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    May love be in your lives, everyone! I know it's a consumerism occasion and all that, but behind matter and vanity, there is always feeling and significance... I wish you all the best! I went and lost everything myself (once again), but i am one of those big fools who live for others. Maybe next time, i will celebrate as well!
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    People see how Monica rial got harassed about her speaking up to the Vic situation. Those same people find it weird other people with similar stories wish to remain anonymous and keep demanding "evidence" that isn't owed to them. Please help me with some facepalms
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    it's time to stream more of Definitely Not A Hoenn Game ™ come join cass and I as we challenge the Definitely Not Hoenn League ™ ! https://www.twitch.tv/amethystblack
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    Paste this into your saved games folder, replacing the old one.: Game.rxdata
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    If you post your save file I can give it back to you. I don't play online, so can't trade.
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    The best Valentines related pic I've seen all day. Now to forget about this day for another year.
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    On my team's "personalities" Mesopotato: GOSH what an absolute dork, great with kids, has maybe two brain cells and all the other cells are in his heart Apricot: Always in a good mood, almost annoyingly cheerful Rays: Considers himself superior to all. Literally only listens to Higgledy. Higgledy: Laughs at even the worst jokes, tells the best and worst jokes at the best and worst times Lesbi: Over the course of the run, he has become increasingly more confident as he seeks revenge on Team Meteor. Renee: HYPER, always curious, quite nosy Sligma: great with kids, protective of everyone, Justice^tm^ Gilly: boundless energy, could probably fly into the sky on a wave of sheer happiness, always happy to see everyone, drools alot Linus: Considers himself superior to all, but has a grudging respect for Rays and Gilly. Rett: always ready for anything, where we droppin boys Trinity: Mom Energy, respects everyone, bows before and after battle when possible Jackie: Destiny Bond faintbait. Knows it. Doesn't care Fred: Innards Out faintbait. Knows it. Doesn't care Grill: So loving, wants everyone to get along, why can't we all just be friends^tm^
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    Wuuuut its valentines already how long i slept
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    Anyone have a spare helix fossil? Been kicking rocks for 3 hrs and have not found a helix fossil (Almost always get the shieldon one). EDIT: got one after 10 mins I think after I posted this. Thread can now be closed. Thanks!