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    We are twins in rep (554) EDIT: uh oh. Looks like I gained a rep. Reply so I can gib you rep
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    Finally trying Renegade Platinum again. After too many tries I finally beat the obstacle that partly dimished my interest the last time I played: actually beating Barry in the first battle using either Chimchar or Piplup. I never tried with Turtwig, but Pip and Chim could never get enough damage in until I finally just Growl-spammed the one time Turtwig didn't Withdraw-spam. That was the most annoying first battle of any Pokemon game I've played. I know you don't have to win, but still.....
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    Heellloooo from the other...Italy , haaaaapppy birthday Nicki , i really hope that you will have a fantastic day, you really deserve it, i will always wish the best to you
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    Idk why but I like heterochomic eyes
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    By the time I'm out of from the doctor's appointment, the internet will have already exploded from the Pokemon Direct. It's a bit more fun seeing the immediate reaction rather than seeing the echos a few hours later.
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    Surprise surprise, I failed my year of being positive. I feel like shit, I feel like I'm shit and I honestly feel like I should have stayed in bed
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    okay, Marisa keeps kicking my ass... I'm getting better, and I have a gameplan (just always keep a Slow time charge ready), but I came to the cluclusion that I need to buy some healing items, but I can probably not reach the shop without using a healing item that I don;t have...
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    In a bit of a dip over my eternal romantic Loneliness again...
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