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    it's time to stream more of Definitely Not A Hoenn Game ™ come join cass and I as we challenge the Definitely Not Hoenn League ™ ! https://www.twitch.tv/amethystblack
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    The best Valentines related pic I've seen all day. Now to forget about this day for another year.
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    On my team's "personalities" Mesopotato: GOSH what an absolute dork, great with kids, has maybe two brain cells and all the other cells are in his heart Apricot: Always in a good mood, almost annoyingly cheerful Rays: Considers himself superior to all. Literally only listens to Higgledy. Higgledy: Laughs at even the worst jokes, tells the best and worst jokes at the best and worst times Lesbi: Over the course of the run, he has become increasingly more confident as he seeks revenge on Team Meteor. Renee: HYPER, always curious, quite nosy Sligma: great with kids, protective of everyone, Justice^tm^ Gilly: boundless energy, could probably fly into the sky on a wave of sheer happiness, always happy to see everyone, drools alot Linus: Considers himself superior to all, but has a grudging respect for Rays and Gilly. Rett: always ready for anything, where we droppin boys Trinity: Mom Energy, respects everyone, bows before and after battle when possible Jackie: Destiny Bond faintbait. Knows it. Doesn't care Fred: Innards Out faintbait. Knows it. Doesn't care Grill: So loving, wants everyone to get along, why can't we all just be friends^tm^
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    Working on a second and third Heroes team.
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    Not sure if you are interesting in Transformers or Mazinger Z as much as Zoids or G Gunam, but you might find this interesting. It does indeed seem to be actually happening.
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    Happy birthday hope it was filled with lots of awesome senpai moments
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    halo am ame pls 2 stream pikmin rijonnivation with cas pls joyn thx https://www.twitch.tv/amethystblack
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    Almost time to see if this song is actually happening at the Super Bowl halftime in a few hours. Well, I won't be looking but I'll likely hear it from my mom's TV.
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