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    May love be in your lives, everyone! I know it's a consumerism occasion and all that, but behind matter and vanity, there is always feeling and significance... I wish you all the best! I went and lost everything myself (once again), but i am one of those big fools who live for others. Maybe next time, i will celebrate as well!
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    Wuuuut its valentines already how long i slept
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    I think it gets it on the next turn like in X and Y. don't quote me on this but I have vague memories of being outsped when I didn't know mega evolution well
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    Iirc the rest are at kakori and the town where angie was ( kristiline(?) ). The one in kakori is in the community center i believe, the one in kristiline i dont rememebr exactly, but i think it's there.
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    yay now i can post more bara porn without ppl side eyeing me
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    In West Gearen: In Route 2:
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    Yveltal Lvl:100 The Destruction Pokemon H/W: 5.79m/203.0kg With this Pokemon's wings and tail feathers spread wide and glow red, it absorbs the life force of living creatures. Ability:Dark Aura - Boosts each Pokemon's Dark-type moves To me Yveltal is the harbinger of destruction I've encountered it with Madame X and Melanie in alternate timeline. Oblivion Wing Flying: Flying In the special category with the attack power of 80 Yveltal absorbs its target's HP. Yveltal's HP is restored by over half of the damage taken by the opponent and the move drains 75% damage inflicted to heal the user. That's the end of another data collection Mata ne~
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    Wait for Request, I'll send it back. you can keep Torchic if you want. Have tons of it.
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    Anyone have a spare helix fossil? Been kicking rocks for 3 hrs and have not found a helix fossil (Almost always get the shieldon one). EDIT: got one after 10 mins I think after I posted this. Thread can now be closed. Thanks!