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  1. Amethyst

    What's Yours Is Mine

    this was cass's thing, not mine, thank her!!
  2. Amethyst

    New to the forums

    Hi there, welcome, and happy birthday! I'd like to implement doubles for online but I don't really know how practical it is to do so. At the least, it won't be a priority compared to improving the main game. So it's really just if it works out with extra time or something.
  3. amethst pls help me how to download the ep 18 fle...i used the but i dint find the download option


    1. Yahen


      Just click here and you will be redirected to the "google drive" download option mate


    2. tritonicano5
  4. okay we'll celebrate huey's seven and a halfth birthday on the weekend instead! he's off school now so it's better to do it today anyway! 

  5. (casually copypasting, don't mind me..) This script adds the ability for players to quickly skip through messages by holding the B button during them. It works by exploiting a glitch that jumps through messages when the text speed is set to a very high number. So... thank Bethesda for the inspiration or something. It's a feature now. Open your script editor and press Ctrl+Shift+F. Paste the following line: if (Input.trigger?(Input::C) || Input.trigger?(Input::B)) It should display a search box that returns a sole result in "Messages". In vanilla 17.2, it appears to be line 1258. Jump to the searched line by double-clicking it. Directly above that line, paste the following code: if Input.press?(Input::B) msgwindow.textspeed=-999 msgwindow.update if msgwindow.busy? pbPlayDecisionSE() if msgwindow.pausing? msgwindow.resume else break if signWaitCount==0 end end When done, it should look like this: ...and that's all that's necessary! You can change the key required to script by changing the Input::B part to another letter or key input, but "B" corresponds to the X key. Because RMXP is weird like that. If used, please credit: Amethyst Kurotsune
  6. we pick up with rejuv in the past again! let's take out worst gardevoir! how is it even possible for such a good pokemon to be so bad??

  7. rejuv v11! for real this time. no sidequests. well, idk about that. but less? sidequests?

  8. Amethyst


    i suggest trying to get it by turning off the game until you think of a better pokemon to find.
  9. not.. necessarily? i mean, yeah, probably. [Unvote] Kiet [Eliminate] Lykos if my count is right, the votes are 5 me and 4 lykos as i do that... i can't say it's not just a desperate move to save myself, but i don't really have anything left to lose, and i am the actual vigilante. so, if anyone who believes me wants to tie it up or something,, it's theoretically possible. make me mafia's problem instead, and you can get one more kill out of me-- with a lot more information now.
  10. i-if i've been tailored to look mafia then when i die it won't prove nicki wrong at all ... if she is mafia, nicki would know whether or not i've been tailored... so that's not really a threat for her.. and i know i am a detriment.. i mean, i killed an innocent last night after all. honesly, i don't value the role very highly.. it would be better on someone who actually knew the tells of the other players.. so i don't mind you getting rid of me for that reason, but... but i'm really concerned that if i flip mafia on a suit that it will lead you all down the wrong path for the rest of the game..
  11. u-um.. was it?? because at the start of this dayphase you were saying things like this... t-that has nothing to do with amber being vigilante.. .so i know there's been a lot of new information and it's natural someone's stance would change.. b-but it feels like a way to just handwave the unlikelihood of this. ...and whether the vigilante was me or amber, there was definitely plenty of reason to suspect some people after alistair died claiming it..... l-like.. i don't really know what nicki is saying. i'm not trying to say she's lying, because i don't really know what happened.. but i definitely chose to visit amber with the intention of killing him last night. if i was roleblocked or something, i wasn't informed of it... so i don't really know how she could say that so confidently. i'm really confused... i'm sorry...
  12. u-um.. just to clarify, this whole time i thought the tailor role was a role that could be used each night.. is it a one time use role?? i wouldn't have known, since this is the first time i've played with this kind of role... i'm sorry if this is a stupid or obvious question..
  13. i don't understand... ??? i'm saying it doesn't benefit the mafia if my actual role is revealed... since i'm vigilante, it would show that ali was a fake.,,, right? they would be shooting themselves in the foot. if i d-die on night 1, with vigilante having died day 1, then i can't have actress'd the vigilante. i mean, i guess as actress i could just choose not to take an action so that i still appear that way if i found vigilante on night 0? but that's also throwing a way a good search action for a high risk.. so if i flip vigilante, you know i'm not the actress and ali was. so the only reason they would try to kill me is if i would not flip vigilante, due to the tailor.. they have to both tailor and kill me night 1 because i'm a liability for them to keep around if they want to make ali seem like the vigilante... if there had been 2 kills last night, then you would've known either the vigilante or the c-coyote is alive. and if i stay alive, it's probable that there will be two kills on a night eventually.. so it would blow their cover.. i don't see how it doesn't make sense for them to try and preempt both of those scenarios by tailoring + killing me... but maybe i'm just dumb or misunderstanding??
  14. I-I didn't get any message saying I was healed, no... apparently there isn't one in this game. is there usually one? since I'm new I- I guess I wouldn't know. but it doesn't really make sense otherwise for me to have survived the bomb, and then there be only one kill... I said in the first place that you can kill me if you think it'll help... I'll apologize as much as you want, and you can hang me upside down, slit my throat, disembowel me, quarter me by the limbs, whatever you want...!! I know I deserve all of it anyway ... even despite saying that, I.. can't say I'm not worried since it's the wrong choice.. if you decide ali is the real vigilante, that will derail the entire game.. it's.. kind of a critical moment after all.. but more importantly, what I was trying to say before was I just wanted to c-clear up the misunderstanding about killing me showing any kind of truth. If there's a tailor, I won't appear as vigilante. but that's not our plan-- it's just what we're reasoning mafia should do.. isn't it.. common sense? if you vote for me, do it because you already think i'm lying about being vigilante-- not because you expect my dying to show you the truth.. that's all i'm saying.
  15. it's not like i know anyone's habits here... or even their approximate strengths. in the end i'm just useless after all. i really am sorry for that... why can't you just forgive me...? for no reason at all? that is strange, isn't it? isn't it?? b-but like i said before... i'm sure i've been tailored already otherwise they wouldn't have tried to kill me last night...... if they killed me and i flipped vigilante, they would've looked really silly, wouldn't they? after all, it's not like an actress could scope out a dead person... s-so i mean, killing me won't actually reveal the truth... just another scum lie. right?