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    sigh look i know that ya'll like to have fun but doing stuff that will ruin things people are trying to do is a good way to really annoy people
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    Sexual orientation is a faulty and narrow concept that needs to be discarded in favor of a wider look through the lens of sexuality as a whole.
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    Less than 100 rep away! The heat is on!
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    Happy Birthday , i hope that you will have a great day
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    So... If you get hungover from drinking Captain Morgan, can you call that Captain Morgan's Revenge?
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    I went to sleep 3.30am British time and woke up at 7am, was hungover and still managed to be quite productive in uni today.
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    What the h*ll just happened? pixpix? I just edited the first page of my tale to upload my scoreboard, then all of a sudden, a wave of 'pix~' appeared after each dot in the text. pix~ I'm just going to reedit everything PS: Worst april fool ever! pixpixpix~!
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    Okay...so tomorrow is my first day at University and I am very nervous,going to a school where everyone is a stranger and scared that I'm unable to fit in. Hopefully I can survive three years away from my family and focus on my studies. Which also means that I won't be as active as usual in the forum not that I do much in here anyway. but hey,I'm studying Graphic designs right now so maybe I will be able to draw some fanart for you guys!!(^w^)
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    I have been stationed in Yokosuka for three years, and just found out that Shenmue takes place here. Pretty cool.
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    Gooooooooo Blue-Team!
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