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    Cant you go like Row 3 left; column 3 2nd square up Then row 3 right and column up? In my head it worked
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    If its not too much trouble, could I have one of the Mareanie? As for the other, I dont have a preference.
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    Hello, I'm looking for a Rhyhorn or Rhydon with the adamant nature. I don't have anything special in return though Thank you so much in advance
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    Damn, that's a good togepi. Thanks, man.
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    Would appreciate if someone could trade me a shiny togepi/Togekiss (I ask for the togepi since I dont know if asking for a Togekiss is too much)
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    I have an Adamant Ryperior on a backup file, if that's close enough?
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    Yeah he was such a cool character. This pic of his silhouette was literally so fucking good that at the time I was playing it I was like "okay someone over on the Dev team knew Grovyle looks so cool that he has to play this part."
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    Jan probably has something planned for the mc. It wouldnt make sense that he made so many references to them not talking if that wasnt the case (and considering what happened in V11, I'd guess its happening soon)
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    the most satisfying thing in pokemon reborn is sigmund getting hyper beamed by saphira
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