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    hm. hm hm hm? hm! what does it mean?
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    Pokemon Reborn Memeforms Description: This mod combines the Pokemon Reborn Memeborn and the Pokemon Reborn Alternate forms mods. Combining the new Pokemon options from the Alternate Forms Pack and Pokemon Memeborn, opponents weaponize the Alternate Forms to create a new source of popcorn spin on the brutal difficulty of Pokemon Memeborn. The full set of currently available Alternate Forms (and some additional ones) is included. Additionally, some of the Alternate Forms have been changed to be more effective or perform different roles. Are you ready to suffer? New Features: Updated boss battles which draw on Altforms for an additional challenge Starters hold their respective plate New events, making some pokemon or their evolutions obtainable earlier 2 new alternate forms based on my shitposts custom shinies Additional moves for some Pokemon A new set of Mystery Egg Pokemon, each individual Pokemon with a move that is otherwise unobtainable 15 postgame battles, which can be fought as early as after defeating Ciel Shift Mode acts like Set Mode, Items are banned A wide set of pre-installed mods, including the option to enable Debug Pokemon changes from Memeborn are retained Miscellaneous changes, all documented in the Spec's Changes txt file that comes with the download Download: https://mega.nz/#!yyg2QKJA!fbpQEPVW4PchVVxKHpXS52VJsRmBFwmup5KMVYT1iCk (mega upload) http://www.mediafire.com/file/1wxhxbvo115768u/Pokemon_Reborn_Memeforms.rar/file (mediafire upload) Credits:
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    So I have been playing Rejuvenation for quite a few years by now and boy am I enjoying this game. I'd like to congratulate the dev team and Jan for such a great story and great work overall, and thank you for giving us the opportunity to enjoy such a well made game. Nintendo should put the eyes on this game and finally learn that it's time to move on from the ez pz games they make (since they're supposed audience are kids) to a more competitive and adult orientated game. Come on, if pokemon were real, the world wouldn't flowers and butterflies like they portray in the anime and the games. That was just a small thought I've been having for the time being. Since I started my 9999999th Rejuvenation rerun, this time only having my girlfriends (few) favorite pokemon with me (believe me she's really picky) I commented with my best friend (nick's FlaFla, the guy's a legend) that this game is a meme fountain, so he encouraged me to make some, as I was progressing in the game. So I'll be posting them here I hope you enjoy them, and if you do I'll keep posting more. I should warn that some of them have spoilers and some of them attend to the sexual orientation of the characters (I'm still salty over Melia having romantic interest in Venam and not on the MC), but since nowadays everybody gets offended over almost everything I think I should warn you. In fact I find it interesting that different sexual orientations are included in the game, makes it more real. Enjoy!
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    Hello all. I decided to compile a list of the best pokemon in reborn as a way to help newer players get through the game with more enjoyment and less computer parts scattered across the floor after you lose to shade for the 17th time and elbow drop your laptop in frustration. This list will be based on many factors such as power, strategy, movesets, defensive bulk, offensive typing and much more. There will be spoilers as evidenced by the spoilers so be aware! I hope you all enjoy. Let us begin.
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    Old Content: #################### | Map Updates (50%) #################### | Script Updates (0%) #################### | Misc (0%) New Content: #################### | Story (5%) #################### | Mapping (35%) #################### | Scripting (0%) #################### | Sidequests (0%) Gen 8: #################### | Spriting (0%) #################### | Mechanic Implementation (Just say Scripts) (0%) #################### | Updating Rosters (0%)
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    Reborn = Endless Couples Rejuvenation = Surprise Siblings
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    Please don’t kill mE I’ll roleclqim I am the ancient being
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    Mega-Butterfree A Gen One Pokemon that often gets outshined by Mega Beedrill. Not anymore. Original sprite made by cdhernly, found on DeviantArt here. Pixel Sprite made by me Type: Bug/Psychic Ability: Prowess "Raises Special Attack after defeating an opponent." Stats: HP - 60 -> 60 Attack - 45 -> 15 Defense - 50 -> 90 Sp. Attack - 90 -> 120 Sp. Defense - 80 -> 110 Speed - 56 -> 56 . . . and now for another announcement! Serborian Snorunt Whoever mentioned Snorunt kindof hit the nail on the head. Anyways, Serborian Forms are a thing now, kay. Type: Grass . . . but that's not all! Serborian Glalie Evolution time! kay, this guy looks kinda mean now, but look at that beard tho. Type: Grass . . . but that's also not all! Serborian Frosslass The other evolution. This one evolves by using a Leaf Stone on a female Serborian Snorunt. The more you know! Type: Grass/Ghost also, I haven't been able to find a proper way to credit these guys. the pixel sprites were made by me, but based off this. If any of you know who made these, please let me know. There's some sort of credit on the bottom of the picture, but I can't read that. . . . there are a few more, so hang with me! Serborian Wailmer Wailmer. The . . . killer . . . whale? I guess now it is lol Type: Ice/Dark made by u/Spotty33, posted on Reddit here. I guess if you click on the link, you'll be able to see Serborian Wailord, but I haven't made that one yet cuz I'm lazy. I'll show it off later. Serborian Honedge kay if you've, like, seen Moana, then its like this guy took over The Rock's fishhook thingy. Type: Steel/Water Made by locomotive111 here I'll show the evolutions later. All these sprites were made by me, but based off the credited (mostly) art. Please also show support for the original artists! Oh, also, sorry, but none of these Serborian Forms will be available in Episode 2 of Pokemon Enigma. I'm planning for Episode 3 (so I can have more time to be able to implement more.) -Mega Mew
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    I think other watchers of a certain playthrough would agree that Gulpin (and/or trubbish) deserve a spot on this list too. Very durable and great at spreading status and stat changes to wear things down
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    ITS BEEN TWO MONTHS HI ive been. shoulder deep in fe3h hell and i don't think there's any escape???? so yeah. lots of fe stuff in the spoilers. you have been warned. its a lot of dimitri. also like 80% of these are sketches??? i haven't done a lot of fully rendered stuff lately because of that i've been busy as all FUCK during the summer because of the flower parade so i only really had time to sketch for like two months. also, most of my other free time that i did have went into the animation that's linked as well which ate like fuckin uhhhhhhhhhhhhhh at LEAST 30 hours of my time so that's a thing heugh. anyways enjoy!!! and of course comments are always welcome
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    It also learns taunt which is great if you know that you're faster than your opponent so that they can't use status or set moves.
