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    sad reacts only but not really, because this is one of those like, six lines i mentioned on the right. basically it's the AI section. cuttin' into it like a rotom-c. so a few things that have generally been done recently: tv dialogue for new epsiode is , furfrou forms are and the groomer is in glamazonia salon-- actually i guess i can post those here. and uh. weather is ! we fixed the bugs with E16's systems. it turned out to be super simple. it'll rain less now. rain is fake news anyway. wait i'm-- well ok. have some frous. i refuse to accept that that 'frou' is pronounced like 'true' though. that's the real fake news. okay so stepping forward i train my laser sights on AI specifically function codes because that stuff is incomplete and also largely never existed in the first place. its basically the thing that tells it when specific move effects are a good idea. it doesn't have no idea-- but it has bad ideas most of the time, and no idea the rest of the time. there are ~350 function codes in the game, and for E17 we will be choosing to focus on 118 of them. the rest will be finished in E18. so basically i have my work cut out for me if i want this to happen soon. guess i had better get started ^^
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    Two more field effects coming in today, and you can probably already guess what they are from the title alone. As always, click the images below to jump to the Field Effect page and see their details. The Mountain is a basic environmental field that we've been lacking for a while, with an emphasis on rocks and wind, and the Snowy Mountain, its variant, is a hybrid field between that and the Icy Field. Yes, that means you can't melt and dive into the peak of Ametrine anymore. Come on, that doesn't even make sense. We are nearing a long awaited finish-line here. Speaking of long-awaited, some old faces might make a reappearance in E15...
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    Okay gather around and listen up boys and girls and persons of unspecified gender identity, because we've got a little story to tell. Recently as you may have noticed we've gone through a bit of unannounced downtime in regards to the server and forum. Unfortunately, we had the displeasure of experiencing the ire of a bored child with access to resources allowing them to enact a DDoS attack on our server, which hosted both the forums and the showdown server on it. As such we've had to bear some downtime while we repaired some things and communicated with the host to get ourselves unlocked (they'd locked the site to prevent the attack from impacting other servers due to the amount of bandwidth we were consuming as a result of the DDoS). A brief description for those who don't know: a Direct Denial of Service attack (DDoS) is an attack wherein the attacker attempts to deny service via overwhelming the server with packets that usually stem from a set of compromised (usually by a Trojan virus) machines referred to as a 'botnet'. [if you wish to get more informed about these, here is a link that goes into a little more depth on the subject: http://www.digitalattackmap.com/understanding-ddos/] So once again, here we are born anew with the server and forums back up and running, but things will be a little shaky at the beginning as the DNS resolves things so there might still be some intermittent connection issues until tomorrow. Regrettably, this event will mean that we have to update our registration with Showdown so you'll have to access the server from a different link. On-site links to the server will be changed until we re-register, which should happen as early as Thursday. We appreciate your patience and apologize for any inconveniences caused by this. Hope to see you back on the server and read your posts on the forums! ~ Dan "Blind Guardian" Severo Scanlan [TL;DR REDACTED. JUST READ THE POST]
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    Of course now I may as well not say anything else, because it's right in the title. But click the image or link below to jump to its description! The Holy Field blesses its righteous combatants with divine power, banishing the occult and blasphemous types, restoring purer elements to their proper grace, and augmenting the powers of our beloved legendaries. While players will have already encountered this field once or twice in their journey so far, those who have paid close attention can probably guess when they'll have a climactic encounter on it... eventually. Nonetheless, have faith that E15 will soon be answered. And, once again, your direction will be tested-- can you be sure you walk the right path? Pray that you do.
