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    Old Content: #################### | Map Updates (50%) #################### | Script Updates (0%) #################### | Misc (0%) New Content: #################### | Story (5%) #################### | Mapping (35%) #################### | Scripting (0%) #################### | Sidequests (0%) Gen 8: #################### | Spriting (0%) #################### | Mechanic Implementation (Just say Scripts) (0%) #################### | Updating Rosters (0%)
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    hm. hm hm hm? hm! what does it mean?
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    this is fine, i support her. but yeah sorry for the slowness folks. i've had a lot less energy the past few weeks than i would've liked for stuff since this has been looming over me. gonna be very glad to have it done. thanks for being patient!
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    hi again, i drew something this time around
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    Someone asked for it, so I've gathered up all of these(some of these weren't even posted on the forums to my knowledge). I'm going to try to order this neatly by story progress. Let me know if there are any additions you'd like to make to this, or if there are any corrections that are needed. Department Store Stock by Floor(Aside from the Penthouse) Swirlix Puzzle Solution(Sweet Kiss Candy Shop) Onyx Ward Trainer's School Quiz Answers(Florinia's Gym) Mystery Egg Identifier(Obsidia Slums Egg, Onyx/Day Care Couple Reward, Abandoned Forest Egg, Jasper Police Station Egg) Spritzee Puzzle Solution(Sweet Scent Flower Shop) Wasteland Colored Tube Locations(Squirtle Event, among other things down there) Spinel Town's Missing Items Tanzan Mountain Meteor Base Colored Tile Puzzle Solution North and South Aventurine Woods & Route 1 Maps Citae Arc-d'Astrae Aerie Logic Puzzle Answers Radomus's Gym Puzzle Solutions 7th Street Map InnerSanctum Map Arceus Statue Codes(SubSeven Sanctum) Circus Puzzles(Round 1) Route 2 Map(With Crustle Puzzle Directions) Calcenon Gym Puzzles(Charlotte's Gym) Circus Puzzle(Round 2, Turtwig) Water Treatment Center Map Spyce Side Quest Ingredients(Leftovers Side Quest) Azurine Lake Underwater Puzzle Maps "Devon Corporation" Meteor Base Floor Puzzles All 15 Locations of Adrienn's Volunteers Tourmaline Desert Map Solution for each of the Mirage Tower's Puzzles Amaria's Gym Map(Fiore Gym) The location of every starter Pokemon in the wild(for the starter egg quest found in the basement of the Grand Hall) Magic Square Solutions
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    Pokemon Reborn Memeforms Description: This mod combines the Pokemon Reborn Memeborn and the Pokemon Reborn Alternate forms mods. Combining the new Pokemon options from the Alternate Forms Pack and Pokemon Memeborn, opponents weaponize the Alternate Forms to create a new source of popcorn spin on the brutal difficulty of Pokemon Memeborn. The full set of currently available Alternate Forms (and some additional ones) is included. Additionally, some of the Alternate Forms have been changed to be more effective or perform different roles. Are you ready to suffer? New Features: Updated boss battles which draw on Altforms for an additional challenge Starters hold their respective plate New events, making some pokemon or their evolutions obtainable earlier 2 new alternate forms based on my shitposts custom shinies Additional moves for some Pokemon A new set of Mystery Egg Pokemon, each individual Pokemon with a move that is otherwise unobtainable 15 postgame battles, which can be fought as early as after defeating Ciel Shift Mode acts like Set Mode, Items are banned A wide set of pre-installed mods, including the option to enable Debug Pokemon changes from Memeborn are retained Miscellaneous changes, all documented in the Spec's Changes txt file that comes with the download Download: https://mega.nz/#!yyg2QKJA!fbpQEPVW4PchVVxKHpXS52VJsRmBFwmup5KMVYT1iCk (mega upload) http://www.mediafire.com/file/1wxhxbvo115768u/Pokemon_Reborn_Memeforms.rar/file (mediafire upload) Credits:
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    So I have been playing Rejuvenation for quite a few years by now and boy am I enjoying this game. I'd like to congratulate the dev team and Jan for such a great story and great work overall, and thank you for giving us the opportunity to enjoy such a well made game. Nintendo should put the eyes on this game and finally learn that it's time to move on from the ez pz games they make (since they're supposed audience are kids) to a more competitive and adult orientated game. Come on, if pokemon were real, the world wouldn't flowers and butterflies like they portray in the anime and the games. That was just a small thought I've been having for the time being. Since I started my 9999999th Rejuvenation rerun, this time only having my girlfriends (few) favorite pokemon with me (believe me she's really picky) I commented with my best friend (nick's FlaFla, the guy's a legend) that this game is a meme fountain, so he encouraged me to make some, as I was progressing in the game. So I'll be posting them here I hope you enjoy them, and if you do I'll keep posting more. I should warn that some of them have spoilers and some of them attend to the sexual orientation of the characters (I'm still salty over Melia having romantic interest in Venam and not on the MC), but since nowadays everybody gets offended over almost everything I think I should warn you. In fact I find it interesting that different sexual orientations are included in the game, makes it more real. Enjoy!
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    My name is Sigmund Connal. I'm 33 years old. My house is in the northwest section of Reborn City in the Lapis Ward, and I am not married. I work as a Psychologist at the Lapis Ward orphanage, and I get home every day by 8 PM at the latest. I don't smoke, but I occasionally drink. I'm in bed by 11 PM, and make sure I get eight hours of sleep, no matter what. After having a glass of warm milk and doing about twenty minutes of electric shocks before going to bed, I usually have no problems sleeping until morning. Just like a baby, I wake up without any fatigue or stress in the morning. I told the Reborn league that there were no issues at their last inspection. I'm trying to explain that I'm a person who wishes to live a very controlled life. I take care not to trouble myself with pokemon battles, like winning and losing, that would cause me to lose sleep at night. That is how I deal with trainers, and I know that is what brings me happiness. Although, if I were to battle, I wouldn't lose to anyone
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    Hello all. I decided to compile a list of the best pokemon in reborn as a way to help newer players get through the game with more enjoyment and less computer parts scattered across the floor after you lose to shade for the 17th time and elbow drop your laptop in frustration. This list will be based on many factors such as power, strategy, movesets, defensive bulk, offensive typing and much more. There will be spoilers as evidenced by the spoilers so be aware! I hope you all enjoy. Let us begin.
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    Overview Perhaps you are wondering where the "Redux" in this game's title comes from. For that, there is a long answer and a short answer. The Long: Pokémon Pumpkin is my second completed fangame, which I released in 2018. For those who know me from other sites, yes, Pokémon Castaway came out before Pumpkin. However, Pumpkin's development was finished before I agreed to join Relic Castle's Game Jam Four. Michael and I began talking because he showed up in my DMs demanding to test and I was too shy to say no volunteered to playtest Pumpkin. Things just rolled from there. A full year has passed since then. During that time I've started my most ambitious project yet with Michael, completed another tiny fangame, abandoned two other personal projects, and left the wonderful Pokémon Umbra team to focus on myself. (Alright, that should be enough plugs.) Though this is the long explanation, I won't get into the nitty-gritty. What I will say is that I've been very conflicted since the summer about the quality of my work and what I want my fangames to be. I found myself questioning everything from graphical styles to gameplay mechanics. In the end, I decided that I would remake Pokémon Pumpkin into a game I respect more. Pumpkin will never be perfect, but I wanted to do it a little more justice with the dev skills I have built up over the past year. Currently, the download for Pumpkin Redux is NOT available. The game is complete, but it needs to be tested and touched up based upon those tests. I chose to post the thread a little early to generate some interest. And because this is a Halloween game and the first day of October makes it socially acceptable to do so. In addition, I have to give a really big thanks to @Michael_ for all the hard work he put into this game. He helped me revamp trainer sprites, and puzzle out the logistics (or lack thereof) of coding. He dragged me out of the angst (a bit more literally than you'd think) and motivated me to finish this redux. The Short: Old game bad. New game less bad. Visual Comparisons What does this mean? 1. Can I transfer my save from old Pumpkin to Pumpkin Redux? Unfortunately, you cannot. There are a number of mapping and eventing differences that will inevitably result in softlocks, bugs, and other sequential problems. 2. Do I need to play old Pumpkin to understand Pumpkin Redux? Nope! The story's gone through a couple logistical refinements, but it's all the same in the end. 3. Can I demand to be a playtester to gain early access to the game? While I appreciate your offer of help, I feel I don't need it at the moment. Pumpkin is a fairly small game. The Story The game takes place over a single day, October 31st. Being the sugar-starved child that you are, you convince your overprotective sister to let you set out on a trick-or-treating adventure across the region. Her only condition? (Beyond staying on the path, not seeking out serial killers, and looking both ways before crossing the street.) Be home before midnight. Collect candy, make some unlikely friends, and solve a few mysteries along the way! Features Screenshots Download Link Credits
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    When you train up a Trubbish/Stunky with Acid Spray for the PULSEs Also, not mine, but I must have found this on the forums some time ago because I had it saved in my ages-old Reborn folder. Wish I could remember the creator/context.
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    Please don’t kill mE I’ll roleclqim I am the ancient being
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    Man's suffering. But I decided he deserved it when he dissed Ducklett zzz I have a soft spot for Swanna and will not stand for the slander I'd be absolutely on board with him doing a normal playthrough of Reborn, but so far I've also liked watching him play by nuzlocke rules. Just wanna see him play the way that makes him happy. I'd hate for him to quit nuzlocking just because people pressure him to, but I also don't want him to stubbornly continue it if he'd really rather just enjoy the game in normal mode. It's a decision he has to make for himself.
