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    999 rep. At this moment THE STRONGEST resonates strongly within me...........but I'm not changing my profile pic to Cirno again just for this meme.
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    Thanks for the feedback as always! Also I was really happy that you remembered that we had already posted puppyrain and jedog before! As for the names you suggested, could you explain what these names stand for? I mean I get the king part for Menaking but the other one I don't These names sound interesting but I'd love to understand the thinking behind them!
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    > not Godfather > claims me to be maf while admitting himself as maf in jail Hmm, so was I right about you being maf? Actually that's already obvious that we've found a scum ourselves. Smh, the Spy report you get actually helped to incriminate Bok more than me, who you're trying to veer the lynch into. So pray tell, why is he using the 'I miseed my NA' excuse? Bet you can't figure out why, because if you have, you wouldn't be casting an Innocent vote. That reminds me, why the hell didn't you execute Drak that night then? He told you that he's a mafia, and he brought me along as the 'accomplice', yet you held back to that claim and now went after me? Like, if you truly believe I'm a scum, you wouldn't have hesitated and should've gone to lynch me already from the get go. Oooohh, I can see that work in a medium other than a forum. A very good plan indeed! If I were a Disguiser, I would've gotten Bean's face, Bean's pfp, Bean's otherworldly speech, what else to name... ...Before I go overboard with that, the role itself is too complicated to even become playable. Disguisers are cool and all, but truthfully, they don't really work in here, so no.