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    All requests finished! I'm taking a break from requests for a while, but I'll let you know when I start up again. Thanks for dropping by, everybody! I like drawing pokemon! I would like to draw a request or two if anyone is interested. Rules: 1) It must be pokemon fan art. 2) Currently I'll draw humans, but only if given a reference/a trainer class to work off of. 3) I reserve the right to refuse any request. 4) If you'd like to use my pictures anywhere, first thank you, secondly, please give credit somewhere. 5) I work full-time, so expect updates to be extremely slow. They also may or may not be in color. Current requests: (none)(break time) If there's no requests, then I'll just post whenever. I made this one about my mono-normal playthrough of Reborn. The pikachu pictured below isn't mine. Diggersby is SO gross, it's like a four way tie between seismitoad, barbaracle, klingklang, and this thing for grossest looking pokemon. Hits like a truck though. Coincidentally she also looks like she was hit by a truck, ba-dum-tish Also I drew this for the Delphox is Underappreciated thread: i didn't used to think delphox was cool, but she's all right. you're all right delphox
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    I exist again, hallelujah? Reborn related art: whew that was kinda a lot? lol Other art: and that's all folks! or atm at least lol, have a nice day~
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    Sometimes i made some new shinies for my playtrhougts or just for fun, i have collect most of them in case someone want to use them for their playtrhougts or maybe for their own games or whatever Only color change (feel free to use/edit them, no need to credit me or anything) With minor edits (feel free to use/edit them, no need to credit me or anything) And a nb character (Feel free to edit it. ONLY use it for playtrhougts)
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    Zarc, that is a cool name that starts with a Z. Zeraora also starts with a Z. CONSPIRACY????????? It needed something to fight so I gave it a fightbuddy. The weekly forecast for Melemele Island is wild, uncontrollable bursts of lightning everywhere while these pokemon frolic, please stay in your home and protect your pets. Angelkitsune, you're next.......!!! and I mean that in the least ominous way possible.
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    Reviving this thread at my own risk
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    Hey there People ! it's me , TheUntitled Again ! Today i'm posting my latest WIP on sprite customization : Aries Shion from Saint Seiya - HADES arc Hope you All like !
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    If only i had a brain ~
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    I'm in looooooove with the FAIRYtale ~
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    And something for my friend @Zarc
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