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  1. i actually havent claimed a single one yet
  2. the drunk actually forreal blocking kiet is extremely funny lol
  3. i can confirm the drunk did not visit kiet
  4. coke. dont want to offend anyone. griff's. night bus. what shrug trinity being fried in roux. idk plain grass? i dont like fighting. griffon. invisobill (guess super power). i have a frog beanie baby
  5. geaux tigahs i'd like to travel france a little bit.
  6. after seeing newt's analysis i have to agree with him. im highly sus of drago and baz and if either of them are maf then the other probably isnt. i think AL is leaning town more than maf atm and nicki has been acting sus to me this game (this is the real end of post bc im nto being puppeteered)
  7. nah i usually stick to grapplers and since the inputs are usually the same the muscle memory carries over. for example, i played zangief in usf4 and transitioned easily to sfv playing both gief and abigail
  8. no. south korea. tales of zestiria, sekiro, dq xi s. no. fried oyster po boy. yes. 20.
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