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    you know for a while my todo list got up to like 5000 lines. but that's what i get, i suppose my side of the function code crawl is done, which is basically just writing out the logic for our 120 function codes that we've selected as this episode's lucky winners. for the most part these are common moves like status, set up, recover, etc... plus certain things i know gym leaders use. so i'm hoping for high mileage with these. they've all been written out and now marcello is just finishing up putting them into the script properly. meanwhile it's up to me to tie up loose ends in the misc update category, which is nearly entirely limited to bug fixing by now. historically that does not take very long, but i also have not gone through the forum for bugs basically all episode, so i will be doing that over the next week. we'll then start testing. we're doing it a bit different than we have in the past, so i'll go over how it's structured this time to inform newcomers and illustrate changes. in the past our test sequence has been ...where the supervised test is one where one person (hi ikaru) plays through the episode and all with me watching so i can closely see any problems with how it plays or things that need to be tweaked. this has just been called alpha in the past. the beta has been done by ace members, community is a release available to all forum members, and the public release is open to everyone finally. unfortunately many bugs have still passed to the community and public releases despite this. that's because we would find bugs in beta or community, and then take a pass at fixing them, but sometimes that fix fails or breaks something else, and we dont find out until the public release because all the testers had already played the originally broken version. for this reason starting this time, we'll have more waves than before: i just mentioned the supervised testing was considered alpha before, but we're now calling it that. instead the alpha testing will be done by the supporter group here on the forums privately. internal testing likewise will be done by the dev team as a whole amongst ourselves. we didnt do this before due to having a smaller, more inconsistent group, although it somewhat happened less formally anyway. my hope is that taking it through these different waves will give us plenty of time to fix as many bugs as possible. of course there are some things that just won't statistically present themselves until swarmed with a certain number of new players, so it's not as if we can promise a bug-free release. i ask for your understanding as always. in order to compensate for the increased number of waves, i'll be shortening the time of each one as well. in the past the beta and community tests have not had a fixed timeframe, but usually ended up being around two weeks each. with more waves now, i'll be limiting each one to a single week so that we can move through it in a similar amount of time. the supervised test should not require a week anyway... anyway, this all means that if there are no especially time-consuming problems, the episode will publicly release four weeks after the internal testing begins. since we are reaching this stage, it also means this will be my final post here for this episode. from here on out, i hope you can wait for it patiently. although the story content of the episode will be somewhat light, there is plenty to explore, and especially with 7th gen being added there are many new pokemon to catch too. in fact, as of the end of E17 only six non-legendary lines are still unavailable. and as for legendaries... maybe you'll even get some action with them too. until next time ≮̕3҉
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    hello! check that out! bi-weekly! what a concept! so my mapping is done, y'all. a glance to the right will show you that mapping on the whole is only at 85% but that remaining 15% is being taken care of by the generous mappers i introduced last time. they're so sweet. in my last post i mentioned i still had one more area to do-- and it is done. it was done in a 24 hour frenzy of motivation while listening to Melodrama on loop probably about fifty gabillion times. and it is great. its also gonna have a few hundred passability errors details. on the whole i really like how the new areas in E17 have come out. i hope you will all have as much fun exploring them as i did making them!* *this does not include the desert. although it had its moments, it was often not very fun to make. please have more fun exploring it than i did making it. please. also i would like to never see a sand tile again, js. anyway! we move into eventing next, but first we're making a pit-stop in the past. now that the desert map is done, i'll be redoing the intro. from day 1, i had wanted to show the player riding in through the desert on the train to grandview station, but as it turns out it's a little bit difficult to do that when you don't have a desert map to ride in on. therefore i'd planned for a long time to add that in when i did finally get tourmaline mapped. while i'm at it, i'm actually changing the intro completely (up to the point of station explosion). since it's literally the first part of the game and wouldn't be a spoiler, i will probably make and post a video of it when it is finished. the intro is not being accounted for in the eventing % though; it will be in the Misc Updates section, and is in fact the main item there. more soon. <3
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    ...b-but w-would you mind putting me on your d-d-desktop...? ((>~<)) Um, if I won't be in the way or anything... Shelly's come to play and she's here to stay, joining the other characters up in our wallpaper section for all common resolutions + mobile! Show the girl some support and go download the poor thing. Today's wallpaper comes courtesy of our very own fan-favorite artist Sleppu! Shout out to them to pulling this together for everyone! And of course, there's more coming in the future. Stay tuned!
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    You get no context. You get no screenshot. But I will deliver what I have promised. You can take it from there. The obtainable list has been updated for E16. Older members will know what that implies.