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    Good, let the Fern hate flow through you!
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    Fun fact, but that's not actually the Reborn AI having problems, for a change. Abra is literally programmed to spam Hyper Beam in this specific battle so that players can use the recharge rounds to attack.
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    Okay, so let's go through these one at a time, all right >A pokemon's stats are a combination of a collection of mechanics: Base Stats, Nature Modifiers, Individual Values (IVs), and Effort Values (EVs). The latter three mechanics are complex enough to get their own tab, but base stats are pretty important on their own, since these are what shape a pokemon species' intended purpose in battle. For example, charizard's base Special Attack is 109, while chansey's is at a much smaller base 35, so charizard is much better suited at spewing out Flamethrowers all over the place. Chansey, however, does have base 250 HP, compared to charizard's base 78, so it's better at surviving said Flamethrowers. >Abilities are one of the more substantial parts of the game, since they are almost as varied as the attacks themselves. Most Abilities do very different things, ranging from granting immunities (Levitate, Motor Drive, etc.), raising the user's stats under certain circumstances (Moxie, Moodie, etc.), or inflicting status effects when touched (Effect Spore, Flame Body, etc.). Every species of pokemon only has a small list of specific Abilities they can potentially have, however; charizard, for example, can only choose between Blaze (increases the power of its Fire-Typed attacks by 1.5x when at low HP) and Solar Power (raises the power of all Special Attacks by 1.5x while Sunny Day is active, at the cost of some HP). The Ability Capsule lets you change the pokemon's Ability from this list in case you don't like its current one. >As mentioned earlier, the term "EV" is short for "Effort Value". These are a collection of points toward specific stats a pokemon earns when defeating another in battle, with the type and number of EVs being determined by the enemy defeated. Chansey and audino, for example, will always give 2 HP EVs each on defeat. Collecting 4 EVs in a particular stat gives an actual point in that stat. As such, if you had two otherwise identical pokemon whose only difference was that one had earned 12 EVs in Attack, the one with the EVs would have 3 more Attack than the other. A pokemon can earn up to 252 EVs in a particular stat, for a total of 42 additional points in that stat, and can achieve this number in two different stats; it's highly recommended that one focuses on two stats like this when dealing with EVs, as the game's major opponents do the same thing. >The items giving enemies stat increases upon entry are Seeds, a collection of four items that are all tied to a particular list of Field Effects. The Synthetic Seed, for example, will activate in the Factory, Short-Circuit, and Glitch Fields, but will be completely useless if you attempt to use it on the Fairy Tale, Desert, or Forest Fields. Using these properly requires extensive understanding of the Field Effect system, which is much more complex in Reborn than it is in the main games, so I wouldn't worry about these too much quite yet. >...I'm gonna assume that by "pokemon with big, dark eyes", you mean the PULSE Pokemon. These are basically artificial Mega Evolutions (temporary super forms introduced in Gen. 6) that, in Reborn's case, act more like raid bosses than standard enemies; as such, we don't get them. >Since I mentioned them before, I should go ahead and explain Natures and IVs as well. A pokemon's Nature is a modifier the pokemon's base stats, usually adding 10% to one stat at the cost of 10% to another. The ideal way to use these is to have increase go to a stat you really want more of, and the decrease to a stat that's... completely useless to the pokemon (pinsir's base 55 Sp. Attack isn't exactly doing much compared to its base 125 Attack, ya know?). Note that unlike EVs and IVs, a pokemon's Nature will never affect its HP. This can be changed by an NPC on 7th Street for 3 Hear Scales, so don't worry if your pokemon don't have great ones at the moment. Here's a list of every Nature and what stats they affect. IVs, or Individual Values, are a bit more straightforward than EVs and Natures, but in return aren't changeable in Reborn (and are notably invisible in the main games for some reason). In short, when a pokemon is generated by the game, a random number between 0 and 31 is generated for every single one of its stats. As the pokemon levels up, it slowly gains more and more actual points in its stats until it's gotten to the generated number at Lv. 100. As such, a pokemon with 0 IVs in a given stat would be substantially weaker in that stat than an otherwise identical one with 31 IVs. As IVs are completely random in most cases, there isn't a reasonable difference between wild pokemon and those obtained from in-game events (like picking the starter, in charizard's case). The following is an image of the the EV/IV page in the pokemon's summary: >The enemies in Reborn are indeed on the upper ends of power. In most cases, they have 31 IVs across the board, ideal Natures, and from Shade onward, full EV focused allotments (and even the, the bosses before that still have some assigned). There's even a boss towards the end of the current build that but the game is at least kind enough to warn you when that's about to come up. This game is designed to be harder than the main games, and maximizing stats is one of the ways they go about doing it (I mentioned elsewhere that Reborn's Fire Gym Leader would utterly wreck Kalos' Fire Elite Four Member -even if she lost access to her ace- despite being slightly lower leveled, and I honestly don't think that's an exaggeration). Hopefully, this will have helped clear some things up a bit without making you even more confused than before. Feel free to ask if you have any more questions!
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    I noticed recently that there were a quite a few people having trouble with Seventh Street here and on reddit, so I threw this together. Let me know what you think and if I missed anything. Also a couple of notes- I didn't include a lot of hidden items since the map already felt incredibly cluttered as is. The one rare candy I put on there is many since you get one opportunity to grab it. I didn't add the final spot for Bennett since I figure that the cutscene after entering the watering hole should make it clear where to go next.
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    I almost forgot to make this one
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    These have been the hardest to make so far because I hand drew the hair and stuff for both, I hope you guys like them
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    Mega-Butterfree A Gen One Pokemon that often gets outshined by Mega Beedrill. Not anymore. Original sprite made by cdhernly, found on DeviantArt here. Pixel Sprite made by me Type: Bug/Psychic Ability: Prowess "Raises Special Attack after defeating an opponent." Stats: HP - 60 -> 60 Attack - 45 -> 15 Defense - 50 -> 90 Sp. Attack - 90 -> 120 Sp. Defense - 80 -> 110 Speed - 56 -> 56 . . . and now for another announcement! Serborian Snorunt Whoever mentioned Snorunt kindof hit the nail on the head. Anyways, Serborian Forms are a thing now, kay. Type: Grass . . . but that's not all! Serborian Glalie Evolution time! kay, this guy looks kinda mean now, but look at that beard tho. Type: Grass . . . but that's also not all! Serborian Frosslass The other evolution. This one evolves by using a Leaf Stone on a female Serborian Snorunt. The more you know! Type: Grass/Ghost also, I haven't been able to find a proper way to credit these guys. the pixel sprites were made by me, but based off this. If any of you know who made these, please let me know. There's some sort of credit on the bottom of the picture, but I can't read that. . . . there are a few more, so hang with me! Serborian Wailmer Wailmer. The . . . killer . . . whale? I guess now it is lol Type: Ice/Dark made by u/Spotty33, posted on Reddit here. I guess if you click on the link, you'll be able to see Serborian Wailord, but I haven't made that one yet cuz I'm lazy. I'll show it off later. Serborian Honedge kay if you've, like, seen Moana, then its like this guy took over The Rock's fishhook thingy. Type: Steel/Water Made by locomotive111 here I'll show the evolutions later. All these sprites were made by me, but based off the credited (mostly) art. Please also show support for the original artists! Oh, also, sorry, but none of these Serborian Forms will be available in Episode 2 of Pokemon Enigma. I'm planning for Episode 3 (so I can have more time to be able to implement more.) -Mega Mew
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    I think other watchers of a certain playthrough would agree that Gulpin (and/or trubbish) deserve a spot on this list too. Very durable and great at spreading status and stat changes to wear things down
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    ITS BEEN TWO MONTHS HI ive been. shoulder deep in fe3h hell and i don't think there's any escape???? so yeah. lots of fe stuff in the spoilers. you have been warned. its a lot of dimitri. also like 80% of these are sketches??? i haven't done a lot of fully rendered stuff lately because of that i've been busy as all FUCK during the summer because of the flower parade so i only really had time to sketch for like two months. also, most of my other free time that i did have went into the animation that's linked as well which ate like fuckin uhhhhhhhhhhhhhh at LEAST 30 hours of my time so that's a thing heugh. anyways enjoy!!! and of course comments are always welcome