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    Is there an option where I can flip Fern off? Insult him? Anything?
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    If you're talking about EV training you could always buy one of the stat increasing items in the Department Store (Power Anklet, Power Lens, Ect.) and use the Woobats underneath the bridge to increase both the chosen stat and the speed EV-it's what I've been doing during this particular run that I've never done before and it's helped a lot. If you're talking level wise you could try the trainers that are found inside of the Grand Hall.
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    So not only do I have like 10 episodes of my Rejuvenation Bug Mono Run ready to go (which is... kind of easy in the late game somehow? Didn’t see that coming.) but sometime today I will be... recording... episode 100 of this game. 100 episodes. How CRAZY is that?! This whole thing started at the beginning of the year back in January & I’m so grateful for everyone still watching. & I’m also grateful to everyone that got me even more hyped up for this game.
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    Sharing some of my Astral Chain selfies! I freaking love this game dude. More to come! I hope
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    Infernape doesn't get boosting moves without breeding and while fast, there are faster things that blaziken will outspeed with some boosts while hitting much harder thanks to bulk up and higher attack. Some of the things blaziken can get away with running or doing are nuts Infernape is a very close second and has real advantages over blaziken though. Most of the fire starters are exceptional, and even the worst of them is good.
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    Hello ! So I've been reading a few playthroughs/fanfictions on the forum, most notably Vanilla's and Matthew's adventures, and I wanted to try one as well. Sorry for the title, I usually struggle with these things. I wanted to add "terribly-titled" (because it's bound to be) but some expletive guy with a huge hungry dragon-like green familiar (I think it was a female, they're supposedly always fiercer) told me these words were his. He sounded pretty upset so I thought best not to defy him. A couple of things about how it is going to work: it is going to be a fanfiction (mostly following the game's original scenario, but...) coupled with a simultaneous playthrough (which will impact events such as the Pokemon in the team, the evolutions, etc). The fanfiction chapters will include a few screenshots as illustrations. Most chapters will, as seems customary, include a "character ratings" part at the very end. Some of them will also include a "PC death count" section which corresponds to the number of defeat-related save scums (not for IVs or mining) during the playthrough to that point. (I'm really not a good player, so I'm going to use items and save scum instead of losing money.) This "death count" will not be referenced directly in the story, but it may affect how the protagonist wins or loses some minor battles with little stakes (some Gym Leader battles, maybe Cain/Fern as well). Something else is worth mentioning: the fanfiction (and thus playthrough) is going to be quite slow-paced. For some comparison: I've been preparing a few chapters and it's more or less going to take twice as much text to get to Julia (probably Chapter 9) as in Vanilla's adventures. Finally, English being not my first language (and my not having much experience writing in my own native language either), there probably are going to be mistakes, so I am welcoming any feedback and comments. That's all for the introduction, let's go with the story. Part 1: An Unexpected Journey Chapter 1: Pearl Harbor "aelauake?" The first thing I realized while awaking was pain. My whole back hurt as badly as though a car had tackled me into a solid wall. It didn't hurt (well, it did) that I was currently lying on it. The simile wasn't perfect, actually: the worst was focused on my shoulders and on my lower back. They felt exactly as if they had been skinned. I also found myself struggling to breathe. Maybe someone had struck me in the chest as well. "Gabriel, are you awake?" I didn't really hear the words, my ears were ringing wildly and felt deaf at the same time. The air around me smelt awfully -- and I didn't usually notice these things. There were heavy smoke and ash in the air, but there was something even deeper and more unpleasant beneath. "Gabriel, is it? Are you okay? Please don't go..." My hearing was too dull to make out the last words, which were very quiet, but I got the meaning of the first two sentences. And I thought I could infer the tone. The speaker was distressed, maybe even desperate. What could possibly have happened? I hardly remembered a thing. I did not know this voice. I hurt a lot and I could have been dying. Deep down, I felt like this was definitely not normal. I decided anyway to show I was alive by opening my eyes and trying to rise -- Pain soared. I could see nothing but destruction around. Actually, it was dark, so maybe I was at just the wrong place. Given how much I hurt, I definitely was. Some sort of large, broken apart, building was burning beside me. There were a few police officers (with recognizable uniforms) around. And a woman who looked both appalled and relieved as she looked at me. "Gabriel, thank Arceus you're awake. But, all the others..." She gestured desperately at the burning mess, and I became aware again that I had zero idea about what was going on. Although the woman looked very faintly familiar, with her blue eyes, white skin and very light-colored hair, this was no explanation for why she knew my name. This was very worrying, especially since I seemingly had survived a life-threatening event. My life was at stake. I wished I could be as far away as possible from this place, but, obviously, nothing happened. Well, of course I couldn't get something for nothing. Teleportation like that was fantasy. I got up -- pain flared, the world spinned