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    hi wow it's actually not been that long since i last posted here BUT I KINDA.... wanted to show this because i'm super happy with how this hairstyle looks on me (it's one of the rare instances where i'm actually going out in the weekend) so here u go
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    Happy Easter all you Pokemon Masters! Remember to let out your Buneary's/Lopunny's/Bunnelby's/Diggersby/Scorbunny/any other bunny Pokemon names I can't remember right now out of their PokeBalls so they can do their jobs tonight!
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    Dawnganronpa, the ultimate Pokémon student.
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    Happy Easter~ Make sure to eat lots of chocolates if you can! And then be sure to go to your dentist.
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    Scrubs usually deals with Horses. House deals with Zebra's.
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    Happy Easter everyone ! Have a very nice day
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    Happy Easter Sunday! The day Jesus rose from the dead and did absolutely fuck all afterwards. Just like what's going to happen in this Nuzlocke! Yaaaaaay! https://www.tapatalk.com/groups/nuzlocke_forum/the-terribly-titled-reaction-locke-of-pokemon-reju-t18470-s620.html#p1654250
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    Looks like we're about to unlock that postgame scoreboard!Very excited to see how this continues to progress.
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    Hello! With the permission of @BIGJRAand the help of @QualityGamingYT, I was able to make the Monotype Glance Guide for Rejuvenation on a Google Doc. Note that the original Monotype Guide, which is for Reborn, is here: Now... presenting... the *drum roll*... https://docs.google.com/document/d/1MvrNq3eZVYxlKr2cfXiy2vryWw25BfzNkj1FYoCxFXU/edit Rejuvenation Monotye Challenge Guide Doc!
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    what a visionnary i am : i was having fun with valkyrie deck yersterday and they just released 3 new valkyrie cards this morning
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