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  1. come back bitch

  2. i dont believe nicki is maf, but i do suspect alaris. anti has been going nuts this entire game so can we really trust that he's maf? even if he admits it?
  3. at this point do we think anti might be trolling? maybe his TP obj got dusted so he's giving it up? either way i agree with draco [eliminate] alaris
  4. taking advantage of my busy schedule isnt cool nick
  5. word vomit calling urself town when we have a real confirmed non-town on you, also trying to spin me as maf is extremely scummy nick
  6. nick - confirmed non-town, probably mafia from gunning so hard to lynch other townies yahy - ehhhhh not sure here anti-loser - were we reading the same posts? after the first couple i just stopped trying to understand ali - the all might thing is spooky imo. do we know which tp role he was? (lyncher?) and what if any abilities he's been given? nicki - i think she's town astra - also has been quiet. im leaning town based off of what ive read bean - bean kiet - confirmed town. would like for him to divulge more info amine - havent really seen amine post too often. monkie perhaps? unless that was revealed alaris - unusually quiet given how vocal he usually is. possible maf unless i missed him revealing role somewhere in the last few pages hypurr - snitch, safe town
  7. what can i say? i've been busy and havent really paid attention to this game due to not having a night action
  8. i'd like everyone to remember that baz ended up being town. [eliminate] nick
  9. since you have confirmed amine as town bean should also unvote at this point @Chickens
  10. i will be honest, i have not been paying enough attention to this game for the past day. however, upon rereading and taking your observations into account: [unvote] nick [eliminate] baz
  11. hm i think kiet using nick as a pivot for the justice ability might be a bit off. im thinking nick is tp and baz is town so [eliminate] nick
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