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    Hello and welcome to the new site! E16's community release is now available, but per the name, it is only accessible to registered forum members! If you happen to be a registered forum member, please sign in and head over here to get it! If you are not a registered forum member, it is not too late to change that. However please be aware that the reason we do Community Releases is not just a plot for registration, but because there may still be fatal bugs in the download and we want to make sure that anyone who encounters such bugs will be around for the updates to fix it. Please feel free to register and play the episode, but also consider sticking around for further updates! Thank you all for being patient with us through development and the site update! Enjoy!
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    Two more field effects coming in today, and you can probably already guess what they are from the title alone. As always, click the images below to jump to the Field Effect page and see their details. The Mountain is a basic environmental field that we've been lacking for a while, with an emphasis on rocks and wind, and the Snowy Mountain, its variant, is a hybrid field between that and the Icy Field. Yes, that means you can't melt and dive into the peak of Ametrine anymore. Come on, that doesn't even make sense. We are nearing a long awaited finish-line here. Speaking of long-awaited, some old faces might make a reappearance in E15...
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    Okay gather around and listen up boys and girls and persons of unspecified gender identity, because we've got a little story to tell. Recently as you may have noticed we've gone through a bit of unannounced downtime in regards to the server and forum. Unfortunately, we had the displeasure of experiencing the ire of a bored child with access to resources allowing them to enact a DDoS attack on our server, which hosted both the forums and the showdown server on it. As such we've had to bear some downtime while we repaired some things and communicated with the host to get ourselves unlocked (they'd locked the site to prevent the attack from impacting other servers due to the amount of bandwidth we were consuming as a result of the DDoS). A brief description for those who don't know: a Direct Denial of Service attack (DDoS) is an attack wherein the attacker attempts to deny service via overwhelming the server with packets that usually stem from a set of compromised (usually by a Trojan virus) machines referred to as a 'botnet'. [if you wish to get more informed about these, here is a link that goes into a little more depth on the subject: http://www.digitalattackmap.com/understanding-ddos/] So once again, here we are born anew with the server and forums back up and running, but things will be a little shaky at the beginning as the DNS resolves things so there might still be some intermittent connection issues until tomorrow. Regrettably, this event will mean that we have to update our registration with Showdown so you'll have to access the server from a different link. On-site links to the server will be changed until we re-register, which should happen as early as Thursday. We appreciate your patience and apologize for any inconveniences caused by this. Hope to see you back on the server and read your posts on the forums! ~ Dan "Blind Guardian" Severo Scanlan [TL;DR REDACTED. JUST READ THE POST]
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    So since Reborn take centuries to update, it appears that a common problem has been that people have forgotten the plot. I shall forgive your lack of photographic memory or "I have a life" excuses and provide you the most accurate representation of what happens in Reborn: Episode I: You Probably Picked Up this Game Mistaking it for Dark Souls The game starts off with a black screen as all great movies games do. The game belittles you for trying to play this game saying it's probably too hard, but you aren't a baby so it ain't too hard for you. You're then asked generic customization questions where you pick out you gender and character though you can look like a male but be female...and let's you not even not be a gender at all. Just like the rest of the game, you probably have no idea what you want to be. Once you make the decision, you get on a train where you meet this white haired girl, Ame, who has made many questionable decisions such as building a Pokemon League on top of sacred grounds expecting no repercussions. She welcomes you, then tackles you out the window, then a train explodes killing everyone on-board. A lot of people die in this game. Continuing on, your woken up by Ame in a city that makes Raccoon City look like a vacation resort. This is Reborn City: your eternal damnation. You meet this girl named Julia who is blamed for blowing up the train because that's what all adults who still think they are in high school do, but she says no. Also, she's a gym leader. After some talking you finally get to walk around. With all these cutscenes, you'd think this is actually a movie and not a game. And for the one time in the game, you won't be lost and have no idea where to go. It's just a straight line into the Grand Hall. Seriously, who thought it was a good idea to have a bunch of areas to explore and collect stuff. It's like the game is trying to add fun, additional content but that means work. After somehow getting lost on the simplest path in the game, you'll meet Victoria, the game's first mobile roadblock. She's