flavor text really just helps make stuff flow better and it's honestly something I never talk about because most of the time the advice is "don't waste your words on petty stuff." Since people get bogged down. When you keep it simple, it gives you so much room to mess around. (And I seem to be skipping dialogue. I really need to pick better captions to screen. I'm not sure even I followed all of it) (NICE! Another thing I get to talk about) Remember how I said there's limitations to RMXP. When you learn to make use of them it's rewarding. I like the use of italics here as generally it's used for emphasis or yelling, but here you can tell it's for whispering despite nobody saying anything that they are whispering. One of the simplest versions of show, don't tell. Of course, most people don't think about this stuff when playing the game. I don't either which is why screencaps are a good refresher even if it's been months since I played a section. A lot of people probably think I'm some kind of snob which they aren't wrong, but I have to talk about something. (Oooh spoopy) Sigh...here we go again: (Office for some cleaning, where death holds its meaning) (The sounds of a scuffle. Sounds like a true kerfuffle) (The text got cut off. That's nothing to scoff) (Receiving a testimony. Totally the best money) I got nothing else to rhyme with that. They can't be all not near death experiences of such horror. (And now it's finally time to go back to the crime scene) (This fantastic crime scene) (Ah yes, the classic explore the crime scene to uncover how incompetent police are) (And we now have all the clues to solve the crime) And now we get to reveal who the culprit is... (Using the one option nobody questioned) (We've got the dirt and now time to uncover the truth) (Eh. People die in hotels too often. Usually by suicides. Not something damning tbh) (No, no you can't) (And now we get to play phoenix wright) Play whatever epic detective music you want...I guess. (Missing a comma there, dude. I forgive you though.) (I smell bullshit. It's always about the money) (Well, I guess we got him cornered now) And the guy says nothing and we get into a surprise boss battle. (This one was kind of a challenge) So it's a Meowth, Mr. Mime, and a Sneasel against a delibird. Kind of a hard fight I had to use some resources but I pulled through. It wasn't too bad but kind of a surprise given we only have one Pokemon. I like it and say don't change it but I could see complaints asking to nerf it giving you only have Delibird. I like things getting a bit tricky and having to think so I don't think I'm too reliable. Though I can say when things go too far. (I have found the root. For I am Groot) (Let me at those mobsters. I'll fry them like lobsters) (They committed a grave sin. No money will they win) Sometimes I wonder if I like torturing myself think about these. (Hiding in a scene is for a fool. My sense are greatest tool) (That was your greatest mistake. Locked rooms are answers make) (Throw it in the trash. Only reveal where the cash) Did I ever tell you I suck at poetry? Mistakes were made. (He hired me to be ass. Little did he know I had class) (I'm like the good ole Beagle. Anything I sniff isn't legal) (Does that mean I still get paid? No? Dammit) (I've seen enough Hallmark to know where this is going) (Well guess he wanted to take someone down with him) (And he did a good job...which I totally didn't screw up at all, nope!) (Guess that old hunched back of his can't do much anymore) (No idea why the "she is" is at the end. I've done that by accident before so it's understandable) Just a little note: I sometimes comment on typos not to say "Oh! This game has typos it's so bad. It literally happens as you're working some 10-14 hours straight on it. You get tired and it gets missed when passing over and editing the text. I get it. Some people don't and can even say a game is awful because of it. If it's like a few dozen, I'm not going to say much. It can take hours (usually 25% of the time to write the original draft) to get it done and it's draining for not much drastic change. You're not getting paid to do this. I get it. It's a bit different than writing a paper as you're simply just reading in a format easy to spot and make changes. Those even blocks and get a tad bit painful to find the right event and then check. It's usually just better to do it map based then follow the story along on revisions. Just a bit of honest opinion though everyone does it differently. So if you see typos or something odd, just point it out in a picture with a description of the scene. Sometimes it's hard to find where the event is at based on a single dialogue of text. Just a bit of helpful advice for readers who spot this stuff and want it fixed. Do that and fixes are easy. (And they all lived happily ever after) (The end...for now) Honestly, this could have been it and probably would've been a fun random side short game forgotten in the depths. People sometimes think "Oh Pokemon! I got to make an 8/18 badge game and make sure levels get to here and evil syndicate is..." but honestly something this long might work out better. It's small and still rewarding to complete. It tells a story with a beginning, middle, and end. And the best part is that it's different and you can really enjoy it. Might be disappointing it felt so short but that just means you can pop in another one or go to something else instead of sinking your teeth into some 60-80 hour adventure each time someone announces a new game. There's lots of advantages