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  1. for the record if your save file was started after e16, it's okay if you evolved them-- it goes by the original trainer id releasing is an 'oof' though.
  2. Gratz on the 2k rep

    1. Amethyst


      thanks! you too soon!

    2. Wolfox
  3. are you sure that it's not indigo? love you
  4. i really appreciate that he noticed what the lyrics cain was singing were from. i think that's the first time someone in a playthrough i've watched has immediately known on their own
  5. oh you did it! good! i hadn't even seen the thread before, oops. these are definitely very good though, you have a very cute and clean style. also, the forum attachment space is limited but if you embed from a site like imgur you won't have to worry about that
  6. nuzlocke can be turned off if you die like a bitch the rest would require debug
  7. it's already been fixed for 19. there's already a patch for it on the forum as well
  8. i'm not sure if you didn't see it or just chose not to use it because some details have changed, but map 148 in editor (the parent tourmaline map) is actually a hollistic view of all parts including scrapyard and mirage tower (at least, when it's there). it might be easier to edit using that?
  9. for the record, i would actually like to be able to add something roaming just for like, 1-3 of them to have them be different from everything else. however, i tried to do roaming events (teddiursa, zangoose, zorua, one more?) in the early episodes, and just have them roam around peridot only, or roam between alleys and they just never showed up for anyone so i can only conclude that the roaming code is broken anyway and it would be impossible. (hence why those encounters became more like hide-and-seek instead)
  10. happy birthday ame!!!¡!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

    1. Amethyst


      thanks hon........................... love you too.......

    2. inktalegaster


      happy bd

  11. Happy belated birthday Amethyst! Sorry, wasn't around yesterday. Now you are officially the same age as me.

  12. Happy Birthday!

  13. Happy birthday Ame! May you have a wonderful day 🙂❤️🎉 🥮😃

  14. Van Harte Gefeliciteerd - Happy Birthday!

  15. Happy birthday Ame!

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