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    So I have finally finished V12 of Pokémon Rejuvenation. Gotta say, this was an extremely wild ride. Since I’m done with it, it seems perfectly fitting for me to share with you one of my theories again! Although, this time it’s a bit different. Both of my previous theories were about Reborn, and focused on a certain aspect of the game. The first one was about Lin, the second one was about Arceus mostly. In this one, however, I’ll attempt to go over the whole game, meaning: this theory is meant to go over Pokémon Rejuvenation as a whole. Every character, every reality, every sidequest: All should conform within this thesis. Bear in mind, that, due to the nature of this theory, I’ll have to split this one theory in different parts. So, if you played Rejuvenation up to the end of V12, you know there’s a LOT to cover. So… may be better to start from the beginning: Nope, not that beginning There you go. So, this is a story, all about how, the world as we know it turned upside down came to be. It’s told to us by Nymiera, the leader of the Protectors of Aevium, and a very important character in the game. I’ll give you the abridged version, since the original is very very long: In the beginning, there was only one immensely powerful deity. It was alone, so it created a man and a woman, and bestowed intelligence and free will upon them. After that, the deity created beings that would be equals with the man and the woman: Pokémon. They, as you know, had a grand variety of abilities. The woman welcomed them, the man… not so much. He protested to the deity, but to no avail. He then left it, and the woman. Not long after, an inconvenient meteor split the deity into three. One was dragged away by the meteor. Another one perished. The remaining entity is what we know as Arceus. Fearing for his children, Arceus transformed itself into an almighty object known as The Archetype, that makes its owner capable of bending the world to their will. The man and the woman sealed it away, to avoid the chaos that would ensue from its use. Well that didn’t last long, since the man wanted to use the power. So a feud started between him and the woman, which spiralled into the first Pokémon war. Other nations started knowing about the Archetype, so more wars were created, till the world was nothing but war. This took a toll on the woman, and she made a wish to the Archetype: to end the war. But it backfired and it made humans more powerful than Pokémon. Her son died in the war as a result, but just as she was giving up, the tall guy from X/Y did his thing and ended it all. So, this very obviously alludes to the story of Adam and Eve, still believed by many to be the true story of the origin of our world. Slightly modified tho. That’s pretty wild, if you ask me. Anyway, that’s the story of the origin of the Rejuv world canonically. Purely born from creation. Naturally, many theories were born from this story. Mostly involving Nymiera, Vitus, and of course, Melia. Let’s talk about Melia for a bit, can’t have anything Rejuvenation-related without her, after all. So Melia is one of the main characters in the game, the soon-to-be Normal leader turned time ranger. With time, we uncovered quite a bit about her: she has her shiny powers, along with some ambiguously defined light powers, and she’s one of the 4 brothers of light: her, Erin, Alice and Allen. Well technically she has one more brother, Zetta. She was adopted by Prof. Jenner early on, who was a part of Team Xen. The plan was to give Melia to Team Xen once she was old, but Jenner got attached. And, well, you know the rest. In spite of her powers, she’s been in need of rescue from the player character several times, as a damsel in distress. She’s far from alone there though lol. The damsel in distress is a pretty common situation honestly, and sometimes it just seems like it repeats itself. Maybe that’s a sign of something. But back to Melia: She’s usually either the center, or the reason (or at least one of the reasons) behind whatever’s happening in the plot. All just seems to have some connection to her, as the universe itself is made to do so. Her most impressive field is, by far, totalling a Yveltal with… I’m not really sure how, really. She did this in the bad future arc. Conveniently, against an evil version of herself, that later graduated to be a part of her. Actually let’s talk about Team Xen for a while. The main antagonist group, with many recognizable characters. I’m mainly focusing on the upper echelons. And I mean UPPER echelons. So, Team Xen’s leader, Madame X, and her two loyal known goons high ranking officers: Kieran and Freya. Let’s start with Madame X: Her whole identity is unknown. Her motivations, her ideals, and naturally her face, are still a mystery (except for some). What is known, however, is that she’s an extremely powerful entity. I mean, she has Yveltal, the embodiment of death, as her pet, after all. She is also a very skilled swordswoman, as shown in the bad future arc, where she cuts down most of the crewmen on the ship the plot was happening on. Also, she’s present in the very first scene of the game, where she tells Melia Marianette Maria, the child who saw her breaking in and entering, to go check on her parents in the basement. She also tells Maria not to lose hope, which seems a bit weird when you consider almost everything else she does in the game. Another noteworthy moment is when she saves the player character from destruction in the first past arc; She lets him try to stop the disaster in Gearen City as often as possible (though you should really only need 2 tries). That’s a bit more weird when you consider she tried to murder you in the Blacksteeple Castle. As a character, she seems to be more of an unwavering warrior with great power, fighting alone for her convictions. When I say alone, I mean without anyone knowing of her true convictions, not even Kieran or Freya probably. She still commands Team Xen, after all. Now, onto the others. Not much is known about Kieran, besides the fact that he can travel through time, and is an excellent surfboarder. Honestly I’m more interested in Freya. So, she didn’t have much of a role in the main game yet, but, if you played Where Love Lies, you’ll see she does a lot of backstage work. As in, literally making the stage. She can create large scale illusions, with the help of her signature Pokémon, Beheeyem. She does this namely in the Eclysia Pyramid standoff between you, Melia and Aelita, and her, Kieran and Madame X, where she tricks you into thinking you’re fighting her and Kieran, while you’re actually on her side, fighting Aelita and Melia. She also does this in Where Love Lies, being the reason for pretty much everything important that happened in Keta’s life. This is an extremely good power, which adds even more mystery to Madame X, considering she’s Freya’s superior. One would suppose X has more power than Freya. But is that really how it is? Of course, I can’t forget that Madame X is somehow more powerful than the Yveltal she owns. But, that seems a bit too far fetched to believe in, really. Same with Melia’s powers, especially in their visual manifestations, and even whole segments of the story, like the bad future arc. So this has me asking: Just how much of this world is real, and how much is an illusion, a fabrication? Of course, can’t go into this sort of subject without talking about Crescent. She’s been, in a way, removed from recent events, as she hasn’t popped up ever since the Valor Mountain incident. Well, Nim/Lorna came up, and was the culprit behind the stoningTM of Grand Dream City, and attempted to do the same to the player, Ren and Aelita. She’s doing this because she’s been brainwashed by Crescent, who saved her just like she did the player. But back to Crescent: she seems to have a great deal of power, as she easily reverted Zetta to a Solosis, and split Geara apart. Her signature pokémon is Gothitelle. I’ve done some research on Gothitelle, and I’ve found a very interesting Pokédex entry for it, in the least likely of places: the Pokémon anime. Here’s the entry in question: So, Gothitelle also has the power to warp reality. At this point, I’d say most, if not all of the action in Rejuvenation may just occur on a conceptual level. With these powers at hand, it’d be fairly easy to assume the world as we experience it is completely artificial. Considering the story of the world’s creation, this could just be the great deity’s play, with beings like Crescent and Freya as its proxies. Following this theory, I’d attribute their great divergence in ideals to them likely being distant enough from the creator deity that they started becoming more and more different from each other, and even from other possible proxies of the deity. Now, let’s assume the train of thought that the Rejuvenation universe is an illusion in its entirety. A machination of the great deity. Then we’ve got some very important questions to answer: Are there instances where the illusion breaks? What is the purpose of this illusion? There are a lot, and really a LOT of characters in this game. Are they all completely fake, or just transformed versions of their true selves? Or is it case by case? And most importantly… What is the “reality” of this world? I promise to answer all of these questions, but this is already pretty long, so I’ll continue this in a different thread, within a week. See ya in part 2.
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    Before Gen 7 Team: Gengar, Doublade, Trevenant, Rotom, Banette, Chandelure After Gen 7 Team: Gengar, Doublade, Dhelmise, Rotom, Banette, Mimikyu
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    Having had a minor argument with a few friends of mine over Rejuvenation, I figured I'd make a harmless yet funny meme to summarize the argument.
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    Well when he beat that Lv 57 Beartic, I was honestly so impressed. Belly is a super tank!
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    Okay so, there was a lot of hilarity and tense situations in this episode. -Ttar is SO thrown off by Tiki's death, but I'm glad to see him get a few mons in this episode. -Dream PLEASE remind him he can normally delete HM moves, watching him get rid of Yawn hurt me. -The absolute madlad just fighting Beartic like that. -The rival battles shouldn't have been that hard, he really is off his game right now. Also some bad luck, who knew? -BELLY FINALLY GETS HIS RECOGNITION!!! -This man will learn to love Shelly in time guys, do not worry. It is inevitable. -DEAR GOD please this man needs more encounters. -Don't sleep on Swanna. The thing I wanted to say the most though, is that this man really just predicted the whole plot while just casually strolling around Ametrine. Like he was dead-on for it just being conjecture.
