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  1. hi my mom's in a coma or something. not really but like basically. let's go. save her or something idk what this game is but its probably spoopy,

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    2. Amethyst


      i didnt realize it would cut off like that, i'm sorry guys;; 

      i was just in a rush and that was the only thing i knew about the game so i copypasted that a few places without realizing the clip

      i am really sorry for worrying anyone, it wasn't my intention

    3. CrossImpact


      ...meanwhile questionmarks why one would think you would just casually say that about your mom in a stream announcement

    4. Candy


      No no, when you see this post on the forums main page, it cleverly cuts out the stuff that implies it's a stream lol so yah, it does the job of a click bait quite well 😂