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    So just realized I have 500 Rep, which I find amazing
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    It's finally done. I finally got to finish Rejuvenation V12. took damn long enough.
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    So, our god has graced us with his presence once again? By posting that screenshot, you essentially dropped the global suicide rate to 0%. As well as solved world hunger.
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    i hit 1000 posts that's so much posts
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    ...... I need this
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    Dammit Oshawott, I know you probably didn't want to get in the train, but that's no excuse for obliterating it from existence! How am I suppose to explain to your parent that I have to take you to GDC to stand trial?! And don't just say "Osha?" all innocently! I know what you did!
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    My favorite pastime is watching people play video games that I either don't own or don't play.
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    (Spoilers for... after obtaining 6 badges)
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    How Spyro and Latias met each other for the first time...
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    Some days, getting the most Reputation can be taken as an agressive competition. Other days, you kinda just win out of nowhere. ...I keep winning out of nowhere, and continue to be surprised whenever it happens. On a slightly different note, 600 Content Count get!
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    Seriously, I just took a short look at the Galarian forms. This alternate version of Linoone has clearly found its place in my heart PS: I keep fingers crossed for Galarian Flygon to show up
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    Been looking for other Pokemon Fan Made Games to play. I'm keeping an eye on 1 and will wait for the next version to come out but there's 1 that caught my attention. It actually caught my attention about 3-4 years ago. It's called Pokemon Alabaster. I only played it once but it was SO good! But then, it hadn't been touched for years. Just checked the page it's on and it's been updated! So, sometime this month, expect a playthrough of Pokemon Alabaster!
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    Clearly what Team Yell was based off of:
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    I knew Galarian Zigzagoon and Linoone looked familiar
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    My Grimer in Rejuvenation now has Minimize. Of course I'm gonna abuse the hell out of it. With Toxic, It's unstoppable. With no evasion clause to hold it back, I can stall out almost anything. Well, unless you have taunt or Aerial Ace like moves, but those are situational.
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    Dragon is to Fairy as cats are to water But Altaria is a cat that likes water :3
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    Hmm I should make more status', but that would require actually having interesting things to say
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    TW: Suicide Mention; So, a few years back; I had kind of hit this point of absolute rock bottom; I made a post about it here and my overall state after a particularly bad moment, not sure if anyone here totally remembers it or if most who were around when I posted it are still even here. But, in the post I mentioned where I had gotten to a point where I was ready to take my own life; I had climbed up to the top of a parking garage to jump off but wound up not going through with it. Today, I revisited that spot for the first time since. I did it with my current love interest; mostly because she wanted to take pictures from the top of the parking garage, the view is actually beautiful. But, getting to the point; on the exact point that I stood the night I wanted to just jump and end it all, someone had carved in to the concrete "Don't Jump." And, I really don't know how to take it. Or, what to feel. I don't know if it was in response to a stranger who saw me that night, or what. But, I have this heavy feeling from it now. It's not a bad feeling, part of me wants to just believe that even some stranger out there cares about a random person hitting rock bottom like that. And, if that's the case, I wish I could find and thank that person. I'm in a much better place now, and if anyone wants to ask, yes I'm okay. I'm more okay than I've ever been to be honest. It's hard to believe I was ever at that point now; between the abuse of my family, the abusive relationship I was in at the time, and just so many more compounding factors from struggling with my own identity and who I am to no one wanting to actually listen or care about what I wanted; the trauma is still there, but now I'm with people who accept and love me for who I am. Both my love interest, and my new friends. And, I really can't believe the difference it makes just having people willing to let me be who I am and still care about me in the end. I kind of feel like I'm just typing this for typing's sake at this point, but, I needed to let it out somewhere.
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    Happy Birthday Ame~ I hope you can enjoy a cake today~ And if you do, be sure to visit your dentist~
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    So be it! The 16th episode of the run I'm working on, The Tale of a Firehead, should be up tomorrow. Since it will be the first episode with recorded battles, I'm still anxious at the idea of uploading it. But hey, it's been a while since we heard nothing from our dear redhead, isn't it? This episode will also explain how it's possible that a Gym Leader like Flannery can start her journey with a level 5 Torkoal and not with a higher leveled Pokemon. During two months, details have been sharped to the max, so it should be worth the wait Meanwhile, have a nice summer night and see you tomorrow Q-Jei~
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    Here's a picture of the cake for my Dad's bday because it delish and I wanna show it to peeps:
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    When a friend of yours plays reborn for the first time and calls Corey the third gym leader
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    https://www.facebook.com/Pokemon/videos/486724612118185/ XD thought it was funny
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    DESOLATION V5 HYPE IS REAL LET'S GOOOOOOOO. No but honestly I'm so happy to have logged onto this again and see something NEW. Desolation has been in the back of my head for a while now, and seeing progress like this makes me so happy. Take your time, Caz, but that being said, I can't wait for the next version!
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    I enter slateports vicious beach area in todays part, come see all the battles right here https://nuzlockeforums.com/forum/index.php?threads/taking-on-hoenn-an-emerald-screenshotlocke.2152/#post-91889
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    Tomorrow is the beginning of a new gameplay series. I'm gonna be putting up my 1st episode of Pokemon Alabaster tomorrow! It's gonna be 1 of the shorter episodes (I actually have already recorded 9 episodes of this bad boy btw and this is the shortest out of all of them so far) but it's gonna be awesome! Look forward to it!
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    the one problem about restarting reborn is that I have to deal with Aya again.
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    I'm excited that Fantasy Maiden Wars: Complete Box should be coming out sometime in the next few days, possibly in less than a day if it's sold right when Comiket starts and will probably take some more days to be sold on team's site. I never finished the last few stages of FMW 4, come to think of it.... While I still hold out hope for maybe a few new attack animations, it will probably just be touchups for everyone, which some characters sakuya still needed in the last game........and hopefully they will give Yorihime a 'Moon Knights' remix for a theme I can dream
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    Started watching The Rising of the Shield Hero. I like the quality of it. xD
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    Decided to watch the AH thief simulator series. A d my goodness does Ryan scare me with it at times
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    Happy birthday hope the balls of bludder cuddle up to you to make amasealing day
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    Happy Birthday Seal!! , i hope you will have a wonderful day, you really deserve it
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    Happy birthday Ame. Have a great year ahead and thanks for giving us Reborn.
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    Happy Burthday. Hope your day goes well, looking forward to see what you have in store for the community
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    Happy Birthday Ame , i really hope you will have a wonderful day, you really deserve it and thanks a lot for what you do to us, you're a great person
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    Erick is one of the few gym leader in these two games that I can honestly say I beat first try at any time, the others being Noel (Ep 16), Luna (Ep 16), and Amber (V9). It might have gone worse if not for a lucky freeze on Magnazone, but with that bit of luck I didn't even need items this time. I'm not sure why I've grown to like Blizzard spam, but with Abamasnow and now A-Ninetails, it's quite effective. This especially goes with fields that change. A-Ninetails and Lyconrock-D were the MVPs this time. R.I.P. Swampert who didn't even come out
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    Just got to Garbodor. Well, that was certainly a different outcome. Edit: OOPS, I forgot to get that book. That explains things. R.I.P. Also, new best quote
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