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    Thamill in so much despair as if Shelly just ended his whole career
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    I’ll say beforehand that this is the final part of the Rejuvenation theory trilogy. Part 1 and Part 2 are right here. This is where I mean to answer all questions, once and for all. So, last time I ended my post on the hypothesis that Rejuvenation’s world is an illusion masking the real world, our real world. I’ll start this by outright rejecting that hypothesis. I’m doing so based on two arguments: one based on facts, and one based on logic, therefore arriving at a thesis based on facts and logic. Let’s start with the facts: So, let’s assume the hypothesis I’m trying to disprove is actually true. Well, what’s the player character known as? The Interceptor. Which would mean he’s exterior to the illusion, based on the previous parts of this theory. That would make Rejuvenation a standard Isekai. For those of you who don’t know, “Isekai” means different world, and is known as a subgenre of animes, manga, light novels… in sum, weeb shit. The typical trope of this genre is the main character being transported to another world. This would definitely be interesting, as in Rejuv’s case, Melia could arguably be held as the main character. I do believe Rejuvenation is an Isekai, but not like this. Rejuvenation is presumably set in more advanced times than ours. But at different points in the plotline, the player character travels back in time in this game. That makes it a bit tricky to determine which time is our time. Even the earliest instance of time we see ourselves in seems to be ahead of our time, or at least on par with it, given we visit Rejuvenation Corp, an extremely technologically advanced facility, at that point. Within the world of Rejuvenation, there isn’t any possible explanation for the various phenomena the player comes across other than these two: supernatural powers, those I believe are purely illusory; and simple modern science, made possible by the technological achievements of the time. Teleporters, weather altering technology, you name it! There’s nothing in our world that can even come close to that. Now, let’s go onto the logic: What sense would it make for a deity to create a reality like this, with rules and morals akin to our world’s, but scientifically more advanced and with a whole lot of supernatural occurrences? Not to mention Pokémon, of course. Is it some sort of test for the player, and possibly even other characters in Rejuvenation? It would seem so, but, not only would it be counter-intuitive for the most part, considering the actions of those that can be held as proxies, but it also seems pointless. What would the test even be meant for? For the player character, and arguably every main character, most of the circumstances surrounding the big events they go through are out of their control. More often than not, winning a battle doesn’t make a difference in the outcome of the respective story event. Alternatively, it could just be for the entertainment of the deity. I do believe that’s partially the case, but if that were the only reason, I believe some of the features in the game, and actions of the players, would kind of hamper that. Talking about grinding and chain breeding of course. But, since we’re close to the end, let’s go over what we’ve ascertained to be true about the reality beneath Rejuvenation: Within it, all manner of fantastic phenomena is not only possible, but common, in one way or another. It’s plausible for the references in Rejuvenation to be commonly understood. It would be a reality that the deity that created the illusion would have to change, for their personal interest. Going over these points, and over the theory as a whole, I can safely say there’s only one possibility here: Think about it: the Shrek references prevail over all others, even being integrated in the characters’ psyche. Regarding all other references: they’re our pop culture’s references, and knowing the Shrek movies, all of them had plenty of pop culture references for the sake of humour. Regarding the supernatural phenomena, all manner of magic is not only possible, but common, in the world of Shrek. Naturally, many kinds of beings exist in this world, beings that could be masked as Pokémon. The more scientific and grounded phenomena, well they can be reproduced by magic too. Like the teleporters: there are plenty of different teleporting spells that may have been created. In a way, some of the magic in Shrek can be held as science. Now, here’s the big question? Who, or what would create this sort of illusion in the Shrek world? Well, I’d say, none other than the Fairy Godmother. This explains the grandiose aspect of Rejuvenation’s plotline, the focus on Melia (who resembles the idealized vision of Prince Charming, as established in the previous part of this theory), and the several attempts to stop the player character, presumed to be Shrek. Naturally, the player character is saved plenty of times by forces out of their control. I attribute this to the Fairy Godmother slightly changing her intentions. Now, instead of setting out to outright destroy Shrek, her plan is to test him, to see if he’s truly worthy of a fairy tale. Of course, some tragedies must stand in his way, for it to be a good tale. What the Fairy Godmother wants now is to orchestrate the grandest fairy tale ever. But how would this fall into the Shrek Cinematic Universe? In Shrek 2, the Fairy Godmother was defeated, and destroyed, right? Well yes, but Shrek 4 changed that. In Shrek Forever After, Shrek is tricked by Rumplestiltskin, and that results in the Shrek Universe being reset to a point before the events of Shrek 1. In this universe, Fiona is set to marry Rumplestiltskin, instead of Lord Farquaad. Donkey doesn’t even know who Shrek is, and Puss in Boots is… really fat. Of course, everything turns back to normal before the end of the movie… or did it? The universe being reset would mean the Fairy Godmother would be back, and still have a great deal of power. As she saw the universe turning back to normal, it’s possible that she managed to save herself. So, seeing how Shrek’s tale ended, she still couldn’t bear the thought of such a fairy tale. So, she made a wager: she would overwrite the reality of Shrek, as one colossal and extremely complicated test. She didn’t outright make it impossible for Shrek because, well, she didn’t have quite enough power. The use of such power even caused her to be split into the proxies… just like it happened to the deity in Nymiera’s story. Crescent, Freya and Amanda are the active ones, who can affect the player’s progress, but hold no memory of the reality they originated from. They’re effectively the three fragments of the deity in Nymiera’s story, and therefore their fates will mirror the three fragments’. And Jan? Well, he’s the original Fairy Godmother, depleted of her power, but still with some power over the world: administrative power! As you remember, the Fairy Godmother is actually a massive figure In Far Far Away, and also has her own very successful business. Meanwhile, Jan is a big figure in Grand Dream City still, mostly lead the restoration of Gearen City, and runs the Aevium League. But, how would the deity fit into all of this? Well it’s how the Fairy Godmother sees herself. This affirmation derives from the fact that the only possibilities being this, and the deity being only a reference to Monotheistic religions, Christianity standing out due to the references to the story of Adam and Eve, and the Children of Light being heralded as children of Arceus, so children of God. I ascertained that it’s the former, and in order to reach this conclusion, I had a small interview with one of the Rejuvenation devs, who confirmed my hypothesis: So, in conclusion, Pokémon Rejuvenation is a fan project, therefore non-canonical, that bases itself in the Shrek franchise. In Rejuvenation, Shrek is transported to another reality, and his friends and acquaintances are split into several people. This reality is entirely fictional, and a creation of the Fairy Godmother. Well I still have to correct one thing about that definition: Wait, what? What does this mean? Rejuvenation is, by all means, a Pokémon fangame. Well yes, but that doesn’t mean it’s a Shrek fangame. What do I mean by this? Well, let’s take a look at the first Rejuvenation side episode: Where Love Lies. Where Love Lies is a 4 chapter story that tells the tale of how Keta met Taelia, how they got together, and the tragedy they were afflicted with. This side episode is, in its entirety, a reference to all 4 movies of Shrek. However, they’re not referenced in order. I believe this was made so it’d throw the typical player off, but fortunately, I’m not the typical player. So in the first chapter, we see Keta, then Kenneth, departing from his home in Four Island, and arriving at Gearen City, which is being rebuilt at the time. He went there to try and help with the restoration of Aevium, but was disappointed when he found out all he was doing was construction working for some greedy real estate owner. Also, he was treated poorly by common people for being the new guy in town. This is a reference to how Shrek left the swamp to travel to Far Far Away in Shrek 2. The second chapter of this tale tells how Kenneth met, repeatedly rescued, and fell in love with Taelia, who had a dark secret she couldn’t let anyone see. This is, of course, directly referencing Shrek 1. Then, chapter 3. It starts in a great place. Kenneth and Taelia live a happy life, being the rulers of Sheridan, but a threat lurks in the background, just like Shrek 3. Unfortunately, this chapter does not have a happy ending. Finally, Chapter 4, as Kenneth sees himself in a new world, tormented by visions of Taelia and their daughter, Nora. To try and fix that, he’s got to go back home and confront his estranged brother, Deagan. Much like Shrek in Shrek Forever After, Kenneth sees himself in a new world where he’s alone, and strives to turn things back to normal. In sum, Where Love Lies is a big reference to all Shrek movies so far. I believe that itself isn’t only proving that Pokémon Rejuvenation is set in the Shrek Cinematic Universe, but it’s proof of something much bigger. Regarding Shrek movies, everyone who likes Shrek should still be waiting for Shrek 5. Rightfully, because in 2016, Dreamworks announced that Shrek 5 would happen, and it’d be released in either this very year, 2019, or 2020. Not much is known about this movie, but its screenwriter, Michael McCullers, said Shrek 5 will reinvent the franchise. While I loved the first two Shrek movies, I was still very curious about this. But well, recently I played Pokémon Rejuvenation. And, by reading the entirety of this theory, you’ll see how strong I found the connection between Rejuvenation and Shrek really is. That’s when it hit me: Yes, it’s an incredibly bold claim, but as you’ve all seen, I have my reasons to believe it. I say, it’s an extremely fitting end for the series. The first Shrek was about Shrek, an ogre living alone, keeping everyone else at bay, learning that he’s not only capable of loving others, but he’s also worthy of being loved. Shrek 2 is about Shrek learning how to fit in society, but not giving up who he is, and society learning how to accept Shrek. Shrek 3 is about Shrek having a hard time coping with his newfound responsibilities. Shrek Forever After is where Shrek gets tired of the family life he went through so much to get, and learns not to take for granted when he suddenly loses it. But what is Shrek 5 about? Shrek 5 is about identity. In Rejuvenation, the player character is known as the Interceptor, being the chaotic variable that ultimately determines what happens with their actions. But who is the Interceptor? Their mother was actually a doll, their father isn’t even mentioned, the identity of the Interceptor is a complete mystery. As we know that Shrek is the Interceptor, it can be affirmed Shrek’s lost his identity, and he has to go a long way to recover it. Shrek 5 is about Shrek’s quest through a completely unfamiliar world, to take back his identity and turn the world back to normal. It’s an immense project, met with many hardships, but many friends, all part of people/donkeys/etc Shrek once knew. Some may even be his friends only in this reality. And naturally, it’s filled with its heavy moments, its epic moments, and of course, its funny moments. Well… that’s it! Hope you liked this theory. Just, one more thing before I go...
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    Cal gets the least punishment since he apologized to Shelly at Amertine while Blake was being curbstomp by Volcarona as it roast all of his ice types for disrespecting Shelly,Fern will be run over by thousands of scolipede while a Beedril is poking him with its stinger Aya approve this punishment. While Bugsy will be her B*tch . >:3
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    The way I see it it's all possible, but only plausible if you have played the game before and know what to expect. This is by all means a "when he loses", not "if he loses" type of playthrough. I'm having fun seeing just how far he can get. On a side note, some gym leaders are easy for some people but brutal for others, it depends on your team at the time of challenging them. I know plenty of people struggle with Charlotte even after her nerf, but I first-tried her. Whereas I spent longer than I think most did fighting against Luna in my most recent playthrough. Point is, their difficulty is kind of subjective to your playthrough.
