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    Seeing people have talked about the music that plays during the battle with Ryland and asking where it's from, learning it's from my fangame, becoming curious about it only to find out i've practically cancelled the thing is.... wild tbh In a way it makes me a little sad i couldn't have brought out a demo -- ESPECIALLY because of how much time I've put in the soundtrack -- but I just can't seem to get myself to work on a project i've lost passion for. I'll never be able to deliver a product that lives up to my own standards if i'm not driven to work on it, and I know other people will notice too so I just don't wanna do that, yknow?
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    I decided to upload one of Xenogene's unreleased songs to youtube after a long time of debating whether I should publish it or not. Please give it a listen!
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    Reborn = Endless Couples Rejuvenation = Surprise Siblings
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    Obligatory Status about almost being at 1000 reputations commence... Obligatory Status about almost being at 1000 reputations complete...
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    I'm just gonna put this in a spoiler thing just in case someone that hasn't played your game before comes to your profile and reads a spoiler in the game.
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    Well , this is it : i'm starting to work on a museum on November. My first " proper " job of my life and i will probably do what i'm passionated for. Let's hope for the best !
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    Hi it's Akashi Zarc , maybe i will start to be a bit active again here , who knows.
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    Is there an option where I can flip Fern off? Insult him? Anything?
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    So not only do I have like 10 episodes of my Rejuvenation Bug Mono Run ready to go (which is... kind of easy in the late game somehow? Didn’t see that coming.) but sometime today I will be... recording... episode 100 of this game. 100 episodes. How CRAZY is that?! This whole thing started at the beginning of the year back in January & I’m so grateful for everyone still watching. & I’m also grateful to everyone that got me even more hyped up for this game.
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    FINALLY I about lost my mind with this one. I really wanted to do it without over-leveling and with a double battle but in the end that just didn't work out. I'm just glad it's over.
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    Came across this and thought you'd like it
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    As Characters, I like Amaria and Titania. But as People, I hate both of them.
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    Well, so... I'm glad to say that the translation of TTOAF episode 17 is in progress! But as soon as I began to work on it, I realized something. During the development of the storytelling, I changed the way to display text and paragraphs on Word to feel more comfortable. Then, something struck me. Actually, this episode in particular appears to have far more content than I thought. Just to give you an idea, it's more than 7 times the length of the first episode, so the one in preparation is clearly a big ass monster beside. Also, my new tempo of life has forced me to get more sleep than usual, so the time I used to spend at hobbies has been a little reduced too. Consequently, if I really want to give a boost to the advancement of the story, I have better chance to do it during weekends. Otherwise, everything is fine. I can't resist to show you how Flannery's adventures in Reborn have turned Stay tuned!~
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    OH MY GOD OH MY GOD OH MY GOD I DID IT I FINALLY DID IT OH M Y G O D I'M like, actually crying this was so stressful it's not even funny holy JVNALEBVNDSVKAD I managed to land Fissure on her Espeon, I used Stealth rock by using Ditto to transform into Aurorus, kept reviving and, well, I never imagined I'd actually use a Ditto or Stealth Rock, but seeing how much it destroyed my team, I figured I'd try turning the tables and seeing how Zel liked getting Stealth Rock'd. My god. this was the worst so far. I'm so glad this is over.
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    oH MY GOD. I FINALLY DID IT. THIS TOOK ME ALL NIGHT. I think my heart rate reached unsafe levels when I realized I still had his Garchomp left to beat, but DAMN IS AVALUGG A TANK!!! Icy gorl is tonight's OG and earned herself a permanent slot in my party, hot dang. I was sweating through this. I'm still shaking as I type this. This was INTENSE. SERIOUSLY.
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    Sharing some of my Astral Chain selfies! I freaking love this game dude. More to come! I hope
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    Just watched Joker. Aside from all the controversies, Joaquin Phoenix really did a very good job
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    OH MY GOD YES I DID IT I FINALLY BEAT HARDY All it took was a ot of revival herbs, a Persian with Fake Out and KOing the Mega Aerodactyl immediately and my sanity. OH MY GOD THANK GOD THAT'S OVER.
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    Hi!!! I'm new fam.
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    The way I see it, the fact that Pokémon Rejuvenation won’t feature Dynamaxing is a cause for celebration. Thank you, Rejuv dev team, for electing to ignore it.
