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  1. Your avatar has my stamp of approval. js. 

  2. I haven't played bl1 yet... but I've played the hell out of bl2. I started off playing Zero there cuz headshots + invisibility + hologram decoy shenanigans are my jam. But my favorite ended up being the siren, Maya. Some crowd control, heals on phaselock kills, cross map insta-reviving is TIGHT. Plus, BL2 has maybe the best dlc's ever. Oh yeah, the handsome collection, which has has bl2 and the pre-sequel (forgettable tbh) and all their dlc's is free on ps+ and games with gold (xb1) for free. Meanwhile, BL1 is still selling for way too much.
  3. Look at you, skinny legend. Giving kyoyo a run for his money. You should cosplay as a psycho or Krieg from Borderlands. Oh yeah. Here's a new pic of the resident old guy. Cuz. except since this pic I shaved the beard off and left the mustache. Now I look more like Mario, but honestly I look goofier now, so no picture of that. might just shave that off too and just let it all grow back. Odd to think that this is the first time I've shaved that all off in 4 years.
  4. teacher: teaching math
    boy: sir, are we ever gonna use this in real life?
    teacher: you won't, but some of the smart kids might.

    1. Des Teto
    2. Maelstrom


      Yep. Didn't read it regularly or anything, but that one panel popped up years ago and I never really forgot it. 

  5. Right there with ya. When I first saw this myself, it was a few days ago. Ouch. Felt a little late to chime in. So thank you for helping me to do so. Arkhi has been a great dude to talk to and is super fun to tease when gazelles are involved. Always willing to share things he thought others would also enjoy, and often to great effect. Easy guy to talk to and always in the spirit of making things more fun and enjoyable. To Arkhi himself... I gotta say. If you can keep up that drive to do well and continue to push yourself to be an example for others for even just a tiny bit longer, you will be a better man than me- by miles. But that's kinda your style, isn't it? I believe in you and I know you're gonna do well. Take care buddy. And I'll be sure to hit you up on discord every now and then.
  6. Igor for shore! I'm also biased and haven't played any half life game. Although Igor doesn't exactly help you so much as he is able to perform services for you after you've done a bunch of stuff to earn them and generally just giving you the the ages old advice of connecting with others so that such bonds will strengthen you, especially your psyche.
  7. *hears Godot cursing again in the living room about lag* yeah... online smash is inferior to couchpotato and friends play.
  8. you can probably get bagels for cheap, along with pizza/tomato sauce, and mozzarella cheese (or even another cheese of your choice, such as muenster, preferably already shredded). you can make two personal pizzas out of one bagel, along with a generous spread of the other two, plus whatever you feel like grabbing for optional toppings. Easiest to use a toaster oven, but pretty sure some foil/a pan and a regular oven will do the trick. Also, you can roast sesame seeds in vegetable oil on a pan for a bit, then add crumbled peanuts. you simply put it as a topping on rice and it's delicious. You can probably google the recipe or find better versions of it online, especially since I'm like, half remembering this from over a decade ago. But I'm pretty sure it's super simple, and keeps well. My stepdad learned it from South Korean troops he trained with at one point. I was gonna say try Aroz Con Leche… but that has a few more ingredients than I thought and takes quite a bit of time compared to what I thought. Totally delicious, either hot or cold. The closest easily available thing you could get to it is tapioca/rice pudding and sprinkle some cinnamon on it.
  9. @Vinniethat song is like, one of the very actually good songs to come out recently, as way overplayed as it got.
  10. Vinnie the exhibitionist in a exhibitionist-voyeur relationship confirmed. noice
  11. If you've got any great recipes for me, hit me with 'em.
  12. Yeah, cup noodles are simply noodles with flavor powder and whatnot that you simply need to add water and heat to in order make a hot Styrofoam cup of tasty noodles. Tasty, yet filling. It is one of the great budgetary finds of poor college students around the US. but hey, tfw someone else feels you are worth buying a meal for. no words for that.
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