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    Yeah for sure. I'm pretty sure when he loses he's just going to do season 2 like he did with Insurgence when he first lost that.
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    The links should be directing you to the appropriate post, where the information is in spoilers in order of generation. I had a lot of trouble getting the links to work consistently before, but I thought I'd fixed it. Are they still playing up for some folks? Kinda! I think Blaze Kick is supposed to be a martial arts kick. All the Pokémon that learn it are also martial arts themed Fighting types. Oops! I set Engine Koffing and Weezing to form 2 in one script to leave room for a future alternate form, but left it as form 1 in the breeding and evolution scripts. I fixed a few more bugs recently but I forgot to note them down, so I'll finish up the coding I've been working on (full species line forms and a few new ones) over the week and try to put out a v0.5.12 around next weekend. Edit: I haven't had a recent try at fixing Plate evolution to only consume the Plate after completing the evolution process - I had a try at it back in v0.2 or v0.3 and couldn't find a clean way to change it - but I've gained a little more experience since then, so I'll see if I can get it to work properly for v0.6. Edit 2: This means that Sun Salamence will no longer be available from v0.5.12, as the replacement is one of the new forms part-coded that I'll finish before uploading a new version. I won't spoil what the new forms are until posting the update, though.
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    Awwww yes, I can put my Reborn memes in here! So I kinda made some for @DerogatoryTrainer's Reborn run but now I can put them here, enjoy me trashing (or praising) some Reborn characters must protecc taka (spoilers for reshiram route) fern training a kricketune in reborn I have made other memes - about Reborn characters I dislike - but I don't want to get hated in case I dislike someone's fave, so maybe I'll post them at another point xD
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    I apologize in advance if this kind of topic had been discussed in the past, Since there will be a boss rush in Episode 19 , I have been wondering what legendary will be suited for each Gym Leaders and the Elite 4, One for each person. I’ll also add Ultra Beasts to the list because if not, Poison won’t have a representative. I’ve actually had this in my mind for quite a while and i did this mainly for fun and because i was hyped for Episode 19. Without further ado, i made a list of Gym Leaders/E4 with the Legendary/Mythical/UBs that seemed to fit well with them (Not counting Arceus and Silvally). Keep in mind that these are my opinions and thought process. My Opinions: Gym Leaders (Assuming we will Rematch them in the field we face them in the main storyline) · Julia: Zeraora , Because Plasma Fists’ Power is Doubled on Electric Terrain. · Florinia: This is a hard one to decide, Because the desert field doesn’t benefit the Grass Legendaries much, Judging By Aesthetics, I’d say Virizion suits Florinia, Tapu Bulu maybe as well, because Bulu was founded in a desert? But it doesn’t suit her ‘Desert Rose’ Playstyle as Bulu summons the Grassy Terrain, Maybe for some passive recovery for stalling? Other than that, Kartana could also be used since it’s immune to Sandstorm. · Shelly: We don’t have much choice, so Pheromosa it is then. · Shade: I’d say Marshadow, Judging by Aesthetics. Also the way Marshadow lurks in the shadows just reminds me of Shade. · Aya: Nihilego, Probably the better option besides Naganadel, also because Nihilego is part Rock Type. · Serra: Another Hard one to Pick, but Probably Regice, Although Regice gains nothing in the Mirror Arena, it looks like it can blend with the Mirror Arena. Articuno is also an okay choice, because it can use Mirror Coat. · Noel: The only Choice there is Meloetta, Poor Noel. If only Regigigas doesn’t suck. Unless Anna made a wish to get another Arceus from another Dimension/Reality so Noel can use Arceus. · Radomus: A very hard one to decide, mainly because of the Abundance of Legendary/Mythical Psychic types. Because Radomus’ Playstyle revolves around Trick Room and Bulk, i guess between Cresselia,Lugia,or Necrozma (Dusk Mane/Dawn Wings), They aren’t that slow, but Cress/Lugia is better with Supporting/Setting Trick Room(Lugia can’t use Trick Room tho) and mainly invest in bulk , while Necrozma loses speed when fused with Solgaleo/Lunala, making it possible to abuse the Trick Room. Then again, he doesn’t have to stick to the same strategy in the post-game, he might not use Trick Room in the boss rush. · Luna: Easy. Darkrai, the Dark Crystal Cavern Buffs Dark Void to increase its base accuracy to 100, Making it more OP than the original Dark Void’s 80 accuracy before being nerfed to 50 accuracy. It is also the Counterpart to Cresselia. If they are Allowed to have Legendaries that doesn’t have to be their corresponding typing, i’d say Lunala fits her well too (Get it? Luna-la), because Shadow Shield gets buffed in the Dark Crystal Cavern. · Samson: Probably Buzzwole, because Samson is a big, strongman, these two seem to fit each other in my opinion, and the other fighting Types doesn’t suit him well in my opinion (Marshadow & Swords of Justice), but if i had to pick another, i’d pick Terrakion. · Charlotte: Kinda hard to decide, but i’m leaning towards Reshiram. Mainly , because the burning field affects grounded pokemon only which doesn’t affect pokemon like Moltres and Ho-Oh, and as a tribute to Saphira, since Reshiram is part dragon type. · Terra: I like to imagine her with Landorus-Therian just for the memes. · Ciel: This is also Very hard to decide, Maybe Tornadus? Either form is fine, but leaning towards therian forme, because of Regenerator, and i remembered that from the Gym Leader machine that Ame installs that gives you advices, Ame said that Ciel likes to play with Bulk and defensively, it also knows Acrobatics, The only Legendary/Mythical/UBs that learn Acrobatics are only Tornadus and Celesteela, steela could also be an option, because it’s also bulky. · Adrienn: Kinda hard to pick in my opinion, between Xerneas, and Magearna, Xerneas mainly because it is Xerneas, it’s just being a really good fairy type, although Misty Terrain and Fairy tale Field does nothing to its signature move, Geomancy. Magearna, although the Misty Terrain doesn’t do much to it (Doesn’t boost Fleur Cannon), Fairy tale field makes Magearna kinda busted, boosting both of its stab and boosting Fleur cannon. Tapu Fini is also an option if xe wants the Misty Terrain back after using Tailwind, assuming xe also uses Tailwind during the boss rush, and fini is send out late game. · Titania: Honestly, I’d like her to use Cobalion, it learns moves that is boosted by her field, and it would be fitting if the other gym leaders related to her used the other members of swords of justice too (Virizion for Florinia, Terrakion for Hardy, and Keldeo for Amaria). I could also see her use Dialga, as both its STABs are boosted in the Fairy Tale field, Steel deals super effective damage in her field, so its steel typing makes it neutral to the steel type attack it receives. Kartana’s moves are also boosted in her field. · Amaria: I’m leaning towards Kyogre or Manaphy. Kyogre’s Electric moves are boosted in both of her field, and provides rain for more extra power for her team. Manaphy is there because Hydration. She could also use the aforementioned Keldeo, or Palkia as a counterpart to Titania’s Dialga. · Hardy: Terrakion fits his hyper-offense strategy, Stakataka is also worth mentioning since it can use Trick room, some sort of semblance to Pokemon Online League’s Hardy strategy that uses Trick Room. · Saphira: Another hard one to decide. Honestly Reshiram seems to make good use of her field, but i don’t want duplicates. The Latis and Rayquaza, seems to be my choice, any of the two latis only gets their Dragon STAB boosted, while Rayquaza has its signature move, Dragon Ascend, double in power in this field. Elite 4 · Heather: Assuming we fight her in the Mountain Field, i’d say Zapdos/Thundurus to abuse Thunder’s Accuracy. · Laura: Shaymin or Celebi, i’m actually surprised Seed Flare isn’t affecting or being affected by the Flower Garden field in any stage, but Fleur Cannon is buffed (starting from stage 3) · Bennett: Well, the only bug left is Genesect. Not gonna add Elias and Anna, because Anna’s Legendary is Obvious, and Elias did the Arceus with Ditto. And that’s it, i’d like to hear your opinions as well about what mon suit each leader/E4 member, or maybe about the others (Like Cal, Blake, Arclight, The rivals,etc). I’d also like to apologize if i made a Mistake or a comment that seemed disrespectful. Please correct me , if i’m wrong.
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    So! I've made a thread like this each year since 2017, and the last one was from March 2018. It's been 1 1/2 year, so it's time to make another one of these! What is your favourite thing about Rejuvenation? This can be anything - from the custom graphics, to the story and it's characters, to the music! Of course it'd be best if you kept it directly related to the game itself -- As a little note, saying "Oh [x] song is good" when referring to remixes made of songs from the mainline pokemon games rather than referring to the custom music made for Rejuv is a little bit backwards. Though, if you like the choices made to play certain music in certain areas/during certain moments, then that's completely fine! Either way, let us know your experience with the game. We'd love to hear it! (as with the fanart thread, it's absolutely fantastic and incredibly motivating to us, the dev team, to see people enjoy the game -- so thank you in advance for leaving a message and for playing!!! <3)
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    Oh thank god, I don't have to give the player brain damage from running their head into trees.