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    PokéNations(season 2) One of Reborn's most loved (and at times, drama filled) battling competitions is back for its long awaited second season, something almost two years in the making! We've got a lot of info to cover in this post, so let's get to it! What is this PokéNations competition you speak of? PokéNations is a battling competition that all of Reborn is eligible to compete in! Participants will be placed into one of six 'Nations'. After, they will have the opportunity to elect a leader and pick two of their Nations types via the PokéNations 2016 Type DraftTM (more to come on this in due time). After the type draft is complete, the PokéNations committee will assign each Nation their third type, and Nations will have the chance to create their names for the competition. From here, Nation members will have the opportunity to work, teambuild, and strategize together to fulfill the requirements of various challenges as they battle other Nations in head to head competitions. This competition will go on for 10 weeks. At the end, the two Nations with the most wins will go head to head in the Championship series to determine the overall winner of PokéNations! Competition Rundown The "Challenge" Thread Every week on Saturday by midnight EST, each Nation will receive an assignment as to which Nation they are facing, in the following format: Nation A v. Nation B Nation C v. Nation D Nation E v. Nation F This Nation assignment thread will also host the weekly challenge that all Nations must abide by. This challenge is normally designed to make you think critically about your teambuilding, using creativity and strategy to outwit your opponents. From there, each Nation must come up with the allotted number of battlers for the week. This roster of battlers, submitted by the leader of each Nation, should be posted in this thread and include the timezone of each battler in order to make scheduling less of a hassle. Any questions about the challenge also go here. The "Matchup" Thread By Sunday at midnight EST, a new thread will be posted. This thread will tell battlers whom their exact opponent for the week is. From this point, battlers have the span of the week to teambuild and face their opponents. Replays of the battles should be saved and links posted in this thread, so that the staff can review and ensure that all challenge rules were followed and keep track of the win/loss ratio for each Nation (located in the OP of the thread.) Rules All Pokémon used by a Nation must have at least one of the Nation's three types; failure to do so can result in disqualification of the battle. Teambuilding should adhere to the weekly challenge; failure to do so can result in disqualification of the battle. Deadlines must be strictly adhered to; failure to do so can result in a penalty for the Nation. You may only battle three consecutive weeks ONE time, after that you are capped at two weeks between breaks. Frequently Asked Questions Are dual types allowed?Yes, so long as one of the types falls into the types that your Nation has.What about Mega Evolutions that change type?If the type of a Mega Evolution changes so that it is no longer a type that your Nation controls, then you are unable to use it. For example, a Nation with the Flying type cannot use Mega Gyarados or Mega Charizard X, as they lose their Flying type upon Mega Evolving. Similarly, a nation that has the Dark type cannot use Mega Gyarados, as Gyarados' base typing does not have Dark in it.What about Pokemon that use nonconventional means to change their type?All Pokemon that can utilize an ability (Protean, Imposter, etc) or a move (Transform, Reflect Type, etc) should be counted as their base type. This means that only the Nation that has Normal can use Ditto and Kecleon and so forth.How do I become a Nation leader, and what are the responsibilities?Each Nation should select a leader by popular vote. Nation leaders will speak on behalf of their nations during the Type Draft, voicing the final decision on the type that their Nation will take. Additionally, leaders are responsible for posting their Nation's roster of battlers, any decisions that the Nation makes should a challenge call for it, and contacting the committee should any problems arise.What's the prize?The committee have teamed up with the Redemption League staff in order to provide a most marvelous prize! What is this stupendously amazing prize? Only time (and the bray of a certain pony) will tell...Who exactly are these committee members?The PokéNations committee members are Jericho, Rosesong, Hukuna, FraRPetO, Pyrrhon, and NickCrash. Sign me up! At some point, a sign up thread for PokéNations will launch. This thread will be open for two weeks for the initial sign up period, during which time the staff team will be sorting users that state their interest into one of six Nations. This is a time flexible event, so even if you aren't sure you'll have time every week, you can still sign up nonetheless. Sign ups will be open for the entirety of the PokéNations run, to ensure that newer members to the server and forums are able to participate as well. As a note: You cannot select the Nation that you are placed into. There is no guarantee that you will be in a Nation with your BFFs. The process used to place participants into their Nations has been designed to ensure fairness and a level spread of talent across all Nations.
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    hey okay i've been a little quieter here but what'sup we're done with making all the 7th gen pokemon sprites front & back also marcello has pretty much done all the new moves and abilities already zoom zoom motherfluffers there's a few stragglers here and there and it's hard to show of script work so here, have some blocky-backgrounded sprites instead huge shoutout to zumi jan koyo and a last minute addition of bazaro for helping me tear through all these. this is super cool since that's the hardest part of spriting and also 7th gen implementation and also the entire E17 cycle overwith in a snapp but you will notice the spriting part is yet not at 100%, that is because we still have to do canon shinies, custom shinies, and eggs! right now smeargletail is working on formatting these sprites for essentials and then we'll launch into those things. well actually im already working on eggs but details. im also starting mapping early because fuqq da police okay thanks bye!
