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  1. come drop by and say hi sometime, okay? until then, thanks for having been an irreplaceable part of this community
  2. their blind jubilation will be their undoing
  3. I have some screenshots, but I've been holding out on most of them since it's still much too early to start building hype when we haven't quite breached postgame yet... Still, I suppose it has been a while. Perhaps when we hit the end of main story. intentional. it's not nightclub-- that's postgame-- but there's still stuff left to do.
  4. how can rockruff evolve into lycanroc dusk?

    1. Wolfox


      Just the right time, no ability needed

    2. Dragonslayer7500
    3. Vinnie


      5:00 and 5:59 PM is the time or assuming game time, it'd be 17:00 to 17:59.

  5. Well, this is going nowhere, isn't it... It is rude to leave such an affair hanging for so long. Until such time as Sir Bok Choi would like to confirm whether or not Mechamaru's protection can be switched, I will simply do this... [Eliminate] Alistair ...because supposing it can be changed is a rather convenient excuse to let oneself back out of not having protected a spotless Peko, isn't it?
  6. This logic appears to me to be rather strange... Knowing that Miss Nicki was rather adamantly defending Sir Amber, who flipped mafia, is that not more suspicious than simply being unable to 'get a read'? I would very much like to believe in her apology, but I do not believe this should be looked over in the grand theme of themes! Are you very positive that you still retain the ability to create chats? Nothing about it it is said in your transformation's description, but the past tense of 'created' suggested to me that the chat at the time of your death then became permanent. This seems a hasty assumption to make. Since the role has already been revealed, perhaps @Bok Choi would be willing to clarify for us whether or not he retains that ability? To be able to switch guarded targets would be quite strong indeed... Indeed, last night I visited Lykos and Alistair. It seemed prudent to me, for the sake of hedging my bets, to prioritize those students who have abilities that help them not die... aside from dear Cass, I suppose.
  7. I have not yet visited Sir Lykos. Miss Caimie already posted that she received it. The other student I bet on was dear Cass. However, we know how that turned out...
  8. I believe it is nothing that could not already be inferred, so I do not mind. Monokuma's win condition post-transformation was to inflict despair onto every living student. At that point he wins the game. I do not inflict despair, but overflow the other players with hope. Similarly to he, when all players have been afflicted, I will exit the game peacefully. Although I appreciate the offer of assistance, drawing the game out with even one mafia surviving could be quite risky. Truthfully, I do not particularly wish for a drawn out game. I lament to admit that several factors have lead me to approach this game with a sense of apathy... After all, it is not particularly valuable to me who is left in the end, whether they're mafia or not. All I have to do is hedge my bets night by night on who is most likely to survive. It is not particularly compelling, especially for one such as myself who is more drawn to the aspect of killers, to be so far removed from it. But there is no helping that now, so I do not mind whatever happens. I will be happy to be of service to my people as much as I am able to!
  9. Naturally, I could not receive hope shards as you've said. I do find it strange, that he might willingly dance for my favor though, after he has rather adamantly been insisting that I am so 'evil' as he said... Would he not prefer to be the benefactor of one whom he had more trust in? Nevertheless I lament that I could not have been worthy of your attention as a leader after all. While I do not agree with the methods at play here... given that Sir Bean's actions are so traditionally nonsensical, and that Sir Amber's behavior here is in stark contrast to his innocent behavior in the previous game, I am inclined to agree that Sir Amber is the more suspicious individual. Of course, as Yahy has said before, it does not benefit me to vote for the most guilty individuals, as my win condition requires drawing out the game longer. Nevertheless, as a princess I have a responsibility to do what I believe is right! Even if it means I throw away my chance of winning as a third party, I will act as is becoming of my stature! [Reveal] Gundham [Vote] Amber Is it awkward to kill one's inspiratory namesake? Oh my...
  10. Silence! @Yahy, I cannot help but feel that this current scenario you've contrived is at best a formality, and at worst sacrificing of the town's most important roles for minimal gain! I believe we had already established earlier on that there would be no benefit to forcing people to roll claim, as role provides valuable information to the blackened, but no benefit about alignment to us. Although you are not doing that, given that no blackened will admit to being one, it has the same effect. You have already outed our Kazuichi... much as I am loathe to admit his utility. Process of elimination may do enough damage as is, but this absolutely should not go further! On a different note, naturally, it was obvious who I was. As Makoto Naegi, I will liberate you from the throws of this evil and restore hope to all the land! Though I do understand that the restriction to only be able to use 5-shard items is somewhat limiting... I ask for your sincere forgiveness while I undertake this task! For the good of all my people, I will see to it that hope spreads once more! I apologize for not being forthright about my role sooner. Since Newt had died, I felt I had nothing either to gain or lose by doing so, so I went with the path of least resistances.
  11. okay actually real talk since so many rules and such have changed does someone who will stick around just wanna open a new topic for this and keep the currently active rules posted in the first post of the new thread and update with changes? since y'all are counting on 2-3 different timelines right now that seems prudent
  12. it is not impossible that i could remake it someday, but there is a lot of work to be done since the image generator for type combinations probably doesn't work on the new site, and i'd have remake everything for fairy type anyway. a part of me still wants to though. deep within my soul.
  13. I am afraid I must object! If we consider what has been presented to us as Monokuma's transformation, I do not think it is unreasonable to expect that Usami, or rather, Makoto's ultimate form might have the same effect. After all, if we abide by my previously mentioned theory that the two mascots are simply two heads of the same coin, then it can also be reasoned that they would have similar conditions on their death. The difference should be that where Monokuma's effect is detrimental to town, in preventing them from using their Hope Shards, Makoto's could be instrumental? Of course, that is all still just a guess... Likewise, the same would now be true for Nano as transformed Chiaki, would it not? Unfortunately, I have not been informed of any such event... Which in my opinion, if I were attacked, would be quite a loss! I would be very interested to see a killer's methodology up close and personality for the first time! Even if it had to be my last... I can think of fewer ways to kick a bucket that would be more exciting! To whoever may be interested in killing me, while I do not wish to die, if you happen to fail your kill a second time, I would swear a royal oath of silence, all twelve holy Master Goat salutes and all, if you would simply inform me so that you could, I believe the phrase is, show your moves! In the mean time, I will agree to Miss Eviora's proposal of revealing the next role that is likely to be a transformation, as those do tend to be rather pungent... [Reveal] Nekomaru
  14. its ok. the failures make the successes worth it. you're welcome.
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