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  1. ive been blocked or controlled/swapped every night. however, i have confirmed that lykos is not a monster.
  2. i have admitted that i am a medium in that chat. bean however, has not given a straight answer as to his role.
  3. received word that there was an error on my card. emilio and manolo are my siblings. not carlos. @Jason Grace confirm.
  4. emilio and carlos are my siblings, yes.
  5. i also got swapped last night. i have a sneaking suspicion that the witch is a wolf
  6. from info i've gathered, lykos was exorcised. the entirety of my immediate family was killed already, i am adriana
  7. if you want a more informative post, then i'll bite i think you are a wolf, i think yahen and seal are vamps, i think alaris is paladin (which means he should vote for yahen), and i think lykos is the acolyte, which means he can verify that i am the priest
  8. i'll throw my hat in the pile [eliminate] yahen
  9. yahen hasnt really addressed or defended themself to the accusation and has skirted around topics of vampires. i also believe there are three vampires
  10. i would definitely read yahen as vampire
  11. there could be the possibility of repeat roles in this scenario
  12. didnt even notice it. ive been very busy with classes and work so i mostly skim if there's more than 30 replies
  13. yahen has been far too chatty for me to be comfortable with. [eliminate] yahen
  14. or the totems are only active on certain days? like... perhaps the day of the dead?