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  1. You know, when something decides to try to kill me out of nowhere, I take Varik's advice and I "kill them back". well i was gonna and then that first frog begged for its life. and I was like... ok. and then I interrogated it...
  2. You are 22 ancient now. =3

    1. Zumi


      ya....... am old............... 😔😔

  3. tfw you've dreamed about being security forces for an ark ship holding everyone from the planet fleeing a dying one and heading out for a new one to colonize. twice.
  4. where's the mayo? what are your feelings about peanut butter? what exotic animal would you most like to have as a pet? How do you like your steaks cooked? in designing your dream home, what kind of stuff would you include? pool, bowling lane, man cave, etc?
  5. I remember farming ash to that track. Max repel investment was worth it on so many levels. kinda ambivalent about this song. Great but maybe a bit overused...
  6. My suggestion would be to make outlines of how you want the story to go, character profiles, even a simple timeline of scripted events. Draw a crude map with simple descriptions, wild pokemon intended to be available in each area, etc. The more you have planned out and roughly visualized, the easier it will be to flesh out details with respect to how you want the story and progression to go. Get the whole plot outlined first, then maybe tackle more complex stuff like new game mechanics for last. Work with the basics first, then consider how your intended alterations would affect everything and how that changes the balance and challenges in the game. It would be too easy to get bogged down in all those complicated nuances and not get anything at all done if you were trying to do it all at once. Build from the foundation up. Your lofty goals and challenges at the top will crumble to nothing if the basics at the bottom aren't covered and planned out well. Anyways, that's how I think I'd tackle that creative process but I don't have any of the actual experience doing so. Maybe @Ame or the other devs can give you tips on that. But certainly, I don't think anyone would be willing to help you do any of the hands-on game making until you have a cohesive, comprehensive plan for a game that they think they will enjoy.
  7. ... special things I compile, each one there to make you smile, on a rainy day~~

  8. Your avatar has my stamp of approval. js. 

  9. Look at you, skinny legend. Giving kyoyo a run for his money. You should cosplay as a psycho or Krieg from Borderlands. Oh yeah. Here's a new pic of the resident old guy. Cuz. except since this pic I shaved the beard off and left the mustache. Now I look more like Mario, but honestly I look goofier now, so no picture of that. might just shave that off too and just let it all grow back. Odd to think that this is the first time I've shaved that all off in 4 years.
  10. teacher: teaching math
    boy: sir, are we ever gonna use this in real life?
    teacher: you won't, but some of the smart kids might.

    1. Des Teto
    2. Maelstrom


      Yep. Didn't read it regularly or anything, but that one panel popped up years ago and I never really forgot it. 

  11. @Vinniethat song is like, one of the very few actually good songs to come out recently, as way overplayed as it got.
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