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    if they actually took inspiration from Reborn or Rejuvenation, maybe they'd end up making good games
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    Except requiring HMs on your team members is something that people have vocalized annoyance with literally since gen 1, and ride pokemon is arguably quite a different solution than using tools to this problem. Also, Delta's were literally something Insurgence took from the TCG, and type-swaps is something fans have also been doing for years and years, since before Insurgence even started. With this, it's even more of a stretch to try and say this is the same thing, and we've seen giant pokemon way back in the early anime, and more recently, pokemon go raids (which is where the mechanic is actually coming from) People are way too quick to point accusatory fingers.
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    Right there with ya. When I first saw this myself, it was a few days ago. Ouch. Felt a little late to chime in. So thank you for helping me to do so. Arkhi has been a great dude to talk to and is super fun to tease when gazelles are involved. Always willing to share things he thought others would also enjoy, and often to great effect. Easy guy to talk to and always in the spirit of making things more fun and enjoyable. To Arkhi himself... I gotta say. If you can keep up that drive to do well and continue to push yourself to be an example for others for even just a tiny bit longer, you will be a better man than me- by miles. But that's kinda your style, isn't it? I believe in you and I know you're gonna do well. Take care buddy. And I'll be sure to hit you up on discord every now and then.
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    You can't really blame anyone for thinking Xerneas will be our destined partners. It's literally the cover pokemon of rejuvenation but, we have take in accounts of role Xerneas & Yveltal play along with Zygarde's role.Yveltal is the pokemon of death & destruction which represent Mademe X's desire to destroy the world remake to her image. Xerneas the pokemon of life & nurturing which represents Meila's hopes of protecting the world and letting life prosper. While Zygarde is the Pokemon of Order and balance which stands for the Interceptor's duty to allow for Life & Death to work in perfect harmony to keep the world from falling apart. You guys know the sayin " there cannot be light without dakrness or darkness without light".
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    I'd like to sincerely thank the members of the Thots r Us group, on behalf of all the town, for allowing the coyotes to win. Thanks...
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    Hello there, I haven't played many myself however when it comes to mods this mod has a couple tools to help, it can make it so no HM slave is needed, Ban items and Choose your starter including a randomizer option after you've selected your starter, Item radar for the no PC runs and Shared PC so if your doing a set themeed team or egg lock or something like that https://www.rebornevo.com/forum/index.php?/topic/24930-swm-modular-modpack-e18/ Nuzlockes: Rules The most basic Nuzlocke rules, as they were first introduced, are as follows: Any Pokémon that faints is considered dead, and must be released or put in the Pokémon Storage System permanently. The player may only catch the first Pokémon encountered in each area, and none else. If the first Pokémon encountered faints or flees, there are no second chances. If the first encounter in the area is a Double Battle in dark grass, the player may choose which of the two Pokémon they would like to catch. If there's a static encounter in the area, the player is allowed to capture them despite already capturing a Pokémon in that area. Shiny Pokémon also do not apply to this rule. Other near-universally used rules include: The general consensus is that players must also nickname all of their Pokémon, for the sake of forming stronger emotional bonds. The general consensus is that a black out/white out is considered to be "game over", even if there are Pokémon left in the PC. Strongly implied, though not explicitly mentioned in the comic, is the stipulation that the player can use only Pokémon they have captured themselves, meaning traded Pokémon, mystery gifts, etc., are prohibited. Trading and retrading the same Pokémon (for the purpose of evolving a Graveler, for example) is something of a gray area, and may fall under optional rules. As of White: Hard-Mode Episode 3, it is implied that the player can accept Pokémon that are received freely from NPCs. Also strongly implied is a prohibition against voluntarily resetting and reloading the game when things go wrong. Being able to do so would render all of the other rules pointless. Optional rules Though the above rules tend to stay consistent with all challengers, many optional variations and amendments to the rules also exist to further adjust difficulty. These include, but are not limited to: Starter Pokémon is based on the player's Trainer ID number. If the last number is 1-3 the player starts with a Grass type, 4-6 is Fire type, 7-9 is Water type, 0 is the player's choice. Alternatively, use the Trainer ID modulo 3 for the same