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  1. Hey Ame would it be possible in future updates of the game to have the option to create our own sprite for the game so when we start up a new game we have an option to use our custom sprites as well as the option to use the character sprites currently ingame?

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    2. Candy


      ^tru that. I wonder how Insurgence manage to have some degree of customization 🤔

    3. DreamblitzX


      They have a sort of generic 'base sprite' and then layer the hair/clothes/hat on top. was kinda buggy overall

    4. Amethyst


      the outfit system was included in essentials after we started developing the game so we didn't work with it out the gate like they did. that said, bugs are yikes and there are some other factors i think insurgence doesn't have like tauros. it's just... messy and impractical.

      but yeah, replacing the physical sprites is pretty much the way to go. like a personal mod.