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  1. Rejuv is elite 8 but Reborn sticks with traditional E4. Though E19 probably is going to be a boss rush as there are many opponents we haven't battled in very, very long periods of time
  2. So now we're in the stage where I'm testing the follower mod through the main story making sure nothing funky happens. Guess what? Funky stuff happened so this will be a long test session (just got past Julia). After that, I'll swap sprites out with any Reborn made ones and then just make a release. It might be this week. It might be two weeks. I make no promises but I am doing some polishing and hopefully everything feels good and not weird since I am a bit picky when it comes to features. Anyways, I've got a question for you all. So the hotkey switching your Pokemon in and out was Ctrl. Most people playing debug know this is a problem because ctrl also is for walk through walls. Currently, I set the input to be the "Tab" key as nobody really is going to use it outside of amusement but I kind of want to know what key (as long as it's not being used by something else) you want the send the Pokemon back in and out to be. I feel tab is fine but someone might have a better idea.
  3. I have to agree here. I mean it's like your rooting for him to fail and that's not really helping anyone. The game provides enough info to be able to beat it on a first try but most of us learned through trial and error over that...or there was no guide for fun times if your that old. All you guys are talking about is wiping on Shelly. She's not the most impossible thing ever. Personally, I'm rooting for T-tar to try his best and enjoy the journey which has been really fun. It reminds me a bit of early days Shofu which was a blast. Hell, I actually hope he destroys Shelly just to spite all of you saying he will wipe. I've never seen someone so excited about Pulse Tangrowth so he's grown on me after being skeptical knowing the two runs I followed...ending...on bad notes let's put it.
  4. Hey Ame, that update is a lie. You and I both know AI stands for Always Incorrect.
  5. For a majority of people it's no. Someone needs to add the scripts into the new script file as well as add the eventing on any maps that may have changed or been tweaked Sorry, but I really would give up with Rejuv having the follower mod as you need a team actually dedicated and prepped for Gen 8 to do overworld sprites. I'm willing to help someone on a few things but ultimately someone has to dedicate themselves to doing this mod mostly on their own. It is not hard per se but Rejuv is a different beast having more script changes than Reborn so additional scripting is needed. I am not putting that responsibility into my hands as I was hesitant to even do Reborn's. Redux follower mod is done but I'm just putting bells and whistles whenever I set time aside to work on it.
  6. Do you know if my not being able to use the Golden Surfboard has to do with the Rejuvenation Follower mod? I know it isn't something your actively working on (to my knowledge) but you've helped with around the code before, so I figured I'd ask. (And yes I have the right amount of Badges and have used the Surf HM before.

    1. Commander


      Probably hasn't been provisioned in the game as it is different than surf. Probably doesn't have an override for it.

    2. GriffinO1


      So it is a problem with the mod?

  7. I mean I'm tinkering with the system a bit but work on it is slow. I have the core system done and will make a tutorial on it once I finish. Though there are 2 major things that are causing issues which is beyond my skill level to fix as it would require giving the follower the same properties as the player character. Not game breaking but annoying. Adding it to Redux gets priority merely because I need a very small group for testing it first.
  8. Dunk the monkey

  9. What are you talking about? He's pronouncing it correctly obviously. Just ask Ahm herself. But seriously I find it amazing he pronounces it something other than Amy when he saw it.
  10. You can't do it in the Zerk path for now. I'll probably try to do something for that one in E19 but it will require redoing that whole event.
  11. The condition for Amarias master fight is unusual. You need to be on the true route on top of another simple thing you probably never did. Has to do with an L.
  12. So...some of you may know about the error that causes the game to crash whenever you fight Cain. After overwriting every single file, I finally found what is probably causing it. I'm an idiot and somehow deleted one of the dll files which are the backbones of the game (it's a miracle it even ran without that). I included it in the OP but it can easily be found in reg reborn game files. I'm not planning on a reupload at this time since I'm working on the follower mod but at least now you do not have to worry about your settings. It's rubyscreen.dll in case you're only looking at this post. In other news, I've fine tuned the system to work a bit better. There's some pain in the butt exceptions which either seem impossible to fix or things that will take a long time to do. It's mostly just little things so hopefully I'm done sooner than later. Got to Adventurine in the Healing spots.
  13. Huh. Desolation is still being worked on. I guess that's another one to add to the very small pile of "Commander was wrong". Hmm...maybe I'll do more like the review I did for Rejuv but with pics talking about certain points. First thing first is finishing Radiant Historia The follower mod. By the time I get to it there will be a V5 knowing me. Anyways, glad to see you in good health and spirits and hope the best at whatever you do or decide.
  14. Did GF just give an older Pokemon a new evolution? What is this sorcery?

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. doombotmecha


      I mean that was their past-gen relevance gimmick for gen 4 as well. I really like it though, I'd put it on my team if I was able to get swsh (no switch).

    3. Dex


      I'm honestly happier about Regional Variants. And it's not just Gen I Pokemon this time.

    4. Chimpnology


      loophole: they changed around an older mon, then gave it an evolution


      also told regular linoone to go fuck itself


      im not a fan of obstagoone

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