some unimportant stuff as you follow her inside the Grand Hall with includes some random humping moments. Get your character under control, players. After more boring exchanges, you get to pick a starter. If you are expecting a simple 3 choices, you are in for the greatest challenge between choosing from all 15 18 21 starters. Or you could just pick Torchic if you're a pussy. If you were a real man, you'd pick the weakest starter of all: Chikorita. Once you make a choice more difficult then choosing a degree, you'll go back downstairs where you greeted by a cute girl. Well she's cute until you realize she's actually a guy named Cain. After a few battles, you learn that whoever destroyed the train station is now captured. Then you're given a bunch of stuff you probably have forgotten about and sent off. The game then cuts to a clipscene of downstairs where we see the little terrorist. The interrogation is going pretty poorly as the terrorist didn't talk, but he didn't realize that Mael was told he was no longer allowed to bring alcohol to work and wasn't going to be taking anyone's sh*t. That poor terrorist's hand were never the same after that. The world is finally opened up to you, or at least what feels like the whole game if you've only been playing those official games. Too bad there's not much to explore as you're options are finding and catching sh*tty Pokemon or battling trainers for a sh*tty amount of cash. At least you can beat that sh*thead Eric who blocks you from the bridge. Also make sure to mug his 40 bucks. After running around for what feels like hours, you'll finally come across the gym ready for your shiny new badge. Except the gym is locked. Unlike everywhere else, you won't be able to even earn a badge from a leader until you become their f*ckboi. Now all you have left is to run around like the hobo you are until you finally find some green haired guy standing in front of a factory like the jack*ss he is. You beat his ass and he mentions something about going to the wrong factory. Now you'd think the next step would be going to that one factory you passed, but that'd be too convenient. You have to walk all the way back to the gym to activate another cutscene. Turns out this whole time that she was just jacking off to who knows what behind locked doors...also it was Julia. You then meet two green haired girls bullying a green haired boy just because they can. Girls are evil...and psycho. Actually, pretty much everyone who isn't Fern or Hardy is a bit messed up in the head. I mean hey, just because you're a shithead doesn't mean you are mentally unstable. Anyways, we get stuck with second fiddle as we explore this place infested with terrorists. We then meet up with the group and come across every RPG protagonist's greatest nemesis: a locked door with no keyhole. Fern's robotic sister, Flobot says she can hack it, but everyone else knows she's completely worthless so we go with the crazy one's plan to blow the door up. And so we find some bombs, but the bag guys are tired of us loitering so instead they just let us in. Now we meet the boss...I mean one of the higher ups of Team Meteor, Sirius, who is anything but that. Behold the most generic character in the game you probably will forget about because all he does is try to kill people. You beat his goons up and runs away like a coward little puppy because yet if you add a guy who's team almost got swept by an Elekid and Magby and the scrub that did, it's too much to handle. I mean all the last guy ever did was have Budew use growth. Oh, so scary. So the crazy one decides to blow the place up and you now probably missed out on a free rare candy and ability capsule because the game likes to screw you. Anyways, you get an obligatory tutorial on field effects, a mechanic that no one but the fandom likes. And now you have a menu to view field effects...except you have to go around and find them now. Or you can download the field effect text file I made and avoid that altogether because by the time you get info on a field, it'll be worthless to you. This is totally not a shameless plugin. Finally after all that suffering, you can enter the gym to fight Julia...except you have to go through a puzzle so easy that a blindfolded monkey with no arms could do it. I hope you've been studying up on your Professor Layton skills because after this you're going to need them. So after failing an impossible to fail puzzle, you get to fight Julia. She probably beat your ass just like the little f*ckboi you are. And now you're probably b*tching about having no idea what the field effect is doing and that your one Pokemon is now disobeying you because you thought skipping the text was a great idea. You're probably over the level cap and now have to buy common candies to level down your Combusken. Or you can just auto-win by spamming Dragon Rage from Charmeleon. Whatever you do including maybe actually training a team, you became victorious and the prize for your newly colored ass is a piece of metal and a sh*tty TM. We're off to a great start but our adventure is far from over. So I was planning to summarize it in a single paragraph, but unfortunately I had forgotten that this is an RPG and you need to explain a lot compared to other game such as: LoZ Wind Waker: You sail places LoZ Skyward Sword: You fly places LoZ Breath of the Wild: You climb places I'll now be breaking my summaries up with one episode per post. In the meantime, like, comment, and subscribe to my content and also support my Patreon Page @ http://www.parteon.com/PokemonRebornIs4Loss I worked really hard on it.
