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  1. yeah i use graphics gale, and like, i'm still actively aware that there's a bunch of different outline colors in GG, since i'm usually copy-pasting a bunch of stuff from other different tilesets but it's not necessarily worth fixing each and everything but then later i regret it so even if you're not upset i am primarily by the unavoidable state of entropy that exists simply due to the passage of time h
  2. you're valid and i'm so sorry for everything (although i would never want to actually use pure black since transparency eats that sometimes)
  3. hey, glad to see you're back at it! sorry for kind of immediately undercutting your new route with a surprise release. whoops. i've gone ahead and removed nature power from that venusaur; also guaranteed intimidate on torracat. frankly the missing ability in that fight looks like an oversight anyway. battle speed will also be the death of me.
  4. yeah so this was completely accidental. i have no idea how but somehow the multiple save slot system changed the way that information saves and fixed the glitch. it's really nice for something to get accidentally fixed rather than accidentally broken, for once. that said, i have no idea if this will negatively impact other parts of the game so please let me know if that turns out to be the case-- not that i'd know what to do with it offhand, but still...
  5. maybe the real lock was on the friendships we nominated along the way
  6. Comeback of the Year @Cool Girl Carmen Sandiego @Lost Lore Sugarpop Sunbeam @Starry Knight Most Helpful Content Creator @Vinnie @Waynolt Archbishop of Banterbury @Jelly Biggest Grumpy of the Year @Commander @Maelstrom Pointedest Poindexter @andracass Hippest Himbo @Felix~ @Tacos @Jan Julia Wilde @Inuki Most Likely to Take Over The World @andracass Most Likely to Gigantamax @FraRPetO Most Likely to Get a Regional Variant @Jelly Most Likely to Start a Religious Cult @andracass Most Likely To Be Three Komalas in a Trench Coat @MintMan Most Likely to Die in the Last Episode of Reborn @Abyssreaper99 Most Likely to Die First in a Killing Game @Ice Most Likely to have a Debate with Themselves @Bearadactyl Prime Most Likely To Really Be Ferdinand von Aegir @Tacos Most Likely To Win Third Place @Hellscythe789 Most Likely to Never Give You Up @Starry Knight Award Award Award @Jelly @Felix~
  7. it is limited to what we said, since we are basically just ripping specific things out of e19 and shoving them backwards into e18. we were limited in what could be properly tested without a full cycle. it just might! and credit for the wonderful aurora veil goes to @VulpesDraconis ! this is not a proper list and will also contain ones with very minor imperceptible fixes, but it will give you a rough idea: https://prnt.sc/qfj9nt https://prnt.sc/qfja2x
  8. i am told by a Reliable Source that this isn't unique to Reborn and a fix hasn't been found for it but it shouldn't mess anything up, you can just reset and switch again and it should be ok. Save slot name issue duely noted though, ty
  9. hi i am in the fiore mansion and was wondering if i make a new game can i transfer to my other game ????

    1. Amethyst


      hello! yes, it's possible. check here for some instructions:



    2. didajpa


      Thanks a lot for the help

  10. Just to ask, Ame what is your favorite pokemon from gen 8?

    1. DreamblitzX




      My best guess would probably be this or hatterene, lets see how well I do.

    2. Amethyst


      it's that and hatterene.

      also alcreamie.

      basically fairy types are the best as always.

      no weezing is not a fairy type. 

    3. Dragonslayer7500
  11. hi I just complet my frist run last nite and I just wated to say thak you to you and all the people who help on  the fun game and to have a mary christams or happy holadays wich ever you prfer      and sory for the bad seling  

    1. Amethyst


      awh, thank you! and thanks for playing! happy holidays to you too and don't worry i've never once spelled anything right in my life

  12. as a result of that last post, i also nominate godot for biggest grumpy
  13. the format itself is the same, and the descripts are carried over from last year's topics, but there are new and some changed categories. limiting number of wins is something we discussed briefly and might look at in the future, although based on last year there were just a few people who won three awards each, not counting the staff categories, so i don't think it's a huge issue. at the least, we didn't want to make a hasty decision on it so we are trying again as is once more and will consider a limit next year
  14. Hello! I’ve recently been playing (and enjoying) Reborn after seeing what it’s really like instead of secondhand tweets. And I have a few questions (if you don’t mind answering)


    I heard that you made Reborn as a way to like vent or whatever, and the fact that your insert is uh, yeah, just made me want to ask if you’re in a better state right now, concerned.

    Secondly, do you think a version that does not include, all the, death, will ever be made? I’m thankful that the wiki has listings for it and TWs but it’s still hard to play with them and I know other people have issues like that.


    I’m not good at ending messages so, have a nice day(?)

    1. Amethyst


      Hi there! Thanks for playing and enjoying the game. It's very sweet of you to be concerned, but yes, don't worry, I'm okay. The self-insert version of me died for story reasons more than emotional ones, but other parts of the game are more emotionally-relevant... and also, thankfully, in the past. Everything is okay ^^


      As for the second one I have no plans to make a version of that myself but it's possible if there's demand for it, someone could mod the game that way or something.


    2. Sallymencer


      I’m very glad to hear you’re all better now, happy holidays!

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