for a while and then steadied itself -- kept focusing on my breathing, and I turned to the woman beside me. "I'm, hum, sorry, but what was this?" Just unbelievable how clumsy I could be. She frowned as an answer. "I don't know. The train wasn't slowing down, so I tackled you, shoving both of us outside. The train hit the station at full speed while exploding. I'm glad to have saved you, but everyone else... I'd rather not think about it. But who would even -- " She had been struggling to form the sentences, marking long pauses. She visibly had trouble collecting herself. That's likely a very normal behavior. Hopefully you aren't a psychopath devoid of empathy, yet. You might only be completely lost because you don't remember anything. She only broke at the last sentence, as a cheerful younger woman with bright yellow clothes ran with obvious enthusiasm and much giggling towards us. The blue-eyed woman did not seem pleased to see her. She actually looked very not-pleased. "Julia... What did you do? " Julia, obviously, denied being involved in any way, apart from her racing to the explosion to watch the fun first-hand. That was also worth a worry. Hopefully she would be very, very far from anything that might explode... My savior frowned deeply, watching the mess -- and I imitated her. "This must have been a deliberate attack, I am afraid." she uttered. I could not believe my ears. A terror attack? A terror attack had physically blown up the train I was travelling in -- even though I couldn't remember what for -- and I had survived only by the most unlikely stroke of luck. I would very much go home now, please. Wait, this was not appropriate. Never mind. Julia, on the other hand, sounded almost admirative. As if she could not wait to hire the person responsible... This was as scary a thought, actually, than the terror attack thing. "This isn't the time to be admiring their work. Whoever did this would have been monitoring the train, so they cannot be too far away. If I have the perimeter locked, we might get them... Sorry Gabriel, but I have to go. Somebody should be waiting for you near the Grand Hall. Just go straight ahead, not on the bridge. " Had I not watched her as she spoke, I would not have believed how fast she was in control again. As if this was an ordinary Tuesday for her... That could be even worse news, when one thought about it: that might mean that such disasters were common. Julia looked at me, and uttered this unbelievable sentence: "I am Julia, captain of cheer and pep, and all things bubbly and bright! Oh, pop quiz: are you going to take on the Reborn League?" What the... whatever was even the Reborn League? "Hum, I'm afraid I won't. Actually", I blurted. "That's no fun", she pretended to whine. Oh, come on, she could be older than I was. "I am the Electric Gym Leader" -- oh, no -- "so of course I have to insist! I'll be looking forward to your challenge, so get down to the Grand Hall!" she added, oblivious to my dismay, and leaving me alone. I had no idea where I was, where to go, except something about a Grand Hall, somehow straight downtown. It all hurt pretty bad, but hopefully it wasn't too far. I started to walk, but I noticed that the pain was worse than I had assessed, although it remained manageable. I tried to speak with a few people along the way. The attack remained on their minds -- how couldn't it be -- and it was no use trying to find out where I was. One of the people waiting not far, was crying -- she had been waiting for her fiancee. Another one, with a still shaky voice, had escaped the catastrophe by a very bare margin -- they had been in the station a few seconds before the train had blown up. Several others had lost friends, relatives. A few ones had been on vacation and had no idea how to come back. And I still did not know where I was or why I was there. After quite a while, maybe a mile, the outset changed. People did not that much concerned with the incident any more, and I found myself staring at a large building with slight colorful notes. This had to be the Great Hall. "Hi, are you from the station?" a tiny little boy of maybe five asked me. "Yes, why?" I found myself answering uneasily. "My dad is very sad because he said that something very bad had happened there. But Mummy was supposed to come back home by train and she hasn't come back and Daddy is crying now and won't tell me. And why are you walking funny?" I c-couldn't tell him, that wasn't my place. What could even I say? "I'm sorry." I muttered back, heartbroken, and hurried away. A rather muscular young woman with loose grey clothes was waiting nearby, glancing at me every so often. "Hey", she asked me as I was heading towards the Hall. "Are you Gabriel?" With a bit of surprise, I nodded. How come my name was known? Julia or the other woman could have told her. She answered that she was Victoria. She enquired after my general situation with concern. I answered her that I hurt pretty much everywhere -- after the shoulders and the lower back, I had developed a nasty headache and my limbs felt very heavy -- and that a train apparently rigged with explosives had blown up and taken the entire station with it. She mentioned that a certain "Eimy" had asked her to "bring me in for registration". Wait... Eimy what? Registration what? Where in the world was I? I really wished I could have asked this, but this definitely would not have been diplomatic. And she had been kinder than pretty much everyone... "Er, what registration, exactly?" I finally asked. "For the Reborn League, of course." she answered, looking baffled. "Hm, I'm really sorry for asking, but what is the Reborn League?" I insisted. "That's, well, the Pokemon League from the Reborn Region." she answered, apparently more confused. "So I am in the Reborn Region and I asked to participate to the League?" "I'd guess so, yes." she patiently said. "But I have never heard of any of these!" I protested. What I didn't tell her was that I remembered quite clearly now the previous days, and I had made absolutely no plans about challenging a Pokemon League. I would never have gone challenging even