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    Foreword: information taken from Community Upkeep, Dec. 2014 thread. Part of receiving a warning from any Staff member is the potential addition of one or more Warning Points (WPs). Not all warnings will have attached Warning Points, though the majority do. The consequences for any given number of warning points are conglomerated here. This list is iterative with regards to previous Warning Point totals you may have (for example, if you have received a warning for Server Mute Evasion, which comes with 5 Warning Points, the consequences include those from receiving 1 Warning Point, 2 Warning Points, 3 Warning Points, and 5 Warning Points). In addition, if you have previous Warning Points that have not yet expired while receiving a new Warning Point, previous punishments will refresh where applicable- the previous punishments that will be refreshed are the 30-day Post Preview and the Server Lock. Note that these consequences remain unchanged from the Community Upkeep, Dec. 2014 thread, and have remained unchanged since. Potential changes to the consequence list are liable to occur. As of 29 February, 2016, these are the consequences of Warning Point totals: 1 WP: The user is no longer eligible for Voice (an Ace Member-applicable server status). 2 WPs: The user loses Voice status, if they currently have it. 3 WPs: The user loses Ace status and is no longer eligible to buy it. 5 WPs: The user is put on a 30-day post preview. 7 WPs: The user is locked on the server until they fall below 7 points. 10 WPs: The user is banned from the server and forum. The following warnings apply to users on the Showdown Server without forum accounts: 3 WPs on the server: Server Lock until below 3 WPs. 5 WPs on the server: Permanent IP ban from both the Forums and Server. The following warnings apply to users on the Discord Server without forum accounts: 3 WPs on the server: Mute on all text and voice channels until below 3 WPs. 5 WPs on the server: Permanent mute & kick from the Server, and ban from the Forums. If you have any questions pertaining to Warning Points or repercussions, contact the Community Staff.
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    Six months and several releases later, we're finally here with E15, now patched up and ready for the general This has been out for around a week now to the forum, which has given us just enough time to clean it up and ensure that the release is fairly stable. Forum members, do remember that a spoiler-lock is in effect until July. So please tag your spoilers, keep them in appropriate places, and be careful with your topic titles! First, there are some things to be aware of, particularly if you did not play the 14.5 release: Please avoid saving outdoors in the following areas before updating: Reborn City Chrysolia Forest Spinel Town Route 2 Consider visiting a Pokemon Center in the new update -before- using Teleport/Dig etc. As a final note, the item PC was removed due to its relative uselessness, so please recover any stored items there before updating. The download page will be linked below this change-list. Enjoy! Game Downloads
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    There are rumors about a significant Milotic that can be found only in the deep deep ocean. This Milotic lives with Eels. It adapted it's life to live in dark areas of the ocean. Therefore, it's body started producing small glamours stars to help them see. Hahah, I just finished this Milotic. I followed a specific pattern and I think she looks great. I hope you guys like it ^.^ It's all yours to use I hope you guys like it~
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    Seasons Greetings to you all! For each of the last few years the Reborn community has held an event in the days leading up to the Holiday break and this year we hope to have some special and entertaining events to amuse you all! Oh my, where are my manners? First you'd like to know when and where wouldn't you? Well it will be held on the Pokemon Showdown Reborn server in a room entitled 'Holiday Festivities'. We would like to tentatively start it this Friday (December 19th) at 6 ET and it will run until, well you get sick of it or we run out of things to do, but pretty much count on it being the entire night. Reborn Royalty: As for what events we will be holding, the ever so popular Jack Frost and Snow Queen will be making a return. BUT WAIT THERE'S MORE In the spirit of the ever growing non-binary community this year, there will also be a 3rd category known as 'Polar Monarch'. Now that's not to say you can't nominate anyone for any of these positions of royalty, go crazy! Submit your nominations here within this thread and they will be posted here in this post at the bottom. The real voting will start