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    PokéNations(season 2) One of Reborn's most loved (and at times, drama filled) battling competitions is back for its long awaited second season, something almost two years in the making! We've got a lot of info to cover in this post, so let's get to it! What is this PokéNations competition you speak of? PokéNations is a battling competition that all of Reborn is eligible to compete in! Participants will be placed into one of six 'Nations'. After, they will have the opportunity to elect a leader and pick two of their Nations types via the PokéNations 2016 Type DraftTM (more to come on this in due time). After the type draft is complete, the PokéNations committee will assign each Nation their third type, and Nations will have the chance to create their names for the competition. From here, Nation members will have the opportunity to work, teambuild, and strategize together to fulfill the requirements of various challenges as they battle other Nations in head to head competitions. This competition will go on for 10 weeks. At the end, the two Nations with the most wins will go head to head in the Championship series to determine the overall winner of PokéNations! Competition Rundown The "Challenge" Thread Every week on Saturday by midnight EST, each Nation will receive an assignment as to which Nation they are facing, in the following format: Nation A v. Nation B Nation C v. Nation D Nation E v. Nation F This Nation assignment thread will also host the weekly challenge that all Nations must abide by. This challenge is normally designed to make you think critically about your teambuilding, using creativity and strategy to outwit your opponents. From there, each Nation must come up with the allotted number of battlers for the week. This roster of battlers, submitted by the leader of each Nation, should be posted in this thread and include the timezone of each battler in order to make scheduling less of a hassle. Any questions about the challenge also go here. The "Matchup" Thread By Sunday at midnight EST, a new thread will be posted. This thread will tell battlers whom their exact opponent for the week is. From this point, battlers have the span of the week to teambuild and face their opponents. Replays of the battles should be saved and links posted in this thread, so that the staff can review and ensure that all challenge rules were followed and keep track of the win/loss ratio for each Nation (located in the OP of the thread.) Rules All Pokémon used by a Nation must have at least one of the Nation's three types; failure to do so can result in disqualification of the battle. Teambuilding should adhere to the weekly challenge; failure to do so can result in disqualification of the battle. Deadlines must be strictly adhered to; failure to do so can result in a penalty for the Nation. You may only battle three consecutive weeks ONE time, after that you are capped at two weeks between breaks. Frequently Asked Questions Are dual types allowed?Yes, so long as one of the types falls into the types that your Nation has.What about Mega Evolutions that change type?If the type of a Mega Evolution changes so that it is no longer a type that your Nation controls, then you are unable to use it. For example, a Nation with the Flying type cannot use Mega Gyarados or Mega Charizard X, as they lose their Flying type upon Mega Evolving. Similarly, a nation that has the Dark type cannot use Mega Gyarados, as Gyarados' base typing does not have Dark in it.What about Pokemon that use nonconventional means to change their type?All Pokemon that can utilize an ability (Protean, Imposter, etc) or a move (Transform, Reflect Type, etc) should be counted as their base type. This means that only the Nation that has Normal can use Ditto and Kecleon and so forth.How do I become a Nation leader, and what are the responsibilities?Each Nation should select a leader by popular vote. Nation leaders will speak on behalf of their nations during the Type Draft, voicing the final decision on the type that their Nation will take. Additionally, leaders are responsible for posting their Nation's roster of battlers, any decisions that the Nation makes should a challenge call for it, and contacting the committee should any problems arise.What's the prize?The committee have teamed up with the Redemption League staff in order to provide a most marvelous prize! What is this stupendously amazing prize? Only time (and the bray of a certain pony) will tell...Who exactly are these committee members?The PokéNations committee members are Jericho, Rosesong, Hukuna, FraRPetO, Pyrrhon, and NickCrash. Sign me up! At some point, a sign up thread for PokéNations will launch. This thread will be open for two weeks for the initial sign up period, during which time the staff team will be sorting users that state their interest into one of six Nations. This is a time flexible event, so even if you aren't sure you'll have time every week, you can still sign up nonetheless. Sign ups will be open for the entirety of the PokéNations run, to ensure that newer members to the server and forums are able to participate as well. As a note: You cannot select the Nation that you are placed into. There is no guarantee that you will be in a Nation with your BFFs. The process used to place participants into their Nations has been designed to ensure fairness and a level spread of talent across all Nations.
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    As part of an ongoing effort to send moderation relief efforts to the areas that need it most, I'm announcing a couple new local mods in the community today! First up is the already-server-modly Dark Desire... or Dank Desire if that's how you do, and he dooo. He'll be dabbling into forum moderation helping out in the Gaming General section. Secondly a new face is brought to the staffly table in our very own muffin-lovin' Derpy Simon. Hopefully he won't break too many things... Just kidding, I'm sure he'll be fine! Derpy Simon has signed on for mod-ship in the On the Hunt, Team Showcase and Fan-game forums! If you need anything in those nicks of the woods, feel free to hit 'em up! And to both of you, my thanks for stepping up as we need it.