the Kalos League. I was studying math, which was just better in every respect. Cleaner, clearer, less uncertain. So how could I have ended up here, of all places? I didn't really have the choice anyway, and I went with Victoria to the Great Hall. While holding the door for Victoria -- I couldn't believe I was being this ridiculous, Victoria would have done so much better instead of miserably struggling in a haze of fatigue -- or maybe struggling to just open it -- a thick envelope slipped out of a pocket I hadn't remembered I had. It was meant for me (it had my name, but not any address), but I was positive I had never seen it. So I opened it. Inside were a few bank notes -- I couldn't believe that so far, I had not worried about money -- and a note: "Use sparingly". In my own writing. What? "What's there?" Victoria asked, looking at my presumably alarmed face. "Nothing." was all I could answer. I didn't want to draw too much attention to the fact that was helpless, and that I had money. "And now, with my usual luck, I am stranded here..." Another thought managed to reach my strained brain. Should my parents get wind of the attack, they would want to know what happened to me... They would worry a lot. I picked up my phone, only to find it smashed. It seemingy had not liked my disembarking very much. Victoria looked at my cell phone and said that she could not make international calls. Guess I had to ask "Eimy". Was it my alleged blue-eyed travel companion (although I didn't remember any travel)? We ended up at a far end in the Grand Hall, at a counter. "I am, er, sorry" I apologized to my rescuer. "But I have no idea what is going on. In my latest, memory, I am in Kalos. What happened?" "Oh." she answered simply, looking very puzzled. "I don't have much time, what do you wish to know?" "First, who are you?" "I am Amethyst, the manager of the Reborn League. You can call me Ame." So that was her. "So, we're in Reborn City, and you convinced me to try my chance." "I didn't convince you. We met in the train to Reborn City -- I think you mentioned something about three planes before and another train -- I mentioned the League, and you sounded quite enthusiastic about challenging it." "I'm afraid I would rather come back home." "There's no real way." she sighed. "Reborn is rather wild. The railway station is, well, to pieces. It was the only real way to go back to... Kalos, right? There was almost a full day of high-speed train in the wilderness. Till the station is repaired, I am afraid you can't leave." Come on, there had to be some way... I'd deal with it later. Wait, did I actually spend at least several days, with the full-day train ride and the other planes? Which day were we? "Is there a way for me to phone someone in Kalos, just to tell them that I am safe?" "I am afraid it can't be done either. We don't have phone links with Kalos, or much of the rest of the world for that matter. We were using the train and letters to communicate with afar." Crap.. "I think I'm slightly wounded. Do you know where I can some sort of treatment? And by the way, I don't know anything around here, do you know where I could sleep?" "I'll show you in a minute. You might be interested to know about the investigation: we were quite lucky and caught right away a suspect with good evidence. We're going to make him talk. By the way," she added, turning to Victoria, "why are you here, Victoria?" "I'm here to take on the League, Ame." she answered. "Kiki thought it would be good training." "I'm sorry, but as you know, you'll have to wait for tomorrow. I can't give out starters this late." Ame replied simply. "There should be room for you to stay here as well tonight. Why are you here so late, anyway?" What kind of administrative building had even room for chance (or rather misfortune) wanderers to sleep? The rest of the evening was mainly pain and exhaustion, now that my adrenaline level was falling down to normal. Ame showed me the nursery and pointed me to a couch in an isolated room. A weary doctor examined my wounds and declared that however spectacular (falling off a train at that speed apparently was quite damaging), they weren't serious, but required disinfectant. Very annoyingly, it turned out that the disinfectant reacted more to the "spectacular" part, rather than the "serious" part. I tripped on the couch and fell asleep after contemplating unpleasant thoughts such as the stinging pain in my back, my now atrocious headache, being trapped in Reborn City for an indefinite period of time, and not being able to communicate with the outside world. Oh well. Tomorrow was another day. Character ratings:
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    Just watched Joker. Aside from all the controversies, Joaquin Phoenix really did a very good job
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    Getting a Simple Woobat is also pretty good since it learns Calm Mind before Corey.
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    and with this he has officially made it past where king nappy lost the nuzlocke
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    You have to count to 100 without an admin posting. If they post WE START AGAIN!
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    am I the only one who wants Demon Souls and DS2 on switch?
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    If we're talking about the best Pokémon in the game we should definetly not forget about Chimchar. While it lacks the Speed Boost ability that people tend to pick Torchic for, it features the Iron Fist ability and a really nice move pool even in the early parts of the game. It also compensates its lack of Speed Boost with a higher base stat in speed than the Torchic evolution line. With Mach Punch at level 14, in combination with the Iron Fist ability, and Flame Wheel at level 19, Monferno features 2 really good STAB moves even before the first badge, one of them even being a +1 priority move. Also, depending on how far into the game you would call "early game", it even learns Close Combat as soon as it hits level 36 and evolves to Infernape.
