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  1. i want everyone to know that, no matter how silly my site maintenance messages may be, the actual process contains nothing for me but pure, unbridled despair.

    not even the fun DR kind either.

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    2. Amethyst


      its ok im just complaining, this is how i get by
      welcome, btw!

    3. Q-Jei


      Don't give up Amethyst! There are more than 40k members on this forum who love what you do and are ready to support you till the end! I'm one of them! Reborn is more than a game to me. And there's something really positive that comes from the community too! This had to be said! You transformed the last two years of my existence and changed them into something more beautiful among all the other years I've experienced in my life! I wouldn't have been the same person as I am today if all your hard work wouldn't have existed! I'm glad to be a member of Reborn Evolved, and I'm glad to be still here two years after I registered on your website! You deserve great esteem and appreciation, you and all those who work by your side! ❤️


      Please, never change ❤️

    4. Amethyst


      okay that is very sweet of you and genuinely appreciated in this trying time
      but also site hosting stuff is dumb and i hate it
      anyway like thank you and stuff

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