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    You're talking to a guy who has reached The Gauntlet with minimal team (Greninja, Camerupt, Mightyena, Roserade, Ursaring and Meowstic ♂; might have switched a differnet Pokemon once or twice into normal team, don't remember, but I remember trying to be minimalistic). This is as painful as it sounds, even with Revive and healing items. Somehow, I managed to persist. Some gyms easier than others (Titania was hell but Amaria was a joke, Roserade killed most of her team no problem). The gauntlet though, might be too much to handle without resorting to X items. Three boss battles back to back, with second heal being only partial? No thanks. It's not the hardest thing that has been in RPGs (looking at you Demifiend) but it definitely is up there, especially considering it's mandatory. And let's not forget the few things we know about E19: Team Meteor hacking their Pokemon to have max EVs on every stat, or PULSE Mr. Mime which made one of the testers, in their own words, s u f f e r. Anyway, if Thamill somehow manages to survive long enough, PULSE Abra will be basically a "pick who lives and who dies" episode. With its stat spreads, it outspeeds 99% of the National Dex (and the few of 1% you can have will probably get outspeed anyway due to level difference; Prankster or other similar stuff might help minimalize losses), and iring a Hyper Beam (or Dark Pulse if you thought Ghost-type can get a free pass) off that monstrous attacking stat is guaranteed to OHKO probably everything bar the most dedicated tanks. Defense-wise, it's less ridiculous Shuckle.
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    So...I was going to do a summary of my thoughts of this little fan-game, but I actually ended up liking it quite a bit. So I guess I'm going the Derog way and picking up more playthroughs I won't finish. Yeah, yeah we all know about Redux and quite honestly the follower mod is actually closer to being done than you might think. Anyways, let's get into this thing which people hopefully read because the game needs the traffic being honest. (I like the background, but not a fan of the text) So We're greeted to this thing we call a title screen. It's fine, but I hate how the word present looks in the screen capture. Dear god is that really what we're going to open this run up to? Nope. I feel it sets the wrong impression. Therefore, I must use the powers of Google to set a better impression: So now that I have distracted you from that, let's get into the story. Though I will have to tell you that you really should play this before watching me do the case as the music and detail really add to a certain kind of experience. Also because I'm terrible and didn't expect to make this a full playthrough. I pray cases aren't going to be like 1k pics or more because I don't think I can handle that after Rejuv. Give me a short game. (This is new. Thank ye for not making me choose Mandunbutt for the protag's name) (Oh, I'm a detective. Nice) I gotta say that this is kind of fresh compared to sinking boats at the start of the game. Or exploding trains. It's just a nice and quiet opening. Let me just tell you this: if I see someone present me a storyboard that opens up with an explosion I will chuck whatever I can find at you. I was part of a fan-game team and was stepping away and wanted to see how they'd continue it and let's just say I was so pissed I said I'd write the whole damn thing then leave purely for using and exploding train. Let's just say the train exploding in Reborn even had me hesitating if it would be good or not. For me, it's a big turn off. I prefer a bit slower beginning that at least builds stuff over jumping into the action. (That guy is huge. No wonder the snowman look intimidated) (And that's the backstory in a nutshell) Then the chief talks about dangers which again, not expecting to do a run. We get this response: (To the victor go the spoils as they say) And here is the moment I decided to do a run: (The weird thing is that doing these runs is pretty much me talking to myself surprised anyone reads this) This is one of those games not afraid to poke fun of itself which will either turn you off or love. This actually is kind of fresh because I really do like games with more focus on story than gameplay or rather less about turn based combat and more on exploring. Case 1 there really aren't too many battles but I could see a lot of people disliking that since that's all they play for. Me, I love it. Anyways, let's move on. (This is totally like me) Fun fact: I usually prepare some type of rant going in and then I either forget it or it ends up being shorter than I expected and just kind of babble my way through. Usually, I'm not on full rage but when I am, you can feel it. I do not think anything here really did that for me. Also, I really like the kids in the background. It's a nice touch for visuals. I mean this game isn't going to win an oscars for visuals but it does its job well. We'll get more into that in a minute. (Same. Yet I manage to make so many chapters) (Is that...Santa?) Santa asked for money so I gave it to him...or my character did. I would've done so anyways. (I wish the real Santa gave you a Pokemon for giving him money) (...Still worth it) (I love this screen just for being different. Also meet Polaris. He's our new companion for a while) (A free Pokemon is a free Pokemon I say) (NO SANTA! I DON'T WANT TO TOUCH YOUR CANDY CANE!) (Oh...you meant an actual candy...still don't take candy from strangers. Unless it's Halloween) I really like this idea for obtaining your first Pokemon. Well it's not technically but you get the idea. I don't mind getting a fixed mon or fixed mons in a game since that's what I'm used to. Sometimes I think getting too many options is actually detrimental since it's not so much bonding but just picking on a whim and replacing when need be. Part of the reason I love Tales of Graces f is that there's only 7 characters but all of them feel good to play. I probably have more memories of how they feel then really any Pokemon I've ever had or am using. Let that settle in. A game a played a year ago I have more memories of the characters than 24 years of playing Pokemon. Don't be afraid to break tradition with Pokemon. I love my goddamn snowbird and nothing you do can make me change my mind. (The statistician in me is triggered right now) (Okay) (Nah, it's best to deliver the bad news first) (Oh. Tough guy. I see.) (It's okay. I'm bad at this too. I guess we're monologue buddies now) Now I can open with the chapter name: Case 1: Maid For Crime (.........I like my name for it better) I don't know how much effort was put in for all this stuff and transitions but it kind of pays off. All the little things such as the typing keyboard for the case names give off the immersion vibe I feel a lot of RMXP games lack. There's a lot of little things that I think make up for any graphic limitations that I just ended up liking it. Of course I'm like the kid on the street who gets distracted by the ice cream truck. Which is ironic because that truck pissed me off for never coming down my driveway. Ever. Not that I got ice cream anyways. But just hearing that song every day while playing outside drove me nuts. Speaking of, do they even still have ice cream trucks driving around? Or is that a relic of the past? What? I have to complain about something if I can't complain about the game. (I don't think there's anything significant about the main character but who knows) I'm still unsure if Sylvester is going to be a cheesy main protag or actually have a story behind him. Neither choice is wrong and it's really too early for me to say anything about that. It's like Phoenix Wright and Layton. Phoenix I view more as the dork who doesn't really need a backstory to be a fantastic character, but Layton is cemented based on his backstory. And now I know that one guy who read my other run is saying "But Commander, you kept whining about Rejuv not having deep characters" in which I respond by saying setting the stage matters. I have not been presented a grandiose adventure that'll last a long time. It starts itself out as small so it's okay for it to be small. It's a different world with different rules. Bigger stuff you get a lot more leeway at the risk of boring players. Small stuff is where every verse and line counts. You mess up once and the whole meaning can be lost. Personally, I believe people who can develop deep stories in short games are of the best writers out there as it takes more talent imo to do so in tight spaces. And I'm not comparing these games to each other. I'm just explaining why I may say stuff differently for this over the typical Reborn Donut Steel. Also I have a bias for mystery stuff. Blame my two sisters as the older one loved Mary Kate and Ashley and the Boxcar Children and my younger sister loved Nancy Drew making me do so much of them when she was young. My dad also has a massive Hardy Boys collection plus an Alfred Hitchcock collection. I actually saw this game and it was on my to play list but I'm glad I postponed it as I thought it was a one-off side project and not a full game. I really want to play more of this thing. But I kind of felt I needed to do this to try and help the game out a bit. Cheese and mystery is like an instant win for me. Will I have criticisms? Yes. But I'm just letting you know now before people are in disbelief at my tone. (I should've picked no) (Ugh the Media. I hate the media) (Well when the press is dying and needs some drama they...) (I don't trust that guy with black hair. He's the culprit) (what's a cheque? Is it delicious?) (I'm more interested in the guy I get to beat up. I'm looking at you blacky) Commander accidentally being racist count: 1 (Yes, yes he does) (Only 10k. That literally is $100 in US dollars. That's goddamn hilarious) Yeah, Poke is actually based off of yen and for a better understanding in English terms you'd divide it by 100 and get roughly the value of it. It could be the dev oversight or misunderstanding but it also could be a hilarious case of finding a lost $100. Probably paid more for the PI...and OH MY GOD he's wearing a mistletoe. Too bad it isn't July otherwise I would make a hilarious Christmas in July joke. Well it is my half birthday or probably will be by the time I get this done. 200 images takes me forever. (Investigation but first...) (I kind of like that it has fixed stats. Makes sure you don't get screwed. Oh well guess he'll be a part of the team for a while) I don't have RMXP set up to take a peak at this stuff so I am going in blind for now. I heard people on discord having issues with glitches and such which since I've dealt with RMXP for like 3 years now I kind of know my way around the basics so I generally can fix any issues that come up including the fabulous ones in Rejuvenation. Losing in most fights in Chapter 13 caused softlocks. Those are fun. I haven't really noticed anything but I'll probably relay any glitches with fixes if I notice them. My brain functions weird so it can spot reasons quickly. Also: (I love this) I could go on for a while about this menu screen. I'm not the biggest fan with how it looks which I say maybe if the art team is bored they could probably go ham there with the design but the grey drop just looks so nice and is a nice touch. Anyone with a bit of mystery knowledge knows it's the old school mystery stuff that uses that and probably a nod to it. You can really tell this guy is a fan of those things and