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    Q&A about a potential Beta for my game: There is no beta and there won't be a beta. If I'm going to release a game, I want it to be fully playable. So, the only time anyone will be able to play the game, is when it is 100% finished. I appreciate everyone's respect for my game, but, you will have to bide your patience, for at least another year or so, because this stuff takes time. I'm only 1 guy, and I have to pay for a lot of the stuff that's in my game. Which is up there in the 5 digit's range of money spent on this game. Greetings Pokemon fans! I am sure you are all wondering, "What is Pokemon Symphonic Horizon, and what is with the name?" Simply put: This is a game that has been in the works for a few years now, but I never really had it see the public's eye until now. As for the name, the Symphonic part of the name is to highlight the game's mystic and ominous tone, while the Horizon part symbolizes the vastness and adventure like feel to the game. Pokemon Symphonic Horizon is primarily story based, and will have you talk to characters for a good several minutes, to learn that characters backstory or just to understand their personalities. I wanted to have a game feel like a proper RPG, and capture the feeling of emotion, especially since my game's main thing is its tone. This is not a traditional Pokemon game as one would think; there are gym battles, but they are not the center piece of the story, also the game is mainly tied to a story, as I previously mentioned. I mainly wanted to create something that wasn't the same old Pokemon game that has been done a thousand times over. Instead, I wanted to portray the game with as much characterization, and personality as possible. The overarching tone of the game was meant to portray a feeling of emotion, and make the player feel what the characters are feeling. This isn't a game where you play as an avatar of yourself, but rather these characters are their own person. Which, shows at the beginning since you are not able to rename your main character or anyone else for that matter; they are ingrained into their personality, and that is what I set out to achieve. Story Anime Animation Title Screen Vice Braving Age: 16 - Pokemon Symphonic Horizon Age: 18 - Pokemon Symphonic Horizon 2: Dawn of a New World Quotes Marissa Brennan Age: 3 - Pokemon Symphonic Horizon: Verdant Tales {End of the Road Arc} Age: 14 - Pokemon Symphonic Horizon Age: 16 - Pokemon Symphonic Horizon 2: Dawn of a New World Vivian Vance Age: 2 - Pokemon Symphonic Horizon: Verdant Tales {Nero's Disappearance Arc} Age: 6 - Pokemon Symphonic Horizon: Verdant Tales {End of the Road Arc} Age: 16 - Pokemon Symphonic Horizon Age: 18 - Pokemon Symphonic Horizon 2: Dawn of a New World Krista Harper Age: 16 - Pokemon Symphonic Horizon Age: 18 - Pokemon Symphonic Horizon 2: Dawn of a New World Hiro Monochroma Age: 1 - Pokemon Symphonic Horizon: Verdant Tales {Nero's Disappearance Arc} Age: 5 - Pokemon Symphonic Horizon: Verdant Tales {End of the Road Arc} Age: 15 - Pokemon Symphonic Horizon Age: 17 - Pokemon Symphonic Horizon 2: Dawn of a New World Allan Monochroma Age: 2 - Pokemon Symphonic Horizon: Verdant Tales {Nero's Disappearance Arc} Age: 6 - Pokemon Symphonic Horizon: Verdant Tales {End of the Road Arc} Age: 16 - Pokemon Symphonic Horizon Age: 18 - Pokemon Symphonic Horizon 2: Dawn of a New World Things That Are In My Game Variable Trainer System - You are able to use all 6 of the playable main characters throughout the game. They all utilize their own team of Pokemon and MUST be trained, or else. This script is fundamentally what makes my game what it is, and is the primary aspect of my game's plot, gameplay, and everything! (Unique Script) Day/Night System - This provides a day to night function like most Pokemon fan games nowadays. Encouragement System - This script is complicated and is used in conjunction with the Variable Trainer System, and allows for your Pokemon to get a voice of encouragement from one of the other characters that can boost one of your Pokemon's stats based on unfavorable circumstances. (Unique Script) Jumping - Marissa's exclusive acrobatic abilities used to help navigate otherwise impossible terrain. Multiple Continents to explore - Not like Regions, it is all one region, but separated into four different continents, making this one of the hugest Pokemon games that spans one region! See Region map here: Unlockable Costumes - And no to anyone who thinks that this is Trainer Customization, it is not that. This basically allows for you to unlock pre-set costumes at certain points in the game, along with side quests, and change into them at any point when unlocked. SUPER HUGE SAFARI ZONE! - Basically at the Southern Continent of Lumia, half of the continent is a Safari Zone. That in itself is enormous, and totally explorable. TM Compatibility List - Just like in Gen 6 where there is a list of compatibilites that TM's will have when you are buying them from a vendor at a store. Gen 6 Moves and Abilities - It utilizes the Gen 6 Project and all it's features. Pokemon World Tournament - Just like from Gen 5 BW2 this includes the World Tournament, or as I like to call it: The Battle Colosseum, where you go up the ranks and challenge all the leaders, and Champions! However, the Champions have to be unlocked after you complete certain side-quests. Anime Style Cutscenes - I know what you are also gonna say, "OMG, BUT ISN'T THAT HARD TO DO!?" Yes, and no. If you know the right people, and have the money and want to murder your wallet, than no it is not that hard. There are scenes in the game where there are short 5-10 second long cutscenes of anime stylized animation, and trust me, a lot of them weren't cheap :L My poor wallet OTL Very Secret Thing That I Cannot Actually Mention Yet - It is a secret for the time being. *Puts on shades and casually walks away* EV/IV System - This is for the really anal-retentive people who really love to see their EV's and IV's Wonder Trade - Everybody's favorite its Wonder Tra- oh. Mega Evolution - Who honestly doesn't know what this is? JK, but there is Mega Evolution, and it is awesome. Riding Pokemon - Yup, but only specific Pokemon, i.e. Zebstrika and Gogoat Character Abilities - Yup, this time around the main Characters now have their own abilities that can be used in battle and in the overworld. I have the abilities for the characters listed up above. Vast Postgame - After the main storyline is finished, you have the choice of re-battling the final boss or exploring Lumia for more secrets, side-quests, and Legendary Pokemon that weren't capable of being caught during the main game. Custom Moves - I have created several new original moves with their own new animations, example being Mist Blades for Greninja. 