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  1. Maelstrom

    Need help with a serious issue

    It would be stressing your relationship if used your friendship with her as leverage to make her eat a little more without throwing it up, but it is an (bad) option. And by that, I mean that you put it that she risks losing your friendship if she continues her pattern of behavior. So instead, go the opposite route. Tell her it would impress you and make you feel better if ate such and such or more and kept it down. If she trusts you, you could ask her to believe in you when you say she will be healthier and happier if she eats a bit more. But you have to be able to check and reinforce this to have a chance at being effective.... And of course, whatever changes you ask her to make have to be small increments, gradually. Helping someone with these sorts of issues will always take time and patience, it will never be solved overnight or even over a couple of weeks or months. Be prepared for years. It also sounds like something you will have to commit to. Not just time-wise, but perhaps romantically if you really mean to see this through. And even then, she might not be able to adjust well enough to not periodically relapse as life goes on and adult responsibilities are eventually laid upon your and her shoulders. At the same time, it may be better in time, if she is able to live and support herself away from any of the negative family baggage she has to deal with currently. Time and distance help in many things. Barring moving away to college and stuff with her, you can just hang out somewhere away from home and create the time and space she needs away from other stuff. That alone will help some. Show her people who don't think and act the way that the people who drive her into insecurity do. Be like Aladdin. Show her a broader, wider world than the one she knows and judges herself off of. We all need a respite from what ails and worries us. What you are asking for is serious. She may not be willing to take help from professionals, but if you have a school counselor or whatnot, you could approach them as someone concerned for another who won't take advice from someone else. You don't have to give her name or anything but you can pick their brains for . Chances are, they'll give you better insight and advice into the situation than I can. But you might have to stop and tailor the advice to fit her better and keep you sounding like you're NOT simply parroting what all the professionals have told her so far.
  2. Happy Birthday 😄, i hope that you will have a fun day 😉🍰

    1. Maelstrom


      Oh, I had a fun, long day at work today *rolls eyes* but I don't mind cuz I celebrated with family this past Friday. Thanks for the birthday shoutout. 

    2. LykosHand


      That's good to know ^^ and you're welcome =D

  3. Maelstrom

    Interesting dreams you've had?

    I had a dream last night where I walked out of the house onto the street and looked up at the darkening sky, with the vague sense that something was wrong, which only further deepened when I saw a couple of fighter jets streaking westerly over our neighborhood. I was still trying to guess at all the different things it could mean when an unmarked personnel carrier rolled up, with several armed guys popping out all at once, all dressed in a drab, unmarked uniforms. One guy had a thick brick of a handheld device that he held out in front of him like a geiger counter. He points it towards me and says, "there's one." By this point my parents stepped out of the house behind me, puzzled. These uniformed guys inform them that I have powers and they politely explained that they have orders to take me in for training and study... but that compliance wasn't a choice. I was thinking to myself, oh yeah, I do have powers, don't I. I could already tell these guys weren't military or government at all. Uniformed or not, they're weren't in military uniforms and didn't really move with the real precision or organization of any sort of special or secret group. I figured they were some wannabe mafia criminal organization that was trying to make a big, coordinated move and it would be better to just go with them now and get my family out of immediate danger. Last thing I needed was for these semi-organized and trained guys to hit my family in the crossfire, so I told my parents that it would be alright, that I would go with them and be back later. They relented without too much fuss and I left with these guys. I'm riding in the back alone, looking outside through the thick canvas walls of the carrier like they were windows. when I look back and see that my brother has been running out behind the vehicle, chasing it. It's my brother as he was as a young kid so I was anxious about his safety, so I teleport out the street to him and tell him to go back home, that I'll be back but I need him to be at home with out parents to make sure they stay safe. I convince him to go back home, but then I notice that there's snow and ice on the road in this section of the neighborhood and that my brother is running barefoot. Figuring he'd get major frostbite if he kept on going like that, I warped to him and got him to stop. I thought about home and started opening a black gateway, which took us to our dining room. My parents were there and I told them to either hide or bunker down, because I didn't these guys I was dealing with were up to any good. I figured my stepdad would know how to handle things because he owns a few guns and retired from the military and had already guessed that these guys weren't really official. But I would have to go back to these guys to make sure they didn't try to come back and threaten them to find me before they were ready, and to find out what they were really trying to do with kids with powers. I could handle myself and I didn't want to have to worry about keeping them safe and they needn't worry about me being safe. Without giving them much time to try to argue, I started making a portal somewhere in downtown where I felt they were going to be at soon so I could teleport back into the vehicle before they had noticed I had gone. It was a lot harder and took a lot of concentration because it was a vague sense of location. The portal started off as a small rectangle in front of me that I had to physically force open wide enough for it to be able to draw me through. I ended up in the middle of an empty street in an eerily empty downtown. And then I woke up.
  4. Capcom: I too predict a Monster Hunter Rep. I'm hoping for an insect glaive user for play style variety. we got swords and bows to spare as it is. imagine a bouncy, ranged melee character who isn't corrin and has the ability to apply self buffs depending on who they hit with an insect projectile (corrin + shulk + greninja + luma?). I would be alright with Chris Redfield as a heavy brawling/zoning hybrid to sit next to Snake as a counterpoint to combo heavy bayo and her peashooter stripper heels. Although he might feel a little too familiar to Snake... Square- Enix: DQ rep/ Sephiroth/Zach/other FF rep... or even Lara Croft? Since Squeenix makes her games now and seeing her as another historic icon joining in smash would be a surprise and yet totally fit at the same time. Slime would be kinda neat. I can see a brief transformation into a metal slime as a reflecting counter and a king slime summon/transformation for the final smash. Potentially not having any melee abilities so much as different magic spells instead. Sora and/or Riku- KH 3 coming out soon. Need I say more? The potential is there, though it wouldn't really come as a surprise, would it. Oh, you know who would also be a surprise? Being able to play as a Felyne, the MH sidekicks. Microsoft/PC rep- Master Chief/ Arbiter from Halo. Arbiter already showed up in Killer Instinct as a fighter, another series with some small potential to have a rep. Brings a variety of weapons and skills for interesting utility. Grenades, shotgun/plasma sword for short ranged smash attacks, plasma pistol shield breaker overcharge (can't be stored up like corrin/megaman and unlike samus/mewtwo/DK), etc). Would be nice for me and would tie in with the still upcoming last game in the second halo trilogy. Doom Guy has his own crazy arsenal and had that reboot somewhat recently and would perhaps pull in more of the pc elitists and nostalgia fanboys to join in on the fun. Don't particularly care for him, but it's w/e. F*** any minecraft rep with something hard and sandpapery. Other- A Mortal Kombat character or two. MK 11 is coming soon. Scorpion and Sub-Zero are the poster rivals, like Ken and Ryu, but Raiden is slotted to play as the big bad this time around. I have a hard time imagining it, but I suppose it wouldn't be impossible. Scorpion's spear/tether for a command grab, his teleport punch working like greninja's shadow sneak but faster, flaming flip kick. Sub-Zero with his freeze, throwable ice clones, and slide. Unless Shao Khan with BS heavy armor and hammer to rival K Rool for being stupid easy to play as. Sony Rep- Probably a lot of options, but I don't think I really care for many of them. Especially not Crash. Kratos would probably have some fun axe toss battles with the belmonts. Aloy wouldn't really give us anything new. she'd be a mix between pit and zss. probably a bunch of others I can't think of atm.
  5. The combat system wasn't too bad in 15, but it was definitely lacking in depth and choice. I'd probably go with a KH style (BBS/3DS) battle system over the dissidia/duodecim system, I think, but either would be fine with me. Since 15 was the bois on a roadtrip, maybe the next game should feature a bunch of chicks as badass as Tifa, Aranea, and Iris. Plus, the nerds love waifus. Probably with a lot of music rhythm side/mini games featuring the usual FF hits, plus all the new ones from more recent years. Think Theatrhythm Curtain Call. I don't know that I would want to go with a new version of the singing diva stuff from X2 though. Or maybe a I would go with the OG dissidia system (NT is trash) in order to provide some fun PvP stuff, but with more characters that haven't appeared as playable characters in dissidia yet, like Auron, Snow, Gilgamesh, etc. Overarching storyline? Hmm, I'd have to give more thought to it.
  6. Maelstrom

