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    There are rumors about a significant Milotic that can be found only in the deep deep ocean. This Milotic lives with Eels. It adapted it's life to live in dark areas of the ocean. Therefore, it's body started producing small glamours stars to help them see. Hahah, I just finished this Milotic. I followed a specific pattern and I think she looks great. I hope you guys like it ^.^ It's all yours to use I hope you guys like it~
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    has anyone noticed Reborn forums have two ways to : "Lollipop" "lollipop" ... but now that I've explored, it's not just this emoji that has doubles. anyhow that's enuf pointless posting for tonight. bye~
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    Happy Women's day to my fellow female members like @Candy, @Sayia, @Amethyst, @andracass, @lilyawaka, @BandorKitty, @Sopheria and @Ice Cream Sand Witch
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    A few of you already know about it, but... I got a promotion and a raise in the company! ~ #happySayia
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    So, am I a Veteran now? ^^ During this year, I met many wonderful people here, and it was a pleasure for me to meet you all! Thank you guys for being with me! ~
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    So I haven’t told a lot of people about this but in June I found out I weighed over 400. 435 if anyone wants to know. That really scared me. So I started to drink more water, watch how much portions of food I ate & started to walk more. Just weighed myself today & I’m finally out of the 400 lbs zone weighing in at 395. I feel so fucking great.
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    *casually slips Poipole sprite here*
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    If Toby Fox made ORAS, the Delta Episode would be the Deltarune Episode.
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    Oh hey, RWBY volume 6 starts on October 27th
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    Ugh! -sigh- Sooo I feel really bad for the people that have been following my ManlyLocke Challenge Run on Reborn. I got done recording 2 more episodes of it and I was in the process of training up my mons for the next 1. For some reason, my computer decided to just restart and update. Now I wasn't far into my training so that didn't bother me. So I go and try to enter the game again and... it wouldn't let me in. Now usually this would bother me but I thought I had done the thing where I had the backups activated... Turns out I DIDN'T! Soooo the only way to do this again is to totally restart and I'll be honest, I just can't. I mean I've been having fun with the male mons but I just can't bring myself to do it all again. So it sucks to say but the ManlyLocke Challenge is now cancelled. It sucks. It really does. But there is a ray of sunshine through all of this mess. Remember that status I made about me doing a Playthrough of Reborn when it was finished but with a twist? Well I think I'm gonna do that now. Well... When the public version of E18 is released. So here's how it's gonna go. Some of you who have known me since like 2016 knows that I was doing a Favorite Pokemon Run of Reborn where you guys would tell me your favorite mons and I would use them. Sooooo… sometime today, I'm gonna make a thread for you guys to tell me your favorite mons (just 1) and I'll use them in the playthrough when the time comes. Again, I'm sorry for all the people that were enjoying the ManlyLocke Challenge but I'm stupid. So I apologize for that. Also, I will upload the last 2 videos I made just so they're up there.
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