purposes. Not officially enforcing the rules until the player has Poké Balls and can catch Pokémon. For example, the PoochyenaRSORAS/ZigzagoonE that the player has to save Professor Birch from is not counted as the first encounter on the route, and not counting any other encounters as such until they can catch. Likewise, in the games where the rival battle is immediately after getting the starter Pokémon, the "any that faint must be released" rule is often not enforced at that time. Species/Dupes Clause: Adjusting the first encounter rule to prevent the player from having to catch multiple of the same Pokémon, for the sake of variety. Generally this means that the trainer can keep fighting Pokémon in the area until one is encountered that has not been caught yet, which then immediately counts as the first encounter. As an extension, setting a limit on how much Dupes Clause can trigger in an area. If that limit is reached, no Pokémon can be caught in that area (alternatively, the player has to settle for the last allowed duplicate to trigger the clause). Adjusting the first encounter rule to allow or disallow certain types of encounters. Use the same amount of Pokémon as the opponent during a Gym battle or rival battle. Going to options and making the battle style "set", leaving the player unable to switch out after an opponent's Pokémon faints. Releasing the starter Pokémon after the first wild Pokémon has been caught. Banning the use of Potions and healing items, relying only on Pokémon Centers for healing. Conversely, banning the use of Pokémon Centers, relying only on Potions and healing items for healing. Limiting Pokémon Center visits to a certain number per town. Banning the use of held items. Limiting the number of Poké Balls to purchase per Poké Mart. Banning the use of Master Balls. Rather than releasing the Pokémon, it can be permanently boxed, migrated, or transferred with Poké Transfer should it happen to faint. The player may not evolve captured Pokémon, but evolved Pokémon may be caught. Turning the difficulty on to Challenge Mode if playing Black 2 and White 2, which increases the levels of opposing Trainers. Banning the use of Legendary Pokémon. As a mercy rule, allowing 1-3 "second chances" or revives of fallen team members. As another mercy rule, if the player runs into a Shiny Pokémon, the player may still catch it, regardless of whether or not it is the first encounter in the area. It also does not need to be released if it faints. This is often called the Shiny Clause. As another mercy rule, each Gym Badge acts as a checkpoint. If the player gets a game over, they can start from when they got their previous Gym Badge. If the player has no Pokémon that can use a certain field move that is required to continue through any given point of the game, they may catch another Pokémon that can learn said field move. However, it cannot be used in battle for any reason, and must be released, permanently boxed, or migrated as soon as the player gets another Pokémon that can use said field move. Modifying the "first encounter only" rule for the Safari Zone, sometimes allowing one encounter for each area, or until they catch one Pokémon in the entire area, and vice versa. Banning the use of Poké Marts to only allow use of items found in the overworld or given to the player. Disallowing fleeing. Setting a level limit based on the next Gym Leader's/Champion's highest leveled Pokémon. What must happen to any team members that surpass that limit before taking on the Gym Leader or Elite Four is up to the player. Banning Poké Balls entirely, any Pokémon obtained must be either given to the player or hatched from an Egg. Banning use of the Day Care to breed or level up Pokémon. Turning off the Exp. Share in Generation VI onward, or giving it to a "dead" Pokémon in previous generations. Banning use of certain features that make the game easier, such as Pokémon-Amie, the DexNav, or Super Training. Banning the use of online resources. "Wonderlocke" variant: Any Pokémon caught must immediately be traded using Wonder Trade and the received Pokémon should be used instead. Typically this comes with a level restriction where if the received Pokémon is more than a certain number of levels higher than the original Pokémon, it must be traded again until an appropriate-level Pokémon is received. (Source Bulbapedia up) Self Imposed Challanges: Examples of common Self-Imposed Challenges: 100% Completion - Find absolutely everything there is to find, maybe even beyond what the game lists as "100%." Low-Level Run - Complete the game at as low a level as possible. Often limited to "don't gain any levels, period," excluding ones inevitably given by mandatory encounters. Minimalist Run - Get as few items as possible. Solo-Character Run - Only one pokemon Speedrun - Complete the game as fast as possible. Playing with impaired senses, such as wearing a blindfold or playing a Rhythm Game with the volume muted (players that are actually blind or deaf are forced to do this, though it's not exactly "self-imposed in these cases). Controlling the game in an unorthodox way: playing with your feet on the controller instead of your hands, or using an unusual input device such as a Dance Dance Revolution pad for non-DDR games or a steering wheel controller on games that aren't