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    I've been making recreations of the pixel art of a lot of the vs. sprites in Sandbox but I can't upload them here because I know I wouldn't have enough file space- so far I've done Fern, Luna, Cain, Serra, Florinia, Cal, Aya, Titania, Adrienne, Ciel, Charlotte, DJ Arclight, Blake and Corey; and I'm going to be doing Shelly, Amaria, Hardy, Terra and Julia next. if I figure out how to use imgur I'll link them!
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    WooO! I'm glad the battle against Shelly and Cain was nowhere near as difficult as I was expecting it to be, beat it on the third try, though it was my first actual attempt at beating it, the other two were just seeing what I should expect, really. Glad it wasn't actually a 6 vs. 12 battle like I was expecting it to be. Update: just beat two of the battles that come after that, THAT was rough and used up all of my revive stock, I really hope there's not a third battle because I'll be screwed if there is. Can't help but wonder what would have happened if I'd lost the battles though, would it have changed the outcome?
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    oh man, I'm playing Rejuvenation rn and there are SO MANY pokemon I'd like to use. It's so hard to pick just 6! I mean, I've got Vikavolt, a female combee I could train, a Vivillion that I'll have to let go of soon, a prankster volbeat......and that's just the bug types!
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    FINALLY oh my god that was ridiculous. I had to keep rearranging my team and basically praying to god that my Aggron went first and the moves missed my Crobat because this run was just pure luck on what moves were and weren't used. When I was able to get rid of the Whimsicott before it used Tailwind it wasn't too much of an issue, aside from the fact that most of the runs all of my pokemon were knocked out by that point so it didn't matter. I got really lucky and avoided a lot of damage and landed a lot of critical hits on my winning run. Seems like every time I make a comment to someone- doesn't matter who- about how I'm stuck and losing my mind, I win it the next try. What's up with that?
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    jfc I encountered a Delibird in Ametrine Mt. and hit it with Bug Buzz from Volcorona, and despite being a NVE attack it instantly killed delibird from full. Not A Tough Bird lmao
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    I'm not sure if you or anyone else would like it but this popped up on sub feed and it's 3 Houses related..........so
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    You know, I can really forgive GF for all the misgivings in Pokemon Sw/Sh if (and I hope) they make the games more challenging. USUM was a little bit hard for the most part with the totem battles, so I’m kind of optimistic. I just missed the difficulty that Gen 1 and 2 gave to me to be honest. Hard mode, please exist.
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    Alright Jan... You made me care for a character in Pokemon SO MUCH... that I legit shed a tear when I saw her being a badass and not stone anymore. And if you all don't know who I'm talking about, I'm talking about Venam.
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    "If I draw chibis this time, maybe this drawing will be done quickly!" *Several hours later* "...Guess the person doesn't matter so much if I'm just gonna go ham on these crystal formations, huh?"
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    Narcissa is!!! So nice!!!!! I was so taken aback! She even gave us food! Also WOW I didn't expect to be able to fight and beat Gira-O on my first try. It's my favorite legendary, so I'm definitely happy. Next up is Narcissa's actual battle, which I'm super pumped for. I can't wait to take on her team of ghosts.
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    And with that, Madelis and the Volcanion go down without any real trouble. Honestly I expected more out that fight, but eh, guess I can't blame em for falling before my might.
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    For a move with 60 accuracy, Hypnosis sure likes to hit me every time it's used
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    LMAO just one-shot the Zekrom with Dragon Rush, what even I had a screenshot but apparently it's too big of file so oh well
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    Hey Nick! Get better soon!
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    Got forced to do a windows 10 update last night because my current version was "no longer being supported" and I'm immediately displeased.
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    It's truly amazing how many birthdays that Jan has had in the last two weeks.
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    pokemon conquest 2 WHEN gamefreak
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    So Present has been going through a huge graphical update with all of the trainer sprites, many overworlds and several areas being uodated. Among other things, we've gotten around to updating the look of our mafia! New update soon! :]
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    Does Pokémon Reborn Abridged sound like a good Idea? Basically Pokémon Reborn, but the dialogue and some actions are edited to be a parody of the original game with some alternate characterizations. Or I could call it Pokémon Reborn: Not really Abridged version, because It possibly would be as long as the original game.
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    Happy Birthday , i hope that you will have a great day
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