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  1. Hey Ame would it be possible in future updates of the game to have the option to create our own sprite for the game so when we start up a new game we have an option to use our custom sprites as well as the option to use the character sprites currently ingame?

    1. Candy


      An alternative work-around is to make your sprites and replace the Boy/Girl sprites in the Graphics folder. Even if you could make custom sprites, they're not guaranteed to be what you'd like, and Reborn already offers 6 sprites 😊

    2. DreamblitzX


      This would be pretty impractical to do as it would have to generate standing, walking, running, biking, surfing, diving, fishing and tauros-riding sprites (for all 4 directions) as well as battle-front and battle-back sprites (including the different frames of the pokepall-throw)

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