including learning from your mistakes instead of going fully down a rabbit hole of issues you know you can't resolve. And before I go into giving a full in-depth thoughts about this game so far, I do want to talk about this huge graphics update that apparently happened. I know they put in a lot of hard work and I'm absolutely am sure it'll make the game more enjoyable as it had some graphical issues, but it isn't going to really impact the feedback I give. I'm not a graphics expert so it's never going to be a field I really comment on unless something is very noticeable. I didn't see much of that and I really liked how the game looked even if it heavily used Earthbound assets. It's a fan-game. There's only so many standards you can push though if I do another one of these I may try to comment more on it. Now let's start with the bad: I think the biggest criticism I have for this case is that it threw too much info with barely any of it being relevant at all. One of the nice things about Phoenix Wright is that everything in your inventory gets used when revealing the answer to the big puzzle. I'm not asking for that. I'm just asking for a little bit more implementation of the clues to follow the story. I really only connected the dots by luck as it didn't register that the ugly table was the original safe. Some of that is the limitations of the graphics, but they really didn't give too many clues. Beyond that, I kind of pieced everything else and found it all pretty quickly beyond Hilda who kind of blended in. Maybe making her stand out a little bit more would be helpful, but that's a minor complaint. Everything else was fine as you couldn't run yourself into danger unless you were being very careless. Now for the good: I really think the game opens so well. It's Christmas time (clever title name) and the game really reflects the holiday spirit with Santa Claus and the winder city. You don't ever see that in a Pokemon game and very, very few actual RPGs. The game also isn't afraid to make fun of itself playing with some of the detective tropes and really gives off the good ole mystery solver vibes. The first case is always really simple and nothing was too hard to follow around and I managed to beat it with too much trouble other than one issue I personally had (finding Hilda) as the NPCs all gave clues where you needed to go and take notes. The UI also looks really nice and can keep you on track to solve the mystery. I can't say how good the game is just yet, but it does have me intrigued especially with the talking protag who I honestly think is the reason it works. Is this game going to be something everyone should play or "The best fangame ever?" Hell no. I have the feeling it's going to end up being a gem which I really hope some mainstream guy or two picks it up to try out exposing it to more people because it's intriguing. Now, I kind of did this as an intentional short little one-off which I'm probably going to do short little reviews of each case after this. I just like to show off a little bit of the game before going the old thoughts only route dividing it into segments (which would be cases). Redux takes priority (damn follower mod is a bigger behemoth than I intended), but if you guys really like this I'll sprinkle one here and there just to tide over during the long wait. Or maybe I'll do a full run. Who knows.
  7. Corey's medal is the only one you need to pick up. You will get the medal later as it wouldn't make sense for someone passed out to hand you a medal.
  8. I'll have to take a look at that but that last little bit of the party system is such a tangled mess I might take a different approach to it altogether (not scrap but future plans with it). I do have a task I did mention in a small comment as I do want people testing up to the 1st solaris battle just to get some feedback on the follower system. I'll PM you the link and just little notes of glitches that can't be fixed.
  9. For the sake of feedback, I'm going to let like 5-10 people do a test of an early build of the follower mod. It only goes to the first Solaris battle right now. Just PM me and I'll give you the DL link.

  10. Well, well, well it's been a while since I made an update. There's going to be times where I basically will go long periods without working on anything, but that's life and it's been hectic this last month. I glance at this forum once in a while, but I have some little bit of stuff to deliver. I know people probably are going "where the hell is the follower mod? It surely can't take that long to make it." The answer is yes and no. The bulk of the work is done but I'm really into polishing. I could release the mod RIGHT NOW and people would absolutely love it to death. I'm sorry, but I'm not that kind of guy. I think about stuff from a players perspective and things clipping or looking weird irritate the hell out of me. "Why don't you just remove the Pokemon from all cutscenes then?" Because the Player's Pokemon is part of the story. I love doing these little tinkers because it really just adds to the experience. So here's some of the trickier ones I had to do so far:
  11. Hopefully I get the thing done today, but it'll probably be tomorrow night. And no, it's not Redux related. Finally can get to working on that though

  12. It certainly is possible but you have to add the scripts into the AI. Well moreso override the switching AI to stick with the default system. There's other ways to go about your problem but that requires experience.
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