    Sad Songs You love to Listen to

    "This is the way you left me. I'm not pretending. No hope, no love, no glory. No happy ending." Somewhere- Within Temptation , band and song very reminiscent of Evanescence . "I would give everything I own. Give up life, my heart, my home, just to have you once again." . Dot hack had an amazing OST but this wistful sounding track always stood out to me. . high school of the dead always ends with the same animation, but different song. The posting board is covered in pictures of better times that can never return again, featuring the faces of friends and loved ones who aren't there anymore, and that was always a poignant touch for me. This song is my favorite from the endings, and is mournful, though not quite hopeless song. Not when you vow to never see tears again . and oh yeah, that 7 oops song is pretty good and I have that one too, though I've never seen that anime. I have more to post, I think, just don't have the time to do so atm.
  7. Maelstrom

    Sad Songs You love to Listen to

    Sad songs? You woke the beast. But the beast literally needs some sleep. I've got the goods if you can wait for me to really be able to put some entries in here.
  8. Maelstrom

    cass fanclub now in effect

    Hello? I'm just here for the open bar...
  9. Maelstrom

    What games are you folks playing at the moment?

    I mean, there's nothing new out I want to sink my teeth into. Destiny 2 is bad, and the dlc comes out soon, but it ain't here yet and I ain't getting it till I see and watch reviews. Octopath looks mediocre. And the switch is mostly ports, so I didn't spend money to get one. Ain't nothing going on unless I want to replay games.
  10. Maelstrom

    What games are you folks playing at the moment?

    Kinda just narrowed down the gaming to just FFBE for now. Been watching a lot of videos and selectively rewatching parts of anime lately.
  11. Maelstrom

    Analyzing Simon and K Rool

    yeah, it does look like he sits there, waiting for his crown to come back, wide open to attack. And ofc, dhd, snake, and villager's third jumps have always made them particularly vulnerable so I don't see this being any less of a disadvantage for K Rool.
  12. Maelstrom

    Quotes 2.0

    Where strength is master, justice is servant. -Japanese proverb
  13. Maelstrom

    Smash Ballot was rigged. Called it.

    Well, they still never went off the ballot votes. And everybody who actually voted for bayonetta are actually bad people. Just look at bayonetta in the game. Everybody else saw it coming. the only thing we've seen them do with the votes is make lame dlc costumes... and give us characters in smash u so far.
  14. Maelstrom

    Interesting dreams you've had?

    I somewhat recently had a dream where I was playing a mobile app that cast an illusion on me to make others see an attractive girl when they look at me while it's on and running. I was at an amusement park and was getting hit on by a lot of guys.
  15. Maelstrom

    Happy Birthday Ame!

    It only works on the ones who know me, Ame. Young miss, I hope you enjoyed yourself cuz you still got your work cut out for you.