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    It has Reborn's average rate, yes, since I bred them back in Ep 16. You have just had one of those rare super blessings RNGesus. While I've never had this version of RNGesus's blessing, I have encountered three wild shinies in a row in Reborn (with the shiny charm) while EV training, though they weren't good mons that I wanted......just Slugma and I think a Zubat. I believe you got the better deal.
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    I found her too, your a lot of help!
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    You're welcome, glad to help you.
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    Rockruff must have Own Tempo ability in order to evolve to Dusk Form, such Rockruff is obtainable by trading another Rockruff with a woman at Ocenia Pier. Also, evolve it between 17:00-18:00 hours.
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    Spoilers ahead. Cammie hates those, and we don;t wanna piss her off now do we?
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    when you defeat Solaris on the top of Pyrous Mountain, your partner is Julia, if you lose against that garchomp, your partner is Florinia
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    The team is almost complete. The King of Fairies will reach the top in Sinnoh!
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    Yeah! That was a nice episode So, Vanilla VS Aladdin AND Shelly VS Blake confirmed! I like how badass and independent Shelly becomes through your writings. That might be quite promising, especially if she manages to beat Blake. Who knows? Maybe she won't, and Vanilla will arrive right on time to rescue her. But still, Aladdin risks to be a dangerous opponent for Vanilla, both physically and psychologically speaking. At least, we all know he has a Blaziken now. I look forward to seeing how important the role of Cal might be in the next episode