at 8:30 ET and will be announced at the end of the night. Please send all VOTES (not nominations) to Abbey Street Update: Renzo will likely be hosting this event due to Abbey Street coming down with the Flu. Gift Exchange: In the past years we have done a 'Secret Santa' event where people have been randomly been assigned another person to give something to, anonymously. However this year, I have devised something somewhat different and more interactive. I like to call it 'Present or no Present'. Each person is to bring one gift. It can be anything from a few rupees (stated before hand to me as an IOU to whomever ends up with their gift), a shop item, or something else, you think will really brighten someones day. Remember the best gift is giving! Once you have told me what you have brought, all presents will be pooled and masked and you will be assigned a number of which will determine the order in which you pick your gift. The first person to go will open one of the presents, they will then either be allowed to accept that present or choose to open another one, which they must take if they do so. Assuming the first person has opened a 2nd present, person #2 may either choose the open present, or open another one, which they must take. If the first person took their first gift, the next person will be permitted to open one and defer to a 2nd present. In short, every person will have a choice of 2 presents, and they may or may not know the identity of their first choice. I will be holding three different sessions in order to accommodate varying timezones. (6:30 ET, 10 ET, and 1:30 ET). You may pre-emptively sign up for any that you desire. And in the spirit of the Holidays in each session, I will be including a gift thrown into the mix of 2500 rupees each. So shoot for the big bucks! Come in and make someones holidays just that much more memorable, no present is too big or too small! (Be reasonable though) Snowball Fight: Queen Elsa (Destructive Skitty), will be hosting a holiday themed tournament with a very handsome prize going to the winner, courtesy of Renzo. (Nizuma/Xiph) This isn't just your everyday tournament though, there are some unique rules to be considered. 1. It will be 5th Gen OU 2. The only Weather permitted is Hail, the use of other weather effects will result in disqualification. 3. Only Pokemon listed in the Pokedex as Red, Green, or White, are eligible with these pokemon, as shinies, being exceptions. So come out and show why you're Reborn's Rudolph leading the pack! The tournament gets underway at 7:00 ET, so have your teams ready! Prizes are as follows: 1st place: 20,000 rupees 2nd place: 10,000 rupees 3rd place: 5,000 rupees Kings Game: As an ongoing event throughout the Night, Kaito will be hosting King's game for those of you brave enough to ascend this slippery slope! Some of you may not know what King's game is, well you can view the guidelines of it here. (I'll let Kaito fill in the explanation in the spoiler below when he can) Carolling: And we will have our local community radio hosts putting out the best music selections for the season, splitting time will be Cowtao and Arkhidon. These two never fail to disappoint. You can send either of them a PM for a music request to be selected sometime at the party, Christmas themed or not, so long as it's appropriate for the server or forum guidelines. Summary: I may be missing something but for now this is what we have in store for you all: 1. Please submit your nominations for Jack Frost/Snow Queen/Polar Monarch in the thread here. (I will update them here). When voting on Friday night, please PM your votes to Abbey Street. 2. If you wish to participate in the present exchange please PM me what time you would like to do so, and what you plan on bringing/offering. 3. If you plan to participate in the tournament, be in the Themed Tournament room at 7 ET with your team ready to go. 4. More info to come regarding King's game. 5. Please PM song requests to either Cowtao or Arkhidon. It starts tentatively at 6 ET. Nominations: Jack Frost: 1. Blind Guardian 2. Sonikku 3. Jelly 4. Vex 5. Amethyst 6. Ikaru 7. Jericho 8. Maelstrom 9. Kaito 10. Renzo 11. Cowtao 12. Sheep ... Snow Queen: 1. Kalista (Silver) 2. Destructive Skitty (Queen Elsa) 3. Kamina 4. Azery 5. Minerva 6. Void 7. Amethyst 8. Kaito 9. Blind Guardian 10. Annie Leonhardt 11. Soft Taco Bear 12. Hori 13. ZephyrEnyalios 14. Rosesong ... Polar Monarch: 1. DobbyTheElf 2. Blind Guardian 3. Kamina 4. HuggyBoo (Flapjackel) 5. Sonikku 6. TheScarletSword 7. Jericho 8. Tacos&Flowers 9. Maelstrom 10. Godot 11. Pyon Pyon Kyu 12. Rupe 13. Poeseph 14. Inuki (Valor McTanuki) 15. Renzo 16. Kind Murdoc 17. Hukuna ... *PS. If you haven't joined the HATTENING, what are you doing with your life??
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