I'm assuming the game is based kind of around that. I'm very easily entertained. I just am very serious about story and a hardass about it. Also realizing I think I forgot to do something reading wise. Eh, probably not important. I forget about this stuff all the time. Then remember and by that time the person is dead or moved on. Which I shouldn't joke because there's actually a story about that I probably could share. Actually was a motivation for me to take better care of myself. Maybe I'll share it if people remind me. (Clearly it's Dorthy the Dinosaur. She's responsible for all tax frauds) So there's a couple pop culture nods here. You're always going to be a hit or miss so it's best to limit them because by the time your done people have moved on to something else and it's a stale reference. I know people really are into their memes but you really need to develop your own humor otherwise you're behind the times. It's often why it feels weird seeing it in games because the game is being worked on years after the meme came into place. Just something to really think about which people don't do enough. (...Oh good a battle) No idea why my first battle was against two level 17 Pokemon. Oh well, I won due to everything being a grass type. It's case 1 so I'm not expecting anything too challenging. (I like how he always kneels forward to save. Nice little touch) (NGL, I thought he was going to say "ass game") (Or that. That probably is better) I'm one of those people who isn't afraid to beat around the bush and make fun of stuff. I know it takes me forever to do stuff because it's not a priority in my life. Sometimes it's a debate on playing a game or working on stuff I do for the site. At the end of the day, Redux is simply a gift to the community just to have a bit of fun while waiting on other stuff. Also to kind of show off things you think are impossible can be done. Except move NPCs in a diagonal. That'll be a mystery we never solve with RMXP. (....) You're dead to me (No elevator for you) (I have a feeling your boss is going to be a pain in my side) (Well he still has a point. Why am I handling a bank robbery again?) (My mind is far beyond the gutter to say anything about this) (Leave Stair Keeper alone) (I too would take my role seriously if that's all I had to do in life) (The waiter looks cute. No, I did not say that out loud) Remember when Commander was actually funny? Neither do I. Yet you sit here and read this after I sit here and write this blasted thing. You suffer. I suffer. We all suffer. Just like everyone who loses to a Delibird. Never lose to a Delibird. ............And now we're like a month and a half late. Oh my god was that a long wait. Damn, did I just do a rhyme. I guess that's fine. That was unintentional, but sure was conventional. Well now I'm committed and I won't be acquitted So rhyme we must, without the damn lust (the manager is here, to bring all to fear) (with a story so black, color was taken aback) (The daycare's check, was given to a heck) (Going to the office? What a novice.) (Lock the safe? Oh someone's gonna chafe) (Someone took the money, that's kind of crummy) Yeah, we're only going to do that for flashbacks because my brain will literally be friend trying to do a bunch of lines. I do have some valid complaints but I'll save those for the end because I don't want to ruin a good mystery. Mostly had to do with fitting it all together. (The BS meter is over 9000) (It wouldn't have been if you really BOOKed it) (Okay, now I need to take a time out) I love and hate this. I don't really like highlighting stuff out because it's distracting and I think Phoenix right kind of nails it with the subtle hints of inner monologue. It's not really a complaint because some people won't get through a game unless you absolutely highlight every important detail. (Dammit, I can only think to respond to this with cheesy one liners. Guess it's just too hot for me to handle. OH GOD! Every time!) (This is the greatest form of torture: a yodeling daycare man. Those poor, poor Pokemon) (I'm not so sure about that, but I only have a Delibird so I have no room to complain) (...That's a lot of Pokemon. Can I have some?) (I'm just going to skim and probably not comment so feel free to do the same) (Those daycare families sure know how to make babies...My brain has no boundaries) (She gives me a potion for reminding her) (wait a minute....Sefa...If you flip everything else but the S...It spells Safe. SHE'S THE CULPRIT! ARREST HER!) (So here's something I like. This UI is both great and a little weird. I think the tabs and label should be flipped as that dead space inbetween irritates me. It's not bad, but has a bit of jarring flaws. I really like how this was designed beyond that. This was set up how it should be for detective work. There's obvious limits due to Essentials and RMXP but you can look at what you need to relook at info to figure out the puzzle. (Random thought: That t-tar looks like a christmas tree) This lady took me forever to find for some reason. She kind of blends in. I guess this is a minor complaint, but I would have liked if she stood out a bit more since she's in an easy to miss location. (The temptation to call him Detective Sly is so damn high right now) (.......I hope that's a pun) Cathy sounds a lot like Catty and she kind of has that bit of personality. I don't usually talk about name choices but sometimes they can be clever. Or maybe it's coincidence. Not my place to say and maybe I'm just weird. I don't normally talk much about names (maybe I did in the Rejuv run) as my rule of thumb is pick something that roles off the tongue for the main cast, but name the rest whatever. It's actually why sometimes I give characters pet names like Rejuv's Indy because it's just easier for people to recall and trigger in the back of their mind. Sylvester isn't a bad name and Sylvy doesn't sound right which is why I may end up calling him Sly to the creator's displeasure. Either that or Vester. Take your pick. (Hooray for 4th wall breaking) Yeah, I get to talk about 4th wall stuff again. When you start getting up there with following you'll get people who will complain about it and have good reasons as it can be jarring or just doesn't make the experience any better if not worse. I'm the type of guy who goes "So what?" Something I do have to bring up about Rejuv and especially Reborn is that they take themselves a bit too seriously. "But, but Commander, they have plenty of funny moments as well." Yes, but what's the overall tone of the game trying to convey to you. It's a grand and massive plot with all this stuff you gotta learn and keep up or you'll get lost. Rejuv's plot stopped making sense and even Reborn despite dedicating years into playing and tinkering with the game I still haven't really been able to dig into everything. I really think we need like a guide or posts about finding Reborn's lore as it's so interesting as these characters are based on characters in a role playing setting combined with real life stuff. They are big and massive which isn't a bad thing, but it comes at a cost. That tangent has a point: you're not playing Reborn or Rejuv for a silly adventure or even an epic or long one. You're playing them because they are challenging and test your skills like most fan-games won't. That's great and maybe you love those kinds of games and want to keep going further. Go play SMT games or DQ Monsters. Or maybe some other RPG. There's stuff like it, but most people do not want to play a game like Reborn. Most people just want to go home from a hard day's work and sit down and play some mindless fun adventure. This game is kind of like that. It's just dumb fun. And if it took out the dumb fun, then it'd just be kind of boring honestly. From my impression there's nothing really going to wrap your brain up too much (we'll get back to this later), but the story isn't some deep mindfuck and is rather simple. And I genuinely like that. I know I've told this advice before with Rejuv and it's something I talk about over and over again. A well written simple story trumps a convoluted messy plot no matter how good the plot twists are. And I'm going to say it's beyond just how good your wordsmithing is. Zero no Kiseki became my favorite storyline of all time despite the awful translation that doesn't do it justice (wait for the Geofront version if you're considering it). It's a damn shame this game didn't get localized as it really is a shining example of how to write a nearly closed plot. Trust me, I didn't get why people loved the game until I played it myself and I was wowed. You play through three games and when you get to that game, it truly is an experience. Phenomenal cast, really good sidequests, and scenes that just absolutely nail it. The storyline is not that complex and nothing that'll make you drop your mouth. Also probably my honest best pick to show how to build characters as it demonstrates both so well. Sorry for the tangent, but it is such a pet peeve when people bog down a game trying to put in all this story and a plot has to be at such a scale to be considered good. I actually like it better when things are done on small scales. This game gives me that impression. The first case you're in a single building. One of the best things you can do and I'll cover that more at the end. (While she's turned sideways looking at me) (Well at least the story is being kept straight) And nothing else much happened. This mostly just triggers this next event: (Depends on the book. I hear a Old Man from Kanto has quite the collection) (God I love how this game makes fun of its own limitations) (Hey, I take my resources wherever I can find them) (Nice comeback! Gonna need a burn heal for that one) (Can we just take a moment and appreciate this banner) I don't know why, but I just like the way it looks. Starting to think this was meant to be a one off christmas project, but here we are talking about a full fledged fan-game that perked my interest. Mordecai is a wee bit big but other than that I like the portrait design. (Good job, Mandy. I don't even know what pokemon that was) (Gah! I couldn't remember to take the right screencap) (Oh! We have a murder mystery on our hands) (Oh joy. Another maid. Last time I investigated a maid, I ended up in a cube) (I have a feeling I know who that is) (Well...this is awkward) (Probably have a better paycheck than I do...which is looking like a big goose egg) (Typical crime syndicate. At least it's not burning the world down. Yesh!) (...Aren't some of them smart enough to wash their own hands?) (Personally, I would've gone with geezer) I see nothing wrong with her being an old maid............................................................That was an unintentional pun. Get it? because it's a game. Okay, we'll move on. (Wow, back-to-back boss battles. Who wants to bet I forgot to show the Pokemon?) (................................) Wait, was that it? (Sure, blame it on the meowth) (Clearly, this man specializes in hooking up woman) (Or maybe he's really good and nobody realizes it) I kind of like this. Really shows off his greenhorn with undercover work as he had experience as a cop beforehand. (And the game just explains it for me. God, this would've made my life so much easier in any other run) (That might just work out) I really like this tad bit of dialogue. Does it add anything to the story? No. Flavor text really just helps make stuff flow better and it's honestly something I never talk about because most of the time the advice is "don't waste