100+ TM's - YUP, even more TM's for you to sink your teeth into! Things That Aren't Going To Be in My Game Multiple Regions - I am not really a huge fan of multiple regions, especially for a story driven Pokemon Game. I mainly wanted the focus to be ON the Lumia Region and the crisis that it is undergoing, having another region added into the game would only get in the way of the plot, and that is what we call in the Writing Industry as "PADDING" and you don't want that for a primarily story driven game focused on the main region of the game. The Usual Pokemon Storyline - I wanted to make a Pokemon game that made you not go through the many things that have already been done with other Pokemon game, instead I wanted mine to feel more like an RPG where you actually stop, listen to your partners talk and let the story unfold, and have a very engaging plot that isn't focused on just getting 8 badges and fighting the Elite Four. Nuzlockeability - I know I probably just alienated a lot of people by saying that, but there is no way that you can nuzlocke this game, given that you CANNOT remove the Signature Main Pokemon of each Character. For example: Vice cannot remove Eevee from his team until you finish all of the post-game content. Vivian cannot remove Shaymin from her party. Hiro cannot remove Dialga, etc. Not only that, but the structure and just the general nature of my game basically makes it impossible to nuzlocke, since my game is also VERY non-traditional. Traditional Pokemon Starter Obtaining - Yeah, basically each character starts out with their own unique Pokemon, such Vice starting out with Eevee. However, he finds the Eevee locked inside of a sealed item box near a grave, so take that for what you will. Skit Conversations! See videos below Region Map VIDEOS!! Credits (most of these people I don't even use, I just remember making a list and they ended up in the document of credits XD) Maruno - Pokemon Essentials Luka S.J. Elite Battle Script Rialynarts - Art Designer WesleyFG =zerudez UltimoSpriter 0NegaXFMP0 Heavy-Metal-Lover TyranitarDark Alucus, Alistair, Calis projects and/or Kyledove UltimoSpriter Rossay Alstair and PHO Rayquaza zetavares852 robie392 Celiana ThatsSoWitty LotusKing MoonTIK BoOmxBiG EVoLiNa chimcharsfireworkd Minorthreat0987 WilsonScarloxy 0NegaXFMP0 Dewity zetavares852 AshnixsLaw Yani-kurai Alucus spaceemotion LogiedanT-T Aigue--marine
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    I'll admit that I was a little saddened as well when I first heard that. However I soon got over it as her needs are more important than mine; some may call me insane, I call myself devoted. Though if you're still salty, then the realm of fanfiction is available to you, my friend.
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    Budew is also a great asset in the early game, Roselia is a beast with Budew learning mega drain early and itself learning giga drain (which is a 10pp move in reborn thx a lot ame) in lv 25, hell Roserade carries me throughout my entire playthrough in my first run as my main grass damage dealer and toxic+ leech seed spammer the only downside is that Budew evolves with high friendship at the day which you can speed this up by taking it to the salon and get a soothe bell but it still takes time and you won't get a shiny stone until after shade
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    Oh hush you. If I recall correctly. your reaction to proofreading this was: And we both know the other half of this is me making fun of my writing. The difference between "Michael has to drive an hour if he wants to stop me" versus "Michael is sitting right beside me and can take my laptop if he wants to." That and I decided to be honourable and not change things back after I went home.
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    Hahaha, of course Ame knew where that came from.....nice^^ I wouldn't have expected any less from someone who puts that many references to other media into a single game.... Yeah......but it might be fun to see the doctor getting crushed by a "baby"
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    So I've run to the end of V12. I've finally gotten to the end of the current version of the game. So damn fun. So damn exciting. So damn emotional! So damn... DAMN! So what does that mean? Well 1, I'm going to do any sidequests I can find and then afterwards the game will be done until another update has been gifted to us. I wanna say maybe... MAYBE 10 more episodes? Either 10 or less. This game is just... AHH! So depending on what happens over the next couple of days, I'll either go back to Full Moon or if something happens soon, I'll be doing something that I've been really wanting to do for a while now. And yes. I've made a status on this somewhat recently as well.
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    Kiki -Belly can't stall all the way with the Kiki fight (Lucario/Gallade/Medicham) -Kiki (Mightyena) can't tank any fighting attack -Jacques w/Wing Attack doesn't do much damage, not to mention he barely uses Pidgeot -I see him losing the Nuzlocke with Kiki, given he uses the current team Plus, I believe Debbie won't evolve till he gets the Fire Stone at Pyrous Mountain
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    Seriously, how did he cheese that fight that easily? This guy has more luck than all people who EVER won the jackpot in the lottery together....
