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    hello i am video :
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    Happy Mimikyu day~
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    Hmmm I'm not sure how I feel about some of this. I'm reading this but won't comment on anything specific quite yet HOWEVER! There is one thing I can say, want to say, and must say for 100% sure: [Eliminate] CrimsonDragon
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    Candy has been plagiarised
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    And I imagine that she'd use that term extremely loosely.
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    Some Extremely Conservative People: "Halloween is a devil-summoning pagan ritual!" Me, a Semi-Reasonable Fellow: I was just wanted to use this shot, okay? Have a happy and safe All Hallow's Eve, everybody~!
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    my Belmont Hoodie got here
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    End game The town was desolate, the fighting had torn it apart. Newt hadn’t been able to take the pain of living there and left town. Corpses appeared in the night, the bodies of Nano and Astra turning up. There were only two left, a story owner, and a hooligan. The mafia won the game. Lykos, the Rival, also won the game. Newt was modkilled, he was the hunter. Nano was the Turncoat-> traitor, he was killed. Astra was the mutineer, he was killed. Players 1: Bean- rival 2: Drago- Diabolist 3: Newt- hunter 4: Nano- turncoat->traitor 5: Jelly- rival 6: Anti- paralyzer 7: Astra- mutineer 8: Arch- Doctor 9: Nicki- Fillbuster 10: Lykos- Winning Rival 11: Aldo- Virgin 12: Bok- rival 13: Bazaro- Nurse 14: Sopheria- Angel 15: Kiet- Cop 16: Candy- Medusa
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    Nobody asked but the Marowak and Cubone story in Gen 1 still DESTROYS me everytime I’m reminded of it. Pokemon had made great side stories, this will forever be one of them. It’s halloween and I-I’m emotional hnngg
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    I can answer that one i think, then the jester loses, and doesn't get to haunt people, considering he wins alone or when lynched thats also the only way the jester loses
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    This phenomena of desolation occurs because the mana in our world is fading. People are sacrificing the energy of life in exchange for supernatural abilities, and that's what is killing our world. I, Allenoid, have received your message, Bonobo. Let me tell you your purpose, if you wish so... I put myself in danger by daring to speak of such, but I entrust to all of us the mission of--
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    Just had a cup of hot chocolate. Yay
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    Well, went back to the castle at the same location, and I am now in a new corridor with a locked door that looks like a set of shutters that won't open or has any discernible switches to unlock it. Going the opposite way I entered simply takes me back out of the castle. Did I break the coding by exiting the castle the first time when I couldn't figure out the puzzle? Edit, disregard things, I didn't realize it wasn't the same exit as normal
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    nope. just give me a 1minute to set up. ign : oumalicious
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    from what i can see you are almost correct already, the white bishop (as in the bishop moving on white tiles) needs to be moved up one tile (to below where the other bishop is).
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    Currently the black nidoKING is not in check, move the bottom white bishop (f3) up to the left (e4)
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    i would really like to live in a world where every game i want to make doesn't turn into a multi-year project, but i don't think this is that world also hi this post is brought to you from my actual desktop chair which i haven't sat in in weeks. and i am still only half-sitting. but i'm gonna call this a win anyway. still nobody expect anything from me yet though ;~;
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    hi wow it's actually not been that long since i last posted here BUT I KINDA.... wanted to show this because i'm super happy with how this hairstyle looks on me (it's one of the rare instances where i'm actually going out in the weekend) so here u go
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