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    Not only did they give certain pokemon overlooked by competitive players like yourself a chance to shine, more importantly they were really fun to use. Also taking away innovation is never a good thing, you build on whats come before not get rid of it and thats just the megas and Z moves. Don't get me started on how Legendaries will not be the only pokemon cut.
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    Honestly, their statement about doesn't seem like it's going to hold up. Someone on reddit did a bit of math, and while this is an estimate that'll be comfirmed later when the game is released- We'll have a confirmation on this later, but for the moment this is deeply concerning. Also over on Smogon forums there's been plenty of discussion on Dynamaxing and Gigamaxing mechanics as well as the loss of Megas and Z-moves. It's quite damaging to the competitive community. There's also a lot of ideas going around that if neither Dynamaxing or even Gigamaxing require a held item, and that damages the integrity of competitive, as it's very much random. There was even talk of Showdown not updating beyond Gen 7.
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