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    Present Discussion: Discarded Plot Points I’d like to keep this thread up-to-date on tidbits about Present’s development, whether that be past or future. (I know, I know, but Michael’s next to me right now. I can’t make the obvious pun.) Today, I decided to concentrate on the past, and make a quick list of plot points that were discarded for one reason or another. This collection of scraps is just a melting pot of the humorous, the dark, and the somewhat inane. Naturally, there are unmarked spoilers all the way up to case eight here. 1. Lucile Strangely, the same thing happened to both Lucys. Neither Lucile nor Luciano were planned to play the major roles they did in Present. Lucile was originally a secretary who just so happened to be married to the Don. Luciano, meanwhile, was a name to a pointless pawn of case three. A few reasons played into why Lucile got a bigger role: she was interesting, and it was simple to use her to stir up trouble while the Don’s identity remained secret. I also reflected on the writing after Present’s first demo was released, and concluded that the game did not have enough leading women in it. I certainly don’t regret the choice because Lucile’s been fun to develop. She's gone from bootleg Dahlia Hawthorne to something more original. In terms of her development history, Lucile’s relationship to her husband is the other aspect that has changed the most. She went from a love match to a ruthless marriage of convenience, after her first choice in partner kicked the bucket. Lucile loving her husband was planned to be a source of tension between her and the protagonist. She would have resented Sylvester for his close relationship with Leo. Actually, it would probably be more like Sylvester standing there confused while she monologues for the purpose of dramatic irony. "Gee, why is this random purple woman always cryptically alluding to someone I apparently know for the purpose of building up to a big reveal?" In the game, Lucile still doesn't like Sylvester's connection to Leo, but only because she seeks to whittle away Leonardo's power. She isolates his closest associates (like Luciano) and allows her own lackeys to flaunt Leo's rules. ("No unnecessary killings, it's a pain to cover up.") Of course, Lustrous and Adamant are happy to kill off a person or two just to make repetitive pirate jokes. Caption: Bootleg Dahlia Hawthorne was our nickname for Lucile during early development. It doesn't help that she poisons a sneezy man in a medical mask either. Looking at this discussion also made me realize that Lucile has yet to appear outdoors in any event, beyond a single photo. Caption: This early art is awful and it still makes me laugh. I'm so glad we never used it in-game. Michael's latest iteration of her trainer sprite is much better. Caption: The reason why Lustrous has a degree in astrobiology and Adamant has a degree in bagpipping is because clown school was all full up. 2. Truffles Truffles is one of the few Pokémon characters in Present with a major role. She's quiet most of the time, but intuitive. (How convenient for the plot.) Truffles also has a streak of mischievousness. Among other things, she's stolen Leonardo's food, and frozen Sylvester solid when he asked for help. Little has changed about Truffles, although her backstory was different before it switched mid-development. The player knows the story from Sylvester's side. He found a Swinub trapped under a collapsed tombstone while on a walk through Nettlebloom Cemetery. After rescuing the Swinub and nursing her back to health, Sylvester adopted her. From Truffles’ perspective, she dozed off under a fallen tombstone. It was sheltered from the snow, and cozy. A heavy sleeper, Truffles didn't realize she'd been moved until she woke up. The human gave her food, and she liked food, so she decided to stay. (She may have also taken advantage of the human’s belief that she was sick to get extra treats, sleep on his bed, and fill his apartment with snow.) Truffles' perspective is more humorous than touching, and it embodies Syl's social cluelessness. It’s also pointless, so it hasn’t come up in the game at any point. But enough about that, we’re here to talk about what didn’t happen. After the creation of the Winter Carnival, a side-plot was planned with it. The circus in town would actually be part of a smuggling ring, bringing Pokémon into the city for the Lonardos. Truffles (then a Swinub) would be one of those Pokémon. After a police bust on the carnival, Sylvester took her in. Suffice to say, that did not happen in the game. The carnival's existence was seriously downplayed. I can’t get into detail because it actually contains spoilers for the story’s future, but the carnival story majorly messed up the timeline. It got chucked in the bin, but that’s just a necessary part of editing. Caption: A page about Truffles from my hand-written Present plans. Most of what's down on paper changes completely before reaching the game itself. A transcript is in the spoilers below. Caption: The ringmaster probably got his facial hair from the Phony Baloney Mustache Emporium. 3. The Gangs I'll probably wind up talking about this more in-depth at a later point, but in Present's original plot, there were two rival gangs. They were unnamed at the time they were dropped, but one was river-themed, using water as its insignia. Sylvester would actually wind up befriending one of the gangs through his work. Roughly, his projected character development would go: I. Sylvester reluctantly helps the gang with cases. II. Sylvester’s interactions with the rival gang would result in him getting closer to the friendly gang. He would see them as the lesser of two evils. III. Sylvester convinces himself that he can do good for the city and be allied with the gang at the same time. IV. Something (big event or reveal of some kind) creates a wake-up call for Sylvester. V. Sylvester works through the tangled web of severing ties while trying not to make enemies. There would be plenty of angst with him questioning the choice and missing the friends that he’d lost. The game would end the same way it started: Sylvester alone, and the city a mess. Boy did that ever change, and probably for the better. Now Syl has friends who forcefully invade his apartment and make him eat regular meals. Caption: Oh no! The intimidating, uh, wave mafia gangster? Much like Lucile's first designs, this guy never made it into the game. Thanks to Michael, his sprite is far more respectable now. It's for the best, considering this guy looks like Waluigi gone wrong. Conclusion That's a wrap for this post. Do you have further questions? Is there a typo or instance of awkward phrasing in this discussion? Don't hesitate to ask or point something out. Present has a lot of unused and reworked content, and I hope you find it interesting as I do.
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    The punishment is clearly becoming a kriketot for the rest of your life, obviously, and having to live and survive as one. That's why the one in Reborn City looked so down, it was an early prisoner of queen Shelly and she wasn't curing it, she was watching it.