your words on petty stuff." Since people get bogged down. When you keep it simple, it gives you so much room to mess around. (And I seem to be skipping dialogue. I really need to pick better captions to screen. I'm not sure even I followed all of it) (NICE! Another thing I get to talk about) Remember how I said there's limitations to RMXP. When you learn to make use of them it's rewarding. I like the use of italics here as generally it's used for emphasis or yelling, but here you can tell it's for whispering despite nobody saying anything that they are whispering. One of the simplest versions of show, don't tell. Of course, most people don't think about this stuff when playing the game. I don't either which is why screencaps are a good refresher even if it's been months since I played a section. A lot of people probably think I'm some kind of snob which they aren't wrong, but I have to talk about something. (Oooh spoopy) Sigh...here we go again: (Office for some cleaning, where death holds its meaning) (The sounds of a scuffle. Sounds like a true kerfuffle) (The text got cut off. That's nothing to scoff) (Receiving a testimony. Totally the best money) I got nothing else to rhyme with that. They can't be all not near death experiences of such horror. (And now it's finally time to go back to the crime scene) (This fantastic crime scene) (Ah yes, the classic explore the crime scene to uncover how incompetent police are) (And we now have all the clues to solve the crime) And now we get to reveal who the culprit is... (Using the one option nobody questioned) (We've got the dirt and now time to uncover the truth) (Eh. People die in hotels too often. Usually by suicides. Not something damning tbh) (No, no you can't) (And now we get to play phoenix wright) Play whatever epic detective music you want...I guess. (Missing a comma there, dude. I forgive you though.) (I smell bullshit. It's always about the money) (Well, I guess we got him cornered now) And the guy says nothing and we get into a surprise boss battle. (This one was kind of a challenge) So it's a Meowth, Mr. Mime, and a Sneasel against a delibird. Kind of a hard fight I had to use some resources but I pulled through. It wasn't too bad but kind of a surprise given we only have one Pokemon. I like it and say don't change it but I could see complaints asking to nerf it giving you only have Delibird. I like things getting a bit tricky and having to think so I don't think I'm too reliable. Though I can say when things go too far. (I have found the root. For I am Groot) (Let me at those mobsters. I'll fry them like lobsters) (They committed a grave sin. No money will they win) Sometimes I wonder if I like torturing myself think about these. (Hiding in a scene is for a fool. My sense are greatest tool) (That was your greatest mistake. Locked rooms are answers make) (Throw it in the trash. Only reveal where the cash) Did I ever tell you I suck at poetry? Mistakes were made. (He hired me to be ass. Little did he know I had class) (I'm like the good ole Beagle. Anything I sniff isn't legal) (Does that mean I still get paid? No? Dammit) (I've seen enough Hallmark to know where this is going) (Well guess he wanted to take someone down with him) (And he did a good job...which I totally didn't screw up at all, nope!) (Guess that old hunched back of his can't do much anymore) (No idea why the "she is" is at the end. I've done that by accident before so it's understandable) Just a little note: I sometimes comment on typos not to say "Oh! This game has typos it's so bad. It literally happens as you're working some 10-14 hours straight on it. You get tired and it gets missed when passing over and editing the text. I get it. Some people don't and can even say a game is awful because of it. If it's like a few dozen, I'm not going to say much. It can take hours (usually 25% of the time to write the original draft) to get it done and it's draining for not much drastic change. You're not getting paid to do this. I get it. It's a bit different than writing a paper as you're simply just reading in a format easy to spot and make changes. Those even blocks and get a tad bit painful to find the right event and then check. It's usually just better to do it map based then follow the story along on revisions. Just a bit of honest opinion though everyone does it differently. So if you see typos or something odd, just point it out in a picture with a description of the scene. Sometimes it's hard to find where the event is at based on a single dialogue of text. Just a bit of helpful advice for readers who spot this stuff and want it fixed. Do that and fixes are easy. (And they all lived happily ever after) (The end...for now) Honestly, this could have been it and probably would've been a fun random side short game forgotten in the depths. People sometimes think "Oh Pokemon! I got to make an 8/18 badge game and make sure levels get to here and evil syndicate is..." but honestly something this long might work out better. It's small and still rewarding to complete. It tells a story with a beginning, middle, and end. And the best part is that it's different and you can really enjoy it. Might be disappointing it felt so short but that just means you can pop in another one or go to something else instead of sinking your teeth into some 60-80 hour adventure each time someone announces a new game. There's lots of advantages including learning from your mistakes instead of going fully down a rabbit hole of issues you know you can't resolve. And before I go into giving a full in-depth thoughts about this game so far, I do want to talk about this huge graphics update that apparently happened. I know they put in a lot of hard work and I'm absolutely am sure it'll make the game more enjoyable as it had some graphical issues, but it isn't going to really impact the feedback I give. I'm not a graphics expert so it's never going to be a field I really comment on unless something is very noticeable. I didn't see much of that and I really liked how the game looked even if it heavily used Earthbound assets. It's a fan-game. There's only so many standards you can push though if I do another one of these I may try to comment more on it. Now let's start with the bad: I think the biggest criticism I have for this case is that it threw too much info with barely any of it being relevant at all. One of the nice things about Phoenix Wright is that everything in your inventory gets used when revealing the answer to the big puzzle. I'm not asking for that. I'm just asking for a little bit more implementation of the clues to follow the story. I really only connected the dots by luck as it didn't register that the ugly table was the original safe. Some of that is the limitations of the graphics, but they really didn't give too many clues. Beyond that, I kind of pieced everything else and found it all pretty quickly beyond Hilda who kind of blended in. Maybe making her stand out a little bit more would be helpful, but that's a minor complaint. Everything else was fine as you couldn't run yourself into danger unless you were being very careless. Now for the good: I really think the game opens so well. It's Christmas time (clever title name) and the game really reflects the holiday spirit with Santa Claus and the winder city. You don't ever see that in a Pokemon game and very, very few actual RPGs. The game also isn't afraid to make fun of itself playing with some of the detective tropes and really gives off the good ole mystery solver vibes. The first case is always really simple and nothing was too hard to follow around and I managed to beat it with too much trouble other than one issue I personally had (finding Hilda) as the NPCs all gave clues where you needed to go and take notes. The UI also looks really nice and can keep you on track to solve the mystery. I can't say how good the game is just yet, but it does have me intrigued especially with the talking protag who I honestly think is the reason it works. Is this game going to be something everyone should play or "The best fangame ever?" Hell no. I have the feeling it's going to end up being a gem which I really hope some mainstream guy or two picks it up to try out exposing it to more people because it's intriguing. Now, I kind of did this as an intentional short little one-off which I'm probably going to do short little reviews of each case after this. I just like to show off a little bit of the game before going the old thoughts only route dividing it into segments (which would be cases). Redux takes priority (damn follower mod is a bigger behemoth than I intended), but if you guys really like this I'll sprinkle one here and there just to tide over during the long wait. Or maybe I'll do a full run. Who knows.
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    I'm disappointed but still amused. I was really betting on Shelly to finish him off. Between his RNG and her AI being soft he got away though. I don't like continually betting on the next best thing, but aside from the orphanage raid, there's very little he can do in this nuzlocke to prep for Shade. He could try doing more of the gang side quests in between out of curiosity, but that could do a bit of damage too. He doesn't usually do much exploring though, and he doesn't like grinding in between episodes either(he hasn't done that since ORAS Extreme) so yeah I'm feeling Shade here.
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    Reuploaded DDDL and Spork (mediafire) DDDL: -Delicia's Pokemon are now given in Premier Balls; for older save files there's an NPC who can change the first Pokemon in Delicia's party's Poke Ball to a Premier Ball (can get all of them in Premier Balls by switching first party slot) -along with the Premier Ball NPC, a few other of the NPCs from Return to Dreamland were added: the one that gives TMs, the one that gives healing items, and the move relearner (in maps where Felicia wasn't move relearner) Spork: -shiny Honedge line revamped and Kayla now has a shiny Aegislash named Annie -Steffi made Frank, Sierran, and Spade Battle VR icons, and new icon for Vivillon (previous one was Reborn's) -revamped maps added: Herb Shop, Berry Shop, Bolaii Bar, Lee's house -Dreamer Musharna "Last Night's Dream" at Sushi & Darkrai's place in Dark Dungeon -Battle Factory trainer updates: instead of Ladies, there are Lasses, and ones of the gen corresponding to the arena -number of PC boxes increased from 24 to 36 (for new save files automatically, for older save files speak to Anthony at the Pokemon Research Institute and an event script will add the new boxes) -added Furfrou trim stylist to Silk Studio -Pokemon Research Institute: the boxes to change Rotom's form are now corresponding appliance graphics -added Drifloon to Shiny Scouting -fast-moving plant in Umira now has City Escape lyrics when spoken to -Bulbasaur no longer faces up in starter selection -selecting Burmy in starter selection now gives Burmy instead of Budew -Forest of Feeling waterfall fixes -added Turtonator to starter selection -switched Shroomish and Slakoth's places in starter selection (they were opposite Pokedex order) -when battled before Agne, Emily's Lilligant is now named Lily instead of Lana -Skitty and Delcatty now have their full levelup learnset -Black Kyurem and White Kyurem now have the correct backsprites (their filenames were switched around) -Pink Bow item icon now visible (had wrong number in Graphics -> Icons) -Astral Observatory countertop priority fixed
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