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    What I was supposed to do today: Wake up early All my homework And studying What I did instead: Woke up at 12 Made floofy blueberry pancakes and ate them all while watching IJ for hrs Stared at the kitties outside (they were fighting ) Took a bath Finally cleaned my laptop Occasionally kept coming back to this ol' forum and Discord
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    so... I found these. they might just be my new favorite thing Edit: let's add this one too. somehow they put Yang in the responsible spotlight tho
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    Working on a second and third Heroes team.
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    Happy birthday hope it was filled with lots of awesome senpai moments
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    halo am ame pls 2 stream pikmin rijonnivation with cas pls joyn thx https://www.twitch.tv/amethystblack
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    Happy Birthday , i hope that you will have a fun day ^^
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    Happy happy Birthday Mugiwara!!!! Enjoy your day Lykos
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    perhaps an unpopular opinion, but I quite likes how Adam went out.