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    Before Gen 7 Team: Gengar, Doublade, Trevenant, Rotom, Banette, Chandelure After Gen 7 Team: Gengar, Doublade, Dhelmise, Rotom, Banette, Mimikyu
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    Present 3.4 is now out! This update contains a huge graphical redux, updating every trainer, back and transition sprite in game as well as several of the overworlds. We've also provided several bug fixes in this demo, most notably a fix to the issue of nicknaming pokemon not being allowed and a couple graphical update issues. As well, the levels have been lowered for the trainers in the first area of the game to make it easier on the player. As well, we've revamped a lot of the older areas in game such as the Duchampe Residence and the Eastridge Centre. Please Note: Do not load your save file in the Eastridge Mall or the Duchampe Residence. Due to the map having aspects moved around, you may become permanently stuck in something. I hope you enjoy Present's new look! Stay tuned for the next big release; we plan to revamp the ai and make the game more challenging with the addition of difficulty modes and a couple potential new field effects and weather statuses so look out for that! Cheers! (Why a couple of the screenshots are displaying as larger than the others is beyond me. It's almost 4 in the morning and I'm too lazy to fix it though.)
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    Considering the last one is severely outdated, I will be creating my own Relationship Guide. Chapter 1 Chapter 2 Chapter 3 Chapter 4 Chapter 5 Chapter 6 Chapter 7 Chapter 8 Chapter 9 Chapter 10 Chapter 11 Chapter 12 Chapter 13 Chapter 14 Relationship Point Checks
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    I wanted to make a formal announcement. Due to my recent interests in revisting old, Japanese, Pokemon episodes I recently got a spark of motivation to work on my project again. Not until later this year, but, it will be done. I will be making a Discord server for my game, as I have recently grown out of my old attitude that kept me away from doing so. I believe that my fans and followers deserve to be kept on the up-and-up, so I will be creating one in the very near future. I also will be working on several, new, animations for in-game cutscenes and they will be REALLY cool. After I clear up some debt that's been looming over my head, I will be getting back to it soon. As for an explanation for my hiatus: depression, finances, and I wanted to get away from the whole internet cynicism that has poisoned my heart and mind. I wanted to step back, enjoy life a lot more than I was before, and excel in places that I was faulted in. In that time I've been gone: I have gone far with the new things I've learned. greatly I will be, in the future, making more regular updates, and will be active in my Discord server, and may even set up some form of donation system, since I know some people were willing to help me through this dark time of mine. As you guys know I authored a manga and am working on an unrelated series to this one, alongside this game's development, and that still stands. I will be juggling several projects as I continue forward with my life. I said it before and will say it again: I don't quit and never abandon what is essentially my life's work. I had a setback and will return soon. I appreciate every one of you who has followed me and kept up with my work thus-far. I truly do, from the bottom of my heart, and I wish to do my best to make you guys a game worth waiting for. I admit I am a perfectionist and fret about the details, which is why this game has taken so long. I want my vision to be realized as perfectly as possible. -- Dylanrockin
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    Some of the ones i played and i think that no one named them are: Pokemon Axis, Pokemon Empyrean, Pokemon Floral Tempus, Pokemon Fullmoon, Pokemon Sanquine, Pokemon Sardonyx and Pokemon Postscriptum. this are the ones i really like just not paying attention to desolation,reborn, rejuvenation, insurgence and omicron.
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    No, nuzlocking is not possible. 1: Because I dislike them and think it would take away from why it is you're playing this game in the first place. So, personal bias there. 2: I feel the spirit of the game would be lost on people as they're too busy concentrating on trying to survive than trying to enjoy... you know... the game. And to make sure that happens, a specific character's "Main Pokemon" cannot be deposited or released as the game will outright stop you from doing so and every Pokemon after a double battle will be brought back with 1HP. Glad you're still anticipating the release of the game, however, since school has started an auditions for the musical and play at my university have also begun I've been strapped for time on my game and mostly work on it, in the early mornings before classes start and before my night classes. Though I intend to get some progress done in the coming weeks.
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    With Reborn being a constantly growing community, respectful interaction between members is key to help users form connections and to keep discussion alive and healthy. One of the key factors in healthy discussion is an omission of demeaning language. This thread has been made to discuss our stance on this in regards to Community Rule 4. What is Community Rule 4? Rule 4 states that users should refrain from using racial/sexual/etc. slurs in the community. Derogatory language applies to a multitude of slurs that are meant to disparage and degrade those who are affiliated with the word used. These slurs demonstrate a complete lack of compassion and understanding for fellow users. Derogatory language not only applies to race, religion, sexuality, and gender, but also diseases and disorders. Out of respect for all members of the community and those affected by these slurs, we ask that you refrain from using them. If you see any users using derogatory language, please report it to a staff member as soon as possible. So what counts as a slur? There are a plethora of words that count as slurs. These slurs include but are not limited to: Some of these words may come as a surprise to a few. Gay, cancer, AIDS, and rape, while all having meanings that wouldn't constitute them as slurs, in certain contexts, are considered derogatory. Gay, cancer, and AIDS are considered slurs when used as an adjective to refer to something in a disapproving manner. Additionally, rape is considered derogatory when used in a context synonymous to dominating or destroying. Finally, telling other users to kill themselves or otherwise promoting suicide is also unacceptable. What happens if derogatory language is used? This is where our warning system comes in. The offending user will be issued a warning worth 1 point that lasts for a total of 90 days. For more information about warnings and their repercussions, take a look at this. For information about our lifetime warning system, look here. If you have any questions in regards to Rule 4, warnings, or anything pertaining to this announcement, feel free to contact a staff member. ~Tacos and Staff
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