Driving Games. Some of these can overlap. This type of gameplay is one of the staples of the Challenge Gamer. See also House Rules. I Am Not Left-Handed is an in-universe example of this, or rather, an in-universe example of giving up on a Self-Imposed Challenge. No Pokeball Challenge Make use of 'free' event pokemon that just come with you, gifted pokemon or bought pokemon No bought items challenge You cannot buy any items all items must be found, gifted or gotten from Pickup The Scramble Challange No, that is not a spelling error. It's tradition. Anyway, the Scramble Challange is a bit unique. Basically, you ask the people in the thread to decide your team for you, with 6 people each deciding one Pokemon for you. These Pokemon usually have their own challenges attached to them. This means that even if you end up using Pokemon you've used before, you're likely to end up having to use them in new ways. The end result is that every Scramble run is completely different from the last. This has led to the Scramble challange being the longest running and most popular challenge on the Smogon Forums. The Nuzlocke Challenge The original challenge run, you've probably heard of this one before. While it's spawned dozens of variants (some of which will be listed later on), two basic rules are always the same. 1: You can only catch the first Pokemon you encounter in an area. 2: If a Pokemon faints, it is "dead" and must be relased/boxed permanently. Often paired with other challenges such Scrambles for those who really want to torture themselves. The Gauntlet Challenge Similar in conception to the Scramble Challange. In the Gauntlet Challenge, you ask your peers to decide what the rules of your challenge are instead of what Pokemon you use. Each person contributes one or two different rules to your run until you have a bunch, so you end up with a completely unique challenge run each time you take on a Gauntlet. Like a Scramble, this means that no two Gauntlets are alike. Unlike a Scramble, you actually get to pick your own Pokemon. Though usually within restrictions... Marriland's Wedlocke Challenge A variant of the tradition Nuzlocke created by popular Youtuber Marriland, the Wedlocke challenge is a Nuzlocke with a twist; your Pokemon are each bound ("wed") to a partner, which is the only Pokemon they can switch with in battle. While the rules of the original challenge are quite strict, many people have created more relaxed versions that, for example, allow you to use genderless Pokemon. Really takes the difficulty up a notch, especially if you end up stuck with poorly synergizing pairs. The Monotype Challenge Another challenge that's been around forever, the idea of a Monotype run is simple; You're one of those moronic trainers (*cough gym leaders cough*) in the games that only uses one type of Pokemon. Pick a type and that's all you can use throughout the game. Exceptions made for progression when HM availability prevents progress. Faulty Technology Challenge In this challenge, Pokemon Center budgets must be getting cut, because all the tech is faulty. Every time you use a Pokemon Center to heal, one of your Pokemon gets deposited. On top of that, you can only access the first box of your PC, which has become like an assembly line and- you know what, I can't explain it properly here. You'll have to read the topic. It's not as complicated as it sounds, and will definitely get you using a lot of Pokemon you wouldn't normally. The Wonderlocke Challenge With the advent of Wonder Trade, it didn't take people long to start making challenge runs based around the feature, and a Nuzlocke variant was the obvious choice. Instead of keeping the first Pokemon you encounter on a route, you Wonder Trade it away. Then you gotta keep what you get out of it. Notable for it's popularity on other sites. Additional rules to weed out excessive numbers of Zigzagoons, Bunnelby, Wurmple and other trashmons are often applied. Challenge Runs without Open Threads The Wonder Trade Challenge The inspiration for the Wonderlocke challenge, but somehow without it's own thread on these forums. Differs in that you only wonder trade for 6 Pokemon at the start of the game, instead of for lots throughout. And also in that your Pokemon don't die. Egg Trading Challenge Back before Wonder Trading was a thing, this was the way people used to get a similar result. Basically, you ask one person (or a number of people) to give you a total of 6 eggs, which you must then hatch and use as your team. You're pretty much at the mercy of the person/people giving you eggs in this one. Team Rocket Challenge You are a Team Rocket Grunt. You use Pokemon Team Rocket uses. You fight other evil teams and innocent people alike. You avoid battles with other Rockets whenever possible. Everything for the glory of Team Rocket! The Mono-color Challenge Basically the monotype challenge, but using Pokedex Color instead of type to decide what Pokemon are available to you. Note: some colors are a lot more common than others, to the point where some colors may be represented by a single evolutionary line in your game, so pick carefully. No Free Health-Care Challenge Experience what the Pokemon world would be like if Pokemon Centers weren't free. Spoilers; you won't be healing "just in case" very much anymore. This is the version designed by me (Jimera0) specifically, so don't get at me if the rules differ from other similar challenges. The "N" Challenge You play the way N does; only using Pokemon obtainable nearby, releasing them regularly. Your team is constantly being rotated out, so either you'll end up grinding a lot or using a lot of under-leveled Pokemon. This challenge is much easier in later games than in earlier ones. I (Jimera0) came up with this challenge in isolation of others who had the same idea, and the version listed is mine, though I'll include rules from others in the "alternate/additonal" section. The Honor Challenge Hey, you know all those tactics that the Pokemon games let you use that make beating the games an absolute cinch? You don't get to do any of those. No saving before difficult fights, no backtracking to the Pokemon center to heal, no spamming items, no over-leveling. Basically, you've got to do things the hard way. The honorable way. No evolution All pokemon must be caught and used as Basic Pokemon Alltype Nuzlocke Named after its concept RULES - Standard Nuzlocke rules(permadeath,nicknames) First mon per route does not apply here as the goal is to... - Catch at least one Pokemon of each type. Dual-types only count as one type(you choose.) Example: Deino can count as either Dark or Dragon type - Arceus counts as Normal. - If a Pokemon that is single-type evolves into a dual-typed pokemon (Mudkip->Marshtomp) it counts as the type it was before. (Marshtomp=Water) - Didn't catch all types of Pokemon? Reset the game - No wonder trade - Use gen 6. That way its harder! - No ignore event Pokemon. Starters(+Kanto starters) are exempt. - The challenge ends after the credits start rolling. Optional: - Allcolor Alltype Now you have to get a Pokemon of each color too! - Allgroup Alltype Now you have to get a Pokemon of each Egg Group(except Undiscovered and Ditto) too! - Allpattern Alltype Now you have to get a Pokemon of each body type too! -AllXP Alltype Now you have to get a Pokemon of each Experience Group(Erratic,Fast,Medium Fast,Medium Slow,Slow,Fluctuating) too! -Fast Alltype Catch all the types and beat the game as fast as you can! -Insanity Alltype Basically Allcolor,Allgroup,Alltype,Allpattern and AllXP rolled into one. All attribute type (color, Size ect) Alter Ego Challenge. The concept with the challenge is as simple as it is genial: Use two teams of Pokémon. Play the game normally until you reach the first Gym. Just before you beat the Gym you catch one or more Pokémon you immediately deposit in box 2. Then, after the Gym is beaten, deposit your entire current team in box 1 and withdraw the 'mons from Box 2. Use those Pokémon - and feel free to catch new ones - until you've beaten the second Gym. Walking out of the Gym with badge in hand, immediately go to the Pokémon center, deposit your team in box 2 and withdraw those from Box 1. Keep alternating teams until you've reached the Elite Four or whatever. For extra immersion/role playing, change your trainer's appearance back and forth as you swap teams (only available in XY). You may also swap teams on other occasions than beating a Gym Leader (in XY, I recommend a swap between the first and second Gym, and you may also beat Clemont and Valerie with the same team since there's practically nothing between them), the point is that one team should take over once the other has caught up with the levels of trainers and wild Pokémon. Eeveelution run Mystery Challenge All Pokémon encountered will appear as a ??? sprite and will have hidden names. They will have their normal sprites and names once they are registered in the Pokédex. Players may forfeit this challenge at any time. Non-Technical Challenge Players are unable to use TMs or HMs in this challenge. Naturally HM replacements do not apply to this restriction. Players may forfeit this challenge at any time. PP Challenge Pokémon Centers won't heal PP. Leppa Berries, Ethers and Elixirs do restore PP, however all other methods fail. Players may forfeit this challenge at any time. Bravery Challenge Players cannot flee from wild encounters. Players may forfeit this challenge at any time. Wonder Challenge Any Pokémon you catch/find will immediately be Wonder Traded away. Make sure you have stable/consistent internet when doing this challenge. Ironman Challenge If you white out after losing a battle, your save file gets deleted. This is only for the most hardcore players- you only get one chance!
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    That's okay, partically my fault for bad wording
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    Hello! New member here~ I've always enjoyed sprite-splicing, so when I started playing Reborn a few months ago, I quickly got the urge to try my hand at "cleaning up" some of the original character sprites. Now don't get me wrong: Amethyst's originals are perfectly fine! This isn't me throwing shade: I just feel as though many are a little too over-detailed to look like the sprites from the canon games. So since I've been sick the last few days, I decided to edit a few of the ones that look more awkward to me, and figured that I might as well post them on here for feedback. Let me know